(3 Months Later) (Location: Ancient Forest Area 1)

(Kira's POV)

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Kazuma drove his Insect Glaive straight into the Great Jagras' eye and into its skull killing it instantly. I was just sitting by the beach roasting some meat on a spit.

3 months have passed since the repelling operation of Zorah Magdaros. Things have been relatively peaceful since then, sure we still take some quests from time to time. But they've been relatively simple bordering to almost that I'm going back to my only role as Kazuma's Handler.

This quest for hunting the Great Jagras that's been thinning the Aptonoth herd is one of them. My search for Arashi was still a fruitless effort that after the second month I stopped trying and just hoped one day I'll be able to see him again. I often worry that some other Hunter from the other four fleets might face Arashi one day.

I'm not worried for Arashi, I'm more worried for the poor soul that would try and fight him again, the Huntsman is one of the few hunters that I think could fight Arashi on even ground but even then me, Kazuma, and the Research Team were the only ones that saw Arashi's arsenal of deadly attacks. The way he destroyed that Purple Daimyo Hermitaur in one charge was something else entirely. I hope he's fully recovered from the Deviljho incident, it's a known fact that Deviljho saliva has corrosive properties that can eventually soften even a Kushala Daora's Elder Steeled hide.

I heard the thump of my partner sitting down next to me as we stared at the rising dawn. I grabbed one of the cooked meat I already made and handed it to Kazuma. He began to eat at an even pace. Even my partner is feeling the repetitiveness of our current routine.

"Too easy?" It was a rhetorical question but I needed something to break the silence.

"That would be an understatement," Kazuma said plainly as he casually munches on the meat. Everyone on this expedition to the New World are Hunters of Rank that are A and above, my partner was A rank when he arrived in the New World, but given the way he improved himself since the Starving Deviljho incident, I can safely say that his skills are way beyond his current rank, maybe not as skilled as the Huntsman himself but pretty close.

Speaking of rank, I actually got my Hunter's License after the Zorah Magdaros Operation. The Commander noticed my work in helping my partner in past hunts and the time that I redirected Zorah Magdaros' attack from the blockade. This was actually a first in history that a Hunter's Handler became his hunting partner as well. This actually caused some of the other Handlers, like Mira to try wielding a weapon herself. I just hope that they know what they're getting into, I don't want to be the cause of some fatalities in the future.

My thoughts were interrupted when my partner and I heard a deep boom sound in the distance. What came next almost blinded me and Kazuma. I bright green light flashed just a bit of ways away from us and into the sea.


When we finally cleared our vision, we heard the distinct sound of something fell in the water. We can make out the shape of a person drifting in the waves. Kazuma quickly raced into action and dove right in and swam towards the hopefully unconscious person. Not a minute later he emerged from the water carrying the drifter in his arms.

"Are you okay Kazuma? Is…" I tried to ask and hope that whoever this person is, is alive.

"I'm fine but we need to get the med bay area stat." I nodded and quickly packed up our gear, there was no time to waste.

(Location: Astera) (Medical room)

It took us about 5 minutes to get back to Astera, we couldn't use the Wingdrakes because of our patient being carried by my partner so we had to do this the hard way. When we arrived we called for a Palico cart and gently dragged our patient to the healing house. As we arrived the Head healer, an Elder Wyverian walked, in with her staff in hand

"Oh dear, what happened to the poor thing?" She softly said as she told the Palico team to place the patient to one of the beds.

"We found her drifting by the beach, if Kazuma hadn't acted then she might've drowned," I answered.

"Is there anything else that I need to know?" The Elder asked. I scratched my head for this one since I don't even know if it was even relevant to mention.

"I'm not sure if this helps or not, but we heard a big boom sound by the beach before a bright green light flashed, it almost blinded us and then we heard something drop on the water. I can take a guess and say that was her." I answered. The Elder rubbed her chin in contemplation then she nodded her head and went to work on helping her new patient.

(6 hours later)

The Elder Healer told us to leave and said she'll send a Palico messenger to contact us if something happens. With nothing else to do Kazuma suggested that we should go to the training grounds. I agreed since there was nothing else we can do at the moment.

After some light training, we went and see if there were any interesting quests. We found nothing that caught our interest so we settled on going for an expedition to the Ancient Forest. We were there for a couple of hours, gathering some items, and materials. In the end we hunted an Anjanath that tried to eat us.

It's funny, back then when we first arrived to the New World an Anjanath scared me so bad that I thought that I was dead and couldn't even move before Kazuma and I saw Jiro and rushed towards the safety of Astera's walls. But now it's almost like an everyday stroll hunting the Apex Brute Wyvern of the Ancient Forest.

After carving it up and gathering the relevant materials we went back to Astera and we were greeted with a Palico that said that the Elder Healer called for us and that her patient is beginning to wake up. Without a second sooner we arrived and see that she was just beginning to stir.

Emerald green eyes greeted us, she startled and sat upright looking around the place. She must be really confused, not that we blame her given that she almost drowned had Kazuma not reacted in time. Her frantic looking around is beginning to turn into panic, luckily the Elder Healer's staff bonked her on the head.

"Ow." She said as she clutched the back of her head in pain.

"Don't you go and kill yourself with a heart attack girl, they just saved you from drowning and you should thank them first before killing yourself like that." The Healer scolded.

After easing the now headache she has, she looked towards us and bowed her head a little.

"Thank you for saving me. But, where am I? And who are you people?" She asked as she continued looking around her. Specifically, towards the Elder Healer.

"Oh, sorry. My name is Kira; this is my partner Kazuma. And you're currently in Astera in the New World." I finished introductions, then we noticed how her eyes widen when I said New World. She must be not from around here.

"What's your name by the way?" I asked. She then raises her head towards us, her pure white hair in view as the lights reflected on it.

"My name is Ciri."

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