Once upon a time, long, long ago - well, more like 20 years ago - Belle married her Beast in front of 6000 of their closest, personal friends.

Instead of a honeymoon, Beast united all of the kingdoms and became King of the United States of Auradon. He rounded up all the villains and their sidekicks and banished them to the Isle of the Lost, using a magical barrier to prevent them from escaping.

And so, Auradon Prep was built; a school of absolute goodness for all the young Princes and Princesses. A school where only the good were allowed. Until Beast's son, Ben, decided to open up the school to four villainous kids.

They were Mal (daughter of Maleficent), Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen), Carlos (son of Cruella De Vil), and Jay (son of Jafar). However, Ben somehow managed to overlook the other daughter of Maleficent.

"Hi, Mom." Mal greeted as she walked into her mother's house, the shelves and floors littered with knick knacks and trinkets that the daughters of Maleficent had stolen over time. The only sign that Maleficent was even slightly proud of her twins.

"Stealing candy, Mal?" The dragon asked as she saw the lollipop dangling from her purple haired daughter's mouth. "I must admit I am rather disappointed in you. At least your sister stole a sword from those pirates today."

"It was from a baby." Mal stated, trying to gain her mother's approval.

Despite how much the sisters loved each other, wickedness had become a competition between the two girls; whoever committed the worst act of the day got the prize of their mother's attention and slight ? that stop them? Definitely not.

"That's my nasty little girl. Now give it back to the dreadful creature."

Upon hearing Mal's protests, Maleficent delved into a speech about how she was cursing kingdoms when she was younger and how all she wants is for her daughters to end up as wicked as she. Blah. Blah. Blah.

"Where is Maddy?" Mal asked, interrupting the monologue of her mother to inquire her sister's absence.

"She should be back momentarily. Said something about visiting a boy. I don't know, I wasn't really listening."

As the other three VK's and their parents entered the main room, the Villain Parents informed their children that they had the most important news to share, all the way from Auradon. A royal decree had been passed that allowed four children from the Isle of the Lost to be given the opportunity to attend Auradon Prep; those four children were Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos. As the parents finished with their news, the room was filled with uproar from the four teenagers.

"Mal!" Maleficent boomed, darkening the room as her fury grew slightly. "You will go. You will find the Fairy Godmother's wand and bring it back to me. If you refuse, you're grounded for the rest of your life."

Rolling her eyes, Mal reluctantly agreed, knowing she did not have much choice in the matter. However, she could not help but notice that her mother continued to place emphasis on four children whilst the VK consisted of five.

"What about Maddy?"

"Maddy? Oh, she's not going." Maleficent informed the group casually, not really bothered as to how it would affect the children.

All she cared about was possessing that wand and being feared throughout the world once more.

"What do you mean?" Carlos cried, shock evident in his features.

Cruella De Vil's son had always been close to Maddy because, no matter what, she always stuck up for him. In fights, she always back to back with him, never letting anyone hurt him. To leave her behind would be the greatest betrayal, one he was not sure he was prepared to commit.

"She wasn't chosen. Just the four of you."

Once the arguing had died down, it was decided that the four of them would go to Auradon, steal the wand, and return to the Isle in no time. Knocking at the door caused all eight Villains to rush towards the door at once.

Climbing through the window of her mother's apartment, Maddy called out to the pile of people at the front door. They ignored her. Instead, they opened the door and Maddy noticed the Auradon guards stood on the other side.

"Hello? Guys? What's going on?" Maddy raised her voice, finally capturing everyone's attention.

Stood there in her mixture of purple and green clothes, her dark waves dipped with green, purple eyes blazing, she was the picture of Maleficent's daughter. Fury crackled around her like electricity and Carlos noticed the forming of a bruise around her right eye and the bruises on her knuckles.

"Your sister and these three have been chosen to attend Auradon Prep." The Evil Queen explained, some compassion in her voice as she noticed the sadness on the beautiful girl's face.

"You're not going, are you?" She took a step towards them before catching herself and staggering back, away from those who were leaving her behind.

"I'm so sorry, Mads, but we have to." Carlos looked guilty, taking a step towards his best friend but she took another step away from him.

Mal refused to even look her sister in the patted her on the shoulder as he walked gave Maddy a big hug before walking out the door as well and as the four of them climbed into the limo, Mal finally turned to look at her sister one last time. Immediately, she regretted it once she saw the heartbroken look on her twin's face.

The forgotten daughter of Maleficent watched as the limo disappeared from sight before running off to her apartment; away from her mother, away from that house, and away from the reminder of her sister and her friends. She had been abandoned.