Madrid, Spain

Wanda Metropolitano …

Spain is where the final of a new era begin.

In just a week, one nation had stepped in both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. This nation was about to make history in the whole European football continent, and who else but them?

But the football governing in Europe, the UEFA has made it even more special by inviting a special group of girls to here.

This year, both Real Madrid and Barcelona were out. Out in unbelievable ways. The giant Real Madrid was out by Ajax Amsterdam. Barcelona was knocked down by the unbelievable Liverpool.

This series of the UEFA Champions League was coined, the best and most entertaining ever Champions League's edition, because of remarkable comebacks and overthrowing of giants. Tottenham had eliminated the team that used to knock down Real before.

And in that moment, two men stepped on the field. An old man with glasses, and a younger man who had cried after seeing Tottenham overthrowing Ajax by a goal in death line that brought the Spurs from near death to the close heaven.

Whole Wanda Metropolitano was screaming …

"You'll never walk alone!"

"Yids! Yids! We're the Yids!"

That final was coming to Spain. Madrid was burning on fire! Fans were yelling everywhere. And the fans are still yelling for their destiny. It's near, very near to all of them. The time for conquest!

For those singing "You'll never walk alone", they could not wait for the ninth appearance in a Final. For those standing themselves "Yids", this is the first time ever they experienced this phenomenon.

"One team has overthrown the mighty Manchester City, comeback against Ajax Amsterdam! One team has overcome hardship in Munich, creating miracle after losing in Camp Nou! Hear us, yell their names …"



And so, under the light turned off, the sudden noise arose when a group of sword dance occurred. But this was magical! The sword dance was no surprising but very effective! And thousands of fans sitting in Wanda Metropolitano stunned above: "WOW!"

They were the girls trying to perform the old, lost Starlight. And this time, they were doing, but instead of her audience in a stage, they were in … a super stadium in Spain.

"Ready, Karen?"

"Ready, Hikari!"

In front of many fanatic hooligans, they impressed with their dress and its costumes. They looked like real performers.

Alongside them, there were a number of girls and they spoke about the chance to perform in front of the host nation, which organized the Final of the UEFA Champions League this season.

Karen Aijou, Hikari Kagura, Mahiru Tsuyuzaki, Kaoruko Hanayagi and Futaba Isurugi led the first run among all. The others continued, and surprisingly, Tamao Tomoe took her charge next.

They made their music via. their swords! This was unbelievable even for fans across the stadium themselves. Tamao yelled:

"For the beautiful, anything is good!"

Michiru Otori managed to create phenomenon and her happiness, while annoying, entertained by her own warrior jump. Liu Mei Fan soon joined in the heat of the growing final between Liverpool and Tottenham.

In the same ground, a man standing on the VIP room saw the scene. He laughed:

"Wow, you are making this year's edition a sex game?"

"Oh, geez. Are you living in what, Muslim world or in Russia?"

"Just for fun, sir."

That was two, two really, really renowned people. That man sat on the left was Khabib Nurmagomedov, the famed Khabib Abdulmanapovich Nurmagomedov, who is one of the most powerful UFC fighters. The man who sat next to Khabib was from Italy, Andrea Pirlo.

Pirlo and Nurmagomedov sat in Wanda Metropolitano to witness the encounter, and they were got in touch with the army of fans, mostly English fans, of course.

The nature of English fans, regardless which sports, are aggressive and hooligans. But that could be solved with these performances.

Right now, the performance was on the hand of sleeping dreamer Yuyuko Tanaka. Lalafin Nonomiya made it even more hilarious and worth entertaining.

"Tanaka Yuyuko-chan! Catch!"

"Coming … haizzz …"

On the same field, as Yuyuko always had a tendency of being sleeper, there two men walked on the ground. As the girls were in their heats, these men appeared. Nana Daiba got shocked to know, so she made her music blew into the sky.

"Hello, Mr. Mauricio Roberto Pochettino Trossero."

"It's surprising to know your name, Mr. Jürgen Norbert Klopp."

Two men looked to each other, and then …

"Mr. Pochettino, why don't we take our interests watching them first?"

"I agree."

Nana Daiba reckoned the whole stadium by her passion toward the two big bosses, but of course, they're old enough to understand that. So, they remained immune to the performance festival, the final's audition. Exactly that.

The girls routed around and got their flames to burn with their music together. Their arrows flew across the sky. And they preferred to make there a bomb.

The girls soon raised their own weapons, and as representatives for their respective musical schools.

"Go, Starlight, go!"

Their weapons turned into fire and they fired, fared with so many heated developments. A bunch of stars rose into the sky, surprised and amazed every fans. They impressed like how they informed to the mysterious Mr. Giraffe before.

And so, they got cheers from fans around and around.

Better for that. Yup.

For those girls, reviving Starlight was a success. And at least, for their short 10 minutes of performance, they got a lot of supports from fans. But they needed to left because they would have to experience another performance, not from their but the others. And the girls left …

"Nice work, Karen."