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Beginnings: Prologue (Starts at Strikers)

Lost Logia, magical items of tremendous power. They are the legacies of lost civilizations with the majority consisting of the culture of the Ancient Belka, the lost home world of the Magical Civilization. Its current status was unknown, the coordinates unable to be obtained or discovered through the effects of a dimensional dislocation.

Regardless, Lost Logia, when left in the wrong hands could bring about endless tragedies, which was why they must be secured and contained at all costs.

This was the principle aspect of the Time-Space Administration Bureau, an interdimensional security force formed by a union of several worlds.

Which was why, as Shirou stared at the blue jewel that appeared through space in front of him, he really should have had just left it where it was. However, when he noticed that it had the effect of corrupting the local wild-life and turning them into monsters, he couldn't just leave it alone. Worse, the sheer amount of magical power he could feel from the jewel was shocking.

He frowned as he fiddled with the jewel in his hand, inspecting it closely.

He scratched his head. He was never good with this sort of thing anyway, and as such, it was probably better if he asked someone else.

Carefully placing it in his storage bag, he sat up and began making his way back.

Left behind, were the ruins of a battlefield. One whose scars dug massive craters and crevices over the entire area.

It was a war zone, and he the lone man walking upon it, never noticing the rift that formed in space hours after he left.

Nor the woman that came out of it.

She stared at the area around, her expression solemn. The letters SAFA were embroidered into the white-collared uniform that she wore, and she took a moment to unruffle the wrinkles on her blue skirt upon arrival.

She breathed in, then out, her brows furrowing in the next moment. "Just what happened here. This is earth isn't it? Why does it look as if magic was used here?" She mumbled to herself.

Earth was included in the Time-Space Administration Bureau numerous worlds, only it wasn't supposed to have the presence of magic. Only a select few humans had that ability and it forced the Time-Space Administration Bureau to act discreetly lest they reveal the presence of magic to the common people.

The woman shook her head and readied her staff. "Let's go, Rising Heart."

She had a mission to complete, and a stolen Jewel Seed to retrieve.


Alright, that's the start of this new crossover. Reading over some of the information from Nanoha's wikipedia, I quickly realized that there's a lot I can actually do with this. Both Fate and Nonoha have the concept of mages and Earth. This prologue is the starting basis and I didn't make it too specific in case I need to revise a few things in the future due to my lack of knowledge in this fandom at present. I have something in mind right now, but I have to do some more reading first and maybe binge the show (Hopefully its good). I don't want to shoot myself in the foot after all.