Screaming. Once again, Cassandra Weasley was woken by the sounds of screaming. This was a regular occurrence in the Weasley household but today, the ear-piercing sound was a lot more frantic. Cassie and Ronald were starting their first day at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and from what the young witch could hear, their mother was screeching because Ron had lost his rat once again.

Letting out a heavy sigh, she threw back the covers and crawled out of bed. Yet again, she would have to rescue her twin from their mother's wrath by helping him find his bloody rat.

Whistles and chatter filled the platform as the large Weasley family, (minus Arthur who was at work) made their way towards Platform 9 and ¾.

"George, would you hurry up?" Mrs Weasley snapped at her one of her elder twins, as he lagged behind.

Hiding her sniggers, Cassie decided not to tell her mother that she was actually telling off Fred, or that she couldn't tell the two apart.

Just before Cassie could go through the wall, a boy about her age interrupted, asking for help on how to get to the platform.

"Excuse me? C-could you tell me how to-" The boy stammered.

"How to get onto the platform? Yes, not to worry, dear. It's Ron and Cassie's first year as well. Now, all you've got to do is walk straight at the wall between platforms 9 and 10. Best do it at a bit of a run if you're nervous." Molly explained, smiling kindly.

Thanking her, the dark haired boy disappeared through the wall. Cassie went after, followed by Ron, and then their mother and younger sister.

"Now, you two behave. I don't want any letters from the school telling me you've blown up a toilet!" Molly warned her prankster twins.

"Blown up a toilet? We've never blown up a toilet!"

"Thanks for the idea though, Mum."

Unfortunately, Cassie was unable to disguise her snort of laughter causing her mother to turn her attentions to her and Ron.

"You, little miss. Do not let your older brother's mislead you. Both of you behave yourselves. Have a fun year. Make friends. Get good grades. Write home everyday. Once again, behave. No de-"

Molly Weasley wrapped her youngest twins in a tight hug as the Hogwarts Express whistle cut her off. The signal that the train was ready for boarding.

"We love you too, Mum." Ron and Cassie said simultaneously before climbing aboard the train and waving goodbye to Molly and Ginny.

"Excuse me, do you mind? Everywhere else is full." Ronald asked the dark haired boy from earlier, gesturing to the empty compartment.

"No, not at all." The boy replied, allowing the twins to sit with him.

"I'm Ron, by the way. Ron Weasley." The ginger haired boy stated, more confident than his twin. "And this is my twin sister, Cassie."

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

Ron let out a strangled gasp of awe whilst Cassie's eyes widened in admiration. Both of them had grown up hearing the legends of Harry Potter.

"So, it's true?! I mean, do you really have the.. The.." Ron trailed off.

"The what?"

"Scar." Cassie said bluntly, her brother's use of the English language was currently failing him due to the shock of meeting his idol.

Harry lifted up his fringe to show the ginger twins his lightning scar. Ron's mouth fell open with shock.

"I have a weird shaped scar too." Cassie lifted up her hair to show the star shaped scar on her neck. "Had it since I was a baby but Mum can never remember how I got it."

Popping her head into the compartment, the trolley lady inquired as to whether the children would like anything. Despite the drool pooling in their mouths, Ron and Cassie held up their squashed sandwiches with crestfallen expressions.

"No, thanks, we're all set." Ron murmured.

"We'll take the lot!" Harry exclaimed.

It was at that point that Cassie could tell it was going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

During that train ride, Cassie had met a muggleborn by the name of Hermione Granger. She seemed very intelligent, despite not being brought up in the wizarding community, and the two girls had bonded over their love of spells and 'Hogwarts; A History'.

However, Cassie had also had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Draco Malfoy. After the stuff he said about her family, she had had the intense urge to pummel him in the face. To her dismay, her twin had pinned her arms behind her back and before she had had the chance to escape from his grasp, Professor McGonagall had ushered them all into the Great Hall.

"Whilst at Hogwarts, your house will be your home." McGonagall announced before calling out the first name.

The Sorting passed fairly quickly due to the fact that the ginger girl had zoned out for most of it. Hermione Granger had been sorted into Gryffindor, not Ravenclaw like she'd suspected. Draco Malfoy slithered up to the stool and before the hat was even placed on his head, it announced Slytherin.

"Harry Potter." McGonagall called out.

Instantly, the Hall went silent as everyone watched as the Harry Potter walked up to the stool. The Hat was placed on his head for a good couple of minutes before the Hat declared him a Gryffindor, causing thundering claps to come from the direction of the Lion table.

"We got Potter! We got Potter!" Fred and George chanted, only falling silent when their sister's name was called.

Taking a deep breath, Cassie walked up to the stool with her head held high, despite the fact that her hands were shaking violently. Her face remained void of emotion as the Hat was placed upon her head.

'Hmm, another Weasley. It's not as easy to place you as it was for your other siblings. Smart enough for Ravenclaw.'

Cassie panicked as she believed she wasn't good enough for the smartest house at Hogwarts. The Hat picked up on that.

'You would thrive in Ravenclaw. But, wait! There is cunning within you. A prankster. Slytherin would be the best place for you - You don't want to be in Slytherin. Your courage however, far surpasses your kindness, smarts, and cunningness'.

"GRYFFINDOR!" The Hat announced to the rest of the school.

She let out a small sigh of relief before sitting between Fred and George, smiling as Ron joined Harry, Hermione on the other side of the table.

It was only their first night at Hogwarts but she could tell it was going to be a good year.