Original Characters
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Marik Muyomori
Race: Arrancar
Power level: Cero Espada
Zanpakutō: Runataigā (ルナタイガー)
Zanpakutō Call: Shred 'em
Zanpakutō Appearance: A duel end Naginata
Release appearance: [1st release] covered in a thick black fur, Feline eyes, long cat fangs, short claws, skeletal tiger tail and black stripes on his cheeks. [2nd release] A full blown black fur and white stripped weretiger, skeletal tiger tail, long saber teeth and long claws on his fists.

Release Abilities: [1st release] Push and pull anything within a five foot radius, create illusions with moonlight, fire sonic bullets create cero claw blast, and make condensed gravity bullets and invisibility. [2nd release] Control gravity in a nineteen mile radius, Fire compressed gravity orbs, compressing tiger claws, create a repelling gravity barrier, make sonic boom roars, and create illusions using the opponent's spiritual pressure and convert claws into spiritual poison.

Appearance: (Body) [A] medium spiky dark orange hair, six pack abs, strong biceps, muscular legs, sky blue iris, tan skin, blue finger nails, hollow hole over heart and a white tiger tattoo on his left side. (Clothing) [1]White sleeveless vest, tight white pants, black socks, gray sandals, black tang top under vest and tiger fangs as his mask fragment. [2] Long black jacket, teal T-shirt, brown leather belt, dark blue denim jeans, black socks, brown running shoes, metal tiger fang earrings & Brown fingerless gloves.

Mira Tormenta
Hollow code name: Lightning shark
Race: Arrancar
Power level: Tercera

Abilities: Lightning manipulation, Electrical manipulation, mind reading, Lightning enhanced Cero, , High speed regeneration, Verde, relámpago, de choque, del alma, corriente, truenos, nervioso, Huelga de muerte & Pulso cardiaco.

Appearance:(Body) Rich Mocha skin, dark blue eyes, dark gray hair that reaches her shoulder in a braid, blue finger nails, Slender arms, slender legs, six-pack abs, firm buttocks, E-cup breasts, thin eye brows, mole under her left eye, Hollow fragment on left side of her head in the shape of a shark teeth hair clip, Hollow hole over her heart, Hollowfied body from under her nipples to just above her waist line, & bite scar on right forearm. (Clothing) Black socks, white sandals, tight gray pants, tight black V-neck shirt, gray open short sleeve jacket, black fingered white gloves, white thong, black sports bra, sword on her back, locket around neck with picture of Masaki and her together & black hair tie.

Release appearance: eyes become like real tiger shark eyes, hair comes undone, hollow like shark armor going down her neck, shark rib armor adorns her chest, Hollowfied hip area (she looks like she is wearing a bikini bottoms made from hollow parts) Shark tail, hollow shark boots, gill like hollow part on her sides, Hollowfied arm sleeves that look like Shark parts on her arms, a strange trident, tiger shark like markings on her skin & Shark teeth.

Xaros Blackthorn: Deceased

Race: Quincy

Powers: Sound based manipulation as N, the Noise

Appearance: Despite being part of the Wandenreich, Xaros physically appears to be among the younger members, and is certainly one of the smallest in stature. He wears a modified version of the signature white Wandenreich uniform. His uniform comprises of his white leather coat decorated with black feathers and dark purple markings. Underneath, he wears black pants and an outfit fastened by gold spiral motifs. He also wears silver ankle-high boots and black gloves. His coat's appearance is somewhat ragged giving him an intimidating look. It features the Wandenreich insignia emblazoned on it's back and a hood attached to the coat's collar. Xaros has bright golden colored eyes, though only his left one is clearly visible, the right one being covered by his long, layered bangs. His teal-green hair sports messy bangs that completely cover the right side of his face, reaching about an inch or two past his chin. On his left side, his bangs, though still rather long, are shorter than the right side, partially covering his ear. A few strands of hair fall over the exposed section of his face. The back of Xaros' hair is quite a bit shorter than the front.

Post Timeskip: Descendants