Many years ago, in a humble fishing village, a black haired boy was out and about, running in the beach. He climbed up a cliff and wanted to sit up there to get a view of the horizon but he slipped and clinged for his life on the edge.

"Help!" He cried.

As he hung between life and death, the boy noticed someone looking at him. It was a beautiful, young mermaid with light pink skin, brown eyes with a yellow sclera, medium length black hair with bangs and she is wearing a lime green crop top with a heart in the middle and off shoulder straps with a matching sea foam green skirt. Somehow, her gaze gave him the courage to hang on.

"Hold on, were coming!" Some men called and helped him get off the edge and into the top. The boy glanced back for one last look at the beautiful being. Then, she was gone.

Not long ago, the merfolk of the Indian Ocean invaded a nearby kingdom from the Philippines for their hubris and for defying the power of the great five oceans. Lead by king Bomi Bulsara, the king of the Indian Ocean, the army killed their tyrannical, power-hungry queen and saved the innocent. He returned to the Indian Ocean's capitol, Motee Ka Shahar with new recruits and other goods, making the Indian Ocean wealthier than ever. One of the merfolk he returned to the city with, is the pink veil tailed betta mermaid named Helena.

Years went by, Helena began having remarkably vivid dreams that predict good fortune and outcomes that helped the kingdom avoid peril. For most of the time, she would foresee auspicious predictions and fortunes but in rare times, she would have nightmares of terrible disasters that would also come true. All in all, there is something positive waiting within the predictions.

At one point of his life, Helena warned him of the shipwreck incident and King Bomi speculated that it is the work of the sea sirens, which Helena also guessed correctly. The merfolk always knew that the ugly and cannibalistic sea sirens are causing the calamities that involved shipwrecks that fall into their buildings and homes, making them outcasts of their society. Eventually, the siren was discovered, apprehended and the king has to send the siren who is responsible of this disaster into exile to protect his people. When her merman lover was killed, she broken-heartedly tried to stop the cremation but she jumped into the pyre and committed sati, leaving her illegitimate hybrid daughter an orphan and an outcast. Like her mother, she tried to earn a place in the court by singing but her siren voice caused disasters and was banished from the kingdom for it. Helena, on the other hand, was taken in to the palace and she was educated in the arts, music, dance, poetry and all the lessons that the elites learn but a lot of merpeople turn to her for advices in times of need.

Nothing has been seen of the hybrid since, but sometimes, when the sea is quiet, you can hear her mournful sobbing from far away. Years later, King Bomi abdicated and his eldest son, Farrokh Bulsara, a.k.a Freddie Mercury took over the throne. In his first action as king, he offered Helena a place in his court, which she accepted. Helena became known for her precognition, her talents, her beauty and her good qualities but her vivid dreams still came to her, and they often included the face of the young black haired boy in an island long ago. Most of her dreams come out as a whole story but this one comes in pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. Determined, she would go to the surface and see how will it turn out.

Meanwhile, a ship was sailing through the Indian Ocean and the same black haired boy was sailing with the sailors.

I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
And it's hey to the starboard, heave-ho
Brave sailor, beware, cause a big 'uns a-brewin'
In mysterious fathoms below

I'll sing you a song of the kings of the seas
An' it's hey to the starboard, heave-ho
The rulers of all of the oceans are they
In mysterious fathoms below

Fathoms below, below
From whence wayward westerlies blow
Where the oceans' four kings
And their merpeople sing
In mysterious fathoms below

The salt on your skin
And the wind in your hair
And the waves as they ebb and they flow
We're miles from the shore
And guess what, I don't care!

As for me, I'm about to heave ho!

The sailors start to dance while the others swing on ropes with the black haired boy.


One day, I'll be back to school and they'll force me to tech
But 'til then, I've got places to go
It feels like my destiny's calling instead
From mysterious fathoms below

Suddenly, they heard a familiar voice. The black haired boy heard it and noticed that the voice belongs to the mermaid that saw him: Helena.

Aa-aa-aah, a-aa-aah
A-aa-aah, a-aa-aaa-aah

They went back to their duties and sang along.

There's merfolk out there in the bottomless blue
What I'd give if just one said hello
Watch out for 'em, lad, or you'll go to your ruin
In mysterious fathoms below

Fathoms below, below

From whence charming melodies go
Where the oceans' four kings
And their merpeople sing
In mysterious fathoms below

Fathoms below, below
Where heroes and legends still grow
And maybe I'll see what lies waiting for me
In mysterious fathoms below

Years later, somewhere in an abandoned place, an old hippie looking man was on a table, reading a magazine. He takes out a recording device and speaks into it.

"Central state library, stardate (whatever the date is plus 300 years)." He recorded. "I must make haste, for I fear my arrest is imminent. Although I never discovered the exact day on when the first ship, Black Queen exploded, it is clear to me that a brave young girl, whose name, Daria was involved. She destroyed the Globalsoft's first ship, Black Queen but it was speculated that she was reborn a mermaid. It seems that the Globalsoft Corporation acquired the island after they were marooned in a mysterious island and replaced the human contestants in a local contest with computer generated cyber celebrities. With no cultural stimulation, the kids stopped caring. The age of GaGa in Mall island is born."

Just then, a cage, made of green lasers appeared around him. In a minute, a man in a pair of shades and in a gray suit with a trench coat appeared with four black suited individuals behind them. The man looks like a pirate,with his trench coat and the sword on his belt while the four minions behind him wore outfits that don't make them look like pirates, except for their swords.

"Oh my. Oh my, oh my, what's this?" He snickered. "Do I see a little silhouetto of a spy?"

The four men in black pirate outfits arrived and surrounded the captured old man.

"Bummer." He whispered.

"Tell me, old man. Why do you concern yourself so much with what is outside?" The pirate snickered.

"Because it is only the outside world which gives us hope." He replied to his captor.

"But you've read the histories from the outside world." The pirate nodded in disgust. "Surely you've learnt that there is no hope."

"There is always hope!" The old man protested. "Hope is our birthright!"

"Then where is it?" The pirate asked him sneered "Where is this 'hope'?"

"Any way the wind blows." He answered.

"What do you know of the term 'living rock'?" He asked him.

"No more than that which the legend promises." The old man replied "That salvation is to be found out there beyond the ocean, the place of the champions, and that a bright, bright star will show the way!"

"Oh, god, I hate hippies!" His captor slapped his head before turning to the four minions. "Consign this miserable creature to the Seven Seas of Rhye."

The four pirate minions grabbed the old man and threw him off the cliff.

"Make love, not war!" The old man yelled just as he was thrown off the cliff and into the sea.