Chapter 3 - Testing the Waters

(30 minutes later)

"Yeah... I don't know if 'counselor' is a right word to describe their professions, KP." Ron said as they got out of the auditorium. He was walking with Kim.

"Don't fret about it, Ron. Your grades have improved since junior year. I know that at least you have a C average in your classes." Kim reassured him.

"But it's the detention part I fear the most. I kinda lost count at how many detentions I got this senior year." Ron said while banging on his locker door.

"I think around 7 or 8, Ron." Kim said, opening her locker. "Barkin hasn't been harsh to you as he was in sophomore or junior year."

"Yeah...I think he's gonna go nice and easy on me!" Ron said confidently, "After all, I helped score the winning touchdown in the state championship!"

(15 more minutes later)

"Stoppable, I am not going to give you an easy pass! I'm not going to post your grades first!" Barkin said while adjusting his position on the chair.

"But, Mr. Barkin, please!" Ron pleaded.

"It will not be fair to the other students." Barkin replied sternly, "You will know your grades by the middle of the week. Now get out of my office before I write you up for a detention!"

"And he shut me down like that!" Ron complained. "I tells ya, KP! I get no respect! No respect!"

"Ron, athletics do not buy you a way to a diploma!" Kim countered as she closed her locker door. "Grades do."

"What about Brick's parents?" Ron replied back. "They're one of the most powerful families in Middleton and he was the star quarterback for seven years!"

Kim took a deep shudder with goosebumps on her skin.

" wonder why Bonnie wanted him to remain at Middleton High!" she exclaimed, sticking her tongue out.

Rufus also stuck his tongue out as well in agreement.

"I don't know how to feel about this, KP..." Ron admitted, "I know you're probably gonna get exempt from all your exams because of your high grades and daily ritual of getting college acceptance letters. As for me...I'm going to probably end up with a football scholarship."

"See, it's not all bad..." Kim said before Ron interrupted her.

" Lowerton Junior College!" the blonde whined when he finished his sentence. "And I know that at least I'll have to take two exams..."

" matter where you go to college, I'll be right by your side." Kim reassured him.

"Thanks, KP!" Ron said with a sigh of relief.

Kim then heard the Kimmunicator tone. Instinctively, she held up the watch, but Wade didn't come on.

"That's weird. The Kimmunicator's not flashing." the redhead said.

"Um...that is actually coming from your phone, KP." Ron said, pointing to her purse.

"Ugh...the Tweebs!" Kim exclaimed, reaching for her purse, "I hate it when they try to change the message tone on my cell phone!"

Kim pulled out her phone. As it turned out, it was from Monique.


Can you meet me at BN? I so need your help on something RI!

Your friend-girl,


"Looks like Monique may need our help!" Kim exclaimed.

"But what does RI stand for, KP?" Ron asked about the Monique-speak code.

"Really important, Ron!" Kim responded with the translation, "Now, let's head to Bueno Nacho!"

(in the mountains of Bavaria)

"Finally...ze prototype for my robot army in Project Wunderbar Robot Blitz IS COMPLETE! Soon...ze vorld vill BE MINE!"

The evil laugh of Professor Heinrich von Dementor echoed throughout his latest lair. He had just invented a robot that was more technologically advanced than the Hepheastus Project that Drakken stole for the failed Lil' Diablo scheme.

"Ze metal iz so strong zat not even Fraulein Possible's technology vill even BREAK THROUGH IT!"

Dementor observed his team of engineers and scientists finalizing the preparations of his army of advanced robots to, like every other villain, try and take over the world.

He then saw the lead scientist and said.

"Gutent tag, lead scientist. Iz ze robot army ready for ze destruction of MAJOR CITIES UND TOWNS IN ZE VORLD?"

"Ze robot army iz almost ready for your command." the lead scientist replied. "But ve still need one very important item."

"Und zat iz?" Dementor asked.

"Ze Zircadium 44 iz needed for ze transmitter to relay ze command signal to ze robots!" the scientist replied.

"Then vhy not invent ze material?" Dementor replied. "I can usually invent my own stuff, unlike ze blue-skinned freak of nature THAT CALLS HIMSELF A DOCTOR!"

"Because ve do not have ze material to make it here in Bavaria!" the scientist said, pointing to a screen on the computer that, indeed, the area around Dementor's lair doesn't have the material needed.

He then continued "It iz vun of a kind material stored in a very secure facility somevhere in Colorado, in ze United States. It iz said to be ze most secure facility in ze vorld!"

"Hmmm..." Dementor said, scratching his chin. "Then in zat case, ve vill go zere to Colorado to steal it! But I do need somevun zo HELP ME OUT!"

"But vho vould help us break into zat facility?" the scientist asked.

"Her!" Dementor replied with a chuckle, displaying a picture of Shego on the monitor. "Ze Frau Shego vill be ze perfect person zo help us break in und steal ze mineral! Ve vill pay her very vell for ze heist!"

"How are ve going to get her? She is still locked in ze prison!" the scientist wondered, for Drakken and Shego were still in jail from his latest failed plan.

"Then ve vill break her out...tonight! Ja?!" Dementor chuckled.