Chapter 8

Why am I so nervous about taking his blood? It really is quite a commitment so early on, but I just have this feeling that this is the right decision to do. It's good to listen to your intuition. It must be time because Eric sits down next to me and his fangs pop down. Of course my first thought is… SEXY!

Eric uses his fangs to open his wrist for me, and then he brings it to my mouth. I can't help but hesitate expecting to be completely revolted by the smell and taste. I grab his wrist with my good hand and am thankfully surprised when I begin to drink. I actually enjoyed his blood. The taste I just can't pinpoint, but a big part of the enjoyment for me is the reaction I get from him. His eyes are wide as I drink and he is breathing quite heavily. His blood really is like a magic elixir as I can tell that some of my superficial injuries are already stitching themselves back together.

When I finish I let go of his arm and say, "Thank you. I have to ask, why doesn't the world know about what your blood can do. The healing properties are amazing and could help so many."

"Just as I am sure you don't want to be used for your telepathy can you imagine a world where everyone knew what our blood could do? What it could cure? It's bad enough that we have people draining vampires to get high, but if they realized the benefits from drinking from the source… We would be strung up and used for our blood. What a terrible existence to have…"

"You are absolutely right Eric. I don't share about my telepathy because I am afraid of the reactions of people over something that I do my best to control. I wouldn't want someone to solely want me for it and nothing else."

"Exactly. Now we need to discuss next steps to your accident. I've had Pam contact your insurance company about your vehicle and they have started a claim. It should be completely covered by the driver that hit you based on the police report. I hate to say this min älskade, but I believe your vehicle is totalled. I had it taken to a shop that I know and it's irreparable. Do not fret I'm sure the insurance company will provide you with a rental or you can borrow one of mine until another has been purchased."

"That's incredibly thoughtful. Thank you for taking care of all of that for me. It honestly hasn't crossed my mind, but once it did I'm sure it would have felt overwhelming. I mean between trying to heal from my injuries, missing work, and having to take care of my vehicle… Although I'm really starting to feel better so I'm sure I could take on the world right about now!"

Laughing he says, "You are welcome. That would be one of the side effects from taking my blood. It shouldn't be much longer and you will be completely healed and we can get out of here. I just want to make sure you are 100% before we leave.

Now min älskade I believe that last decision that you need to make is where do you want to go when we leave here. Personally I would like for you to come stay at my home at least for a night or two. I have a guest room that you can stay in and the house is ready if I ever want to bring guests home. Not that I ever have besides Pam and my maker. Would you do that for me? Would you come stay with me for a few days? I've already requested that you be off work next week."

Surprised and not in a good way I ask, "What were you thinking Eric? That was very high handed of you. I'll be completely fine to work Monday with the help of your blood."

"While that may be true, think about it. It will be known you were in an accident. People will not expect you to come back right away even with your now less severe injuries. Plus this will give you time to find a new vehicle and you can spend more time with me. We have much to discuss." He smirks.

I can't help but chuckle, "You're right Eric. I don't know what I was thinking! Thank you, and I'd really like to come stay with you."

"Good because I have already asked Pam to pack a quick bag for you when she left with your Gran."

"You surely were confident that I would say yes," I reply.

"Yes I was! Now rest for a few minutes min älskade so you can be well."

I was only out for about 30 minutes when Eric woke me back up.

"How are you feeling? Do you feel 100%?"

"Eric I feel like a new woman!"

"Okay then. Let's get all of this" waving over my body, "off of you and everything disconnected and we can get you out of here." We get straight to work. I get ready to get out of the hospital bed and WHOOPS! I totally forgot about the dreaded hospital nightgown.

"Here you go. I grabbed some scrubs for you earlier since they had to cut of your clothes. I wanted to make sure that you would have something to change into before we left."

I thank him while holding my gown closed. Blushing beyond belief I slowly make my way over to the restroom to change.

As I'm exiting Eric's phone begins to ring.

"I'm sorry, but I must take this." I nod and sit down on the side of the bed waiting for us to head out.

I'm completely surprised when he puts it on speaker phone. Even as open as he is he has never done this.

"Min son," the voice on the phone says.

"Min fader, it's so good to hear from you." Eric replies.

"I had to call. I've been feeling a variety of emotions from you lately, and I have to know what is the cause."

"I believe that would be the woman I've met. She has become min älskade, and is unlike any creature I've met throughout the years I have walked this Earth."

"Then I must meet her expect me in a week's time. I have to have Isabel take over my duties while I'm away." Then he disconnects. No goodbye or anything.

I'm looking at Eric like "What the HELL just happened?"

"Well Sookie, min älskade, that was my maker, Godric, and it would seem that he is coming to see us next weekend."

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