Merry Christmas

and have

a Happy New Year

Chapter .2.

Bella walks on Tony's arm to the labs. She raises her eyebrows at the lab. It was nearly as good as her own or even Tony's. She would easier be able to use all this stuff. They have Bruce wait out of the lab for a moment of privacy.

"I have misses you so much Isa", Tony tells her stroking her cheek gently

"I have missed you too Tones. So much", Bella replies leaning into his touch

"We shouldn't part for so long again", Tony tells her

"Agreed. How are you Tones?" Bella asks her soulmate

"As good as I can be with Rogers around", Tony tells her

"I know how hard this will be on you my love. But know I'll stand by your side through it all", Bella promises

"I know you will be. You're the only one that would stand by me", Tony replies

"Happy and Pepper would", Bella states

"We both know they don't like Iron Man. So are you ready for this?" Tony asks

"Oh I'm ready. You will have to explain more though", Bella says

"How bad do you think we are looking at?" Tony asks her

"Bad. Whatever this is it is not good. Now Doctor Banner wants to come in", Bella tells Tony

Tony grins and opens the door for Bruce.

"Come on it. Isa and I have finished our private chat", Tony tells him

"Pleasure to meet you Doctor. I am Isabella. But call me Bella", Bella says holding out her hand to the nervous Doctor

"I'm Doctor Bruce Banner. You can call me Bruce", Bruce says nervously

"I have heard such good things about you", Bella says to him as Tony smirks from his computer

"What have you heard?" Bruce asks nervously at the strange woman

"That you have multiple Doctorates and Works, Including some on Biochemistry, Nuclear Physics, Gamma Radiation. I also know you know a lot about medicine", Bella tells him, "Have I got it right so far?"
"Yes…", Bruce says nervously

"I also know you're the Hulk. But Doctor Banner that doesn't bother me. I can hold me own", Bella says casually

"Hold your own?! I could kill you!" Bruce exclaims

"She can do it Brucie", Tony tells his new friend

"Trust me", Bella replies

"How can I?" Bruce asks

"Your right. But one day you will need to trust me. And you will trust me with you life", Bella says cryptically

"What does that mean?" Bruce asks

"Don't bother asking her she won't answer", Tony smirks

Bella pokes her tongue out at him. Bruce at to smile at the pair of them.

"So what does Loki use to control people?" Bella asks

"This sceptre beautiful", Tony says showing her the sceptre

Bella swears when she feels the familiar energy.

'Damn this is a Infinity Stone. And probably the Mind Stone too if Agents are being mind controlled', Bella thinks

"What is wrong?" Tony asks hearing her curse, "You know what this is", he states

"I do. But I can't answer yet. Know this is a VERY dangerous object. DO NOT touch it. It is something that shouldn't be anywhere near here. I want to know how Loki got it", Bella says frowning

"How dangerous?" Bruce asks

"On a scale of one to ten?" Bella asks them

They nod.

"9", Bella replies immediately

Tony pales more because Bella would never exaggerate something. He would listen to her advice on this thing. He knew when it was time to listen to her and when it was time not too.

"Is that acute?" Bruce asks

"Isa never exaggerates. She is truthful unless she can't say something. If she can't tell you something she would let you know", Tony informs Bruce

"So you know what this is?" Bruce asks

"I do. But I can't tell anyone. This is a dangerous secret Doctor Banner. If it was to get out this situation would not be a 9 it would be a 20 on the scale", Bella says seriously

That makes them pale worse. They wondered what could be so dangerous to get that kind of number? Tony wondered if she will tell him the name of the thing and maybe tell him why it is so dangerous.

"You want to help with tracking the Tesseract?" Tony asks changing the subject

"Of course", Bella replies coming over

Both Tony and Bella start to type in unison much to Bruce's shock they were so much in sync that it was unreal. The way Bella kept up with Tony was like if she knew about everything Tony was talking to her about.

But that can't be could it?...

Back with the others…

"WELL!? Have you found anything?" Fury growls at his Agents

"There is no record of her sir", Coulson tells Fury

"She is a ghost", Hill adds

"Do you know what she is Thor?" Natasha asks the God of Thunder

"Nay I do not. But I can sense she is powerful. The only one that might know is my brother. But he is in no position to help us", Thor replies

"If you would have to guess?" Steve asks

"I think she is at least a Seidhr", Thor tells them

"A Seidhr?" Natasha asks not knowing that word

"A magic user. They are call Seidhr in Asgard. They are known for being Wise and Just and for being scholars or healers too", Thor informs them

"Another magic user?" Fury growls

"Yes. But I doubt she is evil. Man of Iron would not associate with someone evil", Thor says wisely

"Stark has killed millions so he wouldn't know if she was evil", Steve says

"He is right. Stark is not a good judge of character", Natasha agrees

"What is she doing now?" Fury asks

Coulson brings up the lab and sees Tony and the woman typing on a computer in sync with one another with Doctor Banner looking on in awe.

"She is keeping up with Stark", Hill states surprised

"Their body language says they are completely comfortable with each other. There is no tension or anger in their body language. And look at the teasing! They don't get mad at the other they just joke about it", Natasha tells everyone

"Your opinion on how long they have known each other?" Fury asks

"Years sir. It would take years to get to this level of comfort and trust. There is nothing in Stark's stance that shows that he distrusts her quite the opposite in fact. He trusts her completely. It wouldn't surprise me if she didn't know about the Arc Reactor Poisoning", Natasha admits

Fury had to admit this was frustrating. Would he be able to trust this woman?

"Keep her out of our system. And keep a very close eye on her", Fury orders his Agents

All Agents nod and quickly get to work.

"Romanoff go and see what Loki's plan is. Captain, Thor your dismissed for now", Fury tells them

They all leave quickly.

"What do we do now sir?" Coulson asks

"We will watch her and Loki. And her and Stark's interaction. We need to find out everything on this woman and make a file for her", Fury orders

"I'll get right on it", Coulson says moving away

Fury wondered if this woman would be the key to help with this problem. But what is Romanoff was wrong and she betrayed Stark? She was a wildcard. And he hated wildcards…

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