Chapter 20

The Evgir Unslaad Part One

1st Morning-Star the year of Talos 4E-03

1st January 1995

Ministry of Magic Wizengamot Chambers


Albus stood before the Wizengamot his face a picture as Lord Malfoy yelled at him, the normally calm and collected Pureblood was now red in the face.

He had originally come to the Ministry to have Fudge come with him to Potter Castle, however when he arrived, he was dragged by Aurors to the Wizengamot Chamber to be dragged across the coals as it were.

"My friends please it was all for the Greater Good, I have no doubt the Emperor has released Professor Snape from custody." What he didn't expect was a voice from behind him.

"Oh yes his majesty has released him alright." Standing behind Albus were 3 men, the middle one was wearing fine Noble clothes with a silver short-sword on his belt he was Flanked by two Imperial Battle-Mages one of them was carrying a box with a note attached while the other held an official looking Scroll.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Count Janus Hassildor, by the grace of the Nine Count of Skingrad and loyal member of the Elder Council, we bring a gift and ultimatum to the Ministry, Tribune if you will please read the document while your fellow. Magister lowers the box onto the desk there."

The Wizengamot and Albus were as quiet as the grave, awaiting to hear what the Message said an Ultimatum was never a good thing but many of them prayed for there to be a shred of good news, as the Battle Mage broke the council seal and began to read the document.

To the Ministry of Magic of the Outrelm Nation of Great Britain,

For many months now I have tolerated the sheer incompetence of your Government allowing such a senior member of your Government to get away with these hostile acts against my Empire.

This ends today on this day the 1st of Morning-Star in the year of Talos 4E-03, I Hadrian Tiber Septim, by the grace of the Nine Emperor of Tamriel, Dragon of the North, Master wizard of the Imperial Mages Guild and Lord of Magic do officially declare war against Magical Britain.

Already the Great Stronghold of Hogwarts and the lands under its wards, are now under Imperial Control as well as the Garrison at Potter Castle being Greatly Increased that includes the Students many of them being the Heirs to your Nobility are now My (Honoured Guests).

However I am a Merciful Monarch and will cease any military action against you if you do as a ask?, I demand within the Next 24 hours the meddling old coot who has started all this to return to Hogwarts were I will be waiting, he is to crawl on his hands and knees like a dog from the village to the great hall where he will beg for Forgiveness.

No doubt many of you believe as he does that if you call my bluff as it were, I will break and return to Tamriel with my tail between my legs, I ask you to open the box that my Battle-Mage brought with him and see if I am bluffing.

If he does not come within the time given, then I and my Legions will remind you of why you fear the Dragon Emperors I do believe my dear Uncle showed you a very good example many years ago.

I look forward to seeing you at my Academy.

I remain

Emperor Hadrian Tiber Septim

Signed on the 1st of Morning-Star 4E-03

And with that the 3 Imperials vanished from the Ministry leaving nothing but a shocked Ministry and a box, Lord Malfoy ordered one of the Aurors to open it starting with the note, it's message was short saying simply (Here is your beloved pet Albus) the Auror opened the lid and tipped the contents onto the table revealing nothing but Ash and a Snapped Wand of Professor Snape.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts

A group of students Loyal to Albus were planning to push the Empire out of the Castle completely unaware that they were being spied on by a fellow student who quickly ran to inform the Penitus Oculatus.

Hermione Granger had gathered likeminded Students like herself all of them being Muggleborn or HalfBloods and the odd Pureblood who didn't know any better, they called themselves Dumbledores Army and before he left swore to the true Headmaster that they would aid the Order to liberate Hogwarts from the Imperial Invaders.

As they made there way towards the room of Requirement, they didn't notice the halls were too quiet for lunchtime, when they were 5 feet away from the Doors that had just appeared to their shock and horror the doors opened Revealing 6 Penitus Oculatus Agents Swords drawn.

From behind 10 Imperial Legionaries came into view Blocking there only escape route, however what made Hermione pale was the piece of Parchment in the Agents hand, it was a list of all their members and the name Dumbledores Army.

"So Outrelmer aiding in forming a Rebel Army in Imperial Territory are we, that is treason take them to the Dungeons to await the Emperors judgement." The Oculatus Captain Sneered before turning to face the student that stood behind him to the anger of the DA it was Draco Malfoy.

"Well done Mr Malfoy you have done the Empire a service in Reporting on these traitors for your Headmistress and Oculatus, here for your service." With that he dropped a bag containing 100 gold Septims into Draco's Hand as he watched with glee as the DA were Dragged away, what amused him most however was the look of Betrayal on Hermione's face after all he had been her Boyfriend for the past 5 months.

However, this was only to get her to trust him he had bigger ambitions most importantly to gain Imperial Citizenship and this was the best way to do it by serving the Oculatus and earning the Emperors Favour.

Hogwarts Academy Dungeons cells

2 hours later

Stripped of there Wands and outer robes the DA were freezing in the Cell they had been tossed into. "I warned you that this would happen you know," came the voice of Draco Malfoy as he walked into view. "You Filthy Snake!" Roared Ron as he saw him only earning an eye roll.

"Really Weasley in 4 years you couldn't come up with something new? Kind of pathetic really." Hermione moved her way towards the cell door her eyes fill3d with tears. "Why Draco I thought you had changed, can you not see what we are doing is just, once we free our world of the Empire, we will liberate Tamriel of the Emperor make it a democracy."

Draco just looked at her with cold eyes, was she really this stupid? it was the House elf situation all over again. "No Granger it is you who are in the wrong Hogwarts is owned by the Emperor because of his Outrelm Titles, and that old fool you so proudly support is willing to let our nation burn because he can't take the fact he is not in control."

"By this time tomorrow if the old fool does not arrive our nation will burn in Dragon fire however House Malfoy will survive that is all I care about."

Hermione shook her head violently. "NO! we will escape the Headmaster will help us with the Prince of Change aiding him." Realising she had said to much she shut your mouth but it was too late Draco had heard it.

"The Lord of Change you are supporting an old fool who is supporting the very Prince who aided the Mythic Dawn in there attempt to overthrow the Empire, now I am surprised Granger that you would support Lord Dagon the Prince of Destruction and Change how is he doing it."

Hermione wouldn't say a word however Ron being Ron who believed they had got one up on his Rival couldn't help but taunt. "Yeah that's right Malfoy the true Headmaster has a powerful book called the Mysterium Xarxes to contact the Prince."

Draco Smiled and walked away hearing Hermione and the others yell at Ron before Hermione yelled at him to come back and save them saying that she knew his heart, what a joke her and her stupid Rebellion would face the Emperors Judgment.

As he got up to the main level, he noticed his father and mother had arrived with Fudge and other members of the Wizengamot there wands had been taken except his Parents he made his way to them to inform him of the information, to say his Parents were proud was a huge understatement his father would give the Emperor this information and they would be rewarded heavily.

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