9/09/2022: Australian Time

London Bridge Has Fallen

Today I woke up with the shocking and sad news our beloved Queen Elizabeth II; after 70 years and 214 Days as our Monarch; had passed away in the Afternoon of September 8th at Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom.

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family in this time. And I felt the need to post a note in her honour, as I am a royalist and I am deeply upset at the lose and agree with the set time of mourning.

Please say a prayer for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and say a prayer to the ascension of the now King Charles III and the Queen Consort Camellia.

Rest In Peace our gracious Queen your duty is now complete.

You Ma'am were an amazing woman who showed us what true grace, duty, commitment, faith, loyalty, justice and mercy, fairness, dignity, service, strength, devotion and leadership looks like.

Your Majesty you have faithfully served us for 70 years and now it is time to rest. Thank you Ma'am for those 70 years and those years we will cherish always. Thank you Ma'am for all you sacrificed and for all you have done. And now you can be at peace.

It is hard to imagine you are not here anymore and our lives, and that of your family, are irrevocably changed.

It is now a end of a golden and magnificent era. (The second Elizabethan Era). To you, a monarch, we have know all our lives.

You were an inspiration and I looked up to you, admired you and looked to you in times of crisis and I know many others did too. We looked up to you also as a Grandmother and Matriarch.

But we take peace in the fact you have now been reunited with your true love and soulmate, best friend, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg. Where now you have eternity ahead of both of you. Standing side by side.

You are also now embracing your Father, Mother and Sister once more with no intention of letting go.

Be at peace Ma'am knowing your son now King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla will carry on and make you proud in following in your steps.

They along with Prince William: The Duke of Cornwell and Cambridge, Duchess Catherine and the other Royals will carry on your life's work.

God Bless the Queen,

Long Live the King

I Have been reading all posts on Facebook about Queen Elizabeth's passing and King Charles ascension.

People should be less cruel and rude today of all days.

We have lost our Queen and people are being like this. A Queen that has been there and we have known all our lives.

I am happy to call Charles, King Charles III and Camilla. Queen Consort Camilla.

Camilla and Charles have done a wonderful job this past decade and a bit.

Camilla has been very respectful with her use of past titles.

People shouldn't after all these years hold their past against them.

Grief from the past I think has blinded people to what has changed since then.

I think they will be a great King and Queen Consort and will do their stations proud. Camilla has shown her support for the King time and time again. I believe she will do a fantastic job supporting the New King.

Plus it was Queen Elizabeth's wish that Camilla will be Queen.

We should all honour it. And I will happily do so. I may be Australian, (with long British roots on both sides of my family), but I am a monarchist and royalist to the end. No matter who is on the throne. Whether it be King Charles and Queen Camilla, then William and Catherine and in the distant future George. Or even if we Australians becomes a republic. (Which I don't agree with). I am loyal to those that sit on the Throne of Britain/UK and the Commonwealth.

I hope people can give King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla a chance.

So Long Live the King and his Consort!