I don't own Avengers. :L If I do, I will make Tony Stark lives after a Endgame. :L

In a lovely remembrance, Loki Laufeyson. The adopted son of Odin, the prince of Asgard, and the rightful king of Jotunheim. Who died from the hand of Thanos. He traded his life to save Thor. He wasn't evil unlike everyone thought that he was, he was tortured by Thanos and was forced to attack on New York.

In a lovely remembrance, Gamora. The adopted daughter of Thanos and the last kind of her species after being massacred by the madman titan. Who died from the hand of Thanos. She meant to commit a suicide, but Thanos push her to fall to her death to order to revive the Soul Stone.

In a lovely remembrance, Vision. Created by Iron Man. The holder of the Mind Stone. Who asked Wanda to kill himself to order to stop Thanos from reviving the last Infinity Stones, but shortly revived by Thanos and died from the hand of Thanos.

In a lovely remembrance, Natasha Romanoff. The top ex-assassin of SHIELD. The greatest and the bravest woman on Earth to fight her home world from enemies. Who jumped and fall to her death. It's was meant for Clint Barton to jump to his death, but she wanted him to live with his family, so she traded her own life to revived the Soul Stone.

In a lovely remembrance, Steve Rogers. The world war hero. The former Earth's greatest defender. Who died from old age after going back in time to live a long life with the woman that he loved. He passed his Captain America shield to Sam Wilson before he died few months later.

In a lovely remembrance, Stan Lee. The world's greatest creation. The father of Marvel heroes. Who died peacefully. The world won't be the same again without it creator.

In a lovely remembrance, Tony Stark. The universe's greatest defeater and a hero. He is Iron Man, a father, a former mentor and a father figure to Spider-Man, and a husband to Pepper Stark née Potts. Who died a true hero after he snapped the Infinity Gauntlet to turn the Past Thanos into dust and his armies. He sacrificed his life to destroy the evilest villain. His final word was: "I am Iron Man."

We are truly thankful for everything...

I know Steve isn't dead, but he is very old. I mean he is over one hundred years old man! I thought he is going to die peacefully after he give his shield to Sam! Don't you agree? Also I know Iron Man is the Earth's greatest defender/hero, but he literally saved the universe! I believe that he is the universe's greatest defender/hero! Don't you agree? :D

Also...I added Stan Lee. He is our hero right? Without him Iron Man nor Marvel won't be created.

The reason why I wrote this: after I read the Harry Potter fanfiction about Remembrance who died in Harry Potter series. So...After I saw Endgame I was in depression even though I watched it nearly two month ago on April 27, 2019. I got a idea that spark inside of me, so I literally wrote this! :D Please pardon my weak grammars or any mistakes. I'm still learning. :L I'm might going to add the Infinity War remembrance, if you want me to. :D One more thing, if you wanted this story to turn into like 'Avengers reads Remembrance' or 'The World reads Remembrance'. Something like that, just please let me know to get the permission! :) Without permission you will be likely be reported or sued. :) Thanks you! :D