Hannah Faith Stabler.

Born April 24th, 2020 at 2:35am.

7.2 lbs and 19 ½ inches of pure perfection.

Elliot was an excellent camera man. Made sure to take pictures and videos of everything. Lilly was quick with Hannah's assessment and vaccinations, was quick to make sure the baby girl and parents weren't deprived of one another for too long. And although Elliot insisted on helping Olivia get dried and cleaned up, Lilly assured him that they would help mama while he got his much needed skin to skin with Hannah. So as Olivia was taken care of, he sat on the couch provided in the room with their bundle of joy pressed softly against his bare chest.

He remembered the first time he held all of his children and when Michelle had helped Olivia hand Hannah off to him, he couldn't even help the few tears that rolled down his cheeks. Hannah had fussed some, had protested the fact that she was taken away from her mother but as soon as he spoke to her, as soon as he told her, "It's okay, princess. It's daddy," she settled quietly once more. She always did like her daddy. He couldn't stop smoothing his hands up and down her back, couldn't stop kissing the top of her dark brown hair, couldn't stop looking at her. At the little girl that he and Olivia had made together.

And as his heart swelled with more and more love for her, Olivia watched. Watched his love pour into their daughter as Michelle checked her vagina, as Lilly checked the placement of her uterus, as both of the women cleaned her up, as she was helped into some underwear completely equipped with a pad, as they assisted her in feeling a little more human again. There was no one else she ever wanted children with. When they were partners, when she dreamed of having a baby of her own, Elliot was the only man that ever came to mind. Even if they would have let her adopt when she first tried, she had a small hope that Elliot would step in as a father figure to her child, regardless if he was still married to Kathy or not. They didn't have to be anything more for him to step in.

But to have it. To actually have it, with not only Hannah, but Noah as well, it was like she was in a dream. This whole experience, Elliot coming back to her, Noah falling in love with him just as much as she had always been, Eli becoming like her own, her falling pregnant, her giving birth, it all seemed like a dream. An incredible dream that was just going to get better. Because whenever she wanted, whenever she made the call, whenever she told him, they were going to be husband and wife. She was going to be a Stabler. Noah was going to be a Stabler. She had just given birth to a Stabler.

She accepted the phone Lilly handed to her with a smile, snapped a handful of photos and a video of father and daughter and grinned brightly when Elliot smiled joyfully at her. He was everything. Her life was everything.

And when Hannah was placed back onto her breast, her reaction was instant. She went from relaxed to shifting. Her little head wiggled back and forth against the softness of her mama and when Elliot whispered how he thought that she was hungry, they both helped her latch for the first time. Olivia shifted her perfectly while Elliot lifted her breast, squeezed softly to get some of her colostrum to surface and sandwiched her areola into the wide open mouth of a waiting Hannah. She latched perfectly. A deep, strong latch that had Olivia sighing in contentment, Elliot smiling proudly and Michelle and Lilly praising. And when Elliot pulled out his phone once more, Olivia smiled softly. They were definitely going to need to make a photo album.

Olivia was exhausted, could already feel her eyes beginning to shut against the feel of Elliot's fingers rubbing lightly along her scalp, against the feel of Hannah's soft suckles at her breast, against the feel of Lilly placing a pillow under her arm to help her hold Hannah against her, against Michelle's voice telling them what time visiting hours were.

Elliot could see the exhaustion, could almost feel it radiating off her and leaned in close to whisper lowly in her ear, "I love you, the both of you so much."

"Mm, I love the both of you so much too."

She accepted his light kiss on her lips gratefully, watched with her eyes half closed as he leaned forward enough to place a kiss against Hannah's cheek and listened when he told her, "Sleep, baby. I'll make sure she's safe. I'll make sure you're both safe."

And she did. Because she had never felt more safe in her life.


She awoke to the feeling of fingers trailing down her cheek, to the sound of Elliot's voice gently coaxing her out of sleep.

"Liv, baby. Hannah is hungry."

Hannah. She opened her eyes instantly and smiled softly at the sight before her. Elliot stood next to the bed with a wide awake Hannah in his arms. She was whimpering softly, her head moving back and forth, her fingers in her mouth. Olivia had no idea how long she had been out for but she felt rested. As rested as she thought she could feel after having given birth. Elliot, on the other hand, looked exhausted and she wondered if he had stayed up the whole time she was sleeping to look after Hannah. He must have because Olivia couldn't even remember him taking Hannah from her arms.

So as she stretched her arms out to take their little girl, she asked, "Did you sleep at all?"

"Yeah, we napped on the couch until she woke up wanting you." He had gently taken Hannah from her once the little girl was asleep in her arms, had changed her first diaper, had swaddled her in her blanket to keep her warm, had snapped a bunch more photos and had fallen asleep with her in the crook of his arm. And as he once more assisted Liv in latching Hannah on the opposite breast as last time, he said, "The kids are already asking when they can come."

They both smiled brightly when Hannah once more latched on without any problems and when Elliot reached for the pillow to place under Olivia's arm, she asked, "What time is it?"

"6:30. Visiting hours aren't until 10."

She nodded, glanced down at the wide awake baby on her breast, leaned her head down enough to kiss her head, "They can come as soon as it's 10. That's enough time to get me semi put together."

He grinned, planted a wet kiss on her lips, and told her, "You look incredible."

She had to laugh at that one, "Elliot. I look like I just gave birth. All natural birth if I may add."

That statement couldn't have made him want her even more. Her strength inspired him. Made him want to be an even better man for her. "God, Liv. You were amazing."

She smiled, puckered her lips again for another searing kiss (damn, the man could really kiss) and said, "You were too. Couldn't have done any of it without you." Any of it and she was so beyond thankful for him.

Hannah was quick to fall asleep again, was quick to settle herself against the swell of her mother's breast and the feeling of her alone, caused Olivia to slumber once more.

The next time she awoke it was on her own. She glanced around the room, smiled at the sight of Elliot once more snuggled up with Hannah on the couch, and tried to rise from her bed quietly. But either the man wasn't sleeping or was that connected to her, because his eyes shot open as soon as her feet hit the floor.

Hannah was a perfect baby. Had them both sighing in relief when Elliot was able to set her down in the bassinet provided without so much of a stir from her and with the go ahead from Michelle, they had just enough time to shower before visiting hours began.

Olivia's body was different. She was sure it would always be different. Her stomach still had a pooch, her breasts were getting heavier, her stretch marks were even more visible, she was bleeding but Elliot still touched her with as much care, with as much want as he always had. Because to him, she was perfect. She would always be perfect.

"You're so beautiful, Liv," he whispered to her once they were both standing under the hot spray and when his lips dropped down to capture her lips in a deep kiss, she believed him.


Noah was the first child to hold their new sibling. It was a tradition in the Stabler house, is what Elliot had said. The youngest always got to hold the new baby first. The young boy was in so much awe of his baby sister that he almost refused to pass her along.

"But I still want to hold her," he had said when Elliot asked him if Eli could have a turn.

"I know. And once everyone introduces themselves, I'll bring her back to you, okay?"

"Okay, dad."

And he did. Brought Hannah right back to a waiting Noah once all five of the other Stabler children got a turn, once all the grandchildren were able to coo over her, once Kathy got to say a small hello, once Olivia was able to give her one more kiss on her head.

The room was filled with words of happiness, with words of love.

"She's beautiful." "I can't wait to take her home." "She's going to be so spoiled." "You did so great, mama." "We love her so much."

Everyone stayed for as long as they could. For as long as Olivia was comfortable. Elliot had purchased her the nursing cover she had wanted, so when it was time for a feeding, he helped her adjust it just right, helped Hannah latch once more, kissed the top of Olivia's head once she was situated perfectly.

She multi tasked amazingly. Kept Hannah latched and explained to Noah exactly what she was doing with his sister on her breast. Held every conversation those around her wanted to hold with her. Smiled with every picture that was taken of her and even allowed Kathleen to dress up Hannah to do a little photo shoot of the newborn on the couch.

Fin, Amanda, Carisi and even Cragen were able to pile into the room as well. Both Olivia and Elliot smiled as each one of them introduced themselves to their little girl, laughed lightly when Fin said, "We all knew your mommy and daddy would get it together one day," snuggled a little closer on the bed when Cragen rocked Hannah back and forth. Family. This was their family.

When Michelle entered the room to check her, everyone stepped out besides Elliot. He held her hand through the discomfort, smiled in relief when Michelle said everything looked amazing, beamed when she told them that as long as Hannah was cleared by the pediatrician in the morning, they could head home the next day.

And as soon as Olivia was overly tired, as soon as she was ready to take a nap once more, as soon as she wanted a little bit of peace, everyone left without any protest. Even Noah gave his sister and mother a kiss on the cheek without so much of a pout.

"See you tomorrow mom, dad and sister. Love you guys," he said.

"We love you too, baby. We love all of you."