Author's Note: Hello, fellow readers and Fanfiction members! After a while of thinking over my previous version of this story, I decided to redo it under a different title. For those who don't know, this story was previously titled The Sensational Spider-Man and was to involve a series of events centered around Peter Parker discovering the mysteries of his parents while balancing his civilian life with fighting villains related to those past events. While it sounded cool at first, I realized it would have bogged the series from all the normal high school student and Spider-Man stuff that could have made it fun. And thus, the story is now titled Marvelous Web-head and will center around the first of many years where Peter adjusts to his hero life while trying to balance it with his civilian life and the two cross paths in ways unlike any other. So, without further adieu, enjoy it, readers!

Marvelous Web-head #1: Homecoming Affairs

The busy streets of Manhattan were quite busy now that night had passed over the land. Down below the cars streaked the night with their bright lights and filled the noisy air with their blaring horns as constant traffic turned what was thought to be a peaceful, dull evening into a hectic mess of people driving/riding home from work for the evening. While the streets proved to be the ultimate source of daily drama for the residents of Manhattan, up above, a different story was about to be told.

A lone black widow spider crawled across its specially made web it had created between the side and gutters of a somewhat tall building. Then, like a streak of light, a much larger, more agile figure whooshed by, causing the spider to fly off its web, shooting a web from its rear-end to catch itself on its web. The figure tumbled, hopped, and flipped across the buildings in an acrobatic fashion, its brightly colored red and blue spider-themed suit remaining surprisingly ambiguous in the low light high above the city. As the figure ran across a building, past a series of mounted gargoyles lining it, he proceeded to leap high above the streets, shooting out a silky, spider web-like strand of chord from a silver gadget lining his wrist. With a loud cowboy interjection, the figure swung around a building nearby and landed on his feet, sticking to and and running across the wall with ease. Not caring about who would see him like this, the primary colored being leapt far across toward another building, thinking silently to himself about all the freedom he had in the world.

Admit it, Pete, things don't get much better than this, the figure thought silently as he spun another web. When you spend your summer vacation experiencing the thrills of what it's like to be a hero, nothing can top the feeling of freedom! The wind blowing across your body, the numerous webs you spin that dry out later, and the power to fight crime, nothing could be better!

"I am THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!" the figure named Spider-Man called out into the night as he swung across several buildings and perched on top a falcon statue jutting out from the Chrysler Building.

Just one thing's missing, though, it's my last night of freedom before my last first day of school starts and I'm really craving some action, Spider-Man thought longingly.

Just then, his sixth sense known as "Spider Sense" kicked into gear, alerting him to danger nearby. Peering through his sunglasses that made up his eye lenses, he scanned the horizon, his infrared-like vision confirming the imminent danger of several gunmen holding people in a nearby parking lot.

So some average lowlives decided to kidnap civilians this late into the evening… Not on my watch!

Unwilling to let anything bad happen, Spider-Man leapt far from his perch, letting gravity take him to the streets until he spun a web that saved his life at the last second. Without taking his sweet time, Spidey made his way to the parking lot, kicking his legs into the nearest goon that fell with his force, causing a scene that alerted the goons with guns as well as their hostages. As he webbed the criminal down, reactions varied.

"Spider-Man!" cried out a woman hostage looking up.

"Keep your mouth shut, or he gets it!" one of the many criminals in cowboy hats ordered, nudging his gun toward her head.

"Thought you could sneak up and surprise us, huh, Web-head? Well, not today!" another criminal taunted the Web-head.

"You know, if you didn't call out my presence so much, the element of surprise might still remain intact," Spidey quipped. "Ah, who am I kidding? I'm the one making a hell of an entrance here!"

"Enough talk! Sick 'em, boys!" called out yet another criminal - three of now seven - who bore a Southern accent. Raising their rifles pointed away from the hostages, the Western-themed criminals fired barrages of bullets at Spider-Man, the Web-head himself determined to dodge everything with Spider Sense guiding him. By launching a web out backward, Spider-Man retreated to the corner of the parking lot between the connected buildings, the criminals failing to hit him as a moving target.

"Whoa, hold on! Isn't there a way to resolve this without violence?" Spidey pleaded, feigning meekness.

"Boy, where we come from, we let our guns do the talkin'! Ain't nobody got time for damn petty debates!" spouted a gunman. The rest of them continued to shoot their weapons at the Web-slinger, their bullets whizzing by him in what felt like slow motion as he flipped off the wall and spurted out webs to avoid getting shot. Reeling in from a flip, he spun out two weblines, each latching onto two different gunman's firearms, and pulling them to yank them out of their hands. He webbed them to the floor as the now gunless criminals charged at him, fists ready, and started flailing on him, the Web-head dodging each punch with super precision skills.

"Lucky for you, I pull my punches!" Spidey told them as he pulled two punches on one of them, finishing him with a kick that threw him from the floor and webbing him down. Turning to the other guy within reach, he grabbed him by the arm and flipped him over, webbing him also to the asphalt. He couldn't have been prouder of his spider powers.

But there still remained the hostages. He needed to get them to aim their guns away from them or there'd be people to mop the floor with.

Making use of his acrobatics and his web shooters, he zipped toward the nearest building along a web line effectively directing the gunfire away from the hostages. With precision, he turned and shot out two web nets that fell raining down on two more crooks backing away in an effort to escape. Soon as their guns fell with a clank to the ground, Spidey turned his attention toward the nearest criminal reloading his weapon, dropping to the ground and smacking it right out of his hand like a fly swatter to a fly. Spidey then proceeded to kick the guy under his feet, sending him falling to the ground in a manner that rendered him unable to get back up. Seeing this, the remaining two crooks attempted to run away from the parking lot, but Spider Sense wouldn't allow Spidey to let them escape. He instinctively shot out a web line that instantly tripped up the escaping convict Spidey propelling himself toward the guy to kick him out cold. With some hesitation, the one criminal that remained turned back to watch his friend get pummeled knowing that Spider-Man was about to come after him.

"Oh no, you don't!" Spidey called out, pouncing on the criminal before he could reach the street. "Fleeing the scene is my shtick! You start spinning a web and I'll sue!"

"Can't sue me, Web-head!" the criminal underneath him taunted. "Where we come from, murder takes place day and night so often it don't matter who gets what just so long as we get equal share!"

"Equal share?" Spidey questioned. "You're the one making a run for it. Without you, these guys would have a more equal share than if I hadn't caught you just now!"

"Feeling merciful are you, Web-head?"

"For your information, where I come from, we serve justice to lowlives like you! And for that matter, it's best the cops get a proper head count for when they come and take you away!" Spidey explained, webbing up the criminal upside down in a web cocoon to hang from a light post nearby. Hopefully, the blood wouldn't rush to his head before they arrived.

Behind Spider-Man, the four different hostages stood up to approach their savior whom they undoubtedly were most glad for.

"Spider-Man, you saved us!" a grateful woman noted.

"If it weren't for you, we'd be dead!" a businessman complimented.

Turning to face them, Spidey spun a web that would ultimately shoot him over the nearest building. "Don't mention it!" he said. "And do tell the cops this was all courtesy of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! The Press already gives me a bad enough rep as is!"

"Will do, Spider-Man!" another woman ascertained.

And just like that, Spidey swung over of the building, the red and blue lights of the cop cars below blending with his red and blue figure as he made his way out into the night. As the cop cars pulled up to the scene, the entire unit busted out of their cars and scanned the perimeter, their handguns pointed down the lit night street. After one of them shouted "Clear!", a single graying haired man with a rough build in his early fifties donning a commissioner uniform carrying a pistol made his entrance by stepping out of the car.

"Perimeter's clear, move up!" the man called out to his unit as they poured their way onto the parking lot. Sidearms out, they scanned the area searching for any signs of criminal activity only to find all eight of them were either out cold, webbed up on the ground, or hanging from the light post. Seeing this, the commissioner was rather unimpressed, suspicious, at best, of what all had occurred prior to his arrival.

"Is anyone here hurt?" asked a cop.

They all muttered their gratitude towards the fact that they were saved by Spider-Man much to the captain's dismay.

"Enough!" the captain called out, his gruff voice silencing everyone in the vicinity. "This does nothing, but confirm one thing: the Spider-Man is still at large."

"Permission to speak, Captain Stacy!" announced one of the lower ranking cops raising his hand.

"Be my guest," provoked Captain Stacy.

"The Spider-Man here is doing our job, and rather well I might add. Shouldn't we consider him an ally of sorts?"

Unfortunate for him, the captain had already made up his mind. "A vigilante's a vigilante, officer. The work they do takes the law out of our hands. If they're constantly beating us to the scene, we may yet have nothing left to do. As long as this one's still out there, he is outside the law."

The remaining cops nodded in unison at the captain's speech. He did have a point, even if some of them were reluctant to admit it out loud. Plus, he was the NYPD commissioner, John Stacy. What he said was final in the eyes of the law no matter if anyone else believed he was wrong.

As Spider-Man swung his way through the concrete canyons of New York, the constant blaring of car horns and police sirens distant noise to him through the updrafts, he checked his phone, making sure he didn't get too many Instagram or Facebook notifications during his crimestopping show. Just for fun, he decided to take a selfie in midair, the flash on his phone illuminating his brightly colored suit in the night light. Nothing could have been better for his own self-serving ego.

"And that concludes our broadcast day!" he shouted mimicking the nature of a classic TV broadcaster. "What time is it anyway?"

Flipping through the screens on his phone while swinging, his stomach sank the moment he read on his home screen that it was 11:37 at night.

"Almost midnight?!" he exclaimed. "Oh no, Aunt May's gonna fry my ass if I'm not home before then! Gotta make it back to Queens and fast!"

Without any hesitation, Spidey swooped away, shooting himself over and around buildings as he made his way en route to the bridge that connected Manhattan to Queens. While the Web-head was clearly the talk of the town, little did everyone know the facade he wore on a daily basis was nothing, but the secret life of a resident who grew up in Queens, New York his entire life: Peter Benjamin Parker. From an early age, Peter was left in the care of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben after his parents mysteriously left him at their household around the age of six. As such, Peter always led such a sheltered life, which led to him possessing an intellect similar to Albert Einstein's. As a student, he had a history of receiving many honors for being the smartest thinker in Midtown Manhattan High School located in the heart of Manhattan. If anyone at his school or beyond Manhattan knew of his secret identity, it would have spelled a world of doom for him given the kind of world he lived in; this was a world where various superheroes - namely the Avengers or Fantastic Four - defended Earth from planet-ending disasters and villains trying to cause them. Thankfully, Peter and his work as Spider-Man only kept confined to the bounds of New York as he mainly took pleasure in stopping small petty crime around the place on a regular basis. If anything happened around there, he'd be first to know.

Having traversed the seemingly endless cityscape and made his way into the suburbs of Queens, Spider-Man perched upon his house roof, trying not to cause too much racket as to wake his Aunt May should she be asleep. He crawled like a spider along the roof, the hairs penetrating his thin costume fabric and allowing him to stick to the tiles without falling, and peaked into the upstairs bedroom window. To his surprise and relief, he found his Aunt May kneeling at edge of her bed, her gray-haired appearance facing away from her as she prayed to the Lord Almighty above presumably for Peter to return home.

Don't worry, Aunt May. God wasn't the only thing that brought me home safe, Peter thought to himself.

He then proceeded to leap down from the window, his folded clothes awaiting him sitting on the porch, which he kept hidden thankfully. Throwing on his long sleeve shirt and jeans over his spider-themed costume, he put on his shoes and attempted to act casual. He stomped a few steps on the porch to make it sound like he was walking up, turned the door knob, and poked his head into the darkened foyer to see that the coast was clear. Stepping into the home, he turned around and shut the door only to be met with footsteps approaching him from the staircase behind him.

"Peter, dear! You're alright!" called out the aging Aunt May in her fifties as she made her way down the staircase dressed in her brightly colored nightie.

Attempting to look surprised, Peter turned around, eyes widened as Aunt May approached him. "Aunt May… you're awake," he said, faking hesitancy rather convincingly. "I'm so sorry I'm home late, I-"

"Not now, Peter. We need to talk," Aunt May said, walking right up to Peter, her height not even reaching his the moment she laid a hand on his shoulder. Without hesitancy, Peter followed her into the dining room, his heart rate quickening as she led him there. What would she say to scold him for being out so late - and on the last night before school starts no less? He turned to her attention. "Listen, Peter, you're becoming a strong young man, the man of the house now, in fact. But I can't have you staying out close to midnight, especially on a school night. I prayed day and night for you to return home safely, and thank heavens you're okay! But you must remember what happened to our beloved Ben last time he stayed out this late. I simply cannot allow that to happen to you too."

Peter slumped at the memory of what she was talking about. That fateful night a few months ago in March when he decided to use his newfound powers for selfish gain. After an intense argument between him and Uncle Ben transpired in front of Aunt May, Peter used his powers to run away and enter a wrestling match, which he won before the place got robbed by some random crook. He selfishly let the guy escape the place only to find out later that someone, who turned out to be the same thief, shot down Uncle Ben on his walk home. It was the reason Peter decided to use his powers for good and stop crime on a dime. According to Aunt May, however, the fact that he secretly decided to keep it going so late was definitely starting to worry her, especially after what happened that night.

"Aunt May, I'm sorry, I just-I know you miss him. I do too. I'm just not sure how to cope without him around," Peter admitted, trying to relate to her previous statement.

"There are plenty of ways you can do that without staying out late worrying me. Which is why I'm establishing a new rule: starting this school year, you are to be home by no later than ten o'clock. If, however, you find yourself running late, feel free to call to let me know you're on your way home," Aunt May professed sternly. "Do we have an agreement?"

Peter didn't have to think too hard about what to answer. He might have been a big shot hero trying to save the day on a regular basis, but, apart from that, he was still just a scrawny seventeen-year-old needing to live under his aunt's roof. He might as well abide by her rules no matter what. "Sure thing, Aunt May. I admit, I still need your caretaking skills and, if I'm to take care of myself someday soon, I may as well take care of you too!"

"Good news: you've passed the first test of earning my trust! Keep it up, and you'll be rewarded!" Aunt May said, patting her nephew on the shoulder.

To this, Peter smiled. He may not have been an expert on being a person, but, if there was one person he could count on to get closer to achieving that, it would be his Aunt May. For all he knew, he may never reach perfection, but nobody came closer to achieving that quite like her. As the man of the house, he knew he would accept his responsibility, vowing never to disappoint her.

The red and white sign lit brightly the words "Big Sky Billiards" in a clarion call that attracted patrons to the underground billiard room hiding underneath. Little did the regular patrons know that at night most of the attendees were of the criminal variety. Thankfully, no one had to be there during the hours of the night besides those belonging to said variety.

A lone man in a large white cowboy hat and Southern-themed attire strode down the staircase leading directly to the billiard room and bar, carrying equipment he had been utilizing to spy on a recent subject. Gathering his binoculars and recording device, he approached the sublevel door, peering over his shoulder and scowling darkly under his hat to ensure he hadn't been followed. The way he did business was not to be compromised.

He pushed the door open to the full view of the billiard room, his presence garnering the attention of a few select patrons in the midst of a card game.

"Look here, boys, Montana's back!" one of them with a heavy New York accent announced under the bar noise.

Montana strode through the crowd en route to the bar stools, passing all the men of different criminal divisions drinking, playing card games, taking shots on the pool tables, and arm wrestling one another to prove who was the strongest. Having been late to his own meeting, he wasted no time moseying up toward the bar counter, taking his seat at the central bar stool, and throwing his equipment aside, his presence alone bringing the bartender to attention. The others sitting around him stared him down eagerly as if awaiting special news to be delivered.

"My favorite lager, on the fly!" Montana demanded speaking in his Southern accent. He threw his cash down on the counter aggressively.

"Will do, sir!" the bartender saluted, his Australian accent striking hard with the patrons sitting around him. With that, he hurried to pull out Montana's drink: an American lager he so passionately favored. The bartender slid it over to him, Montana catching it firmly and popping the cap clean off. With a big sip, he slammed the drink down hard onto the counter, the jolting pound causing a surge throughout the immediate area.

"Thank ya very much!" Montana respected the bartender despite what little respect he carried for other people. He turned to face everyone else, gathering their attention without much difficulty. "Now, I bet y'all are wondering why I invited y'all here in the first place."

They all shrugged in different ways, confused as to why this would be such an impromptu meeting.


"Beats me!"

"I'm completely outta the loop on this one."

Hearing these reactions, Montana stood up and leaned against the bar with a cool demeanor. "Okay then, here's the spill: did some reconnaissance at a parking lot to make sure our fellow Criminal Deputies and our leader were safe in executing the business people that tried to expose us. They broke into their apartment, took 'em out to the parking, and, low and behold, a figure donning red and blue leaped in and saved the day! Any idea what that means?"

"That you're crazy and need your head checked?" one of his fellow men joked.

"Not at all, son. This means our suspicions are confirmed: the Spider-Man is real," Montana confirmed.

"No way!"

"This is insane!"

"And I thought one masked vigilante picking us off was enough."

"So did I, but then the big man I work for showed me security footage of this bug taking down my men once before tonight and decided to make it a priority to have him eliminated. Claims it'll spread his influence beyond the usual business of taking out hitman after hitman, hoping to take control of our fair city here," Montana explained.

"Sir…" said one of his men toward which Montana scowled at because he titled him incorrectly. "Sorry, Montana, if I may ask what's the name of this 'big man' you keep mentioning? He sounds pretty important if you ask me."

"Careful what you say around here, son," Montana affirmed. "The big man had me swear not to mention his name. If I did, there'd be civil unrest in the criminal underworld. Rebellion even. Anyhow, the most important thing we focus on is how to eliminate this bug whom they call 'Spider-Man' before he picks us all off completely. Before I continue, does anyone have any ideas?"

The few of them paused for a moment, trying to conjure up any genius ideas that could potentially catch someone as agile as the rumors regarding Spider-Man claimed to be. However, almost none of them could reach any conclusions.

"I'm kind of dimwitted right now."

"Not sure."

"This old mook's running outta good ideas."

"Very well, if no one else is willing to step up and give their take on it, allow me to give mine: how's about we act like Robin Hood and take from the rich to give to us poor fellows?" Montana asked firmly.

"What do you mean?" asked the meekest one in the bunch.

"Here's the deal: a few former colleagues of mine work for this high end science company looking to push the boundaries of technology, medicine, and any sort of human enhancement you could think of. Their name: Oscorp. They all put together loads of high tech weapon contributions for our American military and beyond. If we take what they plan on selling to their associates, we could take out the bug with ease. Not only that, but I've been looking to steal a device meant to compliment this snazzy new outfit I've been dreaming up. If we can steal all that under the radar, the Web-head won't stand a chance," Montana finished. There was an air of certainty as the criminal lowlifes exchanged each other looks of excitement, proud of Montana for his foolproof plan.

"Wow, that's so genius, why didn't I think of that?" the bigger guy said proudly.

"If that's what you think we should do, you should be our new leader!" another man suggested.

"Lucky for you boys, I just happened to be entrusted to take over should our leader get arrested. Since he did and what not, I reckon it's about time for Montana Herman Schultz to make his mark on his fellow Criminal Deputies," Montana affirmed, lowering his cowboy hat to shade his shady appearance further in the low bar light. If there was anything the previous leader could count on it was that Montana had a plan to make their gang even bigger than ever with the idea to enact a series of heists on Oscorp. Should they come to fruition, the Criminal Deputies would become the heroes of their own story, trumping even the most noble heroes of New York City.

Thank you all for reading this revamped chapter if you came back to read it! Stay tuned as I figure out more of what to do with this story next however long it takes!