It was a beautiful sunny day at the Brooklyn Elementary School. There was a parked car that was not at all fancy. It looked like it was from the 80's.

Inside that car was little Gina. Her Dad drove her to school. Gina wasn't excited at all. Its not because of school, was because she was in the same car with the "monster." Gina called father, the "monster." He always chose drugs and alcohol instead of his wife and daughter. The "monster" who always leaves the house and nobody knows where he is going. The "monster" who cares only about himself.

As soon as Gina was about to step out of the car, with her backpack on and her cupcake stuffie for comfort, her dad stopped her.

He said, "Hey, if anyone asks about your dad..tell them it's none of their business. Do not worry about it.",he said.

Gina was silent but nodded. Then, she stepped out of the car...even though she wanted the world to know what he's truly like.

In The Classroom~

Jake was excited to be back at school. He hated being "cooped" up at home with his mom. She was always busy. She had to manage work and to support a family since his dad left. The first day got even better.

The class was getting a new student. Jake didn't have many friends. Most of his life he was just too hyper and energetic. This was a new student. This could be his very first friend that he will teacher called as many students as she could for them to come and see the new student.

Gina silently opened the door to her classroom with her pink backpack on and her cupcake stuffie. She took one look at the class watching her, she felt like a bunch of bitty eyes staring at her.. "Now,now class here comes the new student I would like you to meet Gina Linetti.",said the teacher.

She pulled Gina to show her to everyone. Gina didn't know what to say or do as the class stood and watch her waiting for her to say something.