Been a while since I wanted to make a Breath of Fire / Harry Potter crossover... anything/BoF really. My initial idea was him being recognized by the Hungarian Horntail, but it seemed… too much a coincidence.

Then I saw DZ2's own answer to his challenge.

DZ2's 'Son of the Dragon' Challenge

Plot: When Harry realises he's too weak to truly survive and face the trials ahead, he goes looking for strength: little does he know that strength has always been within him. Strength that comes from magic's most-powerful, most-destructive and most-beautiful of creatures.

Rules: All affinities are welcome
All levels of power are welcome, but Harry MUST be/become stronger than canon
When the story starts is up to you
The power within Harry MUST have something to do with Dragons
What form this power takes is up to you, but Harry MUST gladly, freely, willingly and continuously use it regardless of others' opinions
Harry MUST have an effect/power/ability of some sort that uses/is aided by/triggered by Fire
As well as speaking Parseltongue, Harry MUST be able to speak Draconian
All pairings are welcome
Forbidden: Weak Harry
Harry denying himself his newfound powers
Harry NOT allowing himself to enjoy his power, including Parseltongue
Fire NOT being part of Harry's new power in some way

I think I covered everything… I mean sure, the plot doesn't exactly fit, but DZ2 himself did a try at it and his didn't fit perfectly there either.

Warning: I am no natural English speaker. As thus, I am pretty sure I will use American words instead of their British version.
I won't even attempt to make accents because I have no real idea how they work.


"Phoenix tears…" said Riddle quietly, staring at Harry's arm. An arm that was just pierced by a basilisk fang, and that was now almost completely healed already. "Of course… healing powers… I forgot…" he said to himself, and then looked into Harry's face. "But it makes no difference. In fact, I prefer it this way. Just you and me, Harry Potter… you and me…"

Harry personally thought his obsession with him was a bit too creepy. Oh sure, he was the reincarnation of Voldemort. That didn't make it any less creepy.

Riddle raised the wand… Then, in a rush of wings, Fawkes had soared back overhead and something fell into Harry's lap — the diary from where Riddle's memory took shape. For a split second, both Harry and Riddle, wand still raised, stared at it. Then, without thinking, Harry grabbed the basilisk fang on the floor next to him, the one he removed from his own arm, and plunged it straight into the book.

There was a long, dreadful, piercing scream. Ink spurted out of the diary in torrents, streaming over Harry's hands, flooding the floor. Riddle was writhing and twisting, screaming and flailing and then — he was gone.

Harry's wand fell to the floor with a clatter and there was silence. Silence except for the steady drip drip of ink still oozing from the diary. The basilisk venom had burned a sizzling hole right through it.

Shaking all over, Harry pulled himself up.

Then fell to the ground, screaming.

It was like fire was being poured inside him, starting from the arm where he had ben bitten. It was not the poison, though, Harry somehow knew this.

It was the phoenix tears.

He could feel it coursing through his veins, the fire and healing abilities of the phoenix. Being absorbed, broke down, becoming his.

And then… something else. Something evil, something inside… inside his scar. It was fighting desperately, Harry figured out, fighting for its own survival. He had no idea what it was, but having noticed its presence Harry now felt disgusted by what he could only describe as a soul parasite. Yet he felt the fire burned him inside and out. He was feeling cleansed, like he was somehow breaking it down and devouring it all back.

He shook his head, trying to clear it from the pain and the dirty feeling

And then, he yelled in a mix of relief and happiness, somehow feeling victorious like never before, like if he was caged and finally broke free.

"H-Harry?" he heard a voice by his side, and saw Ginny looking at him like it was the first time she had ever seen him.

No time to bother with that, she was clearly confused and scared.

He quickly lifted her and put her in his back, between his wings, getting an "eeep" from the younger girl.

As quickly as his claws allowed, he put the sword of Griffindor, and the pierced diary, in his mouth, and the hat in his head, and trudged back to the entrance of the chamber.

On the way, where the ceiling had collapsed, Ron had opened a wider hole, but not one he'd be able to pass through.

Ron's eyes widened, and he took taking a step back for some reason. Harry quickly looked behind him, but there was nothing.

"Ginny?" Ron said.

Harry looked back at him with a smile, and a thumbs up.


Harry twisted his head in confusion. Who else would it be?

A song echoed through the passageway, in a way he was sure the bird was laughing. Fawkes flew between them, giving them his legs to hold.

Harry did so. So did Ron, following his guidance, using his other hand to hold onto Lockhart's arm.

The next moment, fire consumed Harry's vision like a curtain, that quickly opened inside the Headmaster's office… where Professor McGonagall and the two Weasley parents were apparently talking to him.

Weird, they seemed more scared than the surprise should have lasted.

He could see the Headmaster's eyes widening, and saw him take his wand to levitate Ginny from his back. Confused, Harry opened his mouth, letting the sword and diary fall on the desk, before removing the Sorting Hat from his head and putting it there too.

He looked around. Everyone was looking at him like he grew a second head or something.

"Harry, my boy…" Dumbledore began, in a way that made Harry pretty confused because he never saw the Headmaster hesitant to say anything before, "…are you aware that you are a dragon?"

Harry could feel his eyes widening in surprise.


"Calm down, Mister Potter," Professor McGonagall told him. "Take… well, I'd normally tell you to take a deep breath, but you're already breathing embers so I'm not sure that is a good idea."

Harry could feel himself blushing in embarrassment from that, not that he could see it in the mirror the Headmaster had conjured. He quickly tried his best to slow down his breathing, not wanting to burn anyone there.

"Good, now I want you to concentrate into how you feel different," the Professor said. "I know that you instinctively knew what you were doing, but now you know this isn't the same as before. Concentrate on the differences, and will your magic to draw you back into your human form."

Harry did so, concentrating in what made him human. His smaller feet. His hands. His shorter neck. His hair. His smaller nose. His smaller size. His lack of claws and wings.

In his mind, he made a human shape. Not perfectly of himself, he wasn't that good at visualization, but as he always thought of himself.

"You can open your eyes now, Mister Potter", he heard her voice, and he did so.

Then sighed in relief. It was a human person being reflected in the mirror.

"Thank you Professor."

"You are welcome, Mister Potter," she said with a small smile, "although I have to admit I did not expect to have to teach someone so young to control an Animagus transformation."

"An Animagus transformation?" Harry asked, confused.

"Some people, like you or me, are able to transform into their spiritual animal through enough training in Transfiguration and self-reflection… well, to be honest it has been decades since someone was known to transform into a magical creature, though. And to be able to transform without the proper training like you did…"

"Which brings us to a good point…" interrupted Dumbledore, "what happened Harry? How were you able to achieve such a transformation?"

Harry didn't know. So he decided to tell them the whole story.


"Mister Potter, a word," Professor McGonagall called him as he was returning to the common room.

Even though he could not remember anything wrong he had done… now… he was still nervous.

The professor clearly noticed, judging by the calming smile she gave him.

A tray with tea and sandwiches appeared between them.

"I am glad to see your personality isn't being affected much by your transformation," she admitted. "Despite it being our spiritual animals, usually unlocking the ability to turn into them makes us… start acting more like they are than usual. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. I was afraid of this happening to you, especially since your situation skipped the meditation to find it, jumping straight into taking the form."

Harry's body dropped in relief.

"Unfortunately, there is another possible problem. Well, two. One of them is that us animagi have to be registered in the Ministry. That is only obligatory for those of age, since it is so difficult to do most don't expect students to ever be able to, but you may have problems if it is found out. I can try and keep quiet about it until you turn seventeen, but I'd be more comfortable if you could go to the Ministry with me tomorrow."

Harry nodded. That made sense.

"The other problem… Remember how you had to remember your human form? It is usually instinctive to stay in the form you are, but it is usually much simpler to change forms. That is because, as I mentioned before, lots of meditation and self-exploration is required already to transform. I am not sure how this will affect you, but a possible risk is of losing control and transforming in moments of extreme emotion."

Harry nodded. That would be bad.

"Thus, I'll try my best to give you meditation lessons for becoming an animagus until the official end of the school year. I am not sure how efficient it would be, but if it may help even a little I judge it best."

"Thank you, professor."

"Don't worry about it, Mister Potter."


Harry and the Dursleys reached an accord: ignoring each other.

It was working pretty well… until his birthday.

"I'd better be off in a minute, Petunia," his uncle Vernon said, "Marge's train gets in at ten."

"Aunt Marge?" Harry blurted out, "She's not coming here, is she?"

Harry hated his "aunt" Marge, Vernon's sister. And of course, it was because she hated him first.

Which usually would mean he'd have to suck it up and be insulted or punished.


"Marge'll be here for a week," Uncle Vernon snarled, "and while we're on the subject," he pointed a fat finger threateningly at Harry, "we need to get a few things straight before I go and collect her."

Harry didn't notice what happened next. First he saw the finger wavering on his face threateningly, then his uncle was in the ground in a decididedly uncomfortable position and he was holding his wrist.

He also felt a deep satisfaction in his chest… and that's when he noticed that was the dragon's instincts of not being controlled. Like Professor McGonagall said, he acted like it made him do by instinct.

Yet, he felt no need to apologize. Instead, he just let go of Vernon's hand and steped backwards.

"Sorry, your finger in my face annoyed me. You were saying?"

Vernon glared hatefully at Harry, his face turning purple. Dudley and Petunia were just watching, mouths open.

"Weren't you in a hurry?" Harry said finally. "You had to say something then leave."

"Firstly," growled Vernon, holding back from trying to strangle the boy, "you'll keep a civil tongue in your head when you're talking to Marge."

"All right," Harry shrugged, "if she does when she's talking to me."

"Secondly," said Vernon, acting as though he had not heard Harry's reply, "as Marge doesn't know anything about your abnormality, I don't want any – any funny stuff while she's here. You behave yourself, got me?"

"I will if she does," said Harry, shrugging again. "We were having no problem until now ourselves, after all."

"And thirdly," finished Vernon, his mean little eyes now slits in his great purple face, "we've told Marge you attend St Brutus's Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys."

"What?" Harry yelled.

"And you'll be sticking to that story, boy, or there'll be trouble," spat Vernon.

"Then there will be trouble," said Harry, his temper flaring finally. "I'm not spreading your lies. Anyone asks, I'm saying I'm going for Hogwarts School for the Gifted. If they say you said otherwise, and I'm saying you're only lying because Dudley wasn't good enough to go."

"Who do you think you are, you ungrateful—"

Before Vernon could say or do anything else, Harry exploded in flames. The table and chairs were thrown away, as in Harry's place was a bypedal red dragon taller than Vernon himself. Embers were escaping his nostrils at every breath, and his claws near Vernon's face seemed as sharp as knives.

Slowly, the dragon turned back into Harry, but the glare did not diminish.

Vernon did not say anything, just turned around and ran to his car.

Harry's gaze turned to his aunt and cousin, who were trying to mold themselves to the walls.

Scoffing, Harry put the table and chair back in place. "And we were having such a peaceful summer too…"


Since his aunt and cousin were preparing themselves for Marge's visit, giving him a wide berth, Harry himself was watching some tv when his aunt opened the door for Aunt Marge.

"Where's my Dudders? Where's my neffy poo?" he could hear her voice screeching. "Petunia!" she shouted a bit later.

"Tea, Marge? And what will Ripper take?" he recognized his uncle ask.

"Ripper can have some tea out of my saucer," Harry heard her say as they walked into the kitchen.

Harry ignored them. But he should have known better, Marge would never leave him alone like that.

"So!" she barked. "Still here, are you?"

"Yes," said Harry, doing his best to ignore her and concentrate on the television.

"Don't you say 'yes' in that ungrateful tone," Aunt Marge growled. "It's damn good of Vernon and Petunia to keep you. Wouldn't have done it myself. You'd have gone straight to an orphanage if you'd been dumped on my doorstep."

"I'd have have been sent to an orphanage than live with either of you, so we agree on something," he said with a smile.

The woman frowned, and she wasn't the only one in the house. In fact, Harry was the only one that wasn't.

"I can see you haven't improved since I last saw you. I hoped school would knock some manners into you. Where is it that you send him, again, Vernon?"

"Hogwarts School for the Gifted," Harry said before Vernon could say anything.

"You? Gifted?" Marge scowled, trying to remember what else was wrong with that sentence.

"It's just a name as far as I know," Harry agreed with her with a shrug. "Some of my classmates are pretty thick, really. But again, most of them are old money."

"I really doubt Vernon would pay for you to go there then," she continued, trying to catch his lie.

"He didn't. My father was old money too, so he paid for me as soon as I was born or something."

"If he was, then why are you such a waste of money for my brother?"

"I have no idea. My guess is it is because mom and Aunt Petunia didn't get along and I can only get the money myself when I'm an adult," Harry shrugged.

"And do they use the cane in Hogwarts, boy?" she asked.

"They used to, but nowadays they prefer to force us to make manual labor instead. Since most of the kids are spoiled, they consider it good enough."

She glared at him…

"I don't like you attitude, boy. I'll be keeping watch of you."


Marge usually went out of her way to antagonize Harry, doing things like giving gifts to Dudley and glaring at Harry to see if he complained for not getting one, or needling him.

However, this time she found out she bit more than she could chew…

"You mustn't blame yourself for the way the boy's turned out, Vernon," she said over lunch on the third day. "If there's something rotten on the inside, there's nothing anyone can do about it."

"Aunt Marge, that is cruel! Just because Dudley is a bit…"

"What are you talking about, boy?" she demanded?

"Uhm… what are you talking about?" Harry replied, faking obliviousness.

Marge fumed, and dug into her food. The boy's attitude was different. Instead of avoiding her, she was ignoring her. Instead of taking the punches, he replied to the verbal sparring as good as he got.

For some reason Marge couldn't tell, Ripper was also not just much more accepting, but deferential to the boy.

To be fair, those things together almost made her respect him. But she wouldn't. He was an outsider, a blight on her brother's perfect life.

But what really annoyed him was his eyes, eyes that measured her, judged her and found her wanting. Always had, but always kept his head down. Not anymore, it seemed.

She wanted to remove that look of superiority from his face.


At last, at long last, the final evening of Marge's stay arrived. Aunt Petunia cooked a fancy dinner and Uncle Vernon uncorked several bottles of wine. They got all the way through the soup and the salmon without a single mention of Harry's faults. During the lemon meringue pie, Uncle Vernon bored them all with a long talk about Grunnings, his drill-making company. Then Aunt Petunia made coffee and Uncle Vernon brought out a bottle of brandy, which he served Marge despite her having already had a lot of wine. Dudley was eating his fourth slice of pie. Aunt Petunia was sipping coffee with her little finger sticking out. Harry was eating and ignoring everyone else.

"Aah. Excellent nosh, Petunia. It's normally just a fry-up for me of an evening, with twelve dogs to look after…" Marge said before burping. "Pardon me. But I do like to see a healthy-sized boy," she went on, winking at Dudley. "You'll be a proper-sized man, Dudders, like your father."

"Proper-sized for a walrus," Harry said under his breath. Everyone else's eye twitched. He didn't even try to hide it besides the low volume.

"You'd say. You got a mean, runty look about you. You get that with dogs. I had Colonel Fubster drown one last year. Ratty little thing it was. Weak. Underbred."

"Isn't that illegal?" Harry mused aloud.

"It all comes down to blood, as I was saying the other day," she continued, as if ignoring his point. "Bad blood will out. Now, I'm saying nothing against your family, Petunia, but your sister was a bad egg. They turn up in the best families. Then she ran off with a wastrel and here's the result right in front of us."

"At least she had someone willing to run away with her," he pointed out to the still-single Marge.

"You said your father was old-money, boy? Bet he didn't even try to get employed. A no-account, good-for-nothing, lazy scrounger who—"

"Actually he was studying for being a policeman when they died. And my mother was doing extra studies to be a teacher."

Marge frowned. "Proud of your parents, are you? They go and get themselves killed in a car crash, drunk, I expect, and left you to be a burden on their decent, hardworking relatives! You are an insolent, ungrateful little—"

What he was a little, Marge wasn't able to continue, for the next second she was face to face with the same dragon Vernon met the week earlier.

She put her hand in her chest, taking deep breaths.

"I suggest you call an ambulance," said Harry matter-of-factly as he left for his room.

Vernon had other plans. "You little…!"

Plans easily derailed by a glare from Harry.

"Now, here is how it will go. I am leaving. You will not try to hunt me. I will do my best not to return."

Not waiting for an answer, Harry grabbed his trunk, turned into a dragon and flew away into the night.

From a couple bushes, a black dog watched as his godson turned into a dragon!

He was so proud!


'Alright, first things first, get some money,' Harry thought. 'If I remember right, the Weasleys and Hermione are both out of the country… or are they already back? Either way, I need resources.'

He landed in a roof in Diagon Alley, making sure that no one was watching before going to the street, turning back into human and donning his father's invisibility cloak.

While under his cloak he had some time to think… he noticed something interesting after his transformation when his uncle angered him before Marge's visit. Or rather, the lack of something…

There was no letter from the Ministry.

That meant turning into a dragon was not noticeable by however they checked for underage magic.

He only lamented the fact his Animagus form wasn't very discreet. Or hard to recognize.

Arriving at Gringots, which apparently was open 24-7 or something, he quickly went to his own safe and retrieved what he hoped was enough to last the rest of the break, then some more to convert in Muggle money.

Then a thought crossed his head. He was free to do whatever he wanted, wasn't he?

Hmm… From what he remembered, there was a place he really wanted to go in Paris. France wasn't that far away… Nodding to himself, he converted some of the money in pounds and some in French francs, then went to take a room in the Leaky Cauldron so in the morning he could buy a guide to magical communities in Flourish and Blots and find a way to go through the Channel.


It had been a week in Disneyland, the best week in his life outside Hogwarts, when he met her.

As soon as their eyes met, Harry turned around and started walking in a different direction. Maybe if he pretended not to know her she would think it was someone else—

"Harry James Potter!" yelled the voice of his best female friend.

Pretend it is someone else. Yes, he just didn't answer, she would think she was confusing someone else for him.

"Stop pretending you are someone else! No one else could have this shade of green eyes and this messy a hair!"

She was bluffing. He just went to a food stand, a churro seemed like a good idea right no—

"AAH! Damn it, Hermione, let go of my ear!"

"No!" she said, anger clear in her voice. "Did you really think I wouldn't recognize you just because you thought you were ignoring me?"

"Actually, I di—wait, 'thought'?"

"Yeah, you flinched every time I called you," she clarified. "Which means you know you are not supposed to be here," she finished, crossing her eyes. "Where are your relatives?"

"Probably making a party because I left their house," Harry said. "We had a disagreement. I decided to move out."

"Harry, you can't do that," she tried to scold him. "Your family—"

"They are not my family," he countered hotly. "Didn't Ron tell you what they did to me last year, Hermione?"

The girl shook her head, a bit scared of the way her friend was talking.

"They locked me in my room as soon as they knew I couldn't do magic. Fed through a cat flap, bars on the window, small portions of food, Hedwig couldn't go out to hunt so I had to share with her, scheduled bathroom visits. I was a prisoner, Hermione!
So forgive me that I escaped first chance I got."

"I-I'm sorry Harry," the girl saying, holding back her tears. "I-I didn't know—"

"I know, I know…" he said with a sigh. "But now you see why I can't go back to that house, Hermione… I just can't…"

Hermione said nothing, just threw herself on his arms and started crying.

A surprised Harry looked around in confusion. And that is why he noticed the two adults nearby paying attention to them and that, judging from the woman's expression of anger not directed at him, heard everything.

"Uhm, hi Mister and Misters Granger. I'm Hermione's classmate, Harry."


It was a female group, all of them friends at school, if you stretched the word a bit. They were also all witches, and good-looking ones at that.

Fleur Delacour sighed. Her… friend? Rival? One of the two. The blue-haired (covered by a glamour) girl was looking at a boy, unmoving. Unblinking even.

"Bleu, what are you doing?" she asked, exasperated. "Surely you can find a boy to be interested in that is closer to our age?"

Bleu ignored her, looking at the young boy walking around with a girl about his age.

"Hello, my dear dragon," she said to herself. "Did you miss me?"

Fleur huffed. Bleur was the best student in Beauxbatons for every year, but she still made no sense to anyone.


So… I may be doing Deis wrong, but she is the only character I know who can be Harry's mentor right now.

Yeah, making Harry lose control like that may seen weird, but dragons are proud creatures that are supposedly on the top of the natural food chain. Harry is still raw in his predator instincts, so he can't hold back very well.

I originally wanted to send Harry to Deis as soon as possible, so I made him go to France to meet her. After all, who can resist going to Disney, World or Land, if they can? (I never went to either…)
I changed my mind about the mentor thing (for now), since she had to be found and recruited in BoF1 and 2 and the masters were not exactly very active in BoF3 (BoF4 is weird time-wise and some people think not even the same timeline)… But thought it was a good idea to point to the reader that she was there and alive.

Why Deis is in France? Well, in BoF2 she was in disguise as a student in the magical school because she was bored. And Bleu, her name in the first two games, is a French word.

By the way, while the form was gained in a similar way to BoF2 I have in mind BoF3 dragon transformation system. As of now he got Eldritch (because he is a wizard), Flame, Radiance (the phoenix tears gave him both) and Shadow (the horcrux) genes. The horcrux is removed because in BoF2 a shaman trying to fuse with Ryu caused a huge backlash that awakened his dragon powers, so I made it so the transformation's backlash caused Harry to destroy the soul piece and absorb its powers as the Shadow gene.

So, this is just the intro. I hope that in the future chapters things get more interesting for you the readers.