Busted (or how the team found out)

A series of Savis one shots on how the team found out (some serious, other ways not so)

Sonny Snow White

They were slowly running out of ideas to try, not used to the normally loud brash Texan being so quiet, not moving, or acknowledging their very presence. The longer that time drew on the more worried they became about their brother. The thankfulness that they had found him alive was slowly dissipating over time.

All hell had broken loose on the mission and Sonny had ended up being captured. Determination, force and sheer skill and will power of the team, of his family, meant he had been found, alive but seemingly been broken. The busted ribs, the expanse of bruises, the broken bones were the least of their worries, especially now. Indeed its the unseen injury, the damage caused that works its way into the core of Sonny's being.

For unfortunately following his rescue, whilst alive, eyes open, darting around his surroundings but not focusing on anything, he has yet to acknowledge anyone, or respond to them. It is almost as if he was frozen in a world of his own.

Initially they thought it was the shock of the torture that he had clearly been enduring during the weeks he was held captive for, however as the days wore on since his rescue he had still to really acknowledge anything or anyone around them. No amount of teasing, talking to him, or just sitting with him had worked. Occasional flinches at loud noises, but nothing really beyond that.

The doctors tried to explain it but no one could say how long (or god forbid even if) he would find his way back to them. Whilst no physical damage to his brain, it appeared that he had closed himself off, to protect himself from what was going on around him whilst he was captured, almost trance like. Now they just had to help him find a way to bring him back, let him know he was safe and back home with them.

For the first few days the boys, as well as Blackburn and Mandy had taken shifts at sitting at his bedside, not leaving him night or day. But as his physical wounds were repairing themselves, Sonny was moved to a different ward. Whilst the prior nursing team were somewhat lax on visiting hours rules, seemingly sympathetic to their worries and concerns about their brother, the new ward team were not so lenient.

As such as soon as the clock struck 9pm, whomever was at his bedside was shooed out of the hospital and not permitted to return until 9 the next morning. The boys had tried to be sneaky but after the third time of being caught out of hours, the threat of all visitation being cut put a stop to any further attempts.

It was therefore two things that caught Jason and Trent by surprise the one morning.

Firstly someone had clearly managed to find their way in to the hospital room early (as like the good sailors they were arrived in a very punctual manner as soon as visiting resumed) and secondly that their seemingly unresponsive brother was able to respond after all.

Lying beside the Texan on his hospital bed was a certain officer, clearly sleeping herself, with Sonny quietly, calmly running his fingers through her hair. On seeing his brothers enter the room, he finally gave them the acknowledgement the team had all been dying to receive (albeit to tell them to keep the noise down and not to wake her, as she was tired).

Indeed whilst they had been keeping vigil by his bedside, there was one family member who's absence was keenly felt. Davis, had unfortunately been deployed abroad for a short period of time, so was not in the US when news of his capture and subsequent rescue had been confirmed. As soon as she landed back on US soil, she made arrangements go back to Virginia beach, desperate to see him.

On seeing the two of them together even with one of them asleep, it was apparent to Jason and Trent that there was more to them than friendship. They could clearly see the adoration of her in Sonny's eyes, the level of intimacy and comfort in how they were holding each other was clearly something not new.

Trent, often the quieter member of the team smirked looking at the two of them, "so Sonny, or should we say Snow White, after all our attempts all you needed was your princess charming to wake you with a kiss". Though somewhat amused by Trents snark, all he could think to do at that time was to respond to his brother with a one fingered salute.