Age 737; Planet Vegeta

Somewhere in the northern galaxy, there is a planet upon hundreds by the name of Vegeta. The beings who inhabit said planet are known as the Saiyans, a warrior race known for pillaging and conquering planets, destroying whole civilizations, and many other contemptible acts. Saiyans are distinguished by their rough facial features, most of which look primal and feral, as though they are ready to pounce at any given moment. Second is their notable strength and destructive tendencies, as stated before, and most importantly, the furry appendage in which the epitome of their power dwells within; their tails. While Saiyans may seem to many as the most terrifying race possible, striking fear in the hearts of many, there is a singular being who alone is even more fearsome and far more powerful than said savages; the tyrant for whom the Saiyans are made to work under, Lord Frieza.

Lord Frieza, also known as the emperor of the universe, was a cold, no pun intended, disgraceful, and seemingly omnipotent being. He is the only being who was able to take advantage of the Saiyans' incompetence, showing no fear, as their power was minuscule, in comparison to his. Planet Vegeta was but another pebble in his rock collection of planets. As head of the Planetary Trade Organization, which is responsible for the same line of work the Saiyans are well known for, he not only saw what he referred to as monkeys as tools for his rise to the universal throne but a valuable asset as well; in numbers and in strength.

Frieza was but what you would have expected for a tyrant of the universe; a monster, to say the least. His skin was scaly and pink, giving him a demonic look. His face was a light shade of lavender, his eyes containing tiny, calculating, onyx orbs within them. His lips, along with his scaly fingertips were black, as were the tips of his three-toed, reptilian feet, sort of resembling claws. His face looked as though it was covered with a white helmet, guarding his cheeks and forehead, two rather long, spiky horns protruding from either side and a violet crest in the center. He wore a custom, purple, PTO armor with wide, brown shoulder pads, white leg guards with brown padding in the center and arm guards to match, and a red-glass device on his left eye.

It seems as though this universe is far from regulated, as we have a tyrannical, narcissistic ruler who controls one of the most powerful races, but one man shall change all of that in a couple of decades, restoring the former peace.

A man with spiky black hair in a white lab coat began walking around in the dark, glaring at the various Saiyan cubs in their mechanized cribs, as the turquoise fluid of the various incubators and healing tanks provided an ambient light in the room.

He pressed a red button on the side of his technological eyepiece, which consisted of green glass and a white base for the main control functions. "The scouter is reading 50... low-class..." the man grunted as an audible blip. He scribbled down the numbers and class listings of the various Saiyan infants on his clipboard. It was when he reached a particular child that his eyebrows visibly furrowed, even with the dim lighting, as he read aloud the combat power.

"2?" It seemed like more of a question, rather than an indicative statement. He pinched the bridge of his nose, trying as hard as he could not display any more anger. Sighing, he read the name of the infant as well as its parents. "Kakarot; that low-class Gine's child, eh? Tch. Sure is a shame for such a man like Bardock to have two excuses for warriors as sons."

The infant in question had spiky, palm tree like hair, just as his father did, a soft face, more akin to his mother, and was currently fussing in his sleep as the less-than-whispered words of the man in front of him.

As Kakarot moaned in annoyance, still rustling in his sleep, the doctor scoffed and began to trudge away, his footsteps further annoying the nearly awake Kakarot.

Tak. Tak. Tak.

The doctor only took three more footsteps before the infant Kakarot woke up entirely, rubbing at his eyes in slight annoyance with a frown on his face. Even in the dark, the doctor could feel the uneasiness as the cub's eyes settled on to him.

He stared back in the direction of the cub, but the tension in the air was thick, even Kakarot could tell, and so, he began to wail at the top of his lungs, startling the older Saiyan as he balled his tiny fists and flailed around.

Covering his ears in annoyance, he quickly made his way over to the crying child, thinking of ways to calm the cub down. He was distracted, however, by the beep of the scouter on his face.

"Huh? Is it the brat?" he inquired, as the numbers on his Scouter began to rise.

"20...?" he said as he added an extra "0" onto the clipboard until "...still pathetic-huh? 2,000?! 2,500?! This thing must be malfunctioning!" the Saiyan shouted, forcefully tapping the red button on the side of the device. His frantic behavior, however, further annoyed the already upset Kakarot. The numbers continued to fluctuate, and so he was unable to keep track before he was pushed back by an invisible blast of air from the young Kakarot's unnatural spike in ki, causing him to slam into the hospital wall and hit his head, knocking him unconscious.

Kakarot's tears began to dry up as he began crying less and less on account of the amount of ki exertion that had just occurred in him. Wiping his tears with his tiny hands, he began to doze off, as he fell back into a deep sleep.

"I-It's, over.. nine-thousand..." was all the older Saiyan was able to mutter in his unconscious state.

A gruff call of the name "Gine," snapped the spiky-haired beauty out of her stupor as she struggled to comprehend what her mate, Bardock, leader of his Planet Elite Force platoon, was attempting to tell her.

Bardock assumed the demeanor of an exemplary Saiyan; ruthless, cold-hearted, and powerful. The only thing he had that most Saiyans lacked was his sense of realization and seeing things for what they were, and this came especially easy to him as he was cursed with the ability to see his future and untimely death.

The Saiyan had the face of a man who had seen ages too much in battle, as he had. He had a long, thick, and deep "t" shaped scar donning his left cheek, cold, dark eyes, distinct, spiky, and unruly palm tree like hair, and a seemingly permanent scowl. He wore a red bandanna around his head, soaked with the blood of his fallen comrades, green battle armor with navy blue chest plates and yellow shoulder straps, red armbands with leg guards to match and to complete the fit, black combat pants, and boots with yellow tips.

His mate was quite the opposite, being a kind-hearted Saiyan with a soft, genial face, endearing black eyes, spiky hair with dangling bangs, and practically the same battle armor as Bardock but around the waist was a skirt like a guard.

What her mate told her was so convoluted and incomprehensible that it was far too much to take in, coming as a rush to her, like so;

"We need to get Kakarot off-world immediately; Frieza is planning on exterminating our race with a ball of mass destruction, and everyone refuses to listen to me; they think I'm going delusional. We need to execute this plan quickly, he's essential to the redemption of our race, no matter how weak he is...


Gine, are you even listening to me?" said Bardock, growling with impatience. The Saiyan had already attempted to make known the danger the planet was into his comrades, and even the King, Vegeta, but after being literally and figuratively pushed away, he reached out to the one person he could trust.

Once Gine snapped back to reality, she questioned as to why he would even believe that the "loyal" Lord Frieza would commit such an act of treason.

"Out of fear; he fears our power, and the legend of the Super Saiyan; one which Kakarot shall assume the role of, and become the avenger of our race," Bardock explained.

Gine looked to him with a look of incredulity, before remembered that this was the man she put most, if not all of her trust in; one she had had two children with, and for her not to be down with a plan to save her child would go against everything that she paired herself up with him for. She took in a deep breath, looking down, before staring right back up at her mate and giving him a nod of approval.

"All right, let's do this. But what's the plan?" Bardock smirked.

"I was thinking we could hijack a spare space pod and use that to send him to planet suitable for him; as he is now, his measly power level won't get him far, so I presume he will be able to learn how to harness some of the dormant potentials he will need on a planet that matches him," Bardock said.

Gine found it hard to follow, especially due to the fact that Saiyans were normally warriors first, and tacticians last, but Bardock was far from the norm. She gave him a warm smile and nodded in affirmation, as the two took flight in the direction of the nursery which held their son, Kakarot.

Once locating the toddler amongst several other infants, who was still and resting in an incubator, Gine pushed the release button on the device, causing all of the rejuvenation fluids to drain. She genially removed him from the device and ran out of the hospital with the quickness to a jittery Bardock, who was standing outside with the secured pod. He called out for her to hurry, and she picked up the pace.

Gine set the young Kakarot into the pod, the plethora of movement startling the child into a half-awake state. He looked at his parents with confused eyes and tilted his head in confusion, clearly oblivious to the situation at hand. Gine shed a tear at the innocence that his whole demeanor held, wrapped him in a tight embrace and kissing him on the forehead, causing the young Kakarot to giggle, and Bardock to grimace with distaste, mostly at the reasoning for this whole scenario.

"Kakarot, just know that w-we love you and we're... we're doing the best we can to make sure you're s-safe; just don't forget us, okay?" she sputtered out, her voice continuing to break. Bardock put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and moved towards Kakarot, who started fussing and groping the air in his pod. Bardock unwrapped his headband, gripping it tightly as a flow of memories coursed through him, and tied it around his son's head. The baby simply grunted and looked into his father's eyes with confusion before giggling. This made Bardock's heart clench in sadness, but mostly anger; anger at the thought that this wouldn't be happening if their ruler wasn't a fucking coward.

As close to emotional as a Saiyan could get, "Fitting for a warrior," was all the older Saiyan could manage before finally saying, "and Kakarot, survive..." He then pressed a button within the pod, causing the door to whir closed. The baby Kakarot naively placed his small hand on the glass of the pod, an action which Bardock and Gine returned before the ship stated aloud its coordinates and slowly rose up, taking flight.

[Earth―Planet 4032-Green-277]

Bardock and Gine watched in sadness, Bardock with slight anger, as their son's pod rose into the atmosphere, before blasting off in a flash of white light. Gine put her head into her hands and began sobbing. Bardock placed a rough, yet caring hand on his mate's shoulder, and began stating his plan of single-handed rebellion to her. She gave him a look as to say 'Are you insane,' but knew it would be fruitless to A.) stop him, and B.), for Bardock to do much, but she decided to let him go ahead, as she knew his pride was large enough to strengthen his resolve and thus make his mood unshiftable.

Bardock grit his teeth as he flew up with great speed into the atmosphere, breaking the sound barrier in the process with the amount of ki that was released. He bobbed, weaved, and blasted his way through the various PTO soldiers that made an attempt to stop him in his endeavor to reach the tyrant Frieza, the latter sat with a smug look in his levitating chair, his two most loyal guards at his sides; Zarbon and Dodoria. Frieza pointed a scaly finger in the air as a small ball resembling a Supernova began to form. The attack continued to expand until it became a third of the size of planet Vegeta. He cackled with mirth, yelling, "Take this, you damn monkeys!" before pointing his finger in the direction of Vegeta and releasing the massive Supernova in the direction of the unsuspecting planet.

Bardock charged an energy wave in the palm of his hand, crackling with energy, exerting as much of his ki into the attack until it formed in his hand triple the size of normal. It was still a dwarf to Frieza's ki, which causing Bardock to growl, but not to falter. No matter, he still made the attempt to release it in the direction of the massive ball of destruction, but his rage turned to astonishment seeing his most powerful attack be engulfed by the larger mass of ki.

With a solemn look, he watched the inevitable occur as the Supernova continued in his direction, the intense heat of the attack slowly melting his armor and disintegrating it before it scorched his skin, turning its peach color to red, as the smell of burning flesh reached the ozone. Despite the situation at hand, Bardock managed to smile at the vision what looked to be an older Kakarot facing off against Frieza as the Saiyan, along with his planet, became engulfed by the ball of destruction, causing a massive explosion in the chasm that was the universe.

Thousands of deaths took place that day, but a legend in the making was born. Frieza, unknowing of his future demise, smiled with glee as he successfully exterminated all, to his knowledge, of the blasted Saiyans.

"WHAT?" came the shout of a startled, yet irate Nappa. He was currently purging a planet but was perturbed by some horrific news. The tall Saiyan wore Elite Class battle armor that simply varied from the lowers with gold padding. He was a subordinate of Prince Vegeta and former general of the Saiyan Army was currently fuming in anger over an apparent message that was relayed unto him through his Scouter.

"What are you yelling about?" inquired a young Prince Vegeta, son of the late King Vegeta as he sat on a rock. He was nearly the spitting image of his father, besides age, of course. He had his trademark spiky flame-haired look, with two spiky bangs hanging over his forehead. He wore armor similar to that of Nappa's but rather than black undergarments, he wore bright blue and had the addition of a silky red cape that looked far too big for him, clipped to the white chest plates of his armor. To complete the outfit were white combat gloves.

Nappa visibly sweatdropped, complying to his Prince. "Forgive my outburst, my prince, but word has begun to spread that Planet Vegeta suffered a collision with a massive meteor..." Vegeta raised a single eyebrow, but didn't so much as bat an eye to the statement, scoffing instead. "...and in the process, it was completely destroyed by the subsequent explosion," Nappa said in a dejected tone, attempting to hide the hurt he felt at the thought of losing of dozens of comrades as well as his whole race.

"Well, go figure," was the only reply the prince gave, as he turned to the side. "Raditz!" he called out. "Yeah, Vegeta?" was his response, as a long-haired Saiyan child that looked about his age began to walk over. His armor was that of a low-class Saiyan, and so instead of gold padding and white chest plates, the colors were brown and black respectively. The shaggy-haired Saiyan made his way over to the young prince.

"Didn't you have a weakling younger brother that was just born? Was he killed too?" the prince asked, showing a lack of concern in how rude he came off. Raditz shook his head, saying, "Mother told me that he was sent off to a planet called 'Earth'. Since his power level was so low, my father had to send him to a planet with habitants that were equal to his strength." Vegeta hummed in response, assessing the information for later use as he remembered his own little younger brother, also cast out for being so weak―Tarble. He pressed the communication button on the side of his Scouter to disable anyone from hearing the following conversation and urged the other two Saiyans to do the same.

"Well, now that our numbers are cut by a couple thousand," Vegeta began as he grimaced, "we'll have to begin a small Saiyan allegiance with the ones who are left. Raditz, your cousin, Turles, he wasn't caught in the explosion as far as we know. Contact him as soon as possible, we need to regroup," he said as he earned a nod from the long-haired Saiyan. "In 20 years' time, we'll retrieve Raditz's brother Kakarot to join our forces―to me it seems like there's more to the destruction of Vegeta than meets the eye..."

Meanwhile, on a faraway planet known as Earth, a green goblin-like creature standing atop a massive, white, floating platform dressed in white royal garbs leaned over a wooden staff in deep contemplation before saying, "Popo, it is time―gather the Dragon Balls." A faint, "Yes, Kami-sama," was his only response to the figure with the kanji for god on his robe.

Kakarot's Saiyan space pod soared across the galaxy at a blistering pace, the child within said pod being forcefully strapped up by the device into his seat, before a virtual reality device attached itself to his face and temples, as a pink gas filled the surrounding area, serving as a sleep toxin. It would be a long few months.

During said months, on Planet Earth.

A dark figure began hopping and skipping above dunes of sand, seemingly with no effort, showing no signs of being affected by the unrelenting heat of the desert. This was Mr. Popo, the same Mr. Popo who was previously demanded to gather said "Dragon Balls".

He hummed to himself as he came to a halt, his short stature making him seem not too intimidating, but the look on his face showed centuries of battle, as did his clothing; it consisted of a maroon vest with a gold trim and matching gold rings around his arms, baggy white pants, held up by a red strap, with red pointed, one-toed shoes to match. To complete the outfit was a large white turban atop his head with an aqua-colored jewel crest in the center. His outfit was akin to that of a genie, but his dark, tar-colored skin and plump, red lips made him look like quite the unsettlingly creepy genie. Genie, or not, he was still on a quest, and bent over, rummaging his hand through the sand before he felt a solid, cold and rounded object. He pulled his hand out and when it emerged from the sand, what he held was a lustrous, orange-colored orb with six crimson-colored stars in the form of a hexagon surrounding one star in the center. This―was a Dragon Ball.

Mr. Popo's face lifted in delight as he smiled to himself, content with his conquest complete, as he called for his magic carpet to retrieve him and return him to Point A.

Within a matter of seconds, a maroon colored carpet came flying towards the genie, as he hopped up, allowing for it to fly underneath and sweep him away at immense speeds. 'I have done it Kami; I have located and acquired the seven Dragon Balls, meaning you shall be able to return to your former self!' Popo thought to himself, feeling ecstatic, as he placed the orb in a brown sack on his hip.

Popo made it back to the floating, white platform in a matter of seconds before hopping down in front of Kami. The latter allowed a smile to form upon his wrinkly features as he thanked Popo for gathering the balls.

In front of him lay seven of the orbs resembling the one Popo had acquired, each with a series of stars from one to the seventh, which had just been collected.

They began to simultaneously glow a yellowish color, before Kami shouted, "COME FORTH ETERNAL DRAGON! GRANT MY WISH!" and in a brilliant display of light, a gargantuan figure began to emerge from out of the seven balls. The sky turned dark as if it were nighttime, and thunder was heard in the distance as dark clouds began to emerge from seemingly nowhere.

A bright, yellow light illuminated the sky as it assumed the form of a long, serpent-like creature. Even in its coiled state, it still dwarfed the size of a skyscraper, possibly even larger in diameter than the Lookout itself, before a massive roar was heard. Kami and Popo looked upwards as they gazed upon the mystical figure of the myth of legend and Kami's creation, the Eternal Dragon Shenron.

The features visible were the dragon's massive, brown antlers, pointed teeth that were sharper than the world's finest dagger, jagged, gree, scaly skin, scarlet red eyes, short, in comparison to himself, gargoyle-like feet with four toes, two, long, flowing whiskers, a massive snout with crescent-shaped nostrils and swaying, green hair on his cheeks. This, was Shenron, the Divine Dragon Lord of legend said to be able to grant any wish, and that was precisely what he was summoned to do.

"You, who have summoned me, what is your wish? Speak now, for I shall disappear if you have not an idea of a request," his voice boomed out across several miles, stretching far past the neighboring towns and cities.

Kami slammed his staff on the porcelain ground as he began to speak in a loud voice, "Yes, Shenron! I do have a wish a request to be granted!" he said as he smiled, "I, Kami, wish for the restoration of, and eternal youth!" he finished.

The massive dragon's crimson eyes began to glow as he pondered the wish stated, "Very well, it is within the realm of possibility; it shall be done!" was all that was said before Kami began to feel a physical change in himself. His wrinkles slowly began to fade into nonexistence, his once olive-green color becoming that of a vibrant, shamrock color. His arms began to bulge as the once deteriorated muscles began to return, rejuvenating and revitalizing him. He felt as his once dormant strength begun to come back. He smiled as he dropped his wooden staff and began clenching and unclenching his fists in an attempt to feel out his muscles.

"Amazing! I feel young again!" he shouted before looking to Mr. Popo and grinning, "...and it is all thanks to you, old friend."

Mr. Popo began to tear up from the sudden adulation as he bowed his head in recognition. "It was my honor to be of assistance, Kami-sama!"

A familiar, booming voice saying "Farewell!" snapped the two out of their moment of joy as the Divine Dragon began to glow in a yellow light before dissipating, the seven balls from which he was summoned rising up to the height at which he stood, before scattering off in several directions, each leaving behind a trail of golden rays in their wake.

Kami smiled warmly, feeling as excited as ever to be young again. "So," he began, "I believe it is time that I assume my role as guardian and train for the upcoming threat―that is if we can even refer to it like that now..." he finished, rather smugly. "First order of business, we will have to upgrade the Room of Spirit and Time's capacity and efficiency, understood?" Earning a resolute nod from his assistant deity, the two made their way to a set of steps leading to a large wooden door... one that would be a portal between Earth and the Room of Spirit and Time.

Combat Power Listings:

Frieza: 530,000

Bardock: 10,500

Gine: 1,500

Kakarot: 20 (Lowest Recorded)

Dodoria: 22,000

Zarbon: 23,000

Popo: 300

Kami: 220

Kami (Youth Restored): 285

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