Fin sat on top of his and jakes tree house looking up a at the moonlit sky starring entranced by its clear beauty as if when he bathed in its light he felt cleansed but deep inside there was still a hole a dark pit that tugged at him every night. The things that kept him up late at night it wasn't easy being the hero of ooo he smiled in front of others put up a facade but the real fin would stay up at late hours with a small dagger contemplating on ending it all quick and easy or slow and painful he could never decide. Growing tired of not being able to decide he just go's for it impaling him self falling back and of his house time seemed to slow down than looking around he could see death just looking at him saying nothing and in front of him was Marcy flying down as fast as she could but it was still slow time did not move. slowly things became dark unaware if he would wake up or not a slow creeping darkness a comfortable darkness.

Just testing the waters do let me know if ya would like me to continue on this