Kakarot's spiky hair blew wildly in the wind as flew through the skies at blinding speeds, a smug smile on his face as his arms were set at his sides. Lying rather uneasily atop him with her arms and legs wrapped around his neck and waist was a screaming Bulma. It wasn't extremely comfortable of a spot lying on the boy's back, as the staff on his back rested in between her breast and irritated her stomach, but it was the best she could manage.

Bulma just continued screaming, however, it was not that out of fear, rather, one out of excitement.

"WOOHOO!" yelled the lavender-haired girl. "SHIT, THIS IS FUN!" her ponytail waved behind her wildly and she could barely see anything due to the intense speed, but her screaming was cut off by Kakarot.

"Wait a minute," he said, scanning the ground beneath him as he saw a rock moving along a dirt path in the direction opposite of where they were headed. "What the hell is that?" he asked, pointing at the moving rock formation.

Bulma raised an eyebrow as Kakarot began to slow down his flight speed.

"Why does it matter? We aren't going on a quest to go rock watching―" she was cut off as Kakarot began his speedy descent towards the moving figure. Shit.

Dust and debris kicked up around the two teens as Kakarot righted himself in a standing position and allowed Bulma to climb off of him. The two began walking towards the rock of interest and upon closer inspection realized that it was a turtle shell.

Said turtle was trudging across the dirt with its flippers, moving at the fastest pace possible for its species, groaning as it did so.

"Excuse me," came a voice that broke the turtle from its concentration. It looked up to see a spiky-haired boy in a martial arts gi gazing at him with curiosity and a lavender-haired girl behind him in a pink blouse with her arms crossed.

"Why, hello," came out the hoarse voice of the turtle, doing its best to make conversation.

"Why is it that a sea turtle is so far away from the sea; going in the exact opposite direction in fact?"

The second part of what Kakarot had said caused the turtle to gasp in surprise. "What?! Do you mean to tell me I've been going in the wrong direction this whole time? Oh…" came the dejected voice of the turtle. Upon seeing the boy's confused look he began to introduce himself―waving a flipper, it said, "My name is Turtle, and my home is out at sea on a remote island with the Turtle Hermit Roshi."

The rush of information came as a shock to the Saiyan. "Wait, you mean the Master Roshi? The strongest human on earth?" Noticing Kakarot's spike in curiosity, Bulma began to insert herself in the conversation as well. "You mean that old man who fought alongside Mutaito in a stand against the Demon King Piccolo all those years ago? The Master Roshi?" she inquired.

"Yes," Turtle said, "the―wait, how about I show you him instead? If you return me to my island, then he could possibly give you a great reward!" Turtle reasoned.

Kakarot didn't even need to ponder over the potential rewards he could be given before turning to Bulma with a grin, "Do you know what this means, Bulma? I could possibly get to train under Master Roshi," getting me closer to my goal! "...and it's in the direction of the next Dragon Ball, correct?" Bulma gave a slow nod, as if she already knew what he was getting at, "then, it'd be killing two birds with one stone!" he said with a determined smile.

Bulma sighed, but mulling over her options, she realized this was the best ultimatum, and so decided to comply with the offer.

She shrugged, "Whatever works," she said coolly.

"Well, shit, let's get on with it!" he said.

"Wait a minute," Turtle said, "how are you going to get me there in the first place?" he asked, scratching his head in confusion.

"I'll carry you," he said, before grabbing Turtle by his shell and picking him up firmly. He motioned his head towards his back for Bulma to grab on and she said she'd use a boat capsule to get there instead.

"It'll be far too difficult for me to hold on while you're carrying him and having that sack on your back," she reasoned.

"Suit yourself," he said before he was enveloped in a flame of white ki as he rose into the air and at lightning speed went in the direction of the only island that came into view. "Is that it?" he asked Turtle. Receiving a nod of confirmation he quickened his speed even further with a smirk on his face.

"Shit, he's fast," Bulma said to herself before she pulled out her hovercar capsule which revealed itself in a puff of smoke, driving towards the shore.

Kakarot touched down onto the sand of the remote island Turtle called his home.

"Well, here we are," he said, setting Turtle on the sand, watching as the sea creature gave him a content smile.

"Thank you a million! I shall make sure Master repays you with the greatest gift possible!" he said as he made his way into the pink painted household on the island. On the front of it were the words "Kame House" in red lettering.

Kakarot decided to take in the beauty of nature and sat on the sand in a traditional meditative pose, closing his eyes and taking in the sounds of the sea.

Several minutes later, he heard the familiar sound of an engine and the splashing and parting of waves. He opened his eyes to see a familiar female driving towards him at high speeds. Once the vehicle reached the sand, she hopped out and in front of Kakarot's meditating form. Capsulating the vehicle, the following explosion rattled Kakarot from his thoughts.

"Could you be any quieter?" he asked mockingly.

Bulma snorted and crossed her arms, refusing to give a response. "Where's the old man? I checked the radar and it says that the ball is here―it's possible he has it," her words were cut off, however, by the opening of a door, revealing an old man in question.

He had a bushy white mustache, like Gohan, but a rather long beard as well. He held a wooden, brown staff in his right hand, wore a Hawaiian, floral shirt and white shorts with sandals. On his face was a pair of red-rimmed sunglasses with dark green lenses which gleamed in the sunlight, along with his shiny, bald head.

"Yo!" he greeted, raising his free hand. His figure immediately caught the attention of Kakarot, who stopped his meditation entirely. He took in the sight of the old man in front of him and seemed to be pondering over the description that Gohan had given him. This was Master Roshi, all right.

"Hello," the two teens said in unison.

He looked to Turtle, saying "So, that young man," as he pointed towards Kakarot, "is the one who rescued you?" Upon receiving a nod from the ecstatic turtle, he nodded his head and stepped forward towards the boy, who in question, stood up straight to face the old man.

"I would like to thank you, young man, for rescuing my turtle from imminent death. I would have loved to repay you in giving you the Flying Nimbus, but from what I've been told you can fly already," he said, "also, what is your name? I would like to properly thank you later."

"My name is Kakarot," That name rings a bell… said the boy, as he put his hands together and bowed respectfully. "And it was my pleasure, Master Roshi, to be of help to Turtle. I've always been told by my grandfather, Gohan, that it is only right to assist those in need." Roshi nodded sagely as a response.

The boy sure has a deep level of respect, he thought to himself. He then looked behind Kakarot, taking in the sight of the tail that was waving around and making a mental note. Looking past that, he saw the figure of Bulma and immediately gave out a deep chuckle, appearing in front of the girl in seconds, moving with such speed that left Kakarot speechless.

"Ehehe, and pretty lady, might I ask what your name is?" he asked with a lecherous grin, the girl unaware that behind his shades, Roshi's eyes trailed up and down her body.

Visibly shuddering, she said, "My name's Bulma… nice… to meet you?" she said rather skeptically, before noticing something dangling around the old man's neck. "Wait a minute," she said, grabbing the object in question, "Kakarot, this is it―the three-star ball!" she exclaimed, pointing at the orb with a smile.

At the force of being pulled, Roshi stumbled forward and with a gleam in his eye, reached out and put a hand on Bulma's breast, caressing it for however many milliseconds before getting punched square in the face and getting sent back a couple of feet.

Upon hearing his name called, Kakarot walked over to Bulma, only to have to dodge the incoming Roshi who had just gotten attacked for attempting to cop a feel.

Bulma, red in the face with a tick on her forehead clenched her fist in anger, shouting, "PERVERT! YOU DISGUSTING OLD MAN!"

Roshi, now in a slight daze, picked himself up, rubbing his now bleeding nose.

"Don't you know how to respect your elders?! And I believe it was you who grabbed me first!" Roshi exclaimed back in fake anger.

"That's only because I want the thing around your neck!" she exclaimed, pointing directly at the Dragon Ball. At this, Roshi visibly calmed down, taking the necklace off to display the Dragon Ball in its full glory to the kids.

Bulma grinned at the progress. "So, can we have it?" Bulma asked, sounding more as though she was begging.

Roshi placed a finger on his chin in thought before Kakarot finally chimed in, "How about we fight for it?" he asked. "My grandfather has told me so many great stories about you and how great of a martial artist you are, and personally, I want to train under you too, so how about it?"

Roshi visibly sweatdropped at the statement, his mouth hanging slightly open. He wasn't an idiot, it was obvious that the child was leagues more powerful than he, even in his buff form, and Kakarot most likely knew that as well.

Clearing his throat, Master Roshi began to speak, "Well, I do enjoy the prospect of training Gohan's grandson, so I'll agree to train you, but you'll have to snatch the Dragon Ball from me instead," Roshi said with a grin. Experience triumphs far over strength; let's see how the youngster can do.

Not backing down from a challenge, Kakarot eagerly accepted, jumping across Roshi on the sand to keep some distance.

"Alright, ready when you are, old man," Kakarot said with a smug grin. Roshi raised an eyebrow and nodded, not even bothering to take a stance or pull his hand back from the outstretched position it was in.

Bulma eyed the two with curiosity, wanting to see how fast Kakarot could move on land. I have got to see this.

Kakarot crouched down low, taking a traditional Saiyan battle stance, mixed together with the style that Gohan had taught him; using Gohan's hand placements for offense and the Saiyan's body structure for defense. Roshi watched the boy curiously, He has very few openings for such an innovative style, we'll see how well he does, though. Before he even completely finished his thought, however, Kakarot zipped out of his sight appearing right in front of him.

Roshi was caught off guard but quickly gained his composure as he saw Kakarot reaching for the necklace with such speed and precision he had never seen from a human.

Thinking fast, he wrapped the string of the necklace around his staff, raising it up in an attempt to move Kakarot's hand away. Rather than moving back, however, the boy quickly snaked his hand around it and placed his elbow so that it was directly underneath the Turtle Hermit's chin and his hand secured on the ball.

Kakarot scoffed, "I win; I thought you'd be more of a challenge." There was no need for him to place a brutal strike on the old man when he had already achieved his goal. Roshi smiled good sported, watching as the boy retrieved the ball before tossing it over to Bulma.

"Although, I can't wait to train under you," the boy said, bowing with a grin, "Kamesennin." He then scooped up Bulma, who pointed in the direction of a remote town, before the two took off, Kakarot moving so quickly that the trees were swaying forcefully in the wind.

Stroking his beard, Roshi thought, I think I've just found Earth's greatest defender… and he's one of my future students. Guess it's time to start my own training until he comes backwhenever that will be.

Soaring through the skies, Kakarot asked Bulma what their next destination was called, to which the girl replied, "Aru Village; it pretty much looks abandoned from here," she said, as they descended to the rather desolate-looking village.

Once she was freed from his hold, she clicked the pin on the radar, waiting for the beep before pointing to a small house. "It's in there," she said, as the two walked to the front door of the house. Bulma knocked on the door, and just then, Kakarot's face turned serious, as he said, "Step back."

The second the door opened, an ax quickly, at least to Bulma, came down, reaching for Kakarot's head. It never hit its mark, however, as the boy put out a singular finger in defense, causing the metal object to shatter into a dozen pieces, Bulma shielding herself from the shards.

Kakarot scowled, "And why is it that you attempted to attack my friend and I when we mean you no harm?" Kakarot asked with venom as a figure revealed himself. It was an old man, who was shaking in fear. He gasped and immediately lay prostrate with his hands out.

"I apologize Sir Oolong! I meant not to anger you! I just can't let you take my daughter!" he yelled, sobbing as Kakarot and Bulma looked at each other and then to the man in confusion.

"Who's Oolong?" they asked in unison before the old man faced up and a look of shock took over the fear on his face.

He then placed a hand over his heart and sighed, "Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were Oolong, stranger. He is a beast that has been terrorizing our village for… what seems like forever! He is able to take many shapes and forms and has been taking our daughters and granddaughters every time he comes down here! No one knows of his exact location, so we've simply been lying in wait, trying to devise a plan to retrieve our children." It was at that moment that Bulma noticed all of the people that resided in the house, but even though the room was dimly lit, she able to recognize the glow of a familiar object behind an elderly woman.

She excused herself through the crowd of people, rushing until she got to the ball, which, sure enough, had six stars on it.

Holding up the artifact, "Kakarot!" she shouted, "I found it!" Her look of happiness then turned to that of confusion when the object was taken from her hands.

"Just what do you think you're doing, young lady?" asked the elderly woman who had been standing in front of the ball. "This is a family heirloom that has been in our possession for generations, you simply can't just up and take it," she said with a glare.

Bulma eased up, putting her hands out in a calming manner. "I apologize for that, ma'am. It's just, we're collecting those, and to complete the set, I must have it!" she pleaded, but the woman refused to budge, shaking her head. Sighing, Bulma was ready to admit defeat before a lightbulb lit up in her head. "What if we got rid of Oolong for you?" inquired Bulma.

The old woman placed a finger on her chin in thought before nodding, saying "If you can deem yourselves worthy by defeating him and locating our children, I shall be more than glad to give you this orb." Bulma clapped and grinned in glee before all got silent, as the ground began to shake. Murmuring began to surface before Kakarot took it upon himself to move his unfazed body outside.

What he did not expect to see was a large, blue bull, with massive yellow horns and a nose ring standing right in front of him, digging its hooves into the ground in an attempt at intimidation. Kakarot remained still, looking quite unamused.

"Impudent boy, for what reason do you stand in my way?!" the beast growled out. While behind him, everyone cowered in fear, one of the villagers managed to shout, "That's him!", Kakarot simply scoffed.

"This is what you are so afraid of? Dumbasses, can't you tell?" he exclaimed, before phasing behind the massive bull and executing a chop to the back of its head, causing it to slump to the ground. Right after, a puff of smoke appeared and soon dissipated to reveal an anthropomorphic pig wearing a Korean War-era Chinese People's Liberation Army uniform. "It's a ruse. He can transform," he said as if it was obvious.

All the villagers look at him in shock before immediately surrounding the two, cheering and congratulating the boy on his simple victory.

Bulma pushed and shoved her way through the crowd until she reached Kakarot.

"Nice, you beat him!" she exclaimed, before receiving a look that said, "as if I couldn't". She sweatdropped before she began to panic, seeing as the boy had his palm facing out, a faint blue glow encircling his hand as an orb of ki formed in front of it.

"What are you doing?!" she exclaimed, before Kakarot unleashed the attack upon the pig, disintegrating him in a fraction of a second. All that remained was a burnt imprint in the ground to remind all that witnessed it the sheer power of Kakarot.

"Killing him," he replied plainly. "I already remember his scent and I fixated on it, so…" he said, as he pointed in the direction of a rather large mansion, "there's the palace that he's harboring the girls. Now, the Dragon Ball, if you would," he said, pointing to the woman who had made the promise.

Rather hesitantly, she handed the ball to Bulma, plopping it in her outstretched hand. The amount of silence and tension had built up so much that Bulma quickly placed the ball in her pouch and waved to the crowd, whispering in Kakarot's ear, "Let's go," before throwing a capsule which had a motorbike in it. She hopped on, gripping the handles tightly and gesturing for Kakarot to sit behind, but he said he'd rather run.

"If you can keep up," she said. Kakarot smirked at the challenge and the two zoomed off, leaving a trail of dust and confused villagers in its wake. They then regained their composure and headed off in the direction of Oolong's palace.

The sky had become a dark orange color, as it was approaching dusk, and Kakarot and Bulma were currently running and driving respectively in a vast, dry, desert area. It was quite unique, considering the fact that the number of bustling life forms such as trees, mushrooms, and various odd rock formations grew in the area.

Bulma scowled, "Shit, it's cold. I wonder how long it'll take us to get to Fire Mountain?" she pondered.

Just then, Kakarot sensed an above average power level approaching but continued running. Whatever or whoever it was chasing them would just have to catch up.

"Stop whining so much," Kakarot said, "at our speed, we'll be out of here in no time."

Bulma grumbled but continued driving, nonetheless.

Several minutes later, Kakarot and Bulma were able to see the geography shift as well as feel the climate. It went from freezing cold to scorching hot in a matter of milliseconds.

Kakarot and Bulma came to a halt as they were immediately able to guess what was the gargantuan edifice known as Fire Mountain. The two stared in awe as the immense heat washed over them and the massive castle encased in flames loomed over them. Even in the near dark, the flames partially lit up the whole sky, the might of the mountain was immeasurable.

"Damn," Bulma said, fanning herself with her hand and tugging at her collar, "it really is extremely hot over here, considering we were just in the desert." She clicked the pin on the radar.


She began sweating even more than she already had been, but out of nervousness, "It's in there," she said, quivering.

Kakarot raised an eyebrow, "That shouldn't be a problem, all we have to―" he was cut off as a massive figure started charging at him with its arm drawn back. As the massive arm swung down on Kakarot's frame, he easily caught the fist with one hand, tossing the massive figure in the air, immediately trailing the massive man in hot pursuit. Bulma watched the scene in shock, yelling, "Get him Kakarot!" not even noticing that there were two figures hiding behind a tree, watching the whole scene unfold.

Kakarot floated right above the figure, grabbing its massive red cape before gravity did its job, causing the giant to dangle at the seams, thrashing about with no apparent progress being made.

"I WON'T ALLOW YOU THIEVES TO STEAL MY TREASURE!" came out the deep, gravelly voice of what sounded like a middle-aged man. Kakarot took in the sight of the man; he wore a gold helmet with two horns protruding from the sides and a blue feather on top. He had a thick, dark brown beard, adding to his already grizzly like appearance. On his torso was a coat of armor that was indigo in color with two yellow stars and a gold ab-protector going down the middle. Around his waist was a massive turquoise cloth wrapped tightly by a white sash. Around his wrists were gold-rimmed, dark violet guards, and to complete his outfit, he wore black martial arts pants tucked into massive brown combat boots. He looked rather idiotic, but Kakarot could sense that even this man was far more powerful than Roshi.

Ignoring the comment about stealing the treasure, Kakarot asked for the man to give him one reason not to drop him and allow him to meet death.

"Because a true martial artist shows no fear in the face of danger, and also―" he said, detaching his cape from his armor to free himself, "because I wouldn't die!"

The giant of a man began free-falling down with such great speed on account of his weight, that Bulma had almost no time before she could dive out of the way of impact.

When the man touched down, he had caused the whole ground around them to shake, causing all but him to lose balance and fall on the ground. He had created a massive crater and his boots were lodged into the ground, but he remained unaffected.

The man looked up and grinned at Kakarot, the latter simply threw aside the cape that was still in his hands, allowing it to gracefully float down, as he smirked and flew back down, encasing himself in a white aura that dissipated as quickly as it was formed.

"Boy, you are rather impressive," he boomed out, reaching for something behind his back, he revealed a one-sided ax with gold, worn out hilt, "but this is the end of the line."

Bulma, now on the ground crawling backward was about to speak up when she was cut off by Kakarot who began chuckling.

"It's been quite a long time since I've had a challenge for a sparring partner, but sadly you won't prove to be any match for me," Kakarot said before phasing behind the man, "Ox-King," came out in the form of a whisper before Kakarot whipped his tail in the back of the man's head, immediately knocking the oaf unconscious and sending him flying and through a tree, causing a shriek to escape from behind it.

Kakarot grinned, "I didn't know trees screamed!" he exclaimed, causing whoever it was that was behind the broken tree to scramble out in a rush.

"H-how did you know we were there?!" exclaimed a high-pitched voice. In response, another, rather deep one answered the latter's question, chuckling as they rose up from their crouched position. "Isn't it obvious, Puar?" he said, fully standing up, "The kid's clearly a skilled martial artist…"

Combat Power Listings:
Kakarot (Suppressed++): 100

Kakarot (Less Suppressed+ (Against Ox-K.)): 1,200

Bulma: 4

Oolong: 3.5

Ox-King: 900