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aug 17 AA 12:30PM

Oba-san. This is Hibiya Amamiya.

You told me to text you when I get back safely, so here I am. I've arrived back home. It feels weird to be back here, even though I've only been away for a few days. Hiyori's family was a little worried about her, but mine seemed alright. Of course, nobody don't knows about that. But my father's asking about what the famous Indian speakers talked about in their speech — that's the excuse I used to be able to come to the city. Please help.

How's everything there?

aug 18 AA 12:36

Text message from Oba-san:

Hibiya-kun! ヽ(·∀·)ノ

I didn't think you would text me first! I'm glad you were able to get back home safely. Things are good here, I guess. I'll give you a little update on everyone! Leader, Seto-san, Kano-san, and Marry-chan are still living at the base. Well, that's their home, so there's no surprise there. Marry-chan started working part-time at the flower shop Seto-san works at! It's rather fitting for her.

Takane-san and Haruka-san are sorting things out little by little, and today, they just went to see their guardians. They thought long and hard about the story they had to make up, and from the looks of it, it's not going to be an easy conversation for them to have…. But I think they're dating. I'm pretty sure they're dating. We all saw how much they were crying and hugging when they reunited. (o´∀`o)

My brother's not as much of a shut-in anymore! He's planning on going to college soon. I thought it'd be difficult for him to apply, since it's the middle of the school year now, but he said that there's no issue. I'm still a bit worried, though. Ayano-san's going back to high school to finish up the two years she never got to take. She'll be in my grade, actually. I hope she's in my class! My brother's helping her catch up, but apparently, there's a lot of work to be done.

And me? I'm still continuing my idol work alongside my schoolwork. There's a ton of summer homework to be done (ノД`) It's only going to get busier from now on!

Best of luck to you, and send my blessings to Hiyori-chan, too.

PS. Tell your dad that the presentation was about the various advancements India is currently making regarding its economic status due to its advantage of having many English speakers, its trade deals with the United States, and its growth in parallel with China. — Shintaro K.


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aug 18 AA 2:47PM

Hiyori wants me to say thanks to you, for everything, and she asks if it's okay for her to go find you when she goes into the city again. She also wants to let Ayano-san know that she's rooting for her. "I know that my niece can do it," she says.

It's good to hear that everyone's advancing forward. You're right, Marry-san does fit in well with a flower shop. As for cyber girl and Konoha, I'm sure they're dating. (Hiyori will be heartbroken.) It's pretty obvious.

Is your brother still obsessed with Pepsi? Speaking of him, thank him for telling me what I should tell my father. My father was very pleased and thanks to that, he's in a great mood. Looks like I won't be thrown out to the dogs tonight.

How is idol work?

aug 19 AA 11:10

Text message from Oba-san:

Of course! Tell Hiyori-chan she's very welcome, and that she should definitely come visit me! She's forever welcome to! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ·゚I told Ayano-san about what Hiyori-chan said, too. She was very happy to hear that, and now she's greatly motivated! She stayed over at my place for a cram session yesterday. Speaking of which, she and my brother are still studying, and it's been an entire day already\(º □ º l|l)/

I also just asked my brother if he still loves Pepsi and he started yelling at me hahaha he gave me a lecture on the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi _(:3 」∠)_ I did tell him thanks for you, by the way. He gave a very grudging "you're welcome."

What is this about dogs? Do you guys have dogs?!

aug 19 AA 11:15

Idol work is going great! I have a CM shoot planned 2 days later and a new song planned!

aug 19 AA 11:16

Also, how are things with you and Hiyori-chan?


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aug 20 AA 10:23AM

Wait, they're still studying? How bad is she at this…? Who's worse at academics, you or her?

We don't have dogs. Our family owns a dojo, you know. That's probably where my father's stodginess stems from. When I asked for permission to go into the city multiple times, he would throw me out of the house every single time. And every time, there would be a growing pack of hounds staring back at me, waiting to engulf me.

aug 20 AA 10:25AM

Hiyori and I are…the same as before? I can't tell what has changed and what has stayed the same. Maybe we're a little closer and we talk a little more, but she still treats me like a nuisance, though.

aug 23 AA 20:52

Text message from Oba-san:

SOrry didn't see this earlier! The CM shoot went on a little longer than expected. The director had some high standards haha

Today's Ayano-san's entrance exam! She has to take it to get back into our high school, and that's what she's been studying for. Although it's embarrassing to admit, Ayano-san's smarter than me. My brother says we're both dumb though… We go back to school on September 11th; what about you guys?

You never told me your family owned a dojo! That's so cool! Do you guys own real swords? If you hate the hounds, then what about other dogs? Do you hate them too? :(

aug 23 AA 20:55

It's good that you guys are talking more, though! You still like her though, right?


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aug 24 AA 5:29PM

That's fine; when will it be aired? What was the CM for, anyways? I'll try to look for it on TV. And how'd the exam go? Summer break ends September 11th for us, too. I don't really want to go back…

I never thought it was relevant. Didn't think you'd be interested, either. I'm not very interested in martial arts, either, so I never thought much about it. We have real swords, but that's off limits for me, since they still treat me like a kid. I don't hate dogs; it just depends on the type, I guess. Those were hounds we were talking about, after all.

aug 24 AA 5:31PM

Yeah, I guess… Is there anything wrong with that?

aug 26 AA 13:42

Text message from Oba-san:

It'll be aired tomorrow! It's a CM for the new Watering Kissmint gum flavors! "Overflowing with positivity! Watering Kissmint!" ⌒(ゝ。∂)

Looks like Ayano-san passed! She's so excited; My brother's really happy too, even though he's trying not to show it. He has his entrance exam today, but he's not worried at all; I think I might be more worried than he is. But he has photographic memory, so I don't think there'll be a problem. At least I hope not…

Of course I'm interested! You can tell me anything, Hibiya-kun. I'd like to know more about you, anyways. It's strange that we've only really known each other for two days, but it feels like an eternity.

aug 26 AA 13:46

Well, good luck! If you have any questions, you can always ask me, hehe. I'll be cheering for your romance. ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~


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aug 27 AA 9:45AM

Just saw your CM. It looks great.

Congratulations. Honestly, it'd actually be weird if your brother was worried, you know. Why is there such a big difference in IQ between you siblings, anyways? Did he take all of your intelligence? Also, when are the two of them going to start dating? It's taxing, really.

Oh… I guess I'm the same for you. What do you want to know about?

aug 27 AA 9:47AM

And thanks, I guess… Wait, do you have any experience with relationships…?

aug 31 AA 6:50

Text message from Oba-san:

Is that really all you have to say? Aw, I'm disappointed (。╯︵╰。)

Yeah, my worries weren't necessary. He passed with the highest score possible. Full marks. I think he's becoming a legend there… I don't know why I can't be smart like him! It's not like I haven't tried or anything. I guess he really did take all my intelligence. :( Ah, but he's also an idiot; he and Ayano-san are still "just friends." Anyone could tell that they're in love with each other. I don't know why they're not a couple yet. Maybe they're going out in secret. I've asked him about it before, but he only brushed it off and walked away. It's annoying to watch, too.

Hmm… Will you be taking over the dojo when you grow up?

Eh? I don't, actually… I won't be able to give you any advice based on personal experience, but I know a lot of senpais who have and can help you! And you know, since I'm a girl, so I can give you some advice from a girl's perspective!


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sep 1 AA 12:01PM

You look great, too.

Full marks? That's insane. Even though I know that he has photographic memory, that was unexpected. Did he eat that textbook or something? But yeah, from what I've seen from his relationship with Ayano-san, it's apparent that he's hopeless. Someone ought to smack them. You should do it.

No, my parents know that I'm not interested and never placed that burden on me. They let me do whatever I want with my life and future, as long as I don't die on the streets.

Thanks. I'll probably need it. Do you wish you were in a relationship?

sep 5 AA 17:03

Text message from Oba-san:

Oh, thanks! I didn't expect you to say things like this, hehe. It makes me really happy to hear, though!

I know, right? I didn't expect it either. I mean, he's been bringing back tests with perfect scores all his life, but I thought that college entrance exams would be a little different. Turns out it isn't for a genius. But I swear, if he and Ayano-san don't get together soon, I'm going to make them sit down and talk about their feelings. Takane-san's getting more frustrated day by day, and Haruka-san's the only one who can restrain her from spilling everything. Which reminds me! Takane-san and Haruka-san are going to a college near Onii-chan's; Takane-san's studying programming and Haruka-san's pursuing art.

Ah, that's good! Have you thought about what you want to do in the future? Even though you still have a lot of time to think about it, haha.

Hmm… I don't know. I do envy how happy Takane-san and Haruka-san look together, but I just can't see myself in a relationship! I've just been forever single up to this point… (つω`。) I wish someone would show up sometime in the future, though.


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sep 15 AA 3:24PM

Sorry, school just started a few days ago and I've been a bit busy, so I couldn't reply as quick as before. Going into middle school, the classes aren't really that much harder, but the workload is increasing. I can't imagine high school.

It really is frustrating. But then again, I'm not any better; I haven't confessed my feelings yet. Very fitting for cyber girl to be studying programming. I assume Konoha was very much the artist before that happened. Is Ayano-san still wearing the same ridiculous red scarf in this ridiculous summer weather? It's so hot here in my home town, but it's the best weather to jump into the lake.

I want to study psychology. I know it seems basic and common, but I want to learn more about why people think the way they do and why certain people do certain things. What about you? Do you have any plans for the future?

It's okay. You'll find someone who truly cares about you. I promise.

sep 18 AA 8:20

Text message from Oba-san:

Ah, it's okay, no worries! Same for me; classes have been difficult and I've been struggling to keep up. But I have Ayano-san in my class, and she sits next to me; we kind of struggle together, haha. She still wears her red scarf around school, and people ask her about it all the time. And every time, she tells them, "Red is the color of heroes!" According to my brother, she's just the same as before.

A lake! Wow, send me pictures!

That's cool! I still don't know what I want to do with my future. I don't have the brains to do anything big, and I don't know where my idol career can take me. I'll just have to see where my management takes me.

I visited the base yesterday. Everyone's doing well. Leader and Kano-san bicker as always, and Marry spilt the tea again. Seto-san is still wearing his green jumpsuit. None of them changed a bit, and it surprised me how much I missed them. They told me I was welcome anytime, and they told me to say hi to you, too.

How come you haven't brought up Hiyori-chan in a while? How's everything with you two?


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sep 20 AA 9:52PM

Hiyori and I… We're fine. She's not ignoring me anymore. We're in some of the same classes and we definitely talk about homework. Occasionally, we talk about some other things, too.

Thanks. You'll figure it out, though. There's still so much time for the both of us. How's idol work?

It feels so nostalgic. I've only known you guys for two days, but it seems like a lifetime. It's as if those two days have been repeating themselves for eternity, like a never-ending loop. I wish I could visit them.

Here are some photos of this town.

[ photo - 1 . jpg ]

[ photo - 2 . jpg ]

[ photo - 3 . jpg ]

[ photo - 4 . jpg ]

[ photo - 5 . jpg ]

oct 23 AA 3:48

Text message from Oba-san:

That's good! I'm glad you're both doing well. Idol work is going great, too.

Sometimes I wonder about what would happen if we never met, you know? If none of us met. Then I definitely would lead a life completely different from my life right now.

Your town looks beautiful! I would like to visit it someday.

oct 23 AA 3:52

i didn't want to send this to you at first, but i just

oct 23 AA 3:54

i don't know. i just told u idol work is going great but i lied. my manager and my company thinks that it's a true mystery how my fans seemed to disappear overnight. but i knew they were wrong. it's not a mystery. i relied on my ability whenever i was on stage or working, and now that it's gone, getting work has gotten harder and harder. the auditoriums that would be filled in the past were now close to empty. and when i just started to fall in love with this job, too…

oct 23 AA 3:55

i just dont know what to do anymore

people only became my fans because of my ability

oct 23 AA 3:56

they didnt like me because of who i am

but because of my stupid ability instead

i hate myself

i used my ability to twist peoples hearts

oct 23 AA 3:57

someone like me shouldnt exist

im sorry

oct 23 AA 3:59

i shouldnt be bothering you like this at 3 in the morning

momo i swear to fucking god


oct 23 AA 4:00


why are you awake?

oct 23 AA 4:01

i dont think my sleep schedule fucking matters rn

thats not true

this isnt you

youre the loud and noisy oba-san that wont stop annoying me

but on stage youre the brightest star in the night sky

oct 23 AA 4:02

youre dumb

and thats why youre thinking of all these things that arent true

your performances are incredible and the ppl who stuck around are your true fans

instead of blaming yourself you should take this opportunity to appreciate those who truly love you for who you are

you didnt choose to use ur power for malicious intents

so dont act like this

you deserve to be happy

oct 23 AA 4:15

thank you

thank you so much, hibiya-kun

you don't know how much that means to me

i don't know what else to say to you

oct 23 AA 4:15

except thank you

Now go to sleep! It's very late.

Sweet dreams xx


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oct 25 AA 2:51PM

Hey. Just wanted to check in with you. Hope you're doing fine. I've been seeing your name pop up in various online forums and articles. People are praising you for your hard work. I'm sure you've seen them already, but I've attached some heartwarming comments from your fans. Don't lose faith, Oba-san. You've got a successful path in front of you. You helped me when I was at my worst, so this time, I want to do something for you. Hiyori sends you her best wishes. "A smile suits the energetic Momo-chan the best!" she says.

I agree with her.

[Screen Shot 20AA-10-25 at 14.45 . jpg ]

[Screen Shot 20AA-10-25 at 14.45 . jpg ]

[Screen Shot 20AA-10-25 at 14.45 . jpg ]

[Screen Shot 20AA-10-25 at 14.45 . jpg ]

[Screen Shot 20AA-10-25 at 14.45 . jpg ]

[Screen Shot 20AA-10-25 at 14.46 . jpg ]

oct 25 AA 20:23

Text message from Momo:

Thanks to you, Hibiya-kun, I'm feeling so much better. Sorry for the wait; Momo Kisaragi is back! ヽ(∀ )ノ I've been reading those comments, too. They made me feel better, too. Thanks for sending me the highlights; I couldn't stop smiling as I read through them. Give my thanks to Hiyori-chan; she's such a sweetheart! You're so lucky to have her. Don't you dare treat her badly!

I'm starting to work on a new album. What happened gave me great inspiration, and I'll incorporate that into my work. It's an important step in my life, after all.


Text Message

oct 26 AA 10:34AM

That's great to hear. You've finally returned to being the stupid oba-san I know. All I did was compile some of the best comments. No need to thank me. Those comments have always been for you, and they will always be for you.

Good luck. I know you'll do great.

nov 4 AA 0:00

Text message from Momo:

Happy birthday, Hibiya-kun! ヽ(∀ )ノ You're 13 now, right? You're so young! I wish I was still that age. My brother and Ayano-chan send their birthday wishes too. We hope that all your wishes come true! I hope you have an amazing year, and hurry and grow up!

nov 4 AA 0:01

My new album comes out today. I've sent a copy your way. It's not the best birthday present I could give you, but it'll have to do for now.


Text Message

nov 4 AA 7:45AM

I can't believe you remembered. Thanks. I'll try to grow up as fast as possible to catch up to you, so wait for me. (Patiently) waiting for your album to arrive.

momo ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ


baked a pumpkin cake today!

[ photo . jpg ]

11/4/AA, 13:23


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nov 5 AA 3:51PM

Your album just arrived. My parents were a little suspicious about what it was, thinking I ordered something sketchy off the internet, but I reassured them that it was not the case.

nov 5 AA 4:15PM

Just listened to all of the songs. If this album isn't number one on Oricon, I'll be disappointed.

"Kisaragi Attention" is a classic, no more needed to be said about that. "Your Eyes" was a very catchy one. "Alone" started out sad, but the transition to a more hopeful tone was unexpected and well-executed. I'd write out my comments on all of them, but I'm busy listening to them on repeat.

"Otsukimi Recital" was my favorite.

nov 7 AA 13:12

Text message from Momo:

I'm so glad you liked them! Really, I didn't expect such high praise from you. Just a few months ago, you were yelling at me every time we talked. It's kind of crazy, isn't it?


Text Message

nov 8 AA 7:04PM

I stand by what I said, though. You're still an idiot. You still have a weird sense of style. You still have a weird taste for food. But I guess you're not that annoying.

nov 11 AA 20:31

Text message from Momo:

Aww, that's sweet. Thanks! Speaking of sweet things, it's Pocky Day today! Did you eat some Pocky? I just bought some Rare Cheesecake-flavored Pocky! It's really good!

[ photo . jpg]


Text Message

nov 11 AA 10:50PM

Like I said, you really do have a weird sense of taste. I did have some Pocky. The Almond Crush type. Hiyori gave me some too.

nov 12 AA 20:31

Text message from Momo:

Ooh, that's great! You guys are getting along really well, aren't you? ;)


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dec 24 AA 5:46PM

Hey. It's Christmas Eve. It's also Konoha's birthday, isn't it? Wish him a happy birthday for me.

dec 24 AA 18:01

Text message from Momo:

Hey! I'm at Haruka-san's house right now with my brother, Ayano-chan, and Takane-san for his birthday! Everyone else was invited, too, but they didn't have time :( Haruka-san wanted you to come, too. I just told him that you sent your wishes, and he was so happy that you remembered! Here's a selfie of us, though.

[ photo . jpg ]

Did you get to have a Christmas date with Hiyori-chan? ;)


Text Message

dec 24 AA 5:46PM

I would have stopped by if I lived in the city. Sadly, I'm confined to this town.

…Something of that sort, yeah.

dec 25 AA 8:23

Text message from Momo:

Really?! I'm so happy for you guys! Oh, and merry Christmas! (o´∀`o)


Text Message

dec 25 AA 12:03PM

Merry Christmas.

dec 31 AA 8:56PM

It's almost the beginning of a new year. Have you been to hatsumode yet?

dec 31 AA 10:56

Text message from Momo:

I'm at Kanda Shrine right now! I'm with Leader, Seto-san, Kano-san, and Marry-chan! My brother's with Ayano-chan, and Takane-san and Haruka-san are together. I kinda wish you were here. And Hiyori-chan, too.


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jan 1 AB 12:00AM

Happy new year, Momo.

jan 1 AB 0:05

Text message from Momo:

Happy new year, Hibiya-kun!