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Chapter 1, Part 2


Maggy covered her eyes with a hand, letting the blinding lights and sounds wash over her. She continued to move forward, out onto the stage. Lowering her hand and squinting, she slowly spun. The crowd was big. Mostly, it would be filled with the parents and families of those taking the entrance exam, but there were also those in Vale who purchased tickets to see the show. There was always something fascinating about seeing the people before they had their final training. Before they became Huntsmen and Huntresses. With the Vytal Festival being in Vale this year, the crowds were much larger. Maggy gulped.

Sitting on the ground-level, eye level to her own, was a row of professors. The headmaster sat in the middle of them, paying more attention to his drink than to her. His relaxed expression almost calmed down her heavily beating heart. Almost. Fiddling with the mirror in her right hand, she glanced down as her Reflection gave her a quick thumbs up and a wink.

"Please don't ruin this for us." She breathed, flexing her wrist before looking at the professors, letting them know she was ready.

Even though things changed every year since she had first started researching Beacon and their insanely disorganized entrance exam, the one constant which she could feel better about was that the test only started when she confirmed she was ready.

The only problem was that it started the immediate moment her eyes met a certain blonde female professor who wore respectable, if not old-fashioned glasses. The sound of a sword being drawn and the loud footsteps of someone closing in on her from behind tore her from her gaze. She was too slow to fully dodge the attack, feeling a sharp pain in her shoulder as she spun out of the way, her mirror flinging from her palm and landing on the far side of the stage. Just steps behind were three more men, each carrying their own fancy weapon.

She turned her focus once more to something behind her, finding two more, blade and shield raised. Great a five on one fight against no-doubt expert huntsman. And her mirror was so far away. She was not even close to trained enough to handle one of them, let alone five? She needed that mirror. The group surrounding her closed in. The man carrying the simple sword spun it easily in his hand with a grin. The one in front of her held up his shield, calm and focused, keeping his eyes on her hip. No doubt trying to determine what weapon lay hidden in the metallic canister. 'Ha, I have no idea how to use it. take that experienced huntsman. Tricked you.' Her inner consciousness mentally gave itself high-five as Maggy grimaced. Her Reflection would be laughing if she could read her thoughts. This was not a time for jokes. Especially self-detrimental ones.

One huntsman was carrying something that might have been a staff, if not for the hole at the end which seemed to make it look more like a long rifle than anything else.

Even completely out of her depth, Maggy could only admire the strange weapon, wondering how she might be able to incorporate a gun of some sort into her own weapon. Well, her Reflection's weapon. She had to somehow get her mirror back. Quickly, Sword-man charged, followed by Shield and Gunstaff. The other two stayed back, letting the initial onslaught progress how it may. Maggy threw herself out of the way of Shield's shield, grasping her head and curling into a ball.

Releasing quickly, she scurried along the floor, diving between the legs of Gunstaff as he tried to strike down on her with his weapon. She made it through. A few more steps and-

She was thrown forward, pain encompassing her back as she was being pulled backwards into the mess of huntsmen. She could hear the crowd screaming. Almost booing her lackluster performance. She reached out, trying desperately to reach her mirror.

"Come on, come on." She seemed to call to herself. Fingers barely touching the mirror as she strained against the tugging and pain in her back. She felt her aura decrease, not wishing to look at the screen above which showed her own aura, along with her combatants, all no doubt at full strength. Her emerald eyes shone with fear. Sweat beaded down her neck. Nobody was coming to attack her as she struggled and squirmed.

"Just… a little… closer." Her fingers yanked on the mirror, flinging it towards herself. A breath of relief almost left her as she touched the mirror with her palm. Maggy's eyes flickered. She blinked, letting out a final gasp before she fell completely silent, all struggle leaving her body.

Nobody moved. The crowd was silent, watching at the helpless girl lay there, completely still as the huntsmen encircled her, unsure of how to react. Slowly, she lifted herself off the ground, first by her elbows and then her palms. Not a sound left her lips. She looked up towards Sword in front of her, eyes still closed, but a small smirk touching her lips. Carefully she pocketed the mirror.

Her eyes darted open. Dark brown and filled with excited rage. Magi spun on the ground, trapping herself within a metal wire which connected to whatever had pierced her back. Her arms pinned to her side, she used her legs to complete the motion, spinning herself until the wire was taut. Her smirk turned into a full smile of savagery, excitement never leaving her brown eyes.

Magi flung herself away from the man which held the grappling hook, pulling the weapon away from him, causing him to stumble. Flipping herself in the air, the grappling gun flung out at incredible speeds, slamming into the forehead of Sword-man, sending him sprawling out of the stage. A quick ding and the man's name was removed from the score-board. Flipping onto her feet and still bound, she stared out at the others, waiting for them to bring the fight to her.

Magi was a new woman. A stronger woman. A dangerous woman. The four remaining huntsmen charged at her, not allowing the examinee a second to rest or untie herself. Magi paid it no mind, ducking under a strike from the staff and then side-stepped the rapid-fire blast of a gun. She spun with ease and the grace of a ballerina, no fear plaguing her mind. Shield charged at her. Just what she was hoping for.

Springing into action, she raced towards him, jumping at the last second, placing both feet on his shield. It was the perfect springboard. Flying through the air gave her enough time to free her arms and pull out her weapon. Harmonic Wind opened to its full size, the canister becoming thinner in her experienced hands and longer, until it formed a long staff. A cylinder still made up the middle portion of the staff, though only about as wide and long as her fist, instead of the length of her forearm as it previously had been. The staff was iron in colour, but spoke of little else for design and function.

Twirling it carelessly, it's name was revealed as Harmonic Wind sang, cutting through the quiet air. With a smirk, Magi gestured for them to advance. It always surprised her when people listened to her silent instructions. Grappling Hook was weaponless, his weapon and the length of chain on the floor surrounding her. Yet, he still looked calm. No doubt he was able to fight without his weapon. But, it meant he had to get in close to her to do any semblance of damage.


The thought plagued the girl. None of them activated their semblances. Was that a restriction placed on them for the examination? Or were they saving it for later, giving her enough time to get cocky before throwing her out of the ring with ease? No. No time to consider. Grappling Hook was quick on his feet and closing in the distance between them. Using Harmonic Wind as a pole, she vaulted forward, her heel connecting with his jaw. Just as quickly, she rotated her body, sending the bridge of her foot to strike his ear. He fell to the ground hard. A quick glance at the screen showed his aura drop. Drop, but not enough to be eliminated.

No time to think. Bullets whipped past her, one striking her in the arm, bringing out a silent cry of pain. Damn that hurt. Those were dust-infused rounds. None of the sparring rounds she was used to back home. She struck down on Shield's shield, rotating her staff over her head and striking at it's left side. Then the right. Spinning out of harm's way, she kicked up, flying over the man and ducking under Gunstaff's sweeping attack. Using her forearms for leverage, she struck upwards, catching Shield in the back. Gripping her staff tightly, she swept around, catching both Shield and Gunstaff by surprise, sending them toppling down.

Grappling Hook was over her, punching down on her face, breaking through her guard ever few hits. Too close. Too close. She needed space. Searching. Shield and Gunstaff were up and closing in. The last of her attackers; Pistols was standing near the edge of the arena, guns at the ready and pointed at her. Perfect. Grappling Hook broke her guard, striking hard at her nose, forcing her head to hit the floor. He stepped further over her. Shield and Gunstaff were close. A glimmer of an idea erupted. She smiled as her aura healed her nose.


Grappling Hook reached back, preparing for a hard strike. As he moved, Magi twisted herself, locking his feet in place. Using the man's much larger body as a counter-weight, she spun to face Gunstaff. Poking at his knee with her own staff, he moved sideways closer to Shield. A perfectly executed ankle throw sent Grappling Hook towards the two others.

Hopping up, Magi struck furiously, sending the three men backwards and towards Pistols, using their bodies to block herself from any long-range attack. A flurry of blows did little to no damage, but they stepped back against her never-ending onslaught. The four men were backed into the corner of the arena.

She flipped backwards through the air, giving herself room. Just as quick, she rushed towards them, her staff propelling her forwards at immense speeds. She jumped, curling her knee under her. Shield stepped forward to block the obvious side-kick attack. Just as she expected. Just as she hoped for.

She did just that.

Her foot pushed outwards, too close to create any real striking force, but enough to push something back. As long as something steady was in place. Thank you Shield.

She pushed hard on Shield's shield. He stumbled backwards, knocking into his comrades. Magi landed carefully, winding backwards and poking her staff into the shield, pushing more. Shield fell. They all fell.

Dings rang through the arena. Four dings as each opponent was eliminated by stepping out of the arena. The crowd erupted into cheers. Magi was furious. They were out. She was done. None of them by loss of aura. It was unfair. How could she be done so soon? It wasn't enough time! She picked up the mirror, looking at the reflection with emerald eyes. The girl in the mirror smirked and held up her hand. Magi rolled her eyes and shook her head imperceptibly. Her reflection glared at her and held up her hand, seemingly holding it closer to the inner surface of the mirror.

One final silent snarl and Magi placed her palm on the mirror, closing her eyes. Cheeks flushed, her eyes opened emerald once more, an audible sigh of relief escaping her lips, followed by a smile at hearing the applause. Her attention turned to the headmaster and professors. The professors were talking with one another, glancing her way every few words. The headmaster, however. He was staring straight at her, a hint of a smile and a glimmer in his eye.

"Thank you Mahogany Biru. Please exit to your left."

Maggy lifted a fist and cheered. She did it. Or well, her Reflection did it. But it was good enough. A great entrance examination. Now, it was just waiting for a letter of acceptance or rejection.

"See, I knew that girl could handle herself. Hers was one of the best examinations of this year. Almost as good as Yang Xiao Long or Nora Valkyrie."

"Don't forget about Pyrrha Nikos."

"Glynda, I would be remiss to not include Ms. Nikos." Ozpin shook his head, smiling. "But, Ms. Biru was able to handle herself quite well, even with her deficiency."


"Her eyes, Glynda. She relies entirely on her semblance. I do not believe she disengaged it the entire bout."

"And what pray tell is her semblance?"

"Of that, we are equals in knowledge. I can only know what my senses and memory tell me. Like Ms. Nikos's polarity or the young Ms. Rose's speed. Until she deactivates or disengages her own semblance, I can only go on what my gut is telling me."

"And?" Glynda glared at Ozpin as he sipped his coffee. It was always like him to leave the point of the conversation out of it. The man enjoyed his secrets too much.

"I would be a terrible headmaster were I to divulge knowledge my students do not wish to reveal."

Glynda grumbled, muttering something about double standards and emptying coffee on somebody's head.

"Do not fret my dear. Besides, what is better than a little mystery?"

"I would tell you, the answer. But, you wouldn't believe me."

"Don't you have a bullhead to catch? Young Ms. Rose should be facing off with Roman Torchwick soon, if he did follow my trail of information correctly. I would hate to see the girl hurt before I can invite her to Beacon."

"And when are you going to deal with the imbalance of students?"

"That can be a further test for this year's students. Not having a partner may be a learning experience just as much as having one."

"And who won't get a partner?"

"Whoever finds one last."

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