Hello and welcome! I have no idea what I'm doing here or where this baby will take me. I've read just about every SVM/TB story out there… TWICE and figured I'd try this writing thing again now that I have more time on my hands. I own nothing...just missing Eric.

Chapter 1

Accounting may not seem like a dream field, but it's perfect for me. I have a knack for being able to do calculations in my head even from a young age. I enjoy numbers and the satisfaction I get in analyzing them. Plus it allows me to work with people, but still have my own space.

There was as time in my life where I truly thought I wouldn't be able to have achieve my goal. We hardly had any money when I was a child. Plus, with my little quirk I was sure I was never going to be able to graduate high school much less go to college. You see… I'm a telepath. I can read minds and even feel emotions through those thoughts. Being around people can make it incredibly difficult to function.

As a young child in elementary school I wasn't capable of really shielding my mind. I was always being bombarded in class with my fellow classmates thoughts. Thankfully the older I became the more the stronger I was able to make my shields. It was enough to keep my sanity, but not enough to be successful in class. How can a person possibly focus when you have an entire school's thoughts pounding in your head? Keep in mind Bon Temps is not a large town, but it surely felt like it when I was sitting in that classroom every day.

My disability limited the success I was able to see in school. That all changed after my parents died in a flash flood when I was 11, and my brother and I moved in with my Gran. Now Gran's version of parenting was entirely different that my own parents. Don't get me wrong I loved them dearly, but Daddy was always working. Momma on the other hand was scared to death of me. She couldn't handle my disability and I spent most of my home hours in my room. It was just easier that way. Momma didn't pay much attention to my grades or how I did in school. It was more like out of sight out of mind.

Gran on the other hand was very hands on, and she was accepting of my gift. She loved me in spite it and even called it a "gift." Gran noticed early on that while I failed most of my classwork I was acing my homework every time. Man I love her. She had absolutely no problem going in to talk to my teachers about allowing me to do more of my work from home! That moment completely changed my life. The more work I did from home the more I was able to make good grades.

My life completely changed when I turned 13. My Gran set me down a Mr. Cataliades. She explained that he was a friend of my grandfather's and he was going to teach my how to truly shield my mind. My first thought was "Where the Hell has he been all my life," but you don't smart mouth my gran so I kept my mouth shut. I was so incredibly thankful for our weekly lessons. In only a matter of months I was able to learn how to control my disability. He showed me better methods for blocking and even helped me to understand what it was I saw in other people's minds. Sometimes it could be difficult trying to interrupt what I was seeing and the emotions it caused me to feel so having that guidance was priceless. My disability really did start to feel more like a gift.

After that high school became a breeze. I was able to focus and conquer even my AP classes. I even graduated Valedictorian and earned a full ride to LSU. That's right! This little Ms. did it! I went on to graduate not only with my bachelors in accounting, but I followed that up with my Masters Business Administration. I spent the first three years out of college working as an auditor in Baton Rouge under a Certified Public Accountant and then went on to take and pass my CPA exam. Pretty impressive right for a poor girl with a disability from Renard Parish.

Recently I reached out to Mr. C to help me find a new job. It's all about networking people, and he is a very successful lawyer. Auditing is such a great way to learn about businesses, finance, and accounting, but you hardly get any time off. I've barely been able to keep my tan! Plus there is so much travel. Gran isn't getting any younger and I'd really like to be in Shreveport near her. That leads me to my current job working as a Financial Analyst for Northman Enterprises.

Northman Enterprises is a huge company with many businesses owned by one man, Mr. Eric Northman In my short amount of time here I've never met him. He doesn't even have an office here. Most of his work is done at his vampire bar, Fangtasia, at night. Shit I forgot to mention… he's a vampire! You heard that right. No BS. A couple of years ago vampires came out of the coffin with the help of a synthetic blood called True Blood. I've met some in passing, but haven't really had a conversation with any. Hell if there is a blonde voluptuous telepathic financial wiz from Bon Temps I am NOT surprised there are other creatures out there.

Anywho I work directly for the Head Financial Controller, Bruce Wallace. He's over all of NE's businesses and reports directly to our CFO. Basically I help him analyze the data to look for ways to improve the businesses. I have my own office and am not in constant contact with other people which really helps my shields. I have to be around people in general to help me keep my shields strong and shored up. It's a quiet life, and that's saying something with my gift!