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SCP-4902 AKA The Gate

Item #: SCP-4902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

50 meters in diameter tungsten dome layered with exhausted uranium is constructed around SCP-4902, within the walls of the dome, infra-red sensors, heartbeat sensors, and cameras are set up for observation in which case a possible entity traveled through. 2 Ballistic-Blast doors which can be opened remotely for Foundation researchers to conduct experiments is installed on the Northern side of the dome.

Outside the Blast doors, Machinegun nests, makeshift bunkers, and defenses are built and are manned 24/7 with personnel shift changes. This is the first point of defense in case a hostile entity appeared out of SCP-4902 that can be classified as harmful, sniper towers are erected and build surrounding the dome to provide full weapon coverage of the dome and SCP-4902.

when on-site defenses failed to suppress the hostile entities, a nearby platoon attached to MTF Nu-7 (Hammer Down) Is ordered to immediately travel to the compound. Once arrived, they are to eliminate any threats that have appeared from SCP-4902 and prevent from anything to escape the perimeter. If any Foundation personnel or scientists survived the appearance, they are to be sterilized, scanned, and treated for any wounds or trauma that might have been caused by the appearance.

A Nuclear Warhead launch site is built under the compound, in an unsalvageable situation where MTF Nu-7 is unable to secure the compound from hostile entities that appeared from SCP-4902, the nuclear warhead is set to detonate and destroy the compound. A 60 second counter is set to give remaining personnel enough time to evacuate to a safe distance. After the warhead is detonated, a cover story is to be fabricated for the nearby civilian population to cover the warhead's detonation. For example, an Earthquake, A Sinkhole formed that causes an Earthquake or magma activity underground.

After that, a Self-sustaining compound is built surrounding SCP-4902 to give personnel places to rest, researchers a workplace and a lab, weapon maintenance, food and water, and vehicle maintenance and repairs. The compound is self-sufficient, with Solar Panels powering everything in the compound, waste recycling center, sewage treatment plant under the compound, and a greenhouse for growing vegetables. Barracks, 3 Cafeteria, 2 Research Labs, 4 Warehouses and Storages, are built.

The compound expands over 1 kilometer wide, and can sustain 30.000+ Foundation personnel inside, built in a barren, flat desert in Central America, the compound purifies used water and make them fit for consumption and reuse. In an emergency, or not enough water is being purified, the compound is connected to the nearby Government Water Pumping station to provide more water.

Scientists and Researchers to conduct experiments and research on SCP-4902, they will have to wait for 24 hours before permission is given. To avoid casualties from unknown entities that appeared from SCP-4902 when Scientists are experimenting, a 2-hour time limit is in effect. In the 2-hour time, the researchers and Scientists must complete and finish everything they need to conduct and know. No more than 2 hours will be given, after Incident 4902.1 (See down below) No more time will be given in any circumstances or occasions.

For practical reasons, the compound is now designated as Site-19-B for its location is only a few kilometers away from Site 19.


SCP-4902, is a 30 meters wide and 40 meters tall structure purely created from white marbles and granite, with no other anomalous or unknown materials found on the structure's base or pillars. SCP-4902 architecture resembles buildings from Ancient Rome, with the familiar use of Pillars to support the roof, and the triangular-shaped roof. 6 pillars are visible to support the roof of SCP-4902, with a luminescent cyan-blue crystal embedded in each one. On the roof, a larger crystal is embedded on the wall. It is still unknown what these crystals do or its effects on the surrounding area, some theories are made, once said that it might be generators that power SCP-4902.

In the middle of SCP-4902, a dark, dimensional portal lay dormant. It is filled with patterned white dots, making the portal resembles the night sky. Some sort of aura is radiating off from this portal, unknown energy, but seems it doesn't affect humans or animals. Scans show that this aura is a new type of radiation, previously unknown to us. This aura is now designated as Radiation Isotope 1132-4902.

This dimensional portal seems to connect Earth with a different planet possibly millions of light-years away, or it might connect Earth to a different dimension or reality. The portal can transport any kind of objects, solid objects, liquid, animals, humans, and mechanical machinery. This makes us able to conduct drone and robot reconnaissance of the world beyond SCP-4902, once the drone entered the portal, it appeared in a long dark corridor, as it's camera light only illuminates the part in front of it, as anything else around it is still pitch black.

The world beyond SCP-4902 is a planet which conditions are similar to Earth, it's day and night cycle is 12 minutes late than Earth, the lifeforms and wildlife are also similar to Earth, trees such as Oak, Pinus, and others are found in the nearby forest, as Deers, Rabbits, chickens, and a flock sheep are found a few meters away from a copy of SCP-4902 in the other side. But the drone must be recalled after it took some component damage as an arrow penetrated and damaged its radiator.

Addendum 4902.1: Appearance

SCP-4902 first discovered when it appeared in Ginza, Japan on the 17th of August 20 ██ SCP-4902 appearance was brought to the Foundation's attention when the Japanese Branch began receiving civilian phone Live Streams of a large Roman structure materialized on an intersection in Ginza. An MTF squad was immediately ordered to intercept and secure the area as a plane carrying Class-A Amnestics was on its way from Foundation controlled airfield in Okinawa to sedate the population as the Japanese Branch began blocking and shutting down civilian live streams from getting posted on the Internet.

The situation became worse as soldiers wearing Roman-era armor and carrying swords and shield began marching through SCP-4902, then a dragon flew out of SCP-4902 and began resting on a nearby building. A helicopter squad was then called to eliminate the threats. It worsens as the soldiers began attacking civilians and riding on their horses cutting down everything and anyone on their path. The cargo plane carrying the Class-A Amnestics was ordered to circle the city in high altitude until the helicopter squad cleared the area of hostiles.

The helicopter squad easily destroyed the threat as their arrows only bounce off the armor, an MTF squad then came in and began cleaning up remaining hostiles in the city as the civilian crowd is now concentrated in the Japanese palace after seeking shelter. The remaining of the Roman soldiers are cleared out as the ones surrendered put under Foundation's custody, then the plane finally releases its payload of Class-A Amnestics gasses on the civilian population in Ginza.

A cover-up story was immediately fabricated, saying that a Roman-fanatics cult was launching a terrorist attack in Ginza and began slaughtering civilians. But before that, SCP-4902 was excavated out of the road and transported back to Okinawa which a Foundation freight ship was waiting to transport SCP-4902 back to the United States where It will be studied further. Then finally the cover story was released, as for the next few days, fake articles are created regarding the fake story to keep the public convinced that it's a terrorist attack and the JSDF successfully repelled the attack.

The survivors are transported back to the United States with SCP-4902 where they will be held for interrogations. The following interview was conducted on the 19th of August, 20██ by Dr. Nicole Sherman after survivors are transported back to the US.

Interviewer: Dr. Nicole Sherman

Interviewee: 4902 Soldier

Date: 19th of August, 20██


Dr. Nicole: Okay, let's clear things up, do you speak English? Or any other languages?

Soldier: Quod enim operor non intellego dixisti

Dr. Nicole: What language is that? (Aside) Search the language database and bring me someone that can understand it.

Dr. ████: (Aside) Got it, he's speaking Latin. I'll get Dr. Farelian here as soon as possible. (Leaves the observation room)

Dr. Nicole: While we wait (Clears throat) salve, unde venistis?

Soldier: Et ego ex Saderan Imperii

Dr. Farelian: (Enters the room) I hear you needed my help, Dr. Nicole?

Dr. Nicole: Yes, Dr. Farelian. I need a translator; you can speak and understand Latin right?

Dr. Farelian: Yeah, I'm quite fluent.

Dr. Nicole: Then let's start, can you tell him where he is from and why has he and the army come here.

Dr. Farelian: (In Latin) Hey, where are you from? And why did you and your army arrive on these lands?

Soldier: (In Latin) I am from the Saderan Empire, I am a soldier conscripted into the Imperial army in an expedition across the gate to conquer more land for the Empire.

Dr. Farelian: He's from the Saderan Empire, he is conscripted into the army for an expedition to conquer more land across the gate, I assume that's what they called SCP-4902.

Dr. Nicole: Continue asking him questions, I'll write down anything interesting.


Dr. Nicole's notes: The continent beyond SCP-4902 is named Falmart by the local citizens and government, and a nation Not-Formally named called The Empire, is occupying 32% of the total land area of the continent with the rest of the continent controlled under vassal states and allied kingdoms. The Empire is the largest nation, both economically and in strength. They gain territories by conquering smaller and weaker nations or tribes. We will need to conduct further interrogations to gain more knowledge of the world beyond SCP-4902.

The survivors are now considered as prisoners of war and are now confined in a small makeshift prison under Foundation control a few hundred meters away from Site-19-B. To ease up interrogations, and break the language barrier, a small Latin-English translation book is produced in masses and it is mandatory for every Foundation personnel in Site-19-B to carry one of these books.

Addendum 4902.2: Interrogations

With the translation book distributed to every personnel, staff, scientists, and researchers, interrogation sessions began as researchers and scientists seek permission to interrogate every single soldier that is under Foundation custody.

Interviewer: Dr. Rudolf Dan

Interviewee: Imperial Officer

Date: 22nd of August, 20██


(The Imperial Officer is tied down onto a chair, struggling to get out)

Dr. Dan: (Opens translation book) Okay, can you inform about the military capabilities of your empire?

Officer: (Growls in anger) The Empire has the strongest military! You barbarians won't stand a chance once they send reinforcements through the gate!

Dr. Dan: (With a surprised look) Okay, a little rude. Can you describe in detail, the capabilities of your empire?

Officer: The Empire is led by the almighty Emperor Molt Sol Augustus! Under his rule, the Empire thrived and crushed those below us. You and your nation will follow and subjugate under his rule.

Dr. Dan: (Nodding) Hmm… Continue…

Officer: We also have tens of vassals that can lend their troops to aid the Empire, with the Empire's military and they combine, we will be unstoppable! You all will be crushed, and you will become slaves to work in our mines as your builders build the tall towers and your blacksmiths create your weapons, with them, we will thrive and prosper.

Dr. Dan: I don't think the circumstances support your dreams, you are far from the city you attacked.

Officer: (Yelling) Then we shall return! With you bow down to our knees while begging for mercy as we enslave you all!

Dr. Dan: And… How long has the Empire thrived and prosper?

Officer: Hundreds of years ago! With pride, honor, courage, and strength we stand against our enemies and crush them under our might! No one can challenge the Empire's might!

Dr. Dan: (Sighs) Okay, that's enough from you. (Leaves the room as security enters)

Officer: (Struggles to get out as security began taking him) Let me out from this! As a noble! I demand you all release me from this prison! (With a smack of a baton, the officer fell unconscious)


Dr. Rudolf Dan's Notes: Except for a few yelling of pride and honor, the leader of the Empire is Molt Sol Augustus, an Emperor of the Empire. I also collected information that the Empire has formed hundreds of years before SCP-4902 appeared, and their dream of enslaving and conquering us.

It is to be noted that the Saderans have brought other living and sentient humanoids through SCP-4902, a few species can verbally communicate for example the Bunny Warriors and Wolf Tribe, but the rest can only scream and yell, that is the Pigmen, Goblins, Ogres, and Trolls. All of these humanoids come from Fantasy, which makes every scientist baffled and confused as of how these creatures from Fantasy appear in real life.

Foundation researchers have conducted closed interrogations with the humanoid entities that can verbally communicate, with Scientists in the field of Evolution, Bio-Engineering, Cryobiology asks all sort of questions to determine of how and when these humanoids evolved into such state which they can communicate and have the abilities of the animal they are based upon. The Bunny Warriors is a species of Bunny Humanoids mainly based on the female gender, they possess hearing abilities just like a normal rabbit, with the addition of Bunny Ears replacing the normal human hearing apparatus, the Ear. Fur covers their bodies such as a rabbit, when compared to one another, the fur of the Bunny Warriors is very similar to a normal rabbit's fur.

All traits a rabbit has is also possessed by the Warrior Bunnies, increased agility and endurance, an enhancement to its senses like the nose for sniffing out fumes, all seem to have by them. The case is the same with the Wolf Tribe, Fur covers their bodies just like a wolf does, increased strength, speed, endurance, and agility just like a wolf, and enhanced hearing capabilities. But the strange part is, that the Imperial Officers and Soldiers of the Empire looks and treat them as 'lesser races' with the Wolf Tribe used as frontline warriors and a tool for carrying heavy cargo, and the Bunny Warriors used as entertainment and sexual pleasure.

With this, the world beyond SCP-4902 is having a cultural shock as Humanoid species are being exterminated and used by the Empire. Only a matter of time until the last of these different Humanoid Species goes extinct and the world beyond only lived in by Humans.

Notes from Dr. Jack Bright After Conducting Interrogations: Rape is legal, as well as slavery. [EXPLITIVE] man, can't think of a worse country than them. Requesting permission in getting my chainsaw cannon back and go through SCP-4902?

Answer from Dr. Kyle to Dr. Jack Bright's request: Hell no.

Incident 4902.1:

At 2:32 PM PCST Dr. Terrence and Dr. Kenneth are currently conducting experiments on SCP-4902 when suddenly the portal of SCP-4902 became active as a sudden burst of Radiation Isotope 1132-4902 is detected emitting off from SCP-4902. Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Terrence retreated immediately informing the site defenses leaving their equipment behind inside the dome of SCP-4902. 12 minutes later, 4 humanoid entities wearing brown and dirty cloaks are detected by the infra-red sensors and heartbeat sensors within the dome.

The 4 entities began fiddling with the equipment Dr. Terrence and Dr. Kenneth was using beforehand, this includes a radiation scanner, several test tubes carrying radioactive substances, metal prongs, and radiation suits. The blast doors then opened remotely as a team of 6 MTF Unit Kilo-10 (First Response) entered the dome startling the 4 entities. One of the 4 humanoid entities materializes a wand that forms a barrier of dirt and sand blocking Kilo 10's path as cameras saw the 4 entities gather the test tubes and hazmat suits. As the time of Field Engineers and Kilo-10 cleared the dirt and sand, the 4 entities have retreated through SCP-4902 carrying all the equipment Dr. Terrence and Dr. Kenneth left behind inside the dome.

This event has put the site on high alert as Kilo-10 is put on standby right next of the dome ready to interfere anything that comes through SCP-4902 again, snipers get ready to engage with the outside dome defenses gets ready for engagement with hostile entities. 10 entities then emerged from SCP-4902 as Kilo-10 interfered and engage the enemy. Kilo-10 lured the 10 entities outside the bottleneck blast doors of the dome, once lured outside, the dome defenses opened fire ultimately killing the 10 entities with 5.56 mm and 7.62 bullets.

After searching the bodies, the equipment Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Terrence left behind was nowhere to be found. The two of them are then put under Room Arrest as they are not allowed to conduct experiments and research for 7 days and locked inside their quarters, as site personnel investigates this incident further.

In the end, site personnel concluded that this was only a scouting party, and not an effort to take back the gate. The enemy got their hands on the equipment the two researchers left behind and might begin studying the substance and hazmat suits. But with the level of technology the Empire possesses, it is highly unlikely or impossible that they will experience a breakthrough in nuclear technology.

Following the incident, Dr. Kenneth is then interviewed by Dr. Nicole Sherman, now Head of SCP-4902 Research.

Interviewer: Dr. Nicole Sherman

Interviewee: Dr. Kenneth

Date: 24th of August, 20██


Dr. Nicole: I need you to explain your actions

Dr. Kenneth: Look, I'm sorry okay! I panicked and… and I forgot to gather the equipment, you can ask Terrence!

Dr. Nicole: That's not a good enough reason, you do know that what you left behind is Uranium-232 right? And you left 20 grams of it.

Dr. Kenneth: Yes, I know that, but what's the big deal!? They can't harness the power of Uranium in their current level of technology, right?

Dr. Nicole: You might just contaminate the world beyond SCP-4902 with radiation, those 4 soldiers will bring them back to the Empire's capital leaving a trail of gamma radiation endangering everyone near! (Sighs) They will start examining the Uranium, leaving their physicists vulnerable to gamma radiation and as well it's population, you understand?

Dr. Kenneth: I… I understand, Dr. Nicole. I realize that my action might jeopardize the Foundation's future operations.

Dr. Nicole: Not only we have to understand the world beyond SCP-4902, we now need to find a runaway Uranium-232 in a continent that expands over 13000 km2 (opens the door) You and Terrence are now under Room Arrest, you are not to leave your quarters for 7 days, disobey and you will be demoted. (leaves interview room)

Dr. Kenneth: Oh… Man…

[End Log]

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