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August 1, 2010

Kamikura Island


'Man, this place is deserted. Is everyone really outside fighting those two women?' Quick as a shadow, the man darted through the corridors, hardly glancing at the occasional door he passed. 'For how high level this assignment is, so far it's been the easiest assignment yet. Then again, with all the guards distracted, I suppose that's to be expected. It's only two people, how difficult can they be? Then again, Cain is a fucking monster so it's possible.'

Lost in his thoughts and with his silenced footsteps, he continued his trek through the facility, relying on instinct to find his target. This was made much easier by the aforementioned emptiness of the locale.

A sudden sound froze the man on the spot, and he crouched down into the shadowy corridor. Ahead, a dozen or so military personnel cross the intersecting hall, sprinting towards the battle that was occurring a few moments more, being sure all the sounds were moving away, he pulled out a stick and waved it a few times, before flicking out a ball of light. It went down the way the personnel came from, and the shadowy person darted forward following the small ball of light as it sped ahead, backtracking their footsteps.

His efforts were rewarded when up ahead he saw someone in a lab coat quickly moving with a cart. Following the labtician at a distance, they arrived shortly at a room. The figure watched the lab-donning person practically sprint through the door flanked by two more military men, all on high alert and fingers on the triggers of their weapons.

'Whatever they've got here must be intense. If I didn't know any better… wait… actually, I don't know any better. That transmission didn't say anything about extraction. Shit! Considering how far I've had to go through this building to even get here, maybe this is a suicide mission for them. Better be quick.'

The figure darted forward, invisible to all, silent to all as he neared. Approaching the guarded door, he was made aware of four other armed guards nearby, guarding the side halls. Making a snap decision, he pulled out a grenade from his pocket and pulled the pin. With a wave of his hand, he silenced it, then tossed it squarely amongst the grouped men.

Taking refuge behind a makeshift barrier, obviously set up in a 'last stand' type scenario, he counted down before the timed grenade went off. With a bright flash, the modified flashbang grenade stunned all six guards, dropping them where they stood. His success was instantly quelled though, as, to his annoyance, one was apparently taking a drink from a flask, as it's ringing sound from bouncing off the hard floor echoed the hallway. 'FUCK!' was his only thought, as the doors sealed shut with several *THUD THUD THUD*.

'Fuck fuck fuck not good. Goddamn you, Tobias. "Don't take breach charges" he said. "You won't need them" he said. "This is an in-and-out mission" he said. Last time I listen to you, you one-eyed prick.' The figure checked all three hallways, then pulled out the stick from underneath one of his gauntlets. With several quick flicks, he casted a number of spells down both side halls, and a few extra down the one behind him. 'Hope these guards are worth something. That gray-haired girl looked way too eager to start fighting. Wonder where the busty brunette went? They were hot.'

Deciding time was against him, he cast a couple more spells down each hall before turning towards the now thrice-sealed doors. 'Ok, unlocking charms are out. I could blast through them, but I have no idea what's behind here. Or who, now that I think about it. Why would there be anyone with a lab coat for a data-extraction mission? I'm missing something. Did we miss part of the transmission? Or… no, if this was a suicide op, a lot of the info would not have been stated in any transmission. They'd have pre-arranged code phrases. But if this was a kidnapping of any sort, why no extraction? What the fuck is going on? Data mining operation maybe? But again, wouldn't need a scientist in a lab coat. What're we missing, what am I missing...'

While having this internal monologue, he was working the door, casting charm after charm, slowly weakening the door's seals. Several minutes went past, and he was making progress, but slowly. 'Destroy the door, don't destroy the door. Destroy the door, don't destroy. This is taking way too… AHA!' Right as he was preparing to change tactics, two of the sealed doors suddenly opened. The third started to, but stopped with only a half-foot gap open.

His reflexes kicked in, as the familiar sight of a gun barrel peaked through, and he rolled sideways as a long string of bullets pelted the area immediately in front of the door. Some obscenities were called out, and yelling at other persons in the room but the man ignored them and just closed his eyes, took several deep breaths and reviewed what he saw.

'Ok, nothing directly behind the door but two guards. But I didn't quite see anything else. They know someone's coming, so shit's about to hit the fan. Well… for me at least. Fuck you Tobias, "in-and-out" my ass. If nothing behind it, then I can just blast through it, and pray the ricochet doesn't destroy any data. Siege Engine it is. Question is, Battering Ram or Ballistic? Decision decisions...'

Waving his hand over himself again, his body faded partially from view. 'Whoever managed to kill the lights, thank you very much.' He got on all fours, moving quickly about 25 feet in front of the partially opened door. He could just see through the slight gap a mounted machine gun aimed right for him. He had never been more grateful for Shaun's persistence on mastering the disillusionment spell. 'Oh heaven have mercy. This was a great idea. Fuck it, Battering Ram.' He pulled out the wand again, waved it over himself a few times. "Inpes impetus" he muttered repeatedly, before a sudden whine that sounded far too much like the machine gun called his attention. 'Are they seriously shooting blind, or have they somehow detected me? Or worse…' he glanced behind him, but didn't see or hear anything.

"FUCK YOU!" he cried out, abandoning all pretense of silence as his enhanced charging attack built up, sprinting all-out at the door and ramming it left shoulder first, blasting it inwards. The right-most part of the sealed door flew straight at the machine gun, taking out the operators. One of which had his hand on the trigger, sprayed half the room with bullets before relinquishing his hold, felling half the scientists.

Resorting to hand-to-hand, the man danced between the remaining personnel, military and scientists alike, engaged each briefly before swiftly dropping them. After the last soldier dropped, dead or unconscious he didn't know, nor care, a sudden klaxon alarm blasted through the room. *WAA WAA WAA WAA WAA WAA* 'An alarm? Now? Really?'

He looked around, and saw, to his surprise, one scientist bleeding from half a dozen holes in his back, at a console, typing as fast as he could. Which, to the still-upright man's immense surprise, was fairly fast, considering he was bleeding to death. He moved over, watching the scientist input information, committing as many commands to memory as he could. And right as the man went to send, he was hit with a red light in the back, dropping him to the floor. 'I probably should've just AK'd him. He's dying anyways. Would've put him out of his misery. Oh well, at least this way he'll die in his sleep. It's more painless that way, right?' He went to the console, scanning everything he could, and input a few more commands before pulling out a cord from one of his pockets and plugged it in. 'Hmm. That's a moral debate I'm not really interested in having at the moment. Or at all. Best not tell Hermione. Or Ginny. Granted, Ginny might actually agree with me. The Chamber really did a number on her psyche. What the hell? Why are there two girls in here?' After starting the download, he had turned and scanned the room, waiting for it to finish. And to his surprise, on the far side away from where he was standing, two beds were there, side by side with young girls no older than 10 on them.

He pulled the device out of his pocket, set it on the console, then cautiously moved over to the two girls beds. 'You've got to be shitting me! This is what they were here for? What the fuck is going on!?' Both girls had half a dozen tubes running out of them, two of which contained blood, two more with clear liquids in them, and two with different colored liquids. Waving his wand over them, and all the results came back with the same prognosis: not good.

He was so stunned and outraged by the sight he missed the quickly approaching footsteps, and the unmasked gasp of surprise. Too busy clenching and unclenching his fists in anger, he also missed the swinging foot, which caught him completely unawares squarely in the chest, sending him careening into the far wall with an "OOOMPH!"

After the collision, his training kicked in, and dropped into a roll before charging at the newcomer, who spun around for another kick. Not to be caught in another bonebreaker, as his aching ribs were suggesting what happened, he caught the leg and spun in the same direction, throwing its owner into the near wall. The girlish "eek!" rang through his ears, and he took a moment to realize it was the missing brunette he'd seen out front earlier.

"Ah, there you are. As you can see, you're late." The two girls were completely forgotten as he took in the newcomers form, and his hormones were loving what he was seeing: short-cropped brunette hair, with a pigtail out the back, flanking a heart-shaped face, bodacious body and long, slender legs. Yes, he was enjoying the view very much.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO THEM!" the girl declared in flawless English, her violet eyes shining with power as she launched another assault. That it was in English completely flew over the man's head, too distracted by the delicious woman in front of him.

Momentarily entranced by the girl's eyes, he was almost caught by a powerful punch, but his reflex training had him dodging at the last second. He was suddenly extremely grateful for that, as while the punch itself missed, he still felt the backdraft of the displaced air. 'Holy shit, how does a girl punch that hard and that fast? How does anyone?' He was quite on the defensive, dodging kicks and punches to the best of his ability. Which, while considerable in his not-so-humble opinion, was not nearly enough against the enraged girl whose very punches were making his hair flutter even when they weren't connecting.

He quickly realized he was vastly outmatched. 'No wonder only two were sent. Goddamn, I'm almost afraid of…' "OOOMPH!" A powerfully misdirected punch from a glowing fist caught him in the gut, and he felt every ounce of the girl's strength behind it. Once again he found himself rolling off a wall, already waving his hand to mitigate the damage to himself. 'I'm hurt. I'm very much hurt. Ok, no more getting punched. That fucking hurts. Her hand was glowing, what the hell? Never thought I'd ever thank Cain for all that torture he put me through that he calls training. I doubt I'd be conscious otherwise.'

It was obvious the girl was thinking along the same lines, as her enraged demeanor was sharing space with an analytical one, head slightly cocked. "You're much stronger than you look. Is that how you were able to kidnap two helpless Sekirei?"

Between ragged breaths, said man was processing the girl's words and eventually came up with a response. "What…" the word came out with difficulty, a tell-tale sign of how much pain he was in. "Ow… what… fuck... are 'Sekirei'? Damn... you... hit... hard" he breathed, before the actual accusation caught up to him. Never mind the dozens of dead and unconscious soldiers and scientists littering the room. Never mind the kilos of blood painting the decour. Flipping open a pocket on his hip, he pulled out a tube of blue and violet liquid and downed it, the pain relief potion quickly kicking in.

His injuries moderated for the moment, he was able to turn his attention to the woman in front of him, who… for some reason… not only hadn't moved, but was looking at him with a slightly predatory look, and lust? 'That can't be right, I must've hit that wall harder than I thought.' He would've acknowledged it, if the girl's accusation hadn't chosen that moment to echo in his head. "Wait, you think I'm the one who kidnapped them? Are you crazy!?" He tried shouting the last, but the extra effort reminded him of the bruised rib, which decided at that moment to hurt thrice as much, despite the pain relief potion. 'Fuck. Time to make a tactical retreat. If she's here for the girls, then maybe she won't follow me. They look in bad shape, so she'll have to choose between them and me.'

He turned his head slightly downwards, enough so his eyes weren't easily seen, but was still able to see her and the data console out of his peripheral vision. 'Ok, time to get out of here. I really wish I knew Apparation already. I hate portkeys. Wait, portkey! Did they put up any anti-portkey wards? Did I remember to check for them. Years of training and I forget all of it cause of a few pretty girls. FUCK! That shit with Tonks really messing with my head. Get your head in the game, damn it! Now that I think on it, no one tried using magic. If this was ICW sanctioned as Saul believes, where is the wizard support? Or Magical support of any kind. Something is very wrong here.'

Fast-paced beeping caught both of their attentions, in opposite directions. The male looked at the data console, and his unit and the console itself were indicating the download complete. He looked back at the beds, and the attached monitors were flashing, one having gone flatlined.

'Oh fuck. That's not good. Well, now I can make my escape. Wait, no, don't look at me like that lady. I didn't do this. SHIT!' He dodged out of the way of another powerful kick, this time wild and angry, no doubt at the girl's demise. After completing her spin from the kick, she let out another screech, and suddenly both hands started glowing, right before she jumped at him, both hands clutched together in a fist as she brought them down where he was crouched.

Darting away yet again, he pulled out his wand coming out of the roll, and threw a shield up right as she sent an energy blast from the palms of her hand. In response, he threw an overpowered blasting curse at the girl. It caught her straight in the chest, sending her into the far wall, making an indention.

Using the window, he yanked the cord out of the computer and stashed both in his pocket, then went to the necklace around his neck for his portkey. Pulling it out, he was about to activate it until he heard sobbing. He glanced over, and the girl he'd been fighting was bent over the one who had flatlined, her body shaking as the sobs continued.

'Wow. Talk about your 180's. Not my problem, though. I should go over there. She'll hurt me again. We can save the girl. It's not our problem! You're going to let a girl die! She's already dead! WE CAN SAVE HER! WALK AWAY! GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE!'

Groaning at his internal debate, he dropped the portkey down his shirt, and made haste to the beds. Stunning the crying girl, and letting her fall to the floor, he started pushing buttons on the attached machine, inputting several commands, and cancelling others. He quickly but carefully pulled out the needles, healing their insertion points and sealing them. He opened the pocket again, and pulled out several vials that were too large for the pocket they came out of. Uncorking one, he waved his wand and the contents vanished into the girl's stomach. He repeated the process with three more, and was about to do a fifth when a strong grip grabbed his wand arm.

"What do you think you are doing?" the menacing female's voice asked, the grip itself nearly enough to cause him to drop his wand. Not that he needed much help, as the girl being awake already after a stunner as powerful as he used on her was enough of a surprise. "What do you think you are doing?" she repeated, and he found his voice.

"Saving her life, now let me go unless you want her to die" he said with much more bravado than he felt at that moment. 'That's the second time she's snuck up on me without me realizing it. Goddamn, I'm going to be chewed out something fierce for this whole debacle. William's going to be piiiissed. Not to mention Moody. Shit biscuits. And there's no way I'm going to be able to milk my injury to avoid punishment. Fuck me.'

"She's not going to die" the girl declared adamantly, a sudden serenity in her voice, her eyes hard and determined. He'd have been more curious about the strange look in her eye, if the nearby flatline wasn't echoing in his ears.

"I know, I'm going to save her."

"No… That's not your job" she whispered, looking at the girl, tears threatening to ruin her demeanor as she held her fist to her chest.

"It's what I can do" he declared, yanking his arm back with enough force to break her hold, but almost losing his balance as she'd apparently all but let go already. "I didn't kidnap them. But I can't let them die, either." He banished the last potion, before holding the point of his wand to his forehead. 'May Magic and God forgive me for what I am about to do.' Pointing the wand at the girl's heart, he gritted his teeth before uttering the cursed word: "crucio."

The girl's body jolted suddenly, arching her back before landing on the bed again. The fact her body reacted at all gave him some semblance of relief. Glancing at the monitor to see no change, he repeated it. It was after the third attempt a heartbeat finally blipped, before a second one. Then a third. He breathed a sigh of relief as the heartbeat regulated itself, and the young girl's chest started moving on its own. He was helped stepping back as the brunette girl darted forward, pushing him back as she felt the girl's pulse with her own fingers. In her haste, and her uncanny strength, she reminded him heartily of the bruised, most likely broken, ribs the man has.

'Yep. Going to suck purple monkey balls. Oh well, at least she's hot.' He pulled out his portkey, and was about to activate before the girl surprised him yet again, this time pulling him into a back-breaking hug, pinning his arms at his side. 'Great. Now my back is broken, my ribs are broken, and I'm getting a stiffy. Fan-fucking-tastic.'

"Thank you thank you thank you!" she cried, sobbing into his shoulder. 'This girl's emotions are all over the place. She's trying to kill me. She's sobbing over the girl. She's threatening me. Now she's sobbing over me. And Hermione and Ginny say I'M temperamental.'

"Don't… uh… don't thank me yet" he uttered, the girl's very large endowment evident against his chest. At 5'11 (180 CM), he wasn't much taller than her surprisingly, but he was tall enough that she was able to tuck her head under his chin without too much effort. And to his dismay, his body's age betrayed him as she held him, and the proof of his anatomy made itself known to her. 'Fuck… me… sideways. Now? Of all times, NOW? Thank you, hormones. I fucking hate puberty. Why couldn't I have hit puberty when everyone else did? But noooo, had to be a late bloomer. Goddamn thing won't stay down. And now, here I am, 15 years old, covered in blood and tears, being held by a woman who just kicked my ass, who has a very nice ass herself, and the largest pair I've ever seen or felt, and I'm suddenly hard as a railtie. Fuck. Puberty.'

In his self-conscious monologue, he missed the girl's gasp of surprise, and her glance down the space between them, as well as the mischievous glint in her eye. He also missed the girl's flushed, red face and her increasingly ragged breaths. He didn't miss the tightened grip though, and certainly didn't miss the sudden rubbing up and down she was doing to him.

"Wha… what are you doing?" he squeaked, his voice breaking as his pupils dilate.

"What do you mean?" she asked innocently, turning the sexiest look he'd ever seen directed his way, lips partly opened, eyes half shut as she continued grinding him. Her face was tilted just right, lips as close to his as possible without actually touching, then would slide cheek-to-cheek to his ear, nibble it slightly before returning to his lips, hovering just as close again. Her nipples had hardened, and he was somehow able to feel them between his body armor and her outfit. The realization on how hard they would have to be made his situation worsen. His breath was heaving, his blood pumping, and he very quickly realized just how out of depth and out of control of the situation he was, as the girl's pelvis rubbed against his shaft, having adjusted herself so she was slightly straddling his leg.

He was both thankful and cursing the fact his hands were still stuck at his side by the woman's powerful grip: thankful, because he wasn't certain she'd actually appreciate being groped in return. Cursing, because a certain part of his anatomy, and a large part of his brain, was demanding he find out. 'Must squeeze ass. Must run. Must grope. Must escape. BOOBS! FLEE! HOT GIRL GRINDING ME! YOUR MISSION! GETTING LAID!'

Throughout this, her grinding continued, steadily, neither increasing or decreasing speed. He could feel the strength of her legs as they straddled him. His fingers could just touch her upper thigh, and the moment he made contact, he felt a shock hit his finger tips. She must have felt it too, as she moaned breathily and deeply with her hot breath in his ear, the pace of her grinding increasing.

With the increased pace, her grip on him loosened just enough for him to get all of his fingertips on her, and he felt the perfectly smooth thighs, muscles pulsing as she continued to grind him. The additional touch of his fingers so high on her thighs had the positive effect of increasing her moans, and she pressed herself further into his thigh, grinding hard and fast as his fingers slightly moved back, and found the base of her derriere under her skirt. He ran his fingers along as much as his restricted movements allowed. Rational thought long since gone, he was running purely on instinct now, his fingers feeding the demand to touch as much of her as possible.

And he was rewarded for it. Her body started shaking slightly, muscles twitching where his fingers made contact, and her grip around his back suddenly loosened, as her right hand freed his left and reached for the back of his head, dragging him into a deep kiss. Eyes slamming shut, he ignored the sudden flash of light, too engulfed in the sudden kiss by the woman dominating every single one of his senses. His free hand immediately shot up under her skirt, clutching bare cheek and, with a firm grip, pulled her into him. She moaned in his mouth as her legs suddenly start shaking. The extra vibrations were pushing him over the edge, how he hadn't reached it yet he had no clue, he knew he had a short amount of time before he blew.

She released his other arm, before it pulled at his shirt, ripping part of it as her hand slid in and under his arm, feeling up his bare back. His second hand now free, it too found bare cheek, and pulled her up on her tiptoes, keeping the grinding motion going as her legs continued shudder.

"I'm almost… there... " he grunted, and her fingers tightened on his hair and back.

"Don't stop, don't stop, DON'T STOP!" she cried, before her eyes dilated wide in ecstasy, chest heaving, and her head tilted back and…


In the darkened room that was being teased by early morning sunlight, a hand shot out and smacked the alarm clock, before a grumbled groan followed. Said hand found a phone next to the blaring alarm, and disappeared under the covers.

"JESUS!" the grumbling male voice called out, as the bright screen nearly blinded him. He threw back the covers, sitting upright, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. "Ugh… so tired. And that dream again. Third time this week." He checked his phone and saw the time and date, 0700 Japan Standard Time1 on April 1st, 2020. With a groan flopped back on his bed. "Fucking jet lag going to kill me. Slept like three hours."

He rolled over, flecks of daylight streaming in through the window, announcing the upcoming sunrise. Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, he looked down and groaned again. "Another wet dream. Fan-fucking-tastic. I'm almost 25, and I'm having dreams about being a horny 15 year old feeling up… whoever the fuck she is. Ever since I agreed to make this trip that girl has been in my dreams nearly every night."

"Nerrrr…. Shut up, 'arry" a voice murmured from the pillow next to him. He turned around and looked at the petite blonde laying there, and with a grin, reached over and spanked her where he guessed her bottom was under the blanket.

"OW! Trou du cul!" The girl rolls over and tries to smack him, but he catches her arm and yanks her closer. With a surprised squeak, she landed on his lap. Before she could retaliate, her mouth was covered by a very aggressive kiss, and out of reflex her free hand flew to his raven-black hair and pulled him into it.

Just as quickly as it began, it ended, with the girl slightly cross-eyed, and the man grinning. She shook her head, then punched the man in the shoulder. "Connard! Fais chier!"

"Je m'en fous" he retorted casually with a smirk, before blocking another punch and dragging her into another breathless kiss, this time not breaking off as fast. She managed to pull herself around, not breaking the kiss as she straddled him, both hands now in his hair, pulling it out and pulling him closer at the same time, his fingers teasing the hemline of her boyshorts as she grinded against his cum-soaked boxers.

Just as things were getting heated, another alarm went off.


"UGGGGH!" Harry groaned, the blonde girl in his lap giggling at his frustration before removing herself from her position. He flopped back on the bed in annoyance.


"There's gonna be blood today, I just know it" he grumbled, rolling over to find his phone.


He finally found it and with a swipe of his finger turned off the alarm, then dropped his head on the bed with another groan. "Oh Harrr-rry" came a sultry voice, and he turned and looked up to see the blonde girl stripping on her way to the bathroom. "Are you going to listen to its advice, or sit there and complain?" Without waiting for an answer, she disappeared into the lit bathroom.

'As if there was really a question there' the man thought to himself, as he hurriedly got up, stripped and followed her.

Hiyamakai Hospital

0845 April 1, 2020


"Ah, Doctor Black. Wonderful to see you again" the man greeted with a bow.

"Mr Kakizaki, greetings and likewise" Harry responded in Japanese, bowing in turn, before shaking the man's hand. "Doing well, I presume?"

"You presume correctly, Doctor Black. I have been very well" the bespectacled man answered, pushing his glasses up by the bridge with two fingers. "And your flight? I take it you had no troubles?"

"Outside of the usual jet lag, none to complain about, no" the slightly taller black-haired man answered as both made their way to the nearest elevator banks. "You'd think I'd get used to it with how much I travel, but it is not to be the case, I'm afraid." With a slight chuckle, the shorter man went to push the button for the top offices, but was stopped by the green-eyed doctor. "If you don't mind, I'd like to check in with my patient, first. Let her know I'm here."

"She's aware of your visit, Dr Black, I assure you. She's most eager to see you."

"If it's all the same to you, Mr Kakizaki, I'd like to say hi anyways." Not liking to divert from his instructions, the skinny man nonetheless acquiesced and pressed the button for the 4th floor, and the elevator closed and glided up to the correct floor.

With a soft *ding*, the doors opened to reveal an annoyed Kakizaki and smirking Dr Black. Stepping off, Dr Black took the lead and headed down to where he knew his patient's room was. Not normally one to get attached to his patients, he had become overly fond of this one, and was uncommonly excited to see her. Smiling to himself, he remembered how he first met the girl.

Two years ago, at her parents' request, he'd taken up her case. Specializing in rare diseases, he was intrigued by the variety of symptoms she was experiencing, and in his morbid fascination that rivaled Gregory House he took the case.

Over the course of the following year, Dr Black had visited every other week, testing out new medicines, seeing if anything worked. Instead of getting annoyed, both Dr Black and his patient were strangely intrigued by the results. While none were any cure, several were able to delay symptoms, a couple even creating various recessions. While nothing to celebrate entirely, all parties were delighted that at the very least, her pain was able to be lessened to the degree she could start going back outside again.

Not a year after he took the case, the parents died in an unfortunate accident. While never hearing the details, as they weren't his to know, he took the time to come and visit her. Not long after arriving, he was holding the girl in his arms as she mourned when a young woman arrived. Shapely in all the right places, long brunette hair, it was then that he met her girlfriend, someone he'd not known of, let alone met, before.

The two almost came to blows: her for thinking he was perving on her girlfriend, him for thinking she was taking advantage of a sick girl. The girl in question had to stop them both before making introductions. Dr B never commented on it, but he'd sensed a strange level of power from the newcomer, but took his patient's word that she was no danger to either of them. Coming to an initially uneasy truce, over the following year the two became good friends.

Well, as good as a concierge doctor could be with his patient's girlfriend. It was a very… interesting… relationship. The fact both of their respective girlfriends were of an open mind about it didn't help matters.

Smiling at the reminiscence, he knocked three times on the patient's door before letting himself in. In his petty delight, he closed it behind him on Kakizaki's face, not bothering to apologize as his patient looked up at the intruder, only to put the "mile" in "smile".

"EJ!" She called out excitedly, throwing her covers back as he strode over to her.

"Gingerbread!" he answered, wrapping her in a hug, taking care not to hurt her, but enough to show his enthusiasm at seeing her again. They held each other for a few minutes, taking comfort in each other before breaking apart. He kissed her forehead, cupping it to his chest in a last squeeze before pulling a chair over. "I have great news for you, Ginger." She smiled at the pet name, before encouraging him to continue. "I found the cure."

Her eyes widened in shock, mouth agape. "Really?" she squeaked, not daring to raise her hopes up.

"Really" the man repeated, reaching out and taking her hands. "I discovered what your disease actually was." If possible, her jaw dropped further. He had a momentary vision of a cartoon character, before he reached out and slowly closed it. He slowly caressed her cheek as a thumb slid up to wipe away a stray tear that had formed, her eyes betraying the storm of emotions she was experiencing.

In answer to her unasked question, he nodded with a soft smile. "Quite by accident, I'll admit. I was visiting an old archive when the caretaker came along. She asked about what I was searching for and I gave her a brief explanation. It just so happened she had been in the middle of rewriting damaged, old medical logs, and the one she'd been working on was what I was looking for. I read through it and voila, there it was. The cure was admittedly more complex, but only in the difficulty of obtaining the necessary ingredients to create it. I delved into some uncommon medicines, but alas, here I am."

The auburn-haired girl was nearly in open tears by this point, true hope in her eyes for the first time in a long while. "The vials should have arrived yesterday. I am heading up to speak with Higa about God-knows-what. Why he seems to think I answer to him, I am not sure." He murmured the last, before shaking his head and smiling his reassurance at the girl. "The healing process will take a while. Partly because of the nature of the disease itself, partly because of the atrophy of your body. But, I promise you, you'll be walking and running by yourself by Christmas."

With that proclamation, the girl used all of her energy to throw herself into his arms, openly sobbing tears of joy. The black-haired man just held her, hand rubbing her back slowly in comfort, the other near her shoulders, holding her in place. While likely improper for a doctor-patient relationship, neither were particularly concerned at the moment, just holding onto each other with the joy they each felt.

It was to this sight that the door opened, and a busty brunette walked in - a frown on her face at the intruder, before recognition set in - and hurried over to him. "EJ-sama!" she exclaimed, being all the warning he had before the brunette crashed into him, but not hard enough to dislodge the auburn girl in his arms.

"Well hello to you too, Sunblossom. It's good to see you again." He freed his left from being pinned and wrapped it around the newcomer, who squeezed him tighter, enough he felt his back pop. 'One of these days I'm going to find out how she's so bloody strong.'

"It's good to see you again, EJ-sama. How've you been? Is Gabby-san here with you?"

"Yeah, she came with. She's currently looking at houses for us."

Both girls leaned back and gasped, before squealing and hugging him tighter.

Before any more discussion could be had, the door opened again, and an annoyed Kakizaki stepped into the room. "Doctor Black, Higa-Sama does not appreciate being kept waiting."

He had to fight back several retorts, and an audible groan at the man's interruption. Judging by the looks on the girls' faces, they were in similar positions, though the girl nicknamed Gingerbread was less reluctant to hold back, as she let out a whiny "awwww!" Harry just smiled at her, then bumped his forehead against hers with a wink as he stood up.

"I'll be back in a bit, girls. This shouldn't take too long." He squeezed the brunette's shoulder with a smile before turning a scowl towards the shorter man as he stepped out of the room. While he missed the quick flash of a superior-esque smirk towards the two girls, the brunette did not, and scowled as well at the man's back.

"What was that about?" the brunette asked her girlfriend, who burst into another wide smile before patting the spot next to her.

"Sit and I'll tell you!" she exclaimed, not even attempting to hide her excited eagerness, excitement the brunette quickly succumbed to as she climbed in and the girl began relaying the information. Down the hall, Dr Black and co heard the squeal of delight they both knew to come from the girl's room, and the young doctor couldn't help but smile.

"Ah, Doctor Black, welcome." Harry was greeted by a man who appeared to be in his low 20s. Izumi Higa - 'Is it an insult to say a Japanese name given name first, surname second? Not that I care in regards to him, but I should probably ask about that' - wore well kept brown hair that framed his baby-smooth and stubble free face, and a white suit worth more than most in the hospital will make in a month. The man's sharp brown eyes were constantly analyzing everything, sure sign of a man who searched and exploited every weakness he could take advantage of. Doctor Black had hated the man from the get-go. He had the misfortune of meeting him for the first time a year prior. That it had been not long after meeting his lovely brunette friend remained an unfortunate coincidence in his mind.

If the man's very look didn't annoy him enough, being described as a "bishounen" by his Gingerbread, the man's voice always grated Harry, as it reminded him all too much of a blonde ferret from home. It didn't help the boy's case that he looked like he was still a teenager. Had Harry himself not had an extensive and thorough background check done on the guy, Harry would never have believed that he was nearing 30. 'Small world. Other side of it and finding doppelgangers of people from back home. I'm almost worried about who else I'll run into. If I run into another Cain, I'm leaving. I've had enough broken bones to last several lifetimes.'

"Higa, how are you?" Harry answered in kind, exchanging the nearly imperceptible bows between them before shaking hands. It had taken Harry a long time, with some help from the two girls downstairs, to learn when and how to bow, and what each level of bows represented. Along with that was learning the honorifics. Well… learning was a strong word, as Harry's efforts on them ended about a day after they began. 'If only learning the honorifics had been as easy as learning the language. For real, how is learning a language simpler than learning the mannerisms accompanying them?'

"I've been well, thank you for asking. If it's all the same to you, I'd appreciate if we could get down to business. I've a busy day ahead of me, and I'm sure you do as well." Without waiting for an answer, the… man… turned and moved back behind his desk, taking his seat. 'He really thinks a lot of himself up here. His hands are so soft, I wonder if he's ever lifted anything heavier than a glass of wine. If he's ever carried a book in his life I'll eat my wand.'

Using every Occulmency trick he knew, Harry kept his business casual face on, absent of emotion and quickly debated between taking one of the seats in front of the desk, or one of the couch seats, just to piss the man off. While doing so, he slowly gazed around the room. As much as he despised doing so, he had to admit the man had taste. His gaze landed on the woman standing behind him. She was wearing a long, light purple outfit that looked a cross between a frilly corset and a business long skirt. Her pale grey hair confused Harry a bit, as she didn't look to be older than he was. 'Orientals. Extremely deceptive with their ages. She could be 21 or 51 and I'd have no idea. Is that racist? Strange how your internal thoughts can confuse you at times. And now I'm commenting on my internal thoughts. I really am losing it.' The stoic, all-business look was completed with a datapad in one arm and half-moon glasses, that she chose at that time to push up. 'Fuck me. If she's the Dumble-dick of Japan I'm outta here. Then again, she is awfully attractive… are those violet eyes? Heh. Just like the girl from that dream I keep having.'

Without anything further to delay his decision, and with an internal sigh, he moved to stand behind one of the chairs, and waited until invited to sit before doing so. 'Best to play nicely for the time being. Can't have him making Chiho's life any more difficult than it already is. If only I could transfer her to another hospital, but I distrust the M.B.I. one even more than I do this one. Gah. This is why I don't get close to my patients. Bloody hormones.'

His rear had barely touched cushion before the boyish man began speaking. "I asked you to come here today to discuss the discontinuation of treatment for Hidaka Chiho." If the raven-haired man hadn't already been completely apprehensive of this meeting, the very sudden and direct approach from Higa of all people would've flummoxed him. That being said, the fact he had the gall to openly make a claim as such that could be interpreted as ordering him around would've had Harry's hackles up. That is, if they hadn't already been from the moment Kakizaki told him Higa wanted to talk.

"Is that so?"

"It is. We no longer feel your treatments for the young lady are having any positive effect. As such, we are abrogating your position as her primary physician, and bringing in another specialist more capable of treating her. In the meantime, she will be properly taken care of by the doctors in-house." Not for the first time, Harry had to wonder just what sad excuse of healthcare workers Higa had hired here if that's what they truly thought. The fact that by all accounts, his patient should've died over 18 months prior due to her illness and hadn't because of Doctor Black's direct interference was of course no nevermind.

It took a remarkable amount of willpower for Harry not to lean over the desk and smash the man's face into it. But, he didn't want to get blood on the lovely desk. "Hmm. That is unfortunate."

Though hiding it very well, the smirk of superiority was not completely hidden from the sharp-eyed doctor. If detecting such things was an art form, Harry would've won every award possible for them after dealing with the Malfoys and their ilk for the past decade. 'Never thought I'd have a reason to actually thank him. Not that I actually will, it'd just shove that stick further up his ass and he'd enjoy that too much. He and Zabini should just leave their wives. It's not as if their relationship has ever been a secret.'

"You've done wonderfully, and Miss Hidaka thinks highly of you, as does her female companion, but her treatment must come first." The word choice again had Harry's hackles up.

"Her name is Uzume. And you seem to have misunderstood my meaning, Higa. It is unfortunate that you think you have any say in the matter."

A slight raising of the eyebrow was the initial response. 'That has to be a pampered, rich-kid thing: Malfoy, Greengrass, Selwyn, Tanto, Sanchez-Ramirez, even that American brat, Montgomery, they've all done it as long as I've known them. Is there like a tutor for that? Did I miss that class?'

"I'm aware of what her name is, Doctor Black. And as I am the director and owner of this hospital, I have the last say on who can and cannot treat my patients." Harry failed to contain his snort that time, an act that had Higa frowning, and the unknown woman behind him's mouth twitching a smirk before returning to her stoic surveillance of the meeting.

"And the fact that it is a public hospital is no nevermind to you, is it, Higa? You're not the owner. If it were a private hospital, I would never have been able to begin treatment two years ago without the hospital's sign-off. If it were a private hospital, Miss Hidaka would not be here in the first place. If it were a private hospital, we would not be having this conversation."

"Be that as it may, you are employed by this establishment, and your services-" Higa began, frustration beginning to creep along his well-sculpted face.

Harry was having none of it though. "My services are paid for by my client. Not you" he finished, any pretend pleasantries thrown out the window, as both men were now openly sneering at each other. "The Japanese Healthcare System hasn't spent a single yen on my being here. Miss Hidaka has. You, and your so-called interest in your patients' care, hadn't so much as looked me up to even examine her. However, her parents, rest their souls, not only managed to contact me directly, a feat in itself, but paid for my first flight here and provided lodging as a sign of good faith."

"Well, she won't be paying for your services any longer" the man snarled. Harry really wanted to punch him, as even with making the most disgusting face possible, he still looked fit to be a boy-band poster boy. 'Is that the real meaning of bishounen? Being impeccably good looking despite being the ugliest fucker around? Maybe Negan had the right idea. A hardware store, 50 bucks and 10 minutes, I'll have my own bat just like his.'

"And why, pray tell, do you seem to think she won't be doing so?" the green-eyed doctor demanded. And it was a demand, as little did Higa know, Harry hadn't even billed Chiho yet.

Or did he know? The man's superior smirk returned, and it wasn't just the I'm-better-than-you one, it was the one that said the slightly elder man knew something the younger did not.

"Miss Hidaka Chiho is now broke. She has accumulated a debt that she is unable to pay off. Being the altruistic man that I am, I have picked up the debt and settled it. That includes any and all outstanding medical fees she's accumulated."

"And since when does a hospital director become involved in their patient's financial lives? I daresay that violates a dozen laws, both medically and professionally speaking, just discussing the idea, let alone taking any action on it."

"My patient's financial matters are no longer any concern to you, Doctor Black. Nor are my own, for that matter. Effective immediately, your services to my patient are cancelled. I'll expect your final bill soon."

Recognizing the dismissal, and quickly deciding, once again, against conjuring a bat and smashing the man's face to pieces, he stood up. "You'll be returning my equipment and treatments to me. I'll expect them by the end of the day."

"Once we have evaluated them to ensure nothing is of this hospital's origin, they will be returned."

"You mean once you've copied the designs and formulae and adopted them to your own? No, I don't think so. You'll have them returned immediately. The equipment are my own creation, and are patented on the international level. Many of the formulae are of my own creation as well, and all are also patented. Feel free to check for yourself. Any attempts at copying them will see you slapped with an injunction from the World Health Organization, as well as a lawsuit my own company." Harry was already formulating his alternative options, cause he'd be damned if he just let this snot-nosed asswipe tell him what to do.

"Certainly, an adequate businessman like yourself understands just the amount of damage a simple lawsuit can do. Whether I win it or not, and I would win it hands down, the simple accusation of patent infringement would see every one of your competitors suddenly scrutinizing everything from your contracts to product designs. I daresay stockholders wouldn't take it too well either."

"I do not appreciate being threatened, Mr Black" the man snarled, fists clenching and unclenching. Harry found himself mildly impressed he even realized he was being threatened. Then again, he reluctantly amended, he wasn't as stupid as Harry wished he was. The woman behind Higa remained stoic, but Kakizaki's voice could be heard on the phone. Who he was calling, Harry was certain he'd find out soon.

"And I don't appreciate the sad attempts at dictating what I will and won't do, Higa-kun." While Harry's knowledge of honorifics was, admittedly, limited, he had taken the time to learn the insults. Because, after learning "Where's the bathroom?", what else would you prioritize in another language? "You forget the fact I still don't answer to you. And while you may have somehow taken control of Chiho's finances, you are not the shot-caller on her care. She is. And so long as she wants me as her Doctor, I will remain so, regardless of your deceptive attempts at forcing the inverse. And believe me, I will be looking into why you have been so determined to pull me off her case."

"She has no money to pay for your services, Black." The volume of the man's voice was raising, and Harry was inwardly surprised that it was actually deepening as it did so.

He cocked a full-blown smirk at the angry, little man. "Then I'll do it pro-bono, as is my right. I'm a concierge doctor. I control the rates I charge my clients. Outside of the patient themselves, I am the only one who decides whether or not I treat them, as is also my right. You are not the patient, her guardian, nor her power-of-attorney, so you have absolutely no right whatsoever to tell me what I will and won't be doing with MY patient.

"As you're likely already aware, I've not charged Chiho in some time. After this little encounter, I no longer feel the need to. Therefore, any hold you had over her or I in regards to her treatment is now defunct. I will continue treating her, and I will see her removed from this hospital. And I will be filing several complaints with the Japanese Healthcare system for your blatant attempts at sabotaging a patient's care. I promise you that." He turned and headed towards the door, only to see it open and a girl with purple hair donning a magenta bow enter, followed by a woman in a black and red sleeveless kimono.

"You have no proof or grounds upon which to make such a complaint" he heard from behind the desk, and turned towards the angry boy one last time.

"If you truly believe that, Higa-kun, then you are not nearly intelligent enough to be behind that desk. Good day." With that, he gave another inquisitive glance at the bespeckled woman and the two girls before turning and leaving.

Harry was assaulted the moment he was recognized as he entered the patient's room. "EJ-sama! What'd Higa-san want?" The brunette girl got on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek, before dragging him over to the bed where Chiho was.

He half-smiled at her enthusiasm, and he was truly happy to see them, but the recent discussion was still running through his head. "Before I answer that, I've a personal and intrusive question to ask you, Chiho, and I need you to be completely honest with me." He sat at the foot of the girl's bed as Uzume crawled up next to her. Both girls wore concerned looks, as it was rare for him to be so serious.

"Ok, EJ-sama. What is it?" she answered in a soft voice.

"Higa has informed me that you are facing some financial concerns." Uzume's eyes furrowed in confusion, but Chiho's suddenly looked panicked, confirming what he was afraid of. "Is it true?"

On the verge of tears, she leaned into Uzume's shoulder, who was connecting the dots while she held the lithe girl. "He's forcing you to terminate treatment, isn't he?" she asked, her eyes widening in fear as she pulled the girl tighter.

"He certainly tried to" Harry admitted, and Chiho let out a loud sob. He leaned over and laid a hand on her leg. "Hey, I said he tried to. I didn't say he succeeded."

"But... *sniff* … Higa-san has control of my finances now. If he's not paying for it anymore, I can't make him do otherwise" she broke into a fresh set of sobs as Uzume held her close.

Sighing softly, Harry stood and moved to her other side, half-sitting on the bed next to the girl. "Hey, look at me, Gingerbread." Chiho turned from her perch, but didn't release her hold on the brunette. "Do you really think I'm just going to quit on you when we're so close? I've spent two years looking into how to cure your disease. Two years. That's the longest I've ever had to look for anyone, and I specialize in rare diseases. I'm not about to give up just because some self-righteous, egotistical rich kid thinks he is more important than he is."

Despite everything she was fearing, the young auburn snorted a laugh at that, getting a chuckle from her brunette companion, who laughed even harder at the small girl's playful slap.

"So that's all I am to you, a special case, huh?" the girl asked. Her look was one of accusation and distrust, which at first had Harry thrown off and more than slightly hurt. But her eyes were telling a different story, full of mischief they were, and once the green-eyed man saw that, he slumped in defeat. "You're a brat, you know that?" The fresh wave of giggles from her, and the open laughter from the brunette, eased the sudden tension Harry was feeling, as he shook his head at being teased.

"Oh, you love me and you know it" she declared, before leaning over and hugging him as tight as her atrophic body could manage.

"Yeah yeah, laugh it up. You know I'll get you for that, right?" With a very girly "EEK!" she returned to Uzume's arm.

"Uzume will protect me from the big, bad doctor. Won't you, Uzume?"

She turned puppy eyes on the brunette, who instantly succumbed to their power and wrapped her arms around them, before adamantly declaring, "By the power vested in me, I, Uzume, doth declare myself knight-maiden of House Hidaka! All shall perish before my… EEEK!" Her epic declaration to the world was interrupted by a surgical tickle at the spot just below the armpit, which instantly had her flailing about.

"Mercy! MERCY! I YIELD!" she whined between shrieks, holding her side trying and failing to fight off the raven-haired man's assault. Her charge was in tears laughing at her newly-appointed 'knight-maiden's' plight, as the green-eyed man sat back with a smug look on his face. "You are evil" she finally managed, after getting her breath back and adjusting her shirt.

"'I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none'." Uzume froze in her adjusting, before glancing curiously at the raven-haired man before returning to her chore. Chiho turned a questioning face towards him, and he only shrugged in return. "Maybe not the best context for that quote, but I thought it suited it well."

"You like MacBeth, I see" Uzume stated, looking up at him. Harry had to do a mental check for how she came to that conclusion, before mentally face-palming himself.

"Admittedly, no, I don't. I got it from a movie, 'V for Vendetta'." Uzume just gawked at him, before she and Chiho burst out laughing. "What? It's a good movie!" That just had them cackling harder, to which he just folded his arms and grumbled. It was some time before they got around to discussing what happens next for her treatment.

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