The arrival of Acnologia, the dragon of the Apocalypse, at Tenroujima catalyzed a series of catastrophes. As we know from the safety of our computer screens or the pages of our books, the dragon's arrival would force Fairy Tail's First Master to cast a massive spell, hiding the island and the dragon for 7 years, taking the (arguably) most influential Fairy Tail mages with it. However, while our focus was at the island in this moment, we were unable to see another occurrence in Fiore. With a spell of such great power, the shift in magical pressure would leave a residue capable of strengthening other spells of the same dark-dimensional characteristics. At that very moment, a dark guild's plot benefitted.

You see, as the dragon approached, a dark guild on the mainland hoped to cast a Summoning Spell that would bring them fame and fortune. A spell lost to time, or rather an old dusty manuscript in the ruins of a fortress they were currently squatting in. This spell would cause misfortune to two individuals from our very own world, and whether the time continuum would be altered remains to be seen…


"Aether, look look look look! It's a full moon- wanna howl?" Marionette turned quickly to her companion, a skip in her step despite the hours in the library they just spent pouring overwork. She was a canine-like creature, her personality seemingly chipper but able to think on the dark sides of reality without a wince. Her status as a university junior meant long hours lacking sufficient rest, but bouts of self-induced naps inside and outside of class ensured stores of energy for excitement even in the early hours. Her strawberry-blond curls frizzed and bounced on her shoulders as she fought for the attention of Aether, her friend that was somehow able to cope with the exhausting mood swings and hyperactivity. Like Marionette's green eyes reflected a sense of light in lingering darkness of crude thoughts and a hyperactive mind, Aether's own rich-brown eyes were a testament to their similar minds. Even as Marionette almost hopped around like a young hound catching a scent, her cool-colored array of athletic clothing giving a lack of obnoxious background noise, Aether was the Doberman. Her sleek, brown hair waved around the shoulders of her leather jacket, gate smooth even with her shorter frame.

"Usually, I'd say yes, but it just stopped raining and you forgot my umbrella that you borrowed last time. I'd rather not be caught in the rain. Plus thanks to you I skipped out on another date."

"Exactly. Soooooo, let's let out some steam and call it a night. Come on." Marionette lead the way into the small wooded area on campus. "Nothing bad's gonna happen… nope… you know what never mind." She tried to turn, but her senior-compatriot caught her shoulder.

"Nope; let's do this."

"Maybe you won't sound like a chihuahua this time, ne?"

"Oh , you ass!" And as such, Aether took chase after her friend, weaving through the trees and howling through the night. It was all fun and games, but after a minute something changed. It felt off… The sky was still dark, the moon high, but the woods weren't this big around campus. The air felt like static, almost alive like the lightning bugs you could see on a warm night. But the sounds changed.

"Gotcha! Uh, Marionette?" Marionette had stopped, not stopping her friend's tackle.

"Aether, what do you hear?"

"Um… cicadas, crickets, water… no cars."

"Exactly. And I should have landed in mud from the rain. What the hell." They both looked down to find indeed, they had landed in dry grass, any sign of any rainfall absent from their blades.

"Um… Aether. I think we should go back." Marionette felt foreboding chills up her spine. "I think we should go now."

They turned as a unit, finding that after the tackle they had landed in a dark cleaning, but what stopped their retreat was the glint of eyes in front of them. Even more so, the movements they could hear approaching from behind the figure.

The figure moved from the trees to show a large man, biker gets up like something out of Sons of Anarchy.

"Well boys, what do we have here? I think we found our prize." As he spoke, he brought a hand forward, a chain suddenly extending from his palm. "Ladies, if you'd be so kind as to come on over, I am sure we could be hospitable." His guildmates also entered the clearing, forming a semi-circle around the pair. It was like a gang of bikers and greasers, except with some sort of magic. What with magically appearing chains, glowing brass knuckles, and was that… wheels for feet? Ya, no idea there.

It was the first few seconds of observation that pushed the girls into motion. Turning, they instinctively latched onto each other's arms for a pulley system, propelling themselves away from the men. Aether was stronger, her small stature made up in weight lifting and self-defense training, while Marionette focused on speed and agility, years of sports pushing her to escape any immediate threats. Both were strong, yes, but they also knew that some weird-magical shit was happening and they needed out as fast as possible.

The men seemed almost ecstatic at the chase as they pursued. While the girls ran, they were forced to dodge attacks. The man-on-wheels pushed them right, while the whip sounds caused by a chain forced them to duck the approaching force. Marionette tried to split so that maybe they could divide, but no conscious thought could force their hands apart as they fled with only their fear and instinct guiding them. Branches whipped and cut their faces, while long-range attacks of fire and metal bruised and burned tissue, tearing at their clothing. Aether pushed Marionette to the left to avoid a tree, accidentally sending them rolling down a hill as the men hoot a hollered from all around. They separated, rolling until being forced to a stop by a stone wall. Disoriented, they could do nothing but lay there, wheezing in pain as the men approached.

They cried out as a chain found itself wrapped tightly around each of them, rolled to look up at their supposed leader. "Well, that was a nice chat- a little stroll through the scenery. Welcome to your new home, the guild of Chain Game. Don't worry; we aren't always as kinky as it sounds." It was in that moment that Marionette's eyes widened in realization, sharing a look with Aether. They had been corralled like animals as they ran, their path directed and diverted as needed to reach the goal. "Now, let's have your names my dears." He first approached Aether, and as his face grew too close Aether spits in his eye. "Well then. Dr. Jekyl? If you'd please." Suddenly, excruciating pain traveled through Marionette's chains as electricity burned skin and rattled through her bones, eliciting a scream. What felt like an hour was but seconds of torment as Aether was forced to watch her friend's body bend under the voltage. "No. Marionette! Please stop- it's Aether! What the hell do you want?!"

The leader turned back, a wicked grin stretching his goatee as his piercing eyes took in the new arrivals. "Hmmm, Aether and Marionette. I see… I am Vincent, your guild master. And what we want… well, you're our new members- our hole in one! What can I say men, ask for fame and glory and we get two teen girls- guess we will have to house train em, eh?" Again, hollering answered. However, their comment also gave another pause. Surveying each other, there was definitely a change. What bodies were once through puberty and that of women, they were now pubescents- 13 to 14 if they could guess. Shit- new world, and they didn't even know their ages anymore.

"Let's go inside, we deserve a bonfire. Knock em out, Vertigo." And like that, the ringed man did something with his hand as a gas traveled directly toward them. One wiff, and their vision went black, a sense of weightlessness taking over in the black night.


Howdy guys! It's been a while! Obviously, I don't own Fairy Tail, but Chain Game and our two new arrivals are mine. Though I want to explain a little bit if you'll indulge me.

Marionette and Aether are not really self-inserts, but their background is a tribute to me and my best friend in college. She just graduated and I am now a senior, and she made a huge impact on my insecure ass, in a good way. She is the friend I have always wanted and don't think I could do without. Yes, when it is a full moon we do act like idiots on campus, howling at the moon. And yes, she is the leather to my soccer/quidditch cleats. We don't get to see each other a lot, but when we do we act freaking weird, and I am going to miss it.

Regarding the 'portal' in the woods, this is a thought I have all the time. My campus is small with woods and trees all around. When I see a puddle, I think about Inuyasha or Munto, about the possible escape such a portal would provide. Or when walking to a class by the woods, what if I just walked in and disappeared? Though, even if there is a portal, I know it won't be all blossoms and daisies. There may not be a utopia on the other side of that waterfall, but maybe there is…

And I know, if there is actually someone who has read all my ongoing stories(I am trying to find time to update, I am sorry) you may notice a theme. My protagonists always have a dark event in their past it seems. This isn't just some emo shit, or like "Deadpool had something right" shit, but something really important to me. I went through high school half in the hospital with an autoimmune disease, and I have learned how to live and become stronger with it. This isn't a pity party, it is the truth. These dark backgrounds of my characters are combinations of dreams and nightmares I have experienced, and fears of the future if I need surgery or if that one boyfriend actually took his depression and obsession to scary measures.

Sorry, I just really wanted to write this. Remember, pain is a part of life. Find those friends you can depend on, that won't judge you for who you are and deal with your psychotic behaviors(we are all weird in some way- we all have something lol). And with pain, there is a saying: it builds character. Like Saiyans in DBZ, we learn from mistakes and grow stronger from defeats. If anyone ever wants to talk I am open, and I am not trying to preach, I am just trying to write some nerdy shit, get it off my chest, and if it reaches anyone, feel free to message. I know I don't have a lot of followers or those who read my posts, but for those who I have, I am deeply grateful. You are the reason for my random smiles during lectures and luncheons. When I open an email and see a new member of my family or a sweet comment, I feel bad for not updated more, but also a little excited. Okay… really happy and ecstatic.

If you are still reading this, kudos to you lol. Love ya, have an excellent day, and I will try to update soon. XOXO