La douleur exquise (n) - the heart-wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainble.




Her morning starts like any normal day. It's starts with her morning rides in the Wolfwoods and ends with her tending to the winter roses in the glass garden thereafter.

It is normal as much as she expects.

Until it's suddenly not.

Lyanna Stark is about to swim in the black pool in the Godswoods when she catches sight of something floating in the pool.

She picks it up from the water and begins to inspect the drenched object in her hand.

It's like a small, black book, but with empty, yellowed pages.

And as she turns it around, she sees something at the back. Small letters inscribed at the bottom part of the small book.

Tom Riddle Jr. Lyanna reads and her interest is piqued at the name.

"Tom Riddle Jr.," She mutters as she thumbs through the empty pages of the small book.

"Who are you?" She wonders out loud.



That very night Lyanna Stark got herself some quill and ink and then begins to write on the black book.

My name is Lyanna Stark. She starts. I'm six and ten years old and I'm the only daughter of Lord Rickard Stark and Lady Lyarra Stark of Winterfell. I was born on 267 After the Conquest. I have two older brothers and one younger bro-

Lyanna Stark isn't able to finish the sentence for her ink suddenly disappears into the pages of the book. She stares for a moment in puzzlement before realization dawns on her. Once it does, she gasps loudly after the odd sight.

Then, she can only gape in wonder when words begins to form on the pages of the black book.

Hello, Lyanna Stark. My name is Tom Riddle.

The words say and that is how Lyanna Stark meets the once and future Dark Lord.

The young and handsome Lord Voldemort.