Chapter 1: What Just Happened?

"Hey."Marco said to Star.

"Hi." Star said right back to him.

They continued to look into each other's eyes, even though the world around them was entirely different. City buildings stood tall while castle spires towered high right next to them. Humans...well...actually ran through the streets terrified while monsters and mewmans wondered what in the world is wrong with these people. The sky was no longer its normal color, but filled with bright, colorful shades of purples, blues, and pinks with shimmers soaring across the horizon. In the sky was not just one moon, but three bright spheres gleaming white.

Earth and Mewni were combined. Who would've thought that would happen? Guess there was a little bit of magic left to bring not just Star and Marco together, but both their worlds. Star and Marco gave a small little smile to one another. Marco stepped closer to Star and embraced her, crying happy tears. Star took her arms and wrapped them around Marco's neck, tearing up a bit too and holding him tight.

Marco took in the scent of Star's golden hair as Star felt the soft threads of Marco's red sweatshirt. They took into account how they would even have been able to survive without one another; for Star not to hear Marco say how she's the coolest girl she knows or for Marco to never again see Star's excited face. They dreaded the thought. The more they kept their minds on it, the tighter they grabbed each other. They didn't even care what was going on around them. It was just the two of them at this very moment. Marco snuggled his face into Star's shoulder. Star sighed, loving the feeling of Marco's touch. before finally saying something.

"Did...did that just happen?" Marco asked Star as well as himself. Never in his wildest imagination did he think this would happen. It was a lot to comprehend. Heck, he's traveled across dimensions and this was still a bit to process.

"Yeah, I think it did." Star said to him.

"Did we just combine Earth and Mew-" Marco added.

"Yup." Star said with an even bigger smile.

" di-" Marco kept talking. Star interrupted him by putting a finger to his lips.

"I don't know and frankly I don't even care." Star put her one arm back around Marco. "...because I have never been so happy about anything...ever." Star and Marco pulled apart just a bit to look at each other again. "Even if it's been about an hour...I missed you." Star said as she stared into Marco's chocolate brown eyes.

"I missed you too." Marco said, gazing right back at her.

"Oh, you got a bit of-" Marco took a free hand and wiped a tear off her cheek. "-tear right here." He chuckled.

"Oh, thank you." Star giggled. Marco stopped midway, noticing something's a bit different about Star. "Um...Star?"


"Your...your cheeks!"

"Huh? Ohhhh yeah. My cheeks. The hearts went away with the magic. Weird." Star said to him as she touched her left cheek. Marco took his hand and stroked her right cheek. Seeing Star without her hearts was definitely new. He wondered if Star was okay, being that those hearts were a part of her ever since she was born. It's almost like losing birthmarks. It would be like Marco losing his mole!

"Well, are you…feeling okay?" Marco asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright. They were just hearts on my cheeks. No big deal. Now I'm...I'm like everyone else. I'm going to be honest though. It feels fit in." Star said. Seeing Star happy is one of the top things that brings Marco joy. He knew she was stressed. Now that she feels like a weight has been lifted off of her, life will be a lot easier. It's what Marco has wanted for her for a long time.

"Well, I think you still look great, even without the hearts." Marco said.

"Aww, Marco." Star said, blushing.

"You know, you kind of look like a human now." Marco said to her. Star gasped, jumping out of Marco's arms.

"MARCO!" Star exclaimed.

"AH! WHAT DID I DO?!" Marco said in fear, covering his face.

"No, no, no listen! Remember how you said that the first Mewmans could have actually been humans?!" Star asked him. Marco gasped.

" were listening to me back at Britta's Tacos?!" Marco said.

"Yeah, yeah, shut up, shut up. Now that my cheek marks are gone and now that I technically live on Earth…" Star began to tell him. Marco gave her a soft smile as he crossed his arms.

"I have a feeling I know where you're going with this."

"I could be classified as a human now, couldn't I!?" Star asked in excitement. Marco chuckled.

"Well, I thought since Earth and Mewni are now one, it would be a mixture of human and mewhuman or humewmen or-"

"Or we could just change the M to an H in mewman!" Star told him.

"But that would be sounds just like human though...the H.U.M.A.N human….not the H.E.W….you know." Marco chuckled.

"Fine, mewhuman then. I'm a mewhuman. That's so cool! Without my magic, I can live like a human now! I can actually cook food instead of using my magic to make it! I can sew my own clothes together!" Star gasped. An excited look showed brightly on her face. "I...can drive…a car!" Star said, excited. Marco gazed at her flawless skin and periwinkle blue eyes. He took his hand and stroked her cheek again.

"I just...can't believe you're here...with me." Marco sniffled. Star took her hand and gently took his.

"Ditto." Star said. Marco placed his other hand around her, lifting her up slightly. He took her torso and gently pulled her towards him, bringing her into a kiss. This kiss was more passionate than the one in the pig goat barn. Star took her hands and cupped Marco's face, bringing him even closer and deeper into the kiss. They became completely unaware of what was around them. As Star wanted, it was just her and Marco. After a minute, they slowly pulled apart.

"You smell like pudding." Star said to him with a small chuckle.

"So do you." Marco replied, gently putting Star down. They both laughed really hard before realizing something very important.


"What?" Marco asked.

"Where is everybody else?" Star asked. Marco gasped, looking around. He let go of Star.

"Oh, no…oh no no no no no no..." Marco began to freak out. "Where are my parents? And Mariposa?! We need to find them Star! They could be in trouble!" He starting holding his head in a full-fledged attack.

"Hey, hey, hey, no need to panic! I'm sure everyone's fine. We just need to look for them…" Star said. "Okay, I summon the all-seeing-"

"Star? You destroyed the magic, remember?" Marco reminded her.

"Ahhhh poop." Star replied, slouching. "That's something I'm definitely gonna have to get used to. Okay, new plan." She said as she clapped her hands together. "We use what's in our surroundings...our very, verrrrry new surroundings." Star and Marco began looking around.

"Uh where should we start...because uh…there's a LOT of places we can start. Not to mention, I have no idea where I was before."

"Yeah, neither did I. I just ran." Star said before she and Marco gazed at each other, smiling. They both just ran, worried about losing the person they love, not even caring where they are or where they were going. That made both of them feel loved to the core.

"Well, maybe we can-" Marco began to say before being interrupted by a loud voice coming from some type of intercom.

"Hello, humans and mewmans. This is the greatest talk show in the history of FOR. E. VER, coming to you live from...who in the world knows where because you know, Mewni combined with some other planet! It's the Ponyhead Show! Yo, where is my music at, huh?!" Ponyhead said loud and proud on the speakers. Suddenly clanging and muffling was heard. Ponyhead's voice grew a little distant. "Listen, I have an audience full of adoring fans who love me out there and I was expecting some fresh beats...wha?...What do you mean our music player broke?! You lying to me?! Okay, yeah, no, you're fired." Ponyhead's voice grew closer again.

"Okay, so I just fired my music producer so if any of you want to contact me with whatever you use to contact people, let me know because I need some music. Okay? We'll be back after this commercial break about me." The talk show stopped. A commercial began to play...with Ponyhead's voice. "So hey, you like my talk show? Well, you better because you need to give me some money to keep it going because this is the best talk show ever! There might not be any more magic but listen, you don't need magic in your lives now. You need me. Okay? Okay, byeeeee!"

Marco and Star stared blankly at each other, finding it hard to believe that Ponyhead isn't even phased. A man spoke from afar.

"First, monsters roaming the streets. Now, the head of a pony doing a talk show on the radio?! THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END! WHERE'S MY MOM?! MOM?!" Suddenly, all of the humans started running and screaming, terrified while the mewmans and monsters just stood there, acting as if all of this is completely normal

"You know, why am I not surprised? Earth and Mewni combine and then poof! The Ponyhead Show has a story." Star said to Marco.

"I know! And Ponyhead would change her live show to a talk show on the radio?! That's not a good business strategy, I tell ya!" Marco added. Star raised an eyebrow.

"...what now?" Star said, absolutely confused at what Marco was getting at.

"Oh, uh, nevermind. We need to find Ponyhead. If only we knew where to-" Marco was interrupted by Ponyhead's voice again.

"You can also find me at this little dojo place for autographs! I just figured out where I am but like not...where...I am. The autographs cost about one million of whatever currency you have for each letter, okay?" Ponyhead stopped talking. Marco shook his head in disappointment.

"Oh, poooooor sensei. Come on. We have to find the dojo. I have a feeling it's not going to be in the same place as it was before." Marco said as he and Star began to run.

"At least it should be nearby, right?" Star asked.

" idea. Earth and Mewni collided. I don't really know where anything is now." Marco said to Star. Suddenly a voice came behind him.

"Maybe I can help."

Marco yelped, seeing Janna appear behind him. He jumped.

"JANNA! How did-" Marco scratched his head, completely confused. "You were on a gurney! How did the paramedics not see you leav-"

"Janna!" Star said as she attacked Janna with a big hug. "Oh, I never thought I would see you and your creepiness ever again." Janna hugged her back.

"Why thank you. I take pride in it." Janna said as she took a bow. "Woah, your hearts are gone...did you get plastic surgery or something because like, I've always wanted to see that." Marco blankly stared at her.

"How did you find us?" Marco asked her.

"Easy. I tracked you." Janna says as she took out a tracking device. Marco looked at it closely, revealing a little red dot. Marco moved a step to the right. So did the dot.

"Janna! Do you have me chipped or something?" Marco asked, looking all over his body for a little chip in his skin.

"You couldn't handle the truth if I told you." Janna replied. Marco's eyes grew wide. He frantically searched for a chip on his body as she and Star talked.

"So, Janna, we're trying to find our friends and family since Mewni and Earth combined. Now everything here is different. Marco probably doesn't even know where his house is now!" Star explained. Marco froze, tangled up in his hoodie with the hood almost completely covering his face.

"Wait, what?!" Marco said as he lost his balance, "AH!" He fell backward, still tangled up in red cloth.

"So Mewni and Earth combined into one world?...awesome." Janna replied.

"You're acting like this doesn't phase you at all." Marco added, detangling himself from his jacket.

"You're talking to someone who practices in dark arts." Janna stated.

"Good point." Marco replied.

"Anyway, can you help us? We already know where Ponyhead is. We just don't know where everything and everyone is because the world has changed. You must know something we don't." Star said. Janna looked around, making sure no one was watching her.

"Follow me." Janna told them. They followed Janna, who began to walk down a well-known Echo creek street.

Time went by until the trio made it to Janna's house.

"How did you find your house so quickly?!" Marco asked.

"The house is chipped." Janna said before pulling out her tracking device once again, revealing a little white house on the map.

"Why do I even ask?" Marco said to himself. They walked into the house to find her parents in the living room, sipping tea. Creepy thing was that they were wearing the same clothes and drinking the exact same tea as when they were. The house smelled like mint and a slight scent of lavender.

"Oh, hello children." Janna's father said.

"Hello, sweet pea." Her mother added.

"Hey. I'm going upstairs." Janna said as Star and Marco stared at them with a weirded out glare.

"Should I even-" Star asked Marco.

"Don't question it." Marco told her. The entered Janna's dark olive room, seeing all of her dark arts figurines. Marco stopped right in front of her giant eyeball pet that they all saw the other day.

"Uh...hi?" Marco said, hesitant. The eyeball blinked twice at him. He backed up a bit.

"Aww. He likes you." Janna told him. Marco didn't lose eye contact with the giant eyeball, mainly out of fear.

" you know that?" Marco asked, a little scared.

"Focus, guys! Now, you said you can help us." Star said. Janna took a second to check her surroundings once more.

"Watch this." Janna told them as she took out her laptop and placed it on her bed. Marco and Star came next to her. On it lay a background of Marco in Mackie Hand boxers with a red cap on his head, singing into a hairbrush in his bedroom. Star's mouth gaped open before turning her head to Marco.

"Janna! How did you get this picture?!" Marco exclaimed. "It's the chip, isn't it! It's the chi-" Marco said as he searched his body again, falling to the floor a second after. "AH!" Star turned her head down to Marco, who was laying on the floor, having a bit of pain in his back. "Just...just...don't look at me. I have shame." Marco said as she took his hood, put it over his head, and tightened it with his sweatshirt strings. Star giggles quietly to herself.

"So cute." Star said to herself.

Janna began to type in a bunch of codes on her laptop as Marco got up, the hood still tightly on his head.. Little black boxes came up on the screen; tons of them in fact. A screen suddenly came up with the words W.W.G.O. Marco gasped, taking the hood off of his head.

"Wait, are you doing what I think you're doing?" Marco asked.

"If you mean hacking into the Worldwide Galactic Organization's space satellite to look up live video footage, then yes." Janna said to him.

"Woah, woah, when did you learn how to hack government computer systems!?" Marco asked, wondering how this all started.

"Oooo I love looking at space!" Star asked as Marco facepalmed.

"I'm just gonna be quiet." Marco said, muffled because of his hands on his mouth.

"Alright, so I'll bring up a live feed from W.W.G.O.'s cameras." Janna said as she typed on her keyboard, bringing up a live image of combined Earth and Mewni. The three of them gasped. They have never seen such a beautiful planet before. The colors of it were so vibrant. It was a whole new world to them and they couldn't wait to explore it some more.

"I...I can't believe what I'm looking at." Marco said, awestruck.

"Marco...we're the reason for this. Can you believe it? It's all because of our lo-." Star began to say love until she realized Janna was still in the room, although Marco knew exactly what she was going to say. Marco took her hand, so thankful for Star being there in his life instead of being separated by dimensions. To think, a simple feeling of love had the ability to combine two whole worlds. They were realizing that their love is more powerful than they thought.

"Okay, I'm gonna zoom into our location." Janna took her tracking device, took the coordinates from their current location, and put them into the computer system. The cameras zoomed into Janna's house. She zoomed out a bit to examine the area.

"So it looks like the buildings and landmarks were combined, just like the two worlds...sweet. Imagine the underworld and a voodoo store in one spot." Janna said.

"If my house is in the forest of uncertain death I'm gonna-" Marco said to himself.

"Hey, it's abandoned Butterfly Castle!" Star said, pointing to a certain spot on the feed.

" buildings! And look how crowded it is! It's like Echo Creek has its own Time Square now." Marco added.

"So what place were you looking for exactly?" Janna asked them.

"The dojo at the Hill-Trank Plaza." Marco said.

"Okay. Let's see…" Janna started searching the map. "Ah, there it is." Janna told them as she zoomed into it.

"Ohhhhh it's combined with the monster temple! Look, each floor is one of the stores of the plaza! Janna, can you put the coordinates in your tracking devi-" Star asked.

"Done." Janna said, showing a blinking blue dot on her tracking device.

"Man, Janna. You are always a step ahead of the game!" Star said to her.

"Yeah, come to think of it, you always know what to do before any of us ask for something." Marco added.

"Well I should have told you that I can predict the future." Janna said. Marco and Star gasped. "Kidding!...kidding...but if I had a crystal ball I could...they're too expensive."

"What about knock offs of a crystal ball?" Marco asked her.

"Oh, please, amateurs use knock-offs. You're talking to a professional who got her soul severed from itself." Janna said.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that." Marco remembered.

"Well then, let's get on our way. I want to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for. You never know where someone could end up." Star said.

Marco's mom and dad woke up in what looked like a dark forest. There were nothing but trees around them and no building in sight. The scent of pine was super strong and the ground beneath them was filled with twigs and leaves. Rafael turns his body to Angie, who was still laying on the ground. Angie began to gain consciousness.

"Honey! Are you okay? How's our Mariposa?" Rafael asked, placing his hands on Angie's shoulders. She looked down to see a sleeping Mariposa in her papoose.

"She's fine, Rafael. Question is, where are we? And...what happened?" Angie asked him. They tried to look around, but couldn't see a thing. Rafael snapped his fingers with an idea. He grabbed a flashlight from his pocket.

"I knew I would need this someday." He said as he turned on the flashlight. They both stood up and Rafael waved it around, pointing at every area. There must have been trees for miles. A voice is suddenly heard in the distance. He suddenly turns his body to point his flashlight at it.

"Who are you?!" The figure asks.