AN: Okay, this is my third fanfic, this fic is inspired by the stories "The Smartest Pickle" and "I'm a Rathalos". Which by the way are awesome. So yeah this is my second Self-insert fic, so any tips or honest reviews are always obliged.

Dying. Huh, it feels really weird to be honest. One moment I was going home from College and the next thing I knew. BOOM! I was struck by lightning. I guess I should've seen it coming given that the weather today was gonna be stormy. Although the weird part was I wasn't really all that worried. I mean dying and leaving my loved ones behind sucks, it really is. But most people are afraid to die, I don't know why. I mean it is an inevitability. But I suppose I accepted and waited for death with open arms a long time ago. And now here I am. Although where is here?

All I can see is nothing but the black void of nothingness. I tried to move but there was something weird. I can feel my body but… It feels different. I tried to move my arms but that was the funny thing… I can't feel any fingers only something hard on my palms. After a while I was starting to see light. My vision while blurry was starting to come together, shapes, colors, and textures were being formed.

'Ugh… Finally I thought I was blind for a minute there.' I thought as I rubbed my eye with my ha- wait a second. I scratched my eye but I feel stiff and prickly hair. Shaking my head, and there's another thing funny, I can feel something heavy on the top of my head. I eventually got a good look at my surroundings and it was strange to say the least. It was beautiful and yet so familiar somehow.

I was in some sort of open field that leads to a forest that again feels like I've seen it before. Lost in my thoughts I suddenly realized that I was standing on all fours but I feel balanced for some reason. And now finally panic sinks in. I was too busy admiring the pastural setting that I forgot about myself. I mean I was just struck by lightning, I should be dead. Although I wouldn't mind if this was heaven, the beauty of nature is always eternal. I noticed a small pond and I immediately walked there. Once I stared into the reflective water my mind went blank. Staring right at me is a creature that I was all too familiar with. Piercing red eyes, spiky electric white mane, and the ever iconic majestic horn of one of the most mysterious elder dragons in my favorite game of all time. One thought only registered in my head.

'I'm a flipping Kirin!' One second later the entire land went into silence as a loud haunting Neighing echoed throughout the forest.

1 hour later.

I was pacing around the pond trying to process my thoughts.

'Okay, okay, this is one ironic predicament I got myself into. I mean being struck by lighting is one thing, but my body turning into a Kirin right after? This is either a deity's idea of a cosmic joke or is this my punishment for hunting a lot of Kirin's when I played Monster Hunter back home. Honestly I was hooked at the game, ok more like addicted to it. And one of my most favorite monsters to hunt was the Kirin. Not only is it unique in of itself because while a horse, it's classified as an Elder Dragon, also because it is one of the most beautiful creatures in the game. I mean the sheer majesty of its appearance is absolutely amazing, and the fact that it can call down and absorb lightning at will is incredible. Although that didn't stop me from hunting it a thousand times. No joke I kept count.

So now the sword is on the other hoof, cause like it or not I'm a Kirin. Hmm… maybe this won't be so bad, now I can fully experience what it feels like to be a monster. I've read some fanfics back home about reincarnations in other worlds, some from games, and others in animes, and so for me it was the former. Well you know what they say. 'Never look a gift Kirin in the horn'. (I've always wanted to say that).

'Although. Which Monster Hunter am I?' I started to look around to get in touch with my surroundings. There were a lot of forest levels on every MH game so I'll have to see any iconic landmarks. But first I need a nap, this has been a mentally exhausting day. I laid on the soft grass and closed my eyes as I drift into a dreamless sleep.

Hours Later. An hour before sunrise

I woke up with an echoing neigh or yawn. I stood up and traveled along the path outside the forest to see where and which MH world I am. Fortunately during the walk I spotted some bushes that grew some Nulberries and other fruits that satiated my appetite. I wonder if I can feed through lightning. That would be an interesting discovery I mean from what I've seen while playing the games Kirin is one of the monsters that I haven't seen eat something. My thoughts were interrupted however when the ground shook beneath me. I saw some glowing in the distance and immediately galloped there.

I was at a beach and there at the distance confirmed at which MH I am.

'I'm in Monster Hunter World." I thought. I was actually quite giddy to be honest, because MH World is my favorite one of all time. The game itself is really great and it actually has cutscenes compared to the other ones. Now that I got a good look at the forest behind me I felt kinda dumb. I should've known that I was in the ancient forest, but meh live and learn and in my defense I was trying to process my situation first. Now I focused my attention on the explosion in the distance. I have to admit Zorah Magdaros is really scary even from this distance, I can clearly see the living volcano tear the Research Commission's fleets like they were nothing but toys in his swimming pool.

So now a few thoughts are running through my head. Is the main Hunter a man or a woman? And is the Handler really that of a chatterbox as well as a glutton like in the game? And is my life at risk now that I know which timeline I'm in? Because while I'm a person in mind and soul, I am still a Kirin, a relatively harmless Elder Dragon unless provoked or felt threatened. And I know a lot of wannabe hunters would love to hunt me down. But right now my priority is to observe for now and see where I will go from here on out. I know the map of all the areas in the New World by heart now given that I've been playing MH World for a long time, a 1000+ hours of gameplay would do that to a person. So now with my mind forming a plan all I have to do is wait for those two to make landfall. And judging from the rising sunrise I won't be waiting for that long.

(Ancient Forest – Area 1 campsite) (Handler's POV)

Oh man, what a trip. The Commission will have a hard time believing what just happened to us. I mean all of us were just sailing by, me with my partner were just about to get acquitted when *CRASH*. A giant living volcanic monster broke surface and it looked like it wasn't bothered by the ships at all. Jeez, the New World sure knows how to make an impression. Luckily my partner and I escaped by grappling onto a wyvern and landed right here. Good thing the tent has a map inside, I marked the location of the Research Commission's base on his map.

When we got a first look at the scenery before us, it totally makes up for the horrible firsthand experience in the New World. It looks so beautiful, the forests back in the Old World have nothing on this view. We can see an Aptonoth herd grazing about in the meadow before us, everything looks so peaceful. But we don't have for sightseeing, we needed to get to the Research Commission's Headquarters and report to them on what happened when we arrived. Fortunately we can see the base from where we are.

We took the path towards the Ancient Forest, but we got quite a welcoming party. We were surrounded by a pack of Jagras. It was a good thing that they lost sight of us when we hid under some bushes, what a bad time to lose our weapons, and I don't think a small knife counts as one. We got out of the deep forest, on the way we found some fresh tracks, I wasn't on guard when suddenly a Great Jagras jumped out and made a quick lunge to devour me. It towered over me, and for a brief moment I thought I was gonna die.

Although I guess it just wasn't my time yet, when someone jumped on top of it, making enough time for me to get up and back away. He was carrying a Greatsword behind his back as he landed on the Great Jagras's back. It tried to shake him off, but it just crashed itself on the fallen tree that blocked our path. An opening presented itself to us and we bolted right out and towards Headquarters. My partner was just behind the monster. We finally made it safe at the gates, but my partner was in a bit of a pickle. The Great Jagras was about to charge at the gate when suddenly an Anjanath jumped out of nowhere and started to flay the monster around with its massive bone crushing jaw.

My partner couldn't get pass the two because it completely blocked the way. He tried to run past but the Anjanath just kept swinging the Great Jagras around, if he moved forward now he may get hit or worse, he might get crushed.

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! COME ON! GET OVER HERE!" The man who saved us before shouted.

"YOU CAN MAKE IT JUST RUN FOR IT!" I shouted, trying to give some support. Suddenly something strange happened. The sky somehow turned dark all of a sudden and we can hear the crackling of a storm.



A bolt lighting struck the Anjanath causing it to become temporarily paralyzed. It gave my partner the opening he needed to run pass them and right towards us. As he made it, the man who saved us cut the rope holding the gate up, causing it to slam down shut, and good thing too. The Anjanath just recovered from its paralysis and just carried its kill away inside the Ancient Forest. I helped my partner up, seeing that he was a bit shaken from the ordeal.

"Hey! You all right?" I asked as I helped him up.

"Yeah, I think so." He said.

"Let's go." The man said as we ran inside and finally made it to the Research Commission Headquarters. Although I couldn't wrap my head around on that lightning strike just now. Was it a sign from someone? Or something?

(Kirin's 'Me' POV)

Holy crap. That. Was. AWESOME! To be honest I didn't think that would really work, I mean I just got this body, and yet I just acted on instinct just now. I felt like my horn was some kind of lightning rod as I gathered lighting in it, and my body wasn't bothered by the plasma at all. In fact, the electricity felt like water to me, it was like bathing, except with thousands of volts of electricity. My instincts told me to just call it down and BLAM! The lighting strike crashed on the Anjanath that was blocking, whom I assume was the Handler's partner. AKA the Hero Hunter that's going to slay Xeno'Jiiva in the near future.

I gave a sigh that he finally made it at the safety of the gate. Although what puzzled me was that he almost looks exactly like my character created one back home. The only difference was that his samurai styled hair was colored a deeper shade of red, almost black in fact. Meh. I can live with that. With that said, I headed back into the deep forest of the Ancient Forest to contemplate on what my next move is. If I were to follow the main storyline, then I need to train this body, and figure out how a Kirin's body works. Hopefully I can be of some help in the long run. Because this is my chance to explore this world up close and personal. I just hope I'll live long enough to see it through the end without being hunted, or eaten by Nergigante.

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