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Dean had located the building and ran up to it, but quickly stopped when he felt something shift. Confused Dean started to get closer at a slower pace, as he approached the building he stopped at seeing Sam but he saw the girl from the morning he reunited with his brother. Dean felt anger suddenly surge through him as he saw a figure slumped in a chair but when he saw Sam's hand raise the man looked to be having a convulsion before Dean realized what his brother was doing. He was exorcising a demon. With his mind. Dean felt his blood boil inside as a light flickered suddenly beside his head. Ignoring it, he watched as the black smoke came out and vanished before Sam approached the guy. He watched as a smile light up both their faces. Anger flooded through the eldest as he continued to watch, it was only then that he noticed the light flickering which made his eyes widen a bit, quickly he exhaled trying to calm down when he realized he was doing that. But he noticed Sam making his way to the door with the girl and the guy slumped over their shoulders. Having had enough Dean entered the building, his face morphing into one of an emotionless mask. The door caught Sam's attention as he frowned all of a sudden.

"Dean?" he asked worried. But the eldest didn't say anything but frowned as he stared at the girl whose face was watching him with a smirk.

"Sam, I'm only going to ask this once," Dean started out slow, walking to them cautiously, the girl's smirk slowly faded into a frown and was about to move before Sam stopped her. "Is that Ruby?" he asked, which made both them stop.

"H-how-" Dean cut his brother off.

"Answer my question, Sam," the eldest ordered as he paused, she on the other hand didn't.

"Heya Dean," she said. A smile slowly filling her face before he suddenly punched her. Hard. She let the guy go as she hit the ground, Sam thankfully could keep the guy up as Ruby slowly started to stand on her own. Stunned from Dean's punch neither reacted while Dean glared at her before it went to his alarmed brother at seeing the anger in the elder Nephilim's face. He a gave a single deep breath before leaving instantly, leaving his stunned and slightly hurt brother and a very pissed off demon who glared at Dean but then Sam who just stood there.


Dean sighed as he sat there with a beer in his hand, his bag behind him as he took a swing, after leaving he felt angry, betrayed and loss all in one. He continued to sit there before Sam came in, looking all around before sighing at seeing his brother.

"Dean," he panted, obviously having hurried to get here. Carefully putting his car keys up, Sam slowly approached the older who watched him. It was only then that the younger brother saw the bag all packed. "Are you leaving?" he asked confused.

"You are hunting with Ruby, Sam. Ruby, of all things, a demon! And how can you stand to be around her. I don't know how I didn't see it before when I came back, but I can't be around her," Dean said as Sam looked down.

"I know, it's still a little hard at times but we're making it work," Sam tried before Dean but him off.

"By exorcising people with your mind?!" Dean roared making the younger jump, not expecting that reaction, lights flickering as a result. "Why?" He asked softer as Sam looked down.

"I'm saving people Dean," he spoke as the other shot up from the bed.

"Use the knife then!" Dean tried desperate.

"But it kills the victim too. The way I do it, most of them survive," Sam explained as his brother sighed.

"How can you be okay with this? With a demon!" Dean was too confused to understand. He and his brother were half angel for crying out loud, how did Sam think it was possible for that to work?

"It's hard to explain Dean. You were gone, she was here for me," Sam claimed, angering Dean more.

"You had Bobby! He needed you too," Dean said before he shook his head. "I'm sorry Sam. But I can't deal with Ruby. Not after being down there," he shook his head as Sam looked down, eyes sad. "How long?" He asked as Sam froze.

"Almost the entire time you were in hell," he admitted making Dean clench his fist in anger, before he came to the realization.

"Why didn't you tell me before?" Dean asked as Sam froze. "You could have mentioned it Sam. I thought you were alone all this time," he said, his whole worry had been the fact that his little brother had been hunting alone.

"Would it have been different if I had told?" The younger asked, curious by the answer he might receive.

"Learning from you would have been better then finding out through the angels! Cas told me where to find you," he said angrily. It was true that he was more pissed off that it didn't come from Sam directly. "Do you realize how far from the reservation you've gone? From who we are?" he asked.

"I think... if the seal is gone, then it has to be that. What if my power just amplified what I already had? If that makes any sense," he asked confused himself as Dean thought.

"You said you could move and see things with your mind, right?" he asked all of a sudden as Sam paused, thinking.

"Yeah," he nodded before realizing with his brother.

"Well I guess we know what side is winning," Dean commented as Sam frowned.


"No! Sam do you realize if that demon spread that you were backpacking around with her, don't you think they'd make sure it'd reach other hunters?" he asked as Sam frowned. "How do you know demons you send back don't tell them what did it? Or who was with him?!" he roared as Sam looked down. "They'll hunt you Sam. And now with the seals gone our powers might break out and could kill someone!" he finished as Sam swallowed before sitting down on the spare bed. "I will not let that happen," he snarled as the younger scoffed.

"Dean, you can't tell me what I can and cannot do," the younger tried, his brother's words touched a bit deep to him but he understood. Because if he was hunted, so would Dean. But the ringing of his phone made both jump and Sam shot up so he could answer it. "H-hello?" he stuttered gripping his nose softly. "Travis, hey," he greeted quickly as Dean looked away. The elder took a breath as the younger took the notes down. "Carthage, Missouri," that caught his attention as Sam wrote something down. "Looking for Jack Montgomery," he showed Dean the message as he nodded once when he hung up.

Once Sam and Dean were on the road, the older brother decided to tell the other what he found out. "Sam I found out something about our family," Dean spoke up suddenly, it startled Sam who turned to him in curiosity. "Mom was a hunter," he claimed surprising him as Sam looked out the window.

"A hunter? Wow," Sam uttered in shock. "How'd she look? Was she happy?" he asked suddenly.

"Yeah she was. And believe me I wouldn't have believed it either had I not seen it for myself," Dean claimed remembering how she beat him. "Damn she kicked ass, she almost took me down," he admitted as Sam looked to him shocked. "She was awesome. Funny and smart, helpful," he remembered. "But John, he was… human, for sure," Dean claimed before frowning trying to think.

"What?" Sam asked confused.

"Nothing, I just suddenly realized Cas sent me back, which means angels have that type of power," Dean claimed before Sam added.

"Which means we might," he stopped before sighing. "If we can control them," he finished as Dean nodded before frowning. "What? What is it?" Sam asked all of a sudden.

"Sam, there's something else I need to tell you," Dean started with a pause. "Yellow-Eyes was there. He was there when Samuel and Deanna died, he killed them. Then he killed John before making a deal with Mary," Dean claimed before Sam froze.

"Me. It was me," he breathed before scoffing. "We finally learn more about Mom's family and that hunting runs in our family to learn they were murdered. And for what? So Yellow-Eyes could bleed in my mouth?" he snarled before Dean paused and thought about what he's told his brother.

"I never said anything about blood Sam," Dean frowned realizing what Sam kept from him, said brother froze as he thought what he just said before producing a guilty look. "You knew about that?" Dean asked confused.

"Yeah, about a year," he admitted as Dean gripped the steering wheel tighter. "I should have told you Dean, I'm sorry," he apologized to his brother who looked ready to growl at him in anger. But he was trying to keep his temper in check.

"You say that a lot," he admitted as Sam paused, fearing what his brother would say.


"I'm not going to force you. I want you to tell me in your own time okay?" Dean asked breaking his road concentration to give Sam a pointed look. "You don't have to tell me right now. I'm fine with that," he claimed as Sam stared at his brother for a moment, confused.

"You're not mad?" he asked cautiously.

"I'm a little mad, but it's mostly me because I wasn't here. I'm your brother and protector, I don't care what you say," Dean ordered by pointing at his brother. Sam pursed his lips for a moment before sighing, looking back at the road. A tiny smile tugging at his lips from the comment.


It didn't take long to hit Carthage, Missouri as Sam gave him the address he had received from Travis, Dean had snagged his binoculars when they pulled up he could see what looked like a regular guy. "That's him? You sure?" Dean asked Sam who frowned himself.

"Only Jack Montgomery in town. I did a double search just in case," Sam confirmed as his brother nodded.

"Well, what are we looking for?" Dean wanted to know what they were on the lookout for.

"Anything weird," Sam repeated as they watched the man.

"Weird? Sam this guy seems normal. I mean we've seen big weird, little weird, and weird with a top of crazy. But he's boring?" the elder retorted as he lowered his binoculars, eyeing the guy, Sam wasn't using his binoculars though. "You lose yours?" Dean asked, motioning to his own.

"No, they're right here," he lifted them with a casual shrug before lowering them. "But Travis seemed pretty sure," he claimed before both turned to look at the guy as he started his searched of the fridge. Slowly they both watched him grab things and started eating chicken before he grabbed raw meat, both their faces morphed into one of disgust as he paused.

"Qualify as weird?" Sam asked as Dean nodded.

"Yeah," he agreed with a shudder, before starting up to head to the motel. "We okay to work this?" he asked as Sam nodded with a pause.

"Yeah, I think we can," the younger spoke as his brother nodded.

"Alright then," he said, liking what he heard. They hit the motel before stopping when they entered, a smile spread across Dean's mouth at seeing someone.

"Travis," he greeted with a large hug, the old hunter with a beer in his hand. "Told you we should have hid the beer," Dean accused Sam as the older smacked his shoulder.

"Smartass," Travis smirked before yanking Sam into a hug. "Good to see you kid," he greeted the taller who grinned.

"You too, Travis," Sam told as they separated.

"Damn you got tall," Travis joked as they laughed. "How long has it been?" he asked as they thought.

"What? 10 years?" Sam questioned as Dean shrugged.

"Probably," Travis smirked looking at them. "So you track down Montgomery?" he asked as Dean nodded.

"Yeah. Looked ordinary. Other then his diet," the older Nephilim shrugged as the hunter frowned.

"Boys we got a rougarou on our hands," he explained confusing the pair.

"A rougarou?" Dean asked in disbelief. "Is that made up?" he asked before Sam stuttered to answer. "That sounds made up," he stated to Travis who sighed.

"Well they're as real as you and me," he claimed before continuing. "Rotten teeth, wormy skin, you know the works," he finished chugging some more beer.

"This guy didn't fit that," Dean claimed before Sam added on.

"He looked human Travis," the younger finished as he shrugged.

"They start out human, then turn ugly," he commented as the brothers paused.

"So what? They go through some kind a of metamorphosis?" Sam asked as Travis thought.

"Yeah, like a maggot turning into a bullfrog," he said as he looked out the window. "They're hungry is the main objective," the older hunter claimed as the brothers looked confused.

"For what?" Dean asked, not wanting the answer.

"Long pig," Travis announced confusing the older brother who frowned as the younger exhaled softly.

"Human flesh," Sam translated as Dean nodded his head.

"And there's my word of the day," he determined while Travis continued.

"Hunger is different for them. Once they get a taste, they'll transform and it'll happen fast, they will be a monster forever. One bite is all it takes; eyes, teeth, skin- all turns. Can't go back from that," Travis claimed as he turned to them. "Jack's headed there on a bullet train," he claimed as Dean thought about something.

"How'd you find this guy? He's a walking, talking human right?" he asked curious.

"I've been tracking him. It runs in his family," he spoke as Dean felt a bit uncomfortable.

"Do you mean?" Sam started to ask as the other nodded.

"Killed his daddy back in '78. Mangled 8 bodies before I got him, used to be a dentist believe or not. Little trophy wife of his was pregnant at the time, put the baby up for adoption. By the time I found out, he was long gone, lost in the system," Travis growled taking a swig of his drink.

"You mean you couldn't find someone? You?" Sam teased making the older man sigh.

"Honestly, I don't know if I wanted to," he revealed. "It would've been a kid I would've gone after. Not the heart, I wanted to wait to be sure. And I guess I am," he finished as the brothers paused watching him take a drink.

"Here why don't you go and get everything we need. I've never hunted a Rougarou so I want everything," Dean fibbed, he had everything in his dad's journal, he recognized the name just never actually hunted one he could remember.

"Sure, kid," he grinned, smacking the younger's shoulder. When he disappeared, muttering something about younger hunters' knowledge as Sam whipped around.

"Half human? Can we do this?" he asked as Dean frowned, trying to think of all the reasons not to, sad he wasn't coming up with any as he didn't know anything that might trigger his powers, they seem to be coming in spurts.

"I don't know, I can't think of any reason not to, I'm trying to think, I am," Dean admitted before sighing. "I can't tell what triggers my abilities. They might just be coming out," he shrugged as Sam frowned, looking down. He's had four months to get used to the hints that his powers were coming out.

"I think we can Dean, maybe this is a starter for us. Half human/half monster, we need to do this," Sam claimed as Dean looked over. He was staring at his younger brother and could tell he was trying to make up for Ruby.

"Alright, we'll give this a go. But the moment anything starts happening, we're done and Travis is dealing with this," Dean ordered, not wanting to risk his brother's life.

"Okay," Sam nodded. Glad that his brother would allow them to keep working because he knew Dean would be very protective of him, but was still irritated.


"Alright boy," Travis smirked as he showed Dean his weapon. "Fire," he stated, it surprised them for the wording before Dean caught on.

"Fire, okay," he nodded as the man started to put his gas cans and create his throwers.

"Deep-frying is the only way I know how to kill them," he admitted making Dean frown.

"Well that's horrible… Jack's dad?" he asked as the older hunter nodded as Sam came back into the room.

"Whoa," Sam paused seeing the progress they've made. "Getting ahead of yourselves?" he asked in slight disbelief.

"We can't risk anything. Once he hulks out, it's just remains," Travis warned as Sam sat down near the table.

"But what if he doesn't? I've been checking on lores about Rougarou-"

"My 30 year experience isn't good enough?" Travis interrupted as Dean paused before continuing, making sure to stay out of it but kept an ear out.

"N-No, I just like to be prepared," Sam defended before Dean spoke up.

"Sam likes research. It's his weakness," Dean joked trying to keep the tension low. Old hunters hate being challenged by younger ones, John was a prime example. "What else does it say?" Dean asked as Sam huffed softly.

"It says that they could live among humans if they ate a lot raw meat so long as they stay away from 'long pig,' they stay human," Sam claimed as Travis frowned.

"The vegan of meat," Dean claimed as Sam nodded.

"Basically," Sam said as Dean smiled a little. He knew Sam wanted to hear this, it meant good news for them. Travis had been watching them curiously while listening to Sam.

"It's good on ya, Sam. But those are fairy tales," he started before going to get a cup of coffee. "Every one I've heard of took the bite," he claimed as Sam stood.

"Doesn't mean this one will," Sam denied as Dean listened becoming a bit worried. He already deduced their growing powers were tied to their emotions, if Sam got too worked up something might happen.

"You want to wait for the body count?" the old hunter asked as Sam sighed.

"Why can't we just talk to him and explain? Maybe he can fight it," Sam tried as Travis laughed.

"Fight it? That boy's going to be hungry like haven't-eaten-in-days hungry. You slap a big juicy sirloin in front of him, he'll go for it," Travis spoke as Dean winced, having known what that felt like.

"I'm not killing him unless he deserves to die," Sam snarled as Travis glared, inhaling a few times the left as both Dean and Travis stared after him before the old man turned to the other.

"What is with your brother?" he asked as Dean glared.

"Nothing," he spoke defensive making Travis back off. Looking down he continued to work on his tank trying to ignore the other hunter's attempts to pick at Sam's behavior. The next day try started off silent, Sam had ignored his brother most of the night

"We're just gonna chat with him?" Sam asked as Dean nodded, he kept his gaze to the road.

"Yeah, I'm all down for that. If he's for human then we go on our way," Dean claimed.

"And if he goes for humans?" Sam already knew when his brother nodded.

"Then we take care of him Sam, if he refrains from killing humans I'll leave him alone. But if he attacks then we'll have to deal with it," Dean spoke.

"He has a wife, Dean, he-he has a life here," Sam tried before realizing when Dean looked to him.

"If I were to suddenly kill people with my powers, would you stop me?" he asked as Sam froze, not expecting that. "Sam, even though I would prefer you to fight me as long as possible, I still expect you to stop me if I kill others," Dean revealed, horrifying his brother as he stared.

"Dean-" Sam started.

"No, Sam. You will kill me if I turn," Dean ordered as Sam looked down. "Deal?" he asked as Sam nodded with a deep frown and glaring out the window.

"Stop the car," Sam ordered as Dean frowned but did so.

"What's wrong?" he asked as they exited, Sam was pacing and was feeling angry.

"You were pissed at me when you saw Ruby! Now you're doing everything to protect me and telling me to kill you," Sam ranted.

"Only if I go darkside, if there's still a chance by all means save me! Don't kill me until I'm fully gone, ya here?!" Dean yelled, he was understanding Sam's anger but was trying to keep him calm. "Sam, I'm scared, okay? I've seen lights flicker when I get angry, I'm not even in control of my powers, what can I do when I actually learn? I'm trying to stay calm okay? I hate that I left you alone, I do. But we cannot let our emotions rule our heads," Dean started as Sam stopped.

"Why are you being so rational about this?" Sam asked as he sighed.

"Because, you are not a monster," Dean snarled. "You may have demon blood in you but you are an angelic child in all. Sam you are my little brother who I will always protect! Do you understand me? You are my charge to protect, you will fight it, you always have," Dean defended as Sam paused.

"What if I can't? I don't know if it's my psychic powers from Azazel or if it was from my angel side," Sam started as Dean leaned against the Impala sighing softly as they looked to different directions. "So now what?" he asked softly.

"Now? We go talk to Jack. Just talk Sam," Dean claimed as he got in the car, Sam followed trying not to think about what they just talked about. "Sam. I'm trying, okay? I am," Dean promised as the other's face softened and he nodded. Safe to say the drive was silent as Sam thought about what his brother was saying he knew their powers were dangerous and they would need to start practicing them.

"Can we?" Sam asked suddenly catching Dean off guard.

"Hmm?" he asked not knowing what his brother meant.

"Learn to control them?" the younger asked as the other thoughts for a moment.

"I don't see why not. It'll be better, we just have to figure out how to do that. Okay?" he suggested as Sam nodded, satisfied with that answer.

The talk with Jack went as well as Dean thought despite both assuring him so long as he didn't bite a human he was safe. But he got really pissed when he learned that his birth father was killed by a hunter. Dean almost jumped when Jack's wife popped out before she left to the store, Sam elbowed him with a look as the older sighed giving the curious woman a polite smile and greeting, saying they met Jack the other day looking for work. She chatted a few minutes before remembering that her car was running and took off, after all that when they tried to explain that if he didn't bite he would be safe. Sam told him just to eat a lot of raw meat, Dean threw in a few ideas; hamburger a main thing. But he got pissy when his father was brought up.

So now they were sitting out the side of a woman's apartment where Jack was staring. Dean was trying to keep straight thoughts but it was damn hard.

"Dude," Sam whispered seeing his brother's interest.

"What?" he asked, shrugging as Sam sighed shaking his head as he looked at the folder he had snagged. "So he was at the bar for what?" Dean asked as his brother shrugged.

"I don't know," Sam frowned as he looked up before freezing making Dean turn too, instantly he narrowed his eyes when he spotted a figure sprinting across.

"Is that?" he asked, already moving to gather his flamethrower.

"No Jack! No," Sam snarled as they shot out of the impala. Dean cursed as he held on tightly to his weapon, racing up the stairs. He had hoped Jack would refrain from his instincts, it actually gave him a slight belief that he could ignore that other half of him that wasn't human. Now he wasn't sure, Dean followed Sam up the stairs and kicked the woman's door. Her screams made them jump as Sam didn't see Jack anywhere.

"Wait!" Dean tried before she ran back into her room saying she was calling the cops. "We should go," he claimed before Sam nodded.

"Yeah," he agreed before the hightailed it back with Dean grabbing the door with a small laugh. They made it down and took off just as sirens went off.

"Too close for comfort," Dean claimed as Sam sighed.

"Ya think?" he asked as he put both extinguishers behind the seats. "What the hell was that?" Sam asked confused as Dean drove off.

"I don't know, but I've got a bad feeling," Dean said as Sam nodded.


Sam felt a weird throb in his temple as he and Dean snuck up Jack's porch, Dean had ran up, silently. Flamethrower in hand, he paused and made Sam do the same as he frowned.

"What?" Sam whispered.

"Something's wrong," Dean answered as Sam looked before zeroing in on a car in the shadows. "Oh you stupid son of a bitch," Dean muttered as he sighed, gripping his weapon tighter.

"Travis," he claimed. He felt… dread as they ran into the house to see Jack chewing on the old hunter. There was blood everywhere and he must've heard them when he stopped and snarled at them. Jack's face was veiny and bloody eyes. And to their horror he was still chewing as Dean gagged a bit.

"Oh god, Travis," Sam whispered. His throat had been torn open.

"Jack?" Dean asked worried. He knew they were long past the safe point, he was gone.

"Where's Michelle?" Sam asked suddenly.

"Gone. She ran," Jack whispered as he bowed his head.

"Did you hurt her?" Dean questioned harshly. He didn't see or hear her and was worried.

"No. I-I couldn't," he sobbed. "She-she's pregnant," he told them as Sam breathed heavily. It was the same situation as his father. "I tried to tell your friend that I wouldn't go for humans but he wouldn't… listen," he struggled as Dean frowned and turned sad eyes to Sam, trying to tell him that he wished this didn't happen.

"Jack," Sam breathed. Feeling the same thing as Dean who tightened on his lighter. "You-" he stopped when the Rougarou perked up, carefully the brothers tried to judge his reactions as he turned and eyed their weapons.

"What are those for?" he asked, suddenly quiet as Sam tensed.

"You know what it is Jack," Dean said, suddenly serious and firm as he studied the former human's actions.

"Are you going to kill me?" he asked as Dean tensed with Sam who frowned and looked to his brother. Instead of explaining Dean attacked only for Jack to jump out of the way and punched the older Nephilim who went down with a grunt.

"Dean!" Sam gasped and tried to light his weapon as it was yanked from him and he too was hit by the fire extinguisher.


Sam felt a tiny nudge to his mind, like something was urging him to wake, he winced and tried to open his eyes only for him to see nothing. He was in a closet. Instantly he surged up and rammed into the door angrily.

"Jack!" he shouted wanting to know where his brother was. "Dean!" Sam yelled as he wanted to see if he could wake his brother.

"Dean can't answer," Jack spoke sadly. Sam instantly felt dread in his heart as this registered.

"Why not?" he asked as he spotted a hanger.

"He just can't," Jack answered as Sam huffed.

"If you hurt him Jack!" Sam started before the Rougarou cut him off.

"Calm down, he's fine. For now," Jack said as he watched Dean's face, the wound on his head bled but something odd to Jack was as he watched the occasional twitch of Dean. But he drooled at seeing the blood on Dean's temple, Sam's fists continuously hit the door as he yells for his brother. "You and your friends turned me into this. The other one… Travis," he spat the name. "Tried burn my wife alive," he growled as Sam gasped about how the hunter handled that. "I tried to tell him I was going to fight it. But he refused to believe me," he sobbed. "You turned me into... this," Jack bit out as Sam continued his attempt to lock pick the door.

"Jack listen to me, Dean and I didn't do this!" Sam desperately called out. "I know what your feeling," he revealed, hoping it would help stop Jack. "Being half of something."

"What do you mean?" Jack asked confused. They seemed human to him or… were they like him? Half of a monster.

"We're what's known as Nephilim," he claimed, hoping beyond anything that nothing was listening to him at the moment.

"What's that?" he asked once more, curious.

"Angelic children," Sam spoke, still trying to pick the lock with a hanger. "But… we're known as abominations because we were never meant to be born."

"I can never go back," Jack spoke up as his hunger came out. Gingerly he dipped his fingers in the blood that had dropped down from Dean's wound and sucked it off before moaning softly. He started to reach for Dean once more as Sam realized he failed in stopping the man and needed to get out now. Dean picked just that moment to start waking up, he kept feeling that weird nagging in his skull, it was becoming louder and louder as he regained his senses. Barely recognizing the sudden danger as Jack's mouth opened and his eyes darkened.

"Jack!" Sam's voice broke out as the closest door slammed opened, making the ruguru whip around with a hiss just as Sam used his lighter and the fire extinguisher. Catching Jack as he leapt up when Dean rolled off the table, protecting his head from the intense heat. But hearing the screeching from Jack as he burned was… horrifying for both as they watched. Sam looked completely defeated as he watched but looking into his brother's eyes, he saw the sadness in his own face. Both were hoping that he had turned good but he had gone so far off the deep end that death was the only option. Slowly he stopped screaming when he finally fell, the fire going out as Sam quickly came to his brother, helping him stand. "Come on, come on!" Sam urged as they stumbled out, Dean was still out of it though.


"Dean you okay?" Sam asked worried as Dean winced but drove. He kind of felt mixed feelings toward this, he felt anger and pissed that they had to kill Jack but he was too far gone. Angry that his wife found out and that he turned.

"Yeah I'm good. You?" he asked as Sam nodded before swallowing. "Sam," he called softly. "I am… truly sorry, that we couldn't stop Jack," Dean apologized as Sam sighed.

"I know. Me too," he agreed as Dean nodded. "I've made my decision though," he spoke up suddenly as the elder looked over curious.

"What do you mean?" the oldest asked confused.

"Tonight, when I thought he got to you. I used my power to shove the door open, I think. And it was the angelic side," Sam revealed as he remembered. Thinking that Dean was going to die from the monster he shoved and felt that weird push, but it was… euphoric, a warm feeling. "You were right," he said before finishing. "We should learn control." Dean paused and was silent as he thought.

"Then we will," he nodded. "You will gain control of your powers, we'll wipe out that demon blood in you Sam," Dean swore as Sam nodded, pursing his lips together as he thought.

"Yeah," he trailed off.


End of chapter! I hope you guys enjoy this one and I promise to have more later on!