Heyo my peeps it is I the man himself. yes it's been a super long time but I've been crazy busy...

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but good news is after a super long hiatus I'm back in business! Maybe... hopefully... I think?


Well we'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

anyways since I've been gone for oh so long I've put it upon myself to treat my "fan base". well I don't know if I could say that I have a fan base period on this platform. but nevertheless I'm gonna do something extra special for all you perverts! I-i mean all you kind readers! Ahem! Today I'll be doing a...

Asta x Vanessa story!

I mean c'mon people it's been four years and nothing!? I'd expected a doujinshi of these two by now but I guess it's not meant to be RIP. anyways the structure of this particular story will be going exactly as it is in the anime and manga... with some tweaks... meaning a lot of lemons between these two! This will go from the beginning to where the manga is right now and/or making my own variations for this fanfiction.

Without further ado let's begin!

Disclaimer: I do not in any way, shape, or entity own black clover, that right belongs to the goat of shonen jump; Yuki tabata

It was a warm scarlet evening at the black bulls hideout. The sun was on the verge of setting bringing an end to a rather slow yet eventful day. Sleeping in her room was the witch/mage Vanessa enotecca. Wearing only black laced panties with a matching bra the young witch napped without a care in the world. Granted her drinking caused her to pass out In the middle of the night, and has been sleeping ever since.

The warm rays of light entered Vanessa's room, causing her to wake up reluctantly. She rose out of bed and stretched her body, fortunately for Vanessa she didn't have a hangover so her head wasn't beating like a drum as per any other time when she had her usual "drinking spree".

"Ah... the sun is setting huh? must've been asleep this whole day" Vanessa said as she looked out her window admiring how the sun looked over the horizon. She then proceeded to bask in the sunlight while trying to recall what happened last night.

"oh yeah, today we're supposed to be getting a new member right? That is if anyone wants to join the worse of the worst" Vanessa said half-jokingly and yet half hopeful as well. Maybe for once she'll meet someone exciting?

Vanessa the proceeded to close her eyes and hold her hands closed to her boobs.

"I don't ask for much, but please bring someone who isn't insane, or sleazy, or a siscon... DEFINITELY someone who isn't a siscon..."

with that being said the rose haired witch then went downstairs... With nothing but her panties on... Which is basically the norm for her

a few hours later a spatial portal opened up and the magicless boy asta fell face first into the ground

"owwww..." the ash haired boy groaned in pain

Yami sukehiro jumped from the portal and nonchalantly said "feels good to be home"

the spatial magic user finral lept from the portal as well. "I'm... honestly surprised this place is still standing! I thought for sure it'd be leveled to the ground while we were gone."

Yami then grabbed the top of finral's head and squeezed so tightly that it looked like Yami was about to crush the poor guy... which he could and would

"Don't jinx us, if this place does get destroyed not only will I hold you accountable, I'll legit kill you"

Yami said as his eyes were glowing

Asta then got up and dusted himself off before looking at his captain with a worrying smile while patting Yami on the back, then said "umm yami-danchou..."

Said "danchou" looked asta in the eyes and said "shut up you little bitch"

Asta then shrunk in sadness and fear of the dark mage while saying "huuh?"

Yami then dropped finral to the ground and looked at the black bulls base. "Well kid this broken down place you see here will be your home from now on so get comfortable; IS what I would say but let's face it your ass won't last with the people we got!"

Yami said as he was laughing like he was full of himself. Which he isn't and would definitely kill someone for thinking that way.

Asta then looked at the doors, behind those doors was truly the start of everything. likes it or not the black bulls was his home, and the starting point for the magicless boy in his journey to become the Magic emperor.

Asta then smiled and opened the doors to the base, and he saw the light. Was it the light of hope? The light of promise? Or maybe the light of beginnings?

unfortunately it was none of the above... it was from a fireball, that hit asta on impact the second the doors were opened

And that's all for this time peeps. I won't make you wait forever for a chapter, but I do plan on seasoning it up and THEN bring another chapter to satisfy all you perverts... ahem all you great readers. See u by tomorrow or the next few days or weeks.