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A Happy New Year

Chapter .4.

Bella's hands run across the keys as she scans for the Tesseract. She was the only one that knew just how dangerous this was and what the Tesseract actually was.

She lets her ear listen in on Agent Romanoff's conversation with Loki. Bella was impressed with just how well Natasha was able to manipulate Loki.

'Gorgeous just how dangerous is this situation?' Tony thinks too her as he works next too her in tandem.

"Extremely", Bella murmurs.

'Do you know what the Chitauri are?' Tony asks softly.

"No. But my gut says they are not the worst thing out there", Bella replies softly.

'Can you match Loki?' Tony asks the woman he loved.

"Only time will tell. As you know I am a Tier-Zero Mage. But I am not a Absolute Mage. And I don't know where Loki sits on the scale. But since he is the Norse God of Magic. I believe he is as strong as me", Bella murmurs.

'What does your eye see? What does your ear hear?' Tony asks.

"Romanoff is manipulating Loki", Bella replies.

'Will she get anything out off him?' Tony asks thinking to her.

"Yes. She is good. I must admit", Bella replies.

'What about Rogers?' Tony asks again with thoughts.

"You made him doubt SHIELD. He is now searching the Carrier", Bella replies.

'Good. He must learn that nothing is just Black or White', Tony replies softly, 'What about Fury and Agent?' Tony asks.

"They are searching for information on me. But they can only find what I have made public", Bella replies.

Tony chuckles in his thoughts, 'That must frustrate them'

"Oh it is", Bella replies.

Tony and Bella work in tandem with Bruce. Talking with each other. Discussing what they had been up too since they last met.

Bruce amazed just how well those two worked together. Like they had known each other all their lives.

"How long have you two known each other?" Bruce asks curiously.
"6 years", they reply together too Bruce's shock.

"What training do you have? If you don't mind me asking?" Bruce asks her.

"I have Doctorates in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Science and Computer Science. I have Mastery's in Business Administration, Public Administration, English, Literature and the Arts. I have degrees in Accounting, Finance and Marketing and I am working on my Doctorates in Engineering and Political Science", Bella replies.

Bruce was shocked at this. Not many people would claim that many degrees. Bruce believed only Tony could possible match her.

Tony raises an eyebrow, "Really political science?"

"You never know when it would come in handy", Bella replies.

"So you're a genius?" Bruce asks.

"I wouldn't say that", Bella replies.

"I would. She is smarter then me", Tony replies to Bruce's shock.

"No I am not", Bella retorts.

"Yes you are", Tony retorts.

"No I am not", Bella replies.

"How able we are equal", Tony compromises.
"I will give you that", Bella replies smiling at Tony.

Bruce saw Tony look at her with so much love in his eyes. And he saw Bella return that look.

"So are you two together?" Bruce asks.

"Since a year after we met", Tony replies.

"We recognised kindred spirits in the other", Bella adds smiling.

"She saved me", Tony tells Bruce.

"You saved me first", Bella corrects.

Bruce was surprised too find how much he enjoyed Tony and Bella's company and how he felt relaxed around them. Especially around Bella.

Why was that? When he didn't know her.

Bella sees with her eye Fury coming. She knew they had found out her last name. Not that it did them any good.

'Fury is coming my love', Bella thinks to Tony.

'This will be fun', Tony thinks back too her.

Bella hides a smirk. As Fury storms in.

"What are you doing Mr Stark? Miss Swan?" Fury asks coming in.

"Uh, kind of been wondering the same thing about you", Tony replies from near Bella.

"You're supposed to be locating the Tesseract", Fury tells them.

"We are. The model's locked and we're sweeping for the signature now. When we get a hit, we'll have the location in half a mile", Bruce replies pointing too the computer location.

"Yeah, then you get your cube back. No muss, no fuss", Tony adds in his usual way.

The computer beeps and Tony and Bella see files on something that looked like it could be related too the Tesseract.

Bella sees Steve coming with a big gun in his hand.

"What is Phase 2?" Tony asks Fury.

Steve slams a huge gun onto a table.

"Phase 2 is SHIELD uses the Cube too make weapons", Steve tells them.

Bella's eyes flash colours. How stupid are SHIELD? The Tesseract or Space Stone had enough power too kill them if messed the wrong way.

"Sorry, computer was moving a little slow for me", Steve tells Tony and Bella.

"Rogers, we gathered everything related to the Tesseract. This does not mean that we're making…", Fury lies.

"Your lying", Bella interrupts softly.

"No am I am not", Fury replies to the woman he didn't trust.

"I'm sorry, Nick. What were you lying?", Tony says showing the screen with details of the weapons made with the Tesseract.

"I was wrong Director. The world hasn't changed a bit", Steve says.

That was when Thor and Natasha enter the room. Bella scanned their surface thoughts and winced. So they were here to stop the Hulk from coming out. So that was what Loki planned. Bella would be damned if she was going to let the Hulk hurt anyone.

"Did you know about this?" Bruce asks Natasha.
"You want to think about removing yourself from this environment Doctor?" Natasha asks.

"I was in Calcutta. I was pretty well removed", Bruce retorts.

"Loki is manipulating you", Natasha replies.

Bella frowns something wasn't quite right about that. Her mind was telling her something else was going on. Her mind was yelling at her something more was going on here.

"And you've been doing what, exactly?" Bruce asks.

"You didn't come here because I bate my eyelashes at you", Natasha replies.

"Yes, and I'm not leaving because suddenly you get a little twitchy", Bruce replies, "I'd like to know why SHIELD is using the Tesseract to build weapons of mass destruction"

"So would I", Bella says looking hard at the Director of SHIELD, "But I already have a fair guess. And my guesses are usually right"

"Because of him", Fury replies pointing at Thor.

"Me?" Thor asks with his arms crossed.

"Last year, Earth had a visitor from another planet who had a grudge match that levelled a small town", Fury tells them.

Bella knew Fury was paranoid. As Thor and Asgard had only ever done things too help Earth. Bella's community kept excellent records. And Asgard at only ever helped them.

"We not only learned that we are not alone but we are hopelessly, hilariously, outgunned", Fury tells them.

"My people want nothing but peace with your planet", Thor argues.

"But you're not the only people out there, are you?" Fury asks, "And you're not the only threat. The world's filling up with people who can't be matched. That can't be controlled"

"Like you controlled the Cube?" Steve asks

"Your work with the Tesseract is what drew Loki to it and his allies", Thor comments, "It is a signal to all realms that the Earth is ready for a higher form of war", Thor adds.

"And because off you messing with it. Other beings other then Loki and the Chitauri will be drawn too Earth", Bella adds.

"You forced our hand. We had to come up with something", Fury defends himself to the group.

"A nuclear deterrent", Tony says, "Because that always calms everything right down"

"Remind me again how you made your fortune, Stark?" Fury asks.

Bella felt Tony internally flinch.

Bella growls at Fury, "Director of SHIELD be careful with what you say. Tony is not responsible. He has only ever had the best intentions. Even through it took him a while to move onto the a more suitable form of helping and defending us"

'It is ok Isa', Tony thinks too her.

'No it is not. But I'll drop it for now', Bella thinks back.

"I'm sure if he still made weapons Stark would be neck-deep…", Steve starts.

Bella really didn't like how this conversation was going.

"Hold on. How is this now about me?" Tony asks them.

"I'm sorry, isn't everything?" Steve retorts.

Bella wanted to know what Steve's problem was with her Tony. After all they has only met today. But Bella was not going to dive into Steve's deeper thoughts just yet. The key being yet.

"I thought humans were more evolved than this", Thor says to them.

"Excuse me, did we come to your planet and blow stuff up?" Fury asks turning to Thor.

Bella frowns something was wrong. And she felt pressure on her mind. She decided she should try and figure out what that was. She closes her eyes and tries to follow both what her mind was telling her and the conversation in the room.

"You treat your champions with such mistrust", Thor says to Fury.

"Are you boys really that naïve?" Natasha asks, "SHIELD monitors potential threats"

"Captain America's on the threat watch?" Bruce asks.

"We all are", Natasha replies.

Bella tries too tune them out as she starts to use spells too diagnose what is happening. As this was not natural.

She barely hears the conversation as the energy signature was spiking.

Could it be the Mind Stone?

Bella focuses more on the magical signature and found it WAS leading back too the Mind Stone. Bella now remembers that the Stones has a mind of their own. But was it just the actual Mind Stone messing with everyone? Or was someone messing with the Mind Stone from afar?

She had too break the connection the Mind Stone had with the others and this would take a lot off energy.

She ignores the growing argument. Hoping to break the spell before it was too late.

But it was hard as she didn't like what Steve was saying too her soulmate. Who did he think he was? He didn't know Tony. And Tony would definably make the sacrifice play if needed. As despite what everyone thought Tony cared about the people.

Bella's robotic eye picks up on a Quinjet approaching the Carrier. And saw that it wasn't right. She HAD to break this connection now.

"Guys…", Bella tries too get everyone's attention.

"Put on the suit let us go a few rounds", Steve was saying to Tony.

Thor laughs, "You people are so petty and tiny"

"Guys…", Bella tries seeing an arrow embed itself in on of the engines.

But she couldn't do anything about it as she was trying to break the Mind Stone's connections. While also trying too get their attention.

"Yeah this is a team", Bruce says with sarcasm.

"Agent Romanoff would you escort Doctor Banner back to his…", Fury starts.

"Where? You rented my room", Bruce butts in.

"The cell was just in case…"

Bella heard what Bruce said and she felt sorry for them. And made a promise too help Bruce as much as she could after all off this. And help him find a balance between himself and the Hulk.

She really needed to stop this. But how?

Then she remembered weren't the stones sentiment?

'Mind Stone hear the call of the Seidhr. I Isabella Swan. Tier-Zero Mage and member of the Mythical Council ask you too release these people from your hold!' Bella thinks too the Mind Stone

She felt the Mind Stone on the edge off her consciousness. But it wasn't backing down.

"Guys…", Bella tries again while mind wrestling with the Mind Stone.

"I'm not afraid too hit an old man", Tony replies.

"Tony…", Bella tries too get her soulmates attention by words and thoughts.

But it seemed not to be getting through.

"Put on the suit", Steve says as Tony and Steve get in each others faces.

'Mind Stone hear the call of the wielder of the Soul, Destiny, Magic, Healing, Truth and Elemental Stones release MY SOULMATE!' Bella yells at the stone pulling all her power too her ready too strike.

Bella saw the red light flash on the arrow in the engine.

"WATCH OUT!" Bella yells as an explosion rocks the carrier.

At the same time Bella uses all her power too shatter the spell around the group.

And at the same time as the lab explodes and Bella felt the floor underneath her gave way as the world goes black…

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