The Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1

Ministry Of Magic

Wizengamot Chambers

August 1994

Normal P.O.V

"It is decided Britain will host the TWT at Hogwarts School this year" spoke the minister with the majority of the chamber applauding him it was only when Albus stood that it calmed down "minister you are forgetting one important fact we need the GobletOf Fire for the Tournament which is currently held in the Arcane University we will need to contact the Empire for permission to enter Tamriel so we can petition the Emperor and the Council of Mages " the chambers were dead silent decades after the Empire had invaded it struck fear into there hearts a fear that was still there as for the last two years the Empire maintained a garrison at Potter Castle. The minister stood nodding his head "yes the Headmaster is right we will send notification to the Imperial City requesting a meeting with him and the Council Of Mages I have no doubt His Majesty will be willing to allow us to borrow it we shall also invite him to the World Cup final".

It had been decided the Minister had a letter dispatched to Potter Castle from there is was sent directly to the Imperial City the messenger walked into the Throne room where Hadrian Tiber Septim was meeting with his subjects 2 Farmers were arguing over a plot of land between there farms that had been promised to both of them by the original owner when he died now here they were both arguing there case before the Emperor who was currently thinking why did the farms have to be in the heartlands. "Enough as you two can't settle your differences you two are meant to be brothers your father wanted you to to share the land as such I claim the land in the name of the Empire and place it up for sale should you wish to purchase it go the the Market and buy it from the commerce office"

"Your Majesty a letter from the British Ministry has arrived for you" spoke the messenger handing the document to captain Jena who in turn passed it to Hadrian "so the Minister wants a meeting with us and the Council of Mages to Discuss using the Goblet of Fire I am also invited to the final of the quidditch World Cup hmm why not" Hadrian turned to Ocato and nodded "send word to the ministry that they are welcome to the Imperial City to discuss using the Goblet for there little Tournament."

The burrow

Sirius P.O.V

"Yes no problem albus ill be there when we are meant to leave" after cutting the connection I turned to my wife and daughters who was sitting with the Weasley family "darlings pack your bags we have to go to Potter Castle. My daughter quickly jumped up while Hadrian and is relationship was more friendly than most of his connections to the outrelm it was serene and Susan he got along with well and yes while Susan was my niece me and Amelia raised her like one of our own. "Mr Black are we going too asked" Ron Weasley and to be honest I did like the boy I didn't like him around my daughters maybe it was the overprotective father in me bit it was screaming don't trust him. "Yeah can we come to there is very little information on Tamriel" came the voice of Hermione Granger a muggleborn "I'd love to purchase some books maybe share some history of our world" that caused everyone to stop and look at her in shock. "Mione that is the stupidest thing you could have said the Empire is the birthplace of Magic itself no way will the Aristocracy give up its power also nearly all Outrelmers are hated by The people my family are tolerated because Cousin Hadrian likes me and Susan we get along well" Serene spoke harshly to her Friend I had noticed over the past 2 years she had taken a Liking to Imperial way of thinking as had Susan Hadrian had even offered for them to be fostered Under his care or the care of his Champion Viscountess Selena and both of them had been bugging me and my wife senseless to take Hadrian up on his offer however she must have seen her friends face as she gave a sigh "I'm sorry Mione but that's how it is even if my cousin is Emperor he was raised most of his life within the Empire and is its leader and has been since he was 15 for 2 years he has kept the Empire running his People love him and his Enemies Fear him Especially his new pet Drogon" oh merlin I completely forget about that Beast a year ago Hadrian my Girls and Me were in the Jerall mountains close to Cloud Ruler temple when they stumbled across a small chest hand buried in the ground inside was a single Egg when Hadrians hands touched it the flash of light nearly blinded us as well as the Blades and Legion troops with us once it calmed down we all stared in shock at the little Black scaled Dragon in his arms. That beast grew very fast and was the last time I saw him the size of a small dog that was 7 months ago how big was he now.

2 days later

Normal P.O.V

The Ministry Party consisted of the Black family the Malfoy Family The Minster Madam Umbridge Albus as well as a small security force arrived at the gates of Potter Castle which had changed quiet a bit in the past 2 years it served as the Official Embassy to the outrelms and its Original Fortifications had been improved it also hosted a standing force of 1000 Legionnaires they approached the gates to see 3 legionnaires waiting for them 2 Battlemages and an officer "ugh greeting Legionnaires I am the Minster for Magic I have this Letter of Invite to Visit Your Emperor" he stumbled out while handing over the Document the Officer looked it over before nodding and handing it back. "Very well welcome to the Empire a word of warning once you cross the estates boundary's you are out of your jurisdiction and under the Rule of the Empire cause trouble or Break our Emperors Laws you will face Imperial justice." Giving them all a looks he felt satisfied seeing fear in the Ministers Eyes "fallow me I shall bring you to the Portal." With that the Gates opened and the group made its way up the Estates Grounds to the Castle and then to Tamriel itself.

Authors note:hey people this is indeed the sequel to the Dragon Mage set 2 years after the ending of the first story I will update this as best as I can but I am currently writing a Harry Potter/ASOIAF Crossover at the same time:

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