Welcome to Reflections! This was actually the first RWBY story I started to write when i got back into this whole fanfiction thing. As of now, only a couple chapters are actually written up, but they are out of order to how this story should go. That being; following the main RWBY series, with an added character of course. As such, updates to this story will pretty much be sporadic. Possibly once a month, maybe every couple of months, maybe every few weeks. All depending on how much I am able to write for this. Every single update however, will happen on a Thursday, outside my usual Monday posts. So think of this as an unreliable, yet awesome drunk uncle of a story (sorta like Qrow!). It'll appear when you least expect it, but hopefully you enjoy it when it does. With all that being said, here is the start of Maggy's journey. Here is: Reflections.


Chapter 1, Part 1


"It's okay. I'm okay." The girl curled in a ball, rubbing her hands together as though she were removing any trace of dirt from them. The words repeated themselves in a shallow voice. A mantra she had no belief would help. Her ears perked as she heard a rumble and then the roar of the crowd. The basement shook, dust falling from the ceiling. The seats were uncomfortable, made of long planks of cheap wood and metal. Meant more as a place to sit short-term than one of relaxation.

It was understandable then, that she was not relaxed. Far from it. A speaker system called out another name. A boy which she recognized from her classes back home in Anima. He was not the only familiar face. Many had made the trip to Vale to try to secure a spot in Beacon Academy. The girl shuddered, hand fiddling with the small square mirror in her right-side pocket. The cheering grew louder as the boy left the room, no doubt appearing on stage.

The speaker system began commenting on the boy, listing his name, age and what combat school he went to before taking the entrance exam. Almost immediately after the short introduction, the speaker system was muted. Nobody left waiting for their exam was allowed to know what was going on. Feeling a nervous urge, she pulled out her mirror and looked at it. Staring back at her were two dark brown eyes.

"What are you so happy about." She commented on her reflection's smirk.

Her Reflection rolled her eyes, nodding towards the door.

"There's still a couple more before us."

Her Reflection's eyes twinkled at the thought, before pulling together into a nasty grin. The girl rubbed her hand over her face, not enjoying the expression that came from within her mirror.

"No. Whatever thought just popped into your head, I'm saying no. We already went over this. No killing and nothing too crazy. I don't want more people thinking I'm weird. Besides, you don't even know what the entrance exam is going to be. Just because they had people fight Ursas last year, doesn't mean they will again this year."

Her reflection sighed silently. She heard a sound and immediately tucked her mirror away, only to realize it was just a blonde-haired girl closing a locker a bit too forcefully. The blonde looked over her way, then smiled at her.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no. What if she comes up to me?" She continued to fiddle with her mirror, being extra careful not to touch the reflective surface.

"Hi! I'm Yang! What's your name?"

"Crap." She screamed internally, before turning to face the blonde.

"Um, hi? I'm… I'm Maggy."

"Well hello Maggy. You come from a combat school? Well, duh. Of course you came from a combat school, those who didn't went yesterday. But what I meant was, which one?" Yang tapped on her chin. "Don't think I remember you from Signal."

Maggy looked at her mirror. The reflection was flicking her wrist at her, telling her to talk with the person. She let out a long sigh, then back up to the lilac eyes in front of her. "I'm.. I went to Sanctum in Mistral."

"That's pretty cool. Hoping to go to Beacon instead of Haven?" Yang did not pause between Maggy's answer and her own response. It was like the girl was built for socializing.

Maggy responded with a small nod.

"Any thought to what's up there? I'm really hoping for some grimm." Yang slammed her two fists together, her yellow wrist-bands staying in perfect place on her. "Maybe it's an entire course. Danger at every turn."

Yang seemed to be enjoying herself. There was no nervousness or fear about the coming trials. And, she did not seem to pick up on Maggy's anxiousness. Or maybe she did. Maggy could not seem to get a clear reading on the girl standing over her.

"YANG XIAO-LONG!" The name drawled over the speaker system.

"Welp, I guess I'm up. I'll hopefully see you at Beacon, good luck out there!" She waved back to the sullen girl as she strode towards the door. A final wink and she was gone.

Maggy let out a massive breath, not realizing she was holding it in. Holding up her mirror once more, she watched her reflection cover her mouth, eyes scrunched together in a fit of silent giggles.

"Shut up, you." Maggy glowered, her own emerald eyes fixed in a death glare on her own reflection. "Come on Mags, get your head in the game."

Her reflection shrugged and looked at the lockers behind her. "Ya, ya. Better go grab my things now."

Standing up for the first time in what felt like hours, she stretched, cracking her back and then shoulders. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, with a few misplaced strands falling over her eyes. Tucking them gently behind her ears, she found her locker, opening it to reveal her weapon. Maybe not her weapon per se, but her Reflection's weapon. She was the one that designed it. Mostly. Sorta. It was confusing even to her, after all this time. All Maggy did was pretend like she could use it somewhat well until her Reflection got to it.

Lifting up the light metal canister with both hands, it still felt awkward in her grasp. Even after years of holding it, fighting with it, wearing it on her person, it felt like it was the first time. Sometimes she really hated her semblance. Placing it in the holster on her left side, she closed the locker and picked up the mirror once more, again keeping her fingers off the reflective surface.

"Do you think that Yang girl is right? Some sort of obstacle course?"

Her reflection shrugged, brown eyes blinking and bored.

"Well, what do you think it is?"

"Hey, is that girl talking to herself?" Maggy cringed when she heard the stranger's voice.

'Damn, should have talked quieter,' was all she could think when she glanced at the two much bigger and much bulkier men walking her way, trying to keep from smugly laughing. The two men surrounded her, towering over her hunched over body, coddling the mirror to her chest.

"That your only friend? Talking to yourself in the mirror? Seriously, here? Beacon only takes the toughest and the bravest. Not some pipsqueak little girl. Don't even bother trying this exam. No professor or headmaster would ever consider taking you. Just bugger off, leave the hunting to us."

Maggy looked at her mirror, eyes open with fear. She watched as her Reflection smiled playfully at her, the smile not quite reaching her dark brown eyes. She then lifted her shoulder, pulling her hand up into the view of the mirror. She placed her palm flat against the mirror's inner reflective surface. Maggy lifted her own hand, opening her clenched fist. She lifted it slowly, as the two men -two boys- berated her with a continued onslaught of comments that seemed to bounce off her heart and chest with a near forceful impact. Again and again. Berating her and bombarding her with full blows. Pinching and prodding at her aura, but not quite breaking through to do any real damage. Her hand lifted higher and the attacks pounded at her eardrums, growing louder and louder. Her hand continued, mere inches away from her mirror and her reflection's palm waiting patiently on the mirror's surface.

Pounding, pounding at her from all directions. Her heart thumping against her chest in an unsteady rhythm. A powerful semblance at work hammering at her. Hammering hard and fast in waves upon waves of inner pain and turmoil. The anguish Maggy felt grew and grew. Never quite reaching the peak of pain, but seeming to boil over at the last moment. Fingers on the mirror, sliding along. Her middle finger, ring finger, then index finger, sliding off one by one as her own palm neared the reflective surface. Closer, closer. Reflection seemed to shake in anticipation. Reflection's excitement pounding at Maggy along with the noise in her ears and head.


Maggy's eyes snapped open. The berating had stopped. The two boys were laughing, walking away from the girl back to their corner of the room.

"MAHOGANY BIRU! Last call to receive your entrance exam."

Maggy let out a shuddering sigh.

"Nice try, but you're going to be doing this entrance exam."

Her reflection silently sighed and rolled her large eyes and blowing a wisp of hair from her face, before turning to look at her and smirk annoyingly.

"Ugh!" Maggy glowered. "Come on, time to face the fans."

Maggy stepped forward, back straight and head up, showing a confidence that she knew she did not have. Up the soft slope and into the stadium filled with cheering watchers and blinding lights.

"Ozpin, you can't let any more into the academy." Glynda admonished the headmaster, looking at the pile of paperwork in front of her. "You already let in that Belladonna girl without the entrance exam and I know you are thinking of Tai's youngest for early admission. At this rate, the class numbers won't allow for four member teams, let alone partner groups."

Ozpin took a slow sip of his coffee, letting Professor Goodwitch's silent question hang in the air.

"I plan on accepting the same number of students via these exams as I always have."

"But sir-"

"I expect the teams to be organized as they always have been. Whether or not all students have partners is truly up to the students."

"Isn't that a bit unfair?"

"Not if it is the right student. Ms. Nikos for instance. She will be attending Beacon this semester and is also a candidate."

"So, you're going to be constructing the initiation process just to keep her alone?"

Ozpin was silent, but made no move to correct the assumption, instead pulling his mug to his lips once more.

"I do hope you know what you are doing here Ozpin."

"As do I, Glynda. As do I."