Don't Blink, Don't Breathe, Run…

Site 19, 19:27 PM

"The site is experiencing multiple Keter and Euclid class containment breaches. Full site lockdown initiated."

That night, Site 19 experienced a containment breach like nothing it experienced before. The night where many scientists, guard personnel, Class-B Personnel died, the night that will haunt the Foundation archives, forever…

Site 19, 20:20 PM


Site 19, 20:22 PM

"SCP-682 have broken out at Gate B. I want all available helicopters and MTF units at Gate B NOW! I repeat: SCP-682 is out of the facility. All available helicopters and MTF Unit to gate B NOW"

The night, where all hell broke loose. Where all of the monstrosities, anomalies, and creatures have broken out of its cage, and burn the world to the ground.

Site 19, 20:30 PM

"MTF Unit Nu-7 this is control, give me a sitrep with SCP-682."

"Sir we're firing everything we got at it! It's not going down! SHIT! PULL BACK! FUCK!"

"Nu-7, respond…"


"Damnit… Activate the Alpha Warheads."

Site 19, 20:31 PM

"We're detonating the Alpha Warheads in T minus 90 seconds. All personnel are advised to board the nearest helicopter or enter the nearest blast shelter immediately."

Site 19, 20:32 PM

"We are unable to detonate the Alpha Warheads for unknown reasons. All helicopters and MTF units go back to Gate B immediately. Capturing SCP-682 is now our number one priority."

We never fully recontain the SCPs that breached containment, some are still roaming around out there, free to do any damage and harm to anything that gets in their way.

Site 19, 20:35 PM

"Sir… SCP-682 has successfully been sedated, attaching it to a helicopter for recontainment."

"Great job, secure the perimeter for stragglers."

"Copy that sir-" (Large footsteps) "SIR! THE THING HAS REGAINED CONSCIOUSNESS"

"WHAT!? Sedate it immediately!"


"Lambda-6 report!"


"SHIT! (Speaking in the background) I WANT VISUALS ON THAT GODDAMN LIZARD!"


In one of the watchtowers guarding SCP-4902, two guards, casually looking over the horizon. "Hey man, take a look at that." One of them said to the other while pointing at something.

"What? Is that… Smoke?" He said seeing the plume of smoke rising over the horizon.

Their radio turned alive, and a man started speaking, but the audio is full of static and cut every now and then. "This is watchtower 3, what is the matter over?" The guard wielding the radio said.

"Site… 19… breached… CP-682… Eading over… 19-B" The man over the radio said.

"What? What did he say?" His counterpart asked him

"Something about Site 19, and then something about a breach?"

"Oh god… We have to alert everyone."

Before any one of them are able to go down the ladder, a helicopter is flying towards them, with a trail of smoke coming from its engines. The rotors look very loose as if it's going to detach at any moment, soon enough, the rotors detached from the body of the helicopter and come flying towards the watchtower. "OH SHIT- "The rotors sliced the watchtower in half, making it tumbling down to the ground as the body of the helicopter exploded in the distance.

The Site went full panic, the alarms blared, as the Site Director announced something over the speakers. "Site 19 is experiencing a facility-wide containment breach, SCP-682 is heading to this location right now, get to your posts, and engage SCP-682 when in range. Reinforcements are arriving soon." Every guard, stationed MTF Operatives go to the walls for defending the facility as helicopters go to the skies providing air support and air recon.

Sounds of sand being stepped on by something big, is approaching them. "Got Visuals on SCP-682! East Wing!" An MTF Operative reported over the radio, men started to run to the East wing to reinforce the walls there. Auto-Turrets are quickly set up and LMG's are being mounted on the walls. As the beast getting closer, it roars, demoralizing some of the new recruits, but the veterans are still strong. "OPEN FIRE!" An order called out over the radio, the entire East Wing lit brightly in the night as bullets leaving a trail of tracers, and the sound of gunfire fills the quiet of the night.

The beast is getting hit everywhere, it's legs, body, head, but it's not stopping. "AIM FOR THE EYES! STALL IT!" Snipers started shooting the eye of the beast, its eyes got shot, blinding it, and it let out a screeching roar. The beast stopped, and protect its eyes as it recovers. An attack helicopter armed with 6 hellfire missiles, does a bombing run on the beast, without taking any chances, the men at the walls kept shooting at the smoke created by the Hellfire missiles.

They kept shooting and shooting and shooting, trying to stall it until reinforcements arrive with the sedative strong enough to render it unconscious. But they began to run out of ammo, the auto-turrets stopped firing and started making clicking sounds indicating that it ran out of bullets, same with the rifles, one by one, their rifles stopped firing as they ran out of bullets in their magazines. The smoke clears out, and they stopped firing.

The beast, is still alive, although heavily injured. "We failed…" One operative said in despair, as he knows, that the lizard, is able to regenerate lost tissue and injuries very fast. The Site Director, overseeing the battle using a drone, and wipes his face, he has two options, one, evacuate the Facility, leaving SCP-4902 defenseless, two, wait for reinforcements. He knows that waiting for reinforcements will result in heavy casualties of guard personnel and valuable MTF operatives.

He activates the mic, and broadcast his orders over the speakers. "All scientists and researchers, board the nearest helicopter and evacuate the facility. You are vital assets to the Foundation and cannot risk your lives. For Military personnel, stay, and stall SCP-682 with anything you have left." He deactivates the mic, and return to watching the battle.

Scientists hastily pack up their research equipment and documents and began running to the helipads as 3 transport helicopters are waiting to pick them up. One by one, scientists and researchers began to board the helicopters, the helicopters lift off, and head for the nearest secure Foundation facility in the area.

The men on the wall, just watched, in despair and loss, watching the beast heal its wounds, and got back up, strong as ever. A recruit opens his mouth "We can't give up! There's got to be something we can-" He got cut as a veteran MTF operative patted him on the shoulder.

"There's nothing we can do kid, it's fucking invincible." The operative said. The lizard roared, as it has returned to its full strength, it started charging the East Wing wall, personnel ran away as the beast penetrated the wall with its nose, and destroyed it, the beast is inside the facility. But instead of its usual doings, hunting and preying on humans, it started to headbutt the dome of SCP-4902, headbutting, scratching, and ripping open the dome, revealing SCP-4902.

It starts to enter SCP-4902, leaving a trail of destruction and blood. Its tail began to disappear into the dark void and disappears into the portal.

An emergency meeting is called inside the O5 Council Meeting Chamber, 12 highly important individuals gathered around a round table projecting reports and camera feeds of Foundation personnel fighting the anomalies that have broken loose. One screen shows the SCPs that has been successfully recontained, SCP-106, SCP-035, SCP-939-54, SCP-939-86, SCP-066, SCP-079, SCP-173, SCP-372, and the list goes on. Except for two SCP's, SCP-682, and SCP-049, status on both SCP's are "Escaped"

Seeing this makes the O5 rub their faces in disbelief, at least, they know where SCP-682 escaped into, SCP-4902 but as for the location of SCP-049, it is still unknown. "This is an absolute disaster, what exactly causes the containment breach?" O5-2 asked the rest.

"SCP-079… Somehow it has access to the Site Remote Door Control Systems, releasing all sentient and dangerous SCPs from their containment cell." O5-5 answered the question, the possibilities of SCP-079 accessing the Remote Door Control System are almost impossible, the RDCT is protected with 5 layers level-5 Firewall, and security system with a code that changes every 2 hours. "Perhaps, someone, let it in." He continues.

"What do you mean?"

"In order to bypass all the 5 layers level-5 security systems, you will need the code. Of course, the code is generated in a separate server and can only be viewed by the Site director, RDCT controller personnel, and MTF Control. I speculated that there is a traitor, that gave SCP-079 the randomly generated code, and let it access all the doors inside the facility." He explained, even though sound ridiculous that a traitor is inside the RDCT Controller Personnel, it is a plausible explanation of how SCP-079 accessed the mainframe.

"It's not the time to discuss who caused the containment breach, we need to focus on locating SCP-049, and recontain SCP-682 from across SCP-4902," O5-1 said.

"Agreed, we need to locate the two at once before they cause any heavy damage to the world."

2 Days Later, 20:39 PM, Site-19-B

Rows of MTF Operatives, Tanks, and vehicles stand in front of SCP-4902, with multiple Mobile Task Force units working together side by side for the first time. MTF Beta-7, MTF Epsilon-6, MTF Nu-7, and CBRN Units line up in front of the gate, ready to recover SCP-682, and recover the lost Uranium Capsules previously stolen by Empire scouts. General Marcus, is the one in charge and leading the operation, this will be one of the largest SCP Recovering efforts the foundation ever done with 12.000 MTF Operatives, 30 tanks, 700 vehicles, and construction equipment.

Several previously unknown MTF Units are also participating in this recovering effort, MTF Lambda-3, its members were taken from the Top Secret XXth Cadian Division. MTF Gamma-4, an MTF unit specializes in aerial reconnaissance and Air support with their air assets such as Jets, drones, helicopters, and a vast array of highly advanced stealth bugs. With these extra searching efforts, finding SCP-682 will be a lot easier.

The previous day was filled with reconnaissance operation of the lands across. It's a massacre, the Empire Garrison is completely destroyed with mutilated limbs and bodies scattered everywhere and a large trail of dirt and blood leads to the snowy mountains in the distance, the drone cannot completely follow the trail as its distance was too long and the battery is getting low. As for the other drones, they spread out to identify any more destruction that might have been caused by SCP-682, but nothing, the beast just kept on walking to the mountains without hunting any other lifeforms. This behavior is very unusual, SCP-682 hates all kinds of life, humans, animals, even might go about and destroy entire forests.

General Marcus started his speech. "Alright, you all know what we'll be facing, SCP-682 and a primitive civilization. Orientation already gave you enough information, go in, secure an FOB, and hold our position until the FOB is constructed." General Marcus is a laid-back man, don't want to be formal, but his goofy behavior always lifts up everyone spirits. "Alright, let's go." Drivers started their vehicle's engines and MTF Operatives entered their designated unit vehicles.

Marcus entered the Command APC on the back of the column, relaxing right next to his Second-in-Command, Captain R, currently commanding the column. "Lead Tanks move forward, the rest follow." The column moves forward entering SCP-4902, they are greeted by the never-ending dark void surrounding them. Their typically black vehicles make It harder for drivers to identify how far is the vehicle in front of them, fortunately, their headlights are enough to light up the area.

The tanks kept driving onward, without stopping for anything, drone reconnaissance said that the Imperial garrison on the other side should have been destroyed by SCP-682, that makes constructing the FOB much easier as they did not have to put up heavy security for the Combat Engineers and Heavy construction equipment.

"This is Nu-7 Lead Tank Squadron to all units, we see the exit, prepare for defensive formation." A tank commander said over the radio. The light at the end of the tunnel kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Once they're through, they are greeted by blinding sunlight, once their eyes recover from the sudden flash of the sun's rays, they are met by a beautiful view, green grass, patches of flowers, a forest off in the distance and the air blowing on the grass. "This is Lead Tank Squadron, we are through, getting into positions now." The tanks set up positions around a replica of SCP-4902, creating a defense perimeter.

The rest of the column of the vehicles appeared out from a copy of SCP-4902, MTF Operatives exited their vehicles and joined up beside the tanks to finish the defense perimeter. Combat Engineers quickly start their work on constructing an FOB (Forward Operating Base) For now, tents will do. Until heavy construction vehicles are sent through, they won't be able to set up proper buildings. Besides, it's just a recovering effort, they will not be staying for a long time.

General Marcus stepped outside of his command APC and looked around this new world. "Not bad, the air is great, but not a lot of Oil Rigs here." He jokingly said to himself.

From within the command APC, Captain R criticized the general's opinion. "It's not like we're the US Army invading some Middle Eastern country." He said to Marcus.

"Hey, I was joking."

Imperial Senate, Sadera.

"Your majesty! 2 days ago, a giant beast the size of a flame dragon appeared out from the gate and destroyed the Alnus Garrison! With that, the Empire has lost 66% of her military power! What will your majesty do in this time of crisis!" Marquis Casel said to Emperor Molt Sol Augustus with a clear tone. Throughout his life as a noble, he is always worried about the Empire's collapse, and in this scenario, he's not changed. "The expedition through the gate has proven disastrous as survivors of the expedition reported flying metal Pegasus and metal Elephants completely obliterated their ranks! Yet, none of them speaks of a large lizard-like beast the size of a flame dragon!" He continued.

"Settle down Marquis Casel." Molt answered calmly in his seat. "Yes, although it has seemed that our military advantage is destroyed, that is not the problem, is it not?" Nobles in the building started to get confused about what emperor Molt is saying. "At times where the Empire is at a brink of collapse, the Emperor, the senate, and the people of the Empire unite and even get stronger from it, dear Marquis. Besides, I'm sure that the Senate rather not squabble and debate while letting the capital gets destroyed by a wild beast from the gate."

"Then we shall kill it!" A Senator speaks out from across the room. "We will muster our armies and charge into battle, killing the beast!" He confidently shouts.

"Are you mad!?" Another Senator protests. "The beast is the size of the Flame Dragon! We cannot kill it by using conventional tactics!" He protested.

Then, the Senate building erupts into chaos as Senators debate with each other, sending insults, explanations, and tactics towards each other. Molt grows agitated, he held out his arm, with the Senators notices the Emperor's gestures, the building quickly quiets down. "This is not the time to squabble, we must act! Send messengers far and wide as far as their horses can go, tell them that the Empire need their help and we need them right now, with the help of our allies, we can rebuild our army, and kill the beast as well secure the gate once more for another invasion in the future!"

The Senators claps and cheers in the fascination of the Emperor's resolve of the situation, only does he know, the fight will end with the collapse of the Empire.

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