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Finally, the magic that they emitted caused the sea mount to erupt endlessly. The lava from the sea mount begin to flow endlessly but as it flow faster, it grew bigger and bigger and bigger until it formed a huge island in a shape of a star. This caused a huge awes and shocks of wonder at the sight of the new island, with a volcano erupting vigorously until it stopped. Then, the magic around the island made new vegetation sprouted, covering new mountains, valleys and other places of it with plants and animals till it is complete. The Lap of the Gods and the war chariots parked on the newly formed beach and were awed in wonder of the new island. The navy thanked Captain Adam and the Bohemian pirates for their help before leaving. The humongous clamshell, holding the two bands washed up into the beach and they got off. Helena, Prince Jeran, Roberta and Tormund slithered their tails on the sand while Baelia, Hanso and Brynn walked with their tentacles.

"Okay, that is freaky." Scaramouche said as she saw Helena slither her tail.

"This is how we travel on dry land." King Freddie said as his tail slithered on the sand when he came up to dry land.

"The minor species lack our ability to slither on dry land." Daria laughed as she slithered her tail to catch up with her granddaughter.

"Wow, this is a beautiful island." Meat exclaimed.

"Yeah, it's our new home." Galileo said. "What shall we call it?"

"How about Bohemian Island." Big Macca suggested.

"No, what if we call it Queen Island." Captain Adam blurted out.

"That's it!" Everybody cheered.

It was a big party and everybody had a good time while Galileo and his band, along with Helena and her band played music. After the party, the merfolk of the Arctic, the southern oceans, the Atlantic oceans and the Indian Ocean are ready to go back to their respective kingdoms.

"So, you're gonna leave?" Galileo asked Helena before she and the other merfolk with their chariots and mounts from the Indian Ocean go back to their kingdom.

"Yeah." She answered.

"Please don't go." Scaramouche said.

"Even thought we are oceans apart, we can still be together in our hearts." Helena said. "You still have Johanna, Joe and Josephine to talk to and you can visit Kilauea City anytime, it's only three swims away."

In a moment, she gave them necklaces. Scaramouche's necklace has black pearls with a red seashell while Galileo's is a string with a shell riddled with holes. Galileo and Scaramouche's put on the necklaces and marveled at them. Meat, on the other hand, got a pearl necklace and Brit was given a conch horn.

"Why did you give us these?" Scaramouche asked her.

"It's a gift to remember me by." Helena said.

"So' it's a goodbye gift." Galileo wondered at the shell.

"No, it's an until we meet again gift." Said Helena.

"Okay, until we meet again." Galileo and Scaramouche called out.

"Phir milenge!" Helena bid farewell back.

Right in a moment, Helena joined the other Indian Ocean merfolk on a war chariot and left while the merfolk of the Pacific Ocean and the Bohemian pirates bid farewell to them. After they left, Galileo and Scaramouche stood at the beach, hand in hand as they watch the sunset. Everything has changed for them.

One month later, everything is back to the way it is because for weeks, everybody from Mall Island had a lot of catching up to do, from learning new things, overcoming culture shock to adjusting with the outside world. Most of the people of the now-destroyed Mall Island, found homes in other countries but the others prefer to stay in Queen Island. Galileo and his new band, along with the merfolk and the Bohemian pirates are living their lives, protecting wildlife, scouting and settling in Queen Island, which is now becoming protected. Sida, formerly Killer Queen had recovered from her trauma by traveling all over the world and found true love with a tourist, who took her to be his wife and lived happily ever after.

All of Queen island is hosting a beach party, Galileo and his band along with Helena and her band play music with the sea creatures while the Bohemian pirates, with their new recruits and all of the merfolk are partying, dancing and playing in the water.

I hear the music playing
It's swinging and it's swaying
A little rhapsody
Today we're so delighted
Today we're all united
Here on the land and sea

I think the sails are sailing
Even the whales are wailing
They're swimming fancy-free
We're feeling better now
We sing together now
Here on the land and sea

Life is up, pick up your beat
Move your fins and move your feet
Life is sweet, life is grand
Though we rhumba with the bass brass brand
Everybody now!

There's no more stormy weather
Now we can sing together
In perfect harmony
We're feeling better now
We sing together now
Here on the land and sea

Those on land sing... La di da do
Those below sing... La di do do
Life is sweet, as sweet can be
On the land and on the sea

La la la la la laa la
La la la la la laa la
La la la la lee dee
We're feeling better now
We sing together now
Here on the land and sea

La la la la la laa la
La la la la la laa la
La la la la lee dee
We're feeling better now
We sing together now
Here on the land and sea