After an exhausting flight sitting between by the world's two most irritating toddlers and their harassed, vaguely apologetic mother, Reborn lands in a tiny airport just shy of Namimori's farthest reaches. It's a disgustingly beautiful day, and Reborn's headache is increasing in intensity every second he spends with the sun in his eyes.

Reborn gets a few uneasy glances as he hops on the public bus, undoubtedly from worried adults debating on asking him where his parents are. It's not a rare occurrence, but this constant reminder of what he's lost grates on his nerves and he pulls out Iemitsu's (rewritten) report with a bit more force than necessary.

Rifling through them, the first thing he notices is the fact that the majority of the report is identical to the first rejected draft. There is an obvious lack of effort put into the rewriting and the coffee stains seem to have grown in size. Iemitsu must've been banking on Reborn being far away from Italy by the time he has time to look through the report.

Natsu and Tsuna. Sun and moon. Natsu is tall, Tsuna is short. Natsu likes sports, Tsuna likes videogames. Natsu is an upstanding citizen who helps little old ladies and picks up kittens, Tsuna is pathetic weakling who's sacred of chihuahuas and never cleans his room. They're twins, but the better candidate is obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Reborn's not there to judge, though, he's there to train them.

They can duke it out for title of Vongola Decimo later, after Reborn's trained them and sent them off to Nono for inspection. It's not as if Reborn has much personal interest in who gains what title. As long as the title is handed off to someone half competent (and easy enough for Reborn to influence), he could care less.

Flipping through the papers reveal little more information about the boys, but an obvious reluctance on Iemitsu's part is obvious. Is he afraid? Unwilling to send his sons out to danger? He should know better, but Nono had always indulged Iemitsu's weaknesses as if they were endearing.

Idiotic, Reborn thinks, there's no changing the outcome of the mission. He may as well try to put off the sun rising in the morning, or death of old age.

The bus pulls up near the Sawada residence just as Bad Thoughts™ start creeping their way toward Reborn. The bus driver waves as Reborn hops off, and after a few minutes of walking, Reborn's there.

The Sawada household.

It's nice, well kept, flowers framing the windows and the lawn neatly trimmed. Glancing through the window reveals Nana humming gently as she sweeps through the kitchen, absently wiping down the kitchen counter with a dreamy look in her eyes. The house looks as well kept inside as it is outside, at least from Reborn's limited vision, and Reborn turns away to slip a flyer into the mailbox before leaving for his next destination: Namimori Middle.