Chapter 5 - Breaking Her Out


"Ron, I'm not one of those!" Kim countered while she was in the treehouse at the Stoppables. The couple sat on the couch while Rufus was pacing on the cushions.

"KP, you have to pull through for us Seniors to make Mr. GrumpyPants laugh!" Ron said.

"That's the thing, Ron! I usually help people and...of course...fight the bad guys! It's so not my nature!" Kim explained.

"But you gotta think of something fast! We're going to enlist the help of Zita and Felix along in this as well!" Ron insisted. "And also Monique, Tara, Amelia and Reeger as well."

"Zita and Felix?" Kim asked. "They aren't the class clown types either."

But Ron wasn't fazed.

"Look, KP, between the six of us, plus the fact that Amelia and Brick graduated, there's bound to be some ideas bouncing."

(2 hours later, Possible household)

"Ohhh man! I'm empty on senior prank ideas!" Ron whined.

"Same here, man! I got nothing!" Felix sighed, putting his hand on his hair.

"Tell me, what did you, the Class of 2005, do when you graduated, Amelia?" Kim asked. She hadn't seen Amelia since her sophomore year.

"Me, and the entire senior class, camped out at the school, wearing pajamas and bunny slippers." Amelia replied, "That was the last time I even heard Barkin laughing at a prank."

"Aw man...I was considering that prank!" Ron complained.

"And I wanted to test out my Club Banana slippers!" Monique added.

Reeger added, "Sorry, Ron. According to MHS tradition, once the prank has been played, it is never to be repeated by future classes."

"Do you have something in mind, Kim?"

Kim rubbed her chin and exclaimed.

"I got something that would finally get Barkin to at least crack a chuckle!"

The other members of the group gathered around Kim to listen to her prank.

(11:45pm, Middleton Federal Prison)

Drakken sighed, sitting in his 8x11 cell after his failed plan.

"Well...another plan has been thanks to Kim Possible! But at least I am alone in my sweet comfortable cell!"

His dream was interrupted by the corrections officer opening the cell door.

"Lipsky..." the officer growled, " have a new cellmate!"

Drakken pleaded on his knees. "Please not him! Please not him!"

"Heya, Drew!"

Drakken gulped and recognized that voice. It was none other than...

"Frugal Lucre?!"

Francis Lurman, also in his orange prison jumpsuit, came into the cell with Drakken as the cell door slammed shut. This ensured no escape for a frightened Drakken.

"Yeah, you know me, right, Mr. Lipsky! I wanted you to help me in terms of organizing my stamp collection by alphabetical order of the county and by the exact date and day..."

As Francis was blabbering on, Drakken sighed, "I just wish the United Nations would list Lucre's vocal cords as an inhumane method of torture!"

Just as he said those words, alarms started to ring though the facility.

Drakken gasped with great joy, "Finally! A method of escape!"

He climbed on the prison bar windows and shouted, "So long, Lucre! I will never ever see you again!"

But when Drakken turned around, he saw an unfamiliar sight. A hoverjet appeared in front of Drakken's cell window and the driver lowered the window.

"Professor Dementor? What are you doing here?" Drakken asked. He was baffled on how his greatest villainous rival got here in the first place.

"Ahh...herr Dr. Drakken...still stuck in the vee small jail cell you have, ja?" Dementor chuckled.

"Yes! I am being stuck here with an endless blabbermouth!" Drakken exclaimed, referring to Lucre. "Please! Let me out!"

"Und your incompetence vould be A MAJOR DETRIMENT ZO ZE PLAN?! I do not zink so!" Dementor shouted. "Und I also have a pleasant...surprise for you, Herr Doctor!"

"Bring it, Dementor! I can take whatever surprise you can dish out at me!" Drakken shouted, pounding his fists against the bricks of the prison window.

Dementor laughed and he simply leaned back to reveal that Shego, in her prison uniform, was in the passenger seat.

This scene took Drakken by surprise. His jaw came unhinged.

"WHAT?! Shego! How could you?!"

"No hard feelings, Dr. D! Demends here tempted me with the green!" Shego grinned, flashing a wad of crisp $100 bills in a rubber band.

"I need her help in ze evil scheme of mine!" Dementor added.

"Dementor! Bring her back to me now!" Drakken demended.

"I promise zat you two vill be back together..." Dementor vowed. "Once I complete MY EVIL SCHEME OF WORLD DOMINATION!"

Calming down, the helmeted villain added, "Now und if you don't mind, I vill have my sauerkraut and bratwurst sandwich!" He took the sandwich from the refrigerated compartment, and began to eat it right in front of Drakken's presence.

"This is no fair!" the blue-skinned prisoner pouted, "You get to eat a sandwich while I am forced to eat gruel that was probably cooked with leftovers from Possible's high school!"

"Villainous plotting always makes me hungry, ja!" Dementor grinned. "Und anywho, I should go ahead und leave with Frau Shego for now but vill bring her back to you!"

"You'd better. Or I will level your latest lair!" Drakken shouted, pointing at his rival. "And next time, indoor voice!"

"Zose are just ze empty zhreats, Herr Doctor!" Dementor scoffed while tossing what remained of his sandwich to the ground, "Auf wiedersehen und good day to you!"

With that, Dementor's hovercraft flew away from Drakken's sight.

"Aww...rats!" he muttered.

"Don't worry, Drew! You still have me!" Lurman replied with a grin. "Which kinda reminds me of the time that my mom misplaced my toy cars..."

"I'm going to need earplugs by the time this is over!"