Stars, Gems, and Consequences

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Chapter 01: Aftermath

Things don't go according to plan, especially when the plan was thought up with only ten-seconds.

Star looked out of the window, the sky wasn't Mewni or Earth but a mix of the two with weird added colors.

She and her family had destroyed the Realm of Magic, and then she and Marco had pulled their dimensions together. Things got worse as people all over the Earth were surprised and scared of the sudden appearance of other species. It didn't help that throughout Earth's history, there had been stories about these creatures attacking people. So Humans were not exactly eager to trust.

Giant spiders were going to be a problem, either way, those were actually very dangerous. There was panic all over the world, fights were sprouting up, riots, and just general mayhem. Most of the world was in civil unrest as people demanded answers of what was happening, and others demanding the removal of these invaders.

Star cringed as a nearby TV reported the news and how they were in a panic, it looked like the world was ready to go under Marshall law, but for now, governments were advising people to be careful. Thankfully people for Mewni were mostly staying to themselves and trying to avoid causing a panic.

Echo Creek was doing better than most, most people were pretty used to weird stuff thanks to Star living there before and maybe the well hidden under Britta's Tacos. Marco thought that everyone was taking magic in stride when Star arrived was because of the effects of the well, the magic from the Magic Realm messed with everyone's mind and maybe the contained well let them get exposed enough just to dull them a little.

Angie walked over, "Star, are you okay?"

Star was waiting at the Diaz home for Marco he hadn't shown up yet.

"Yeah, sure, just wanted to hang out with Marco today." The Former magical princess told her.

"I thought Marco would be back from the airport by now. Traffic has been crazy lately." Angie admitted.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to go home for now. Please let Marco that I stopped by." Star said, "I'd call, but the mirrors have all stopped working."

"Yeah, cell phones aren't working great. They're saying the new moons are moving the satellites to go out of orbit so getting a proper cell signal is near impossible."

Star frowned, realizing just how much her desire had messed up.


Steven Quartz Universe was having a hard time, he and the Crystal Gems had managed to get the Diamond's help they cured the corrupted gems.

That was great.

What wasn't so great was the many Gems that had no place to go. The gems numbered in the thousands, and it wasn't so bad in the past, they were focused on trying to win against the Diamonds, but now the war was over, and they could live on Earth. The other issues were that humanity had now numbered in the billions and had changed a lot in that time. The Gems had no idea how to interact with people, The Crystal Gems had mostly kept to themselves but saw humanity grow and knew enough to get along with them.

Steven looked out onto the beach outside his house were the gems filled it none with any place to go.

"Hey," Lars the formerly dead and now pink human walked up to the stairs, "Steven, we got some issues."

"Oh, okay," Steven was pretty sure he knew what this was about.

"Yeah, some of the gems wandered into town and got rowdy and broke the window at Stew Fish Pizza. Kofi threatened to band all the gems out, but your dad helped calm him down. Your dad offered him a free car wash after paying for his window."

Steven frowned, his dad was paying for any damage the gems had caused in their celebration, but it couldn't continue.

"Thanks, Lars, I'll be sure to talk to them."

"I mean, I get it that the Gems happy they're back they won the war, sort of, and they're free. I mean, mean the Off Colors are all thrilled to be on Earth I can't even imagine how it would be for them."

Steven did smile, Lars, helped the Off Colors escape homeworld and find their way to Earth. Lars even let them stay in his home with his parents. The Off Colors were eager to learn about Earth and had started to team up with Lars with his baking. They were planning on opening up a bakery together, Greg was excited about it more than eager to help them get off the ground with some money. Greg did insist on getting samples of anything new they made and that Lars tell him about his space adventures.

Steven was happy the Off Colors had some goal in mind, the other gems had pretty much always followed the rules and just didn't know what to do. The gems Steven had spoken to didn't seem to have plans of what they wanted to do, Steven wasn't sure what would happen after the celebration was over.


A pair of dragons raced down the streets, swerving around cars and various storage obstacles. Marco had found that it was easier to travel on dragon than anything else right now. Marco was ridding Cinnabar, a red dragon cycle that once belonged to Hekapoo. With Hekapoo gone… he owed her this much for watching after Nachos so much. On Nachos was Jackie and Chloe, Nachos was much easier to ride for first-timers. Marco was thrilled to have found the dragons after the dimensions merged, he wondered if it was the last gift from Hekapoo or just luck, but he was grateful.

They parked in front of the airport, getting a few strange looks as they did.

Chloe jumped off the dragon, "That was amazing!"

Jackie was smiling widely, "Yeah, that was some ride!"

Marco smiled, "Glad you liked it."

"Nachos is a sweetheart." Jackie patted the dragon head to her delight.

Marco started to remove Chole's bags from the back of Cinnabar, he was trying to give them some space to say goodbye.

Jackie could only say, "it sucks that you have to cut your vacation short."

"I agree," Chloe shrugged, "but these recent changes… well, my parents would feel better to have me in the same country, especially with all this panic, flights might be getting grounded soon and who knows when they will get going again."

"Right," Jackie worked up a smile, "I still was planning to show you so much this summer."

"It's just the way that things go. I'll message you when I get home, I'll try anyway, the internet has been spotty."

"Okay, so just have a safe flight."

After a few minutes, Marco and Jackie watched Chloe wave goodbye as she went inside.

Marco spoke up, "Are you okay?"

"I- I will be, just I didn't think I'd say goodbye so soon. Me and Chloe were really clicking, and she agreed to come to visit here for vacation, and I thought maybe something could start. I didn't think anything serious or permanent yet, I mean we're both high schoolers and its unreasonable to ask someone to move so far for something that hasn't even started." Jackie stopped herself realizing something Marco had done, "Oh, I mean-"

"No, I got a little crazy back, then." Marco still resented the Blood Moon Curse for taking his free will. "Jackie, I know I wasn't the best boyfriend, but I want to be a better friend, so if you want to talk. I'm here for you."

"Yeah, thanks, I might take you up on that." Jackie smiled at him, "Maybe we can talk, I'm sure you have things you want to talk about too." Jackie patted the dragon head again, "You lost people too. How about we talk about her for a start. Hekapoo must have been pretty amazing to leave her dragon to you."

"Yeah, she was." Marco smiled sadly, he was going to miss her.

He was going to miss all the friends he'd made in other dimensions he wouldn't see again.

"Let's go for a ride, and I'll tell you about her. You would have liked her."


Janna was in her room, most of the weird stuff had vanished when magic died the rest was left broken and useless. She had found something else to take her attention after everything had been smashed together and she faked a death. Janna found a strange critter and decided to give it a home. Without so many magical items, she made some room, in the corner of her room, she made it a nest.

The small critter growled at her again as it hid under some blankets.

"Come on, Marco Jr, don't be like that." Janna sighed, "Fine, I'll see if I can find you some of the taco fixings from Britta's just don't tear my room apart again."

Janna laughs at it, the critter was so small it couldn't do that much anyway.


A gem tapped away on the controlled of her ship, it was a small one gem cruiser. She hated the ship, it was pathetic compared to her real ship.

Emerald grit her teeth, Lars and those Off Colors stole her ship, and now the Diamonds were letting them go. No! She couldn't just let them go. Calling in some favors, she managed one ship and escaped homeworld without any of the other higher up gems knowing.

As the ship came to a stop, a bright blue world appeared in the window.

Emerald smile wildly, "I'm coming, Lars."


Star arrived at the monster temple, and she found a load of people trying to talk to Eclipsa and Globgor. Though she lost her magic, the monsters and Mewmans of her kingdom still took her as Queen. The problem here was she didn't have any magic, Eclipsa had used magic to bring everyone together from building new houses, fixing the Monster Temple even to bring in food. Without magic, everything was falling apart, especially since with the dimension shift the cornfield had been damaged.

They tried reaching out to the other kingdoms for help, but it wasn't great for them either. The Lucitor kingdom was going in the middle of a revolt when magic died the Lucitor's lost the hold they hand on the kingdom and demons were revolting. The Lucitor kingdom was in the middle of a civil war.

The Pony Kingdom went through some trouble too, but everyone in the royal family except Pony Head was on their game, and they put the revolt down. They were under Marshall Law, but things were getting better for them. The other kingdoms never rel all that much on magic, so they didn't get hit as hard, though most had withdrawn into themselves while the whole move settled. The Spider-Bites were taking in refugees, and as many people that they could help. The Pigeon Kingdom… well, Globgor finally got them to go back to their castle. The Yurt people were trying to help, many felt guilty for their part in Mina's invasion, and they had been most self-sufficient, so they were offering as much aid as they could.

Star was tired, her plan hadn't worked, people of two dimensions were scared and unsure, and she didn't have a clue how the other dimensions were. She went into her room a caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and she looked away it was still so strange for her to see her without her cheek marks.

She let herself collapse onto the bed and her hand search beneath the pillow, she pulled out the photo booth pictures of her and Marco kissing. A small smile graced her lips as she was at least with him.


Steven gathered the Crystal Gem, well the ones that had been there facing off against the Diamonds. They were sitting around in his living room.

Steven decided to be open about it, "Okay, so we have a problem. What are we supposed to do now? We have all these gems here and-"

"Yeah, it's getting crowded. "Amethyst spoke up, "We have all these gems crowding the beach."

"Amethyst!" Pearl scolded.

"It's true." The purple gem argued, "There's barely enough room to move."

"We can't just send them away." Pearl argued right back, "They fought beside us, fought to save this world."

Bismuth raised a hand, "Yeah, but she's right. Everyone is crowding around the temple, most are too scared to go anywhere past the beach, there are still a bunch just staying around Rose's garden."

"Yeah," Connie took a turn, "some have explored Beach City, and it hasn't been intentional, but they've caused trouble."

"Well, they've been corrupted for so long," Pearl suggested, "we just have to teach them how to interact with humans."

Peridot pointed out, "The number is still too much for any one location. The Diamond already took back all the gems that were loyal to them but got caught up in their attack and have said they would welcome back any gem that wishes to return to Home World. Some of the gems have shown interest in seeing it again."

Lapis shook her head, "They'll just come back, I was trapped here for years and did go back. Too much time has passed, and you can't just adjust all of a sudden."

Garnet mused for a moment, "We help the gems adapt, learn how we all interact with people and move on from there. This will be a slow process, but we owe them."

Bismuth had a thought, "What about all the—"

"Ah!" Garnet screamed, holding her head, "Stop it! Stop it! It's too much!"

"Garnet!" The group yelled out.

The tall gem collapsed onto her knees as she was suddenly overwhelmed by visions.

She saw gem fighting against humans, some humans she knew and some she didn't.

She saw Connie ridding Lion as she faced off a girl on a hairy… dragon? Was the girl riding a dragon? The girl looked odd, she had long green fluffy hair. Both of them readied swords

She saw a dark world, filled with an ocean of dead unmoving water as a hand erupted from it.

Garnet saw two small glowing eyes coming from beneath a bed.

Garnet's vision was filled with two teenagers, one with a boy with a red hoodie and a girl with a green sweater and beanie. They were kissing rather deeply, their cheeks were glowing.

Garnet saw many of the Crystal Gems on the ground their weapons broken or shattered.

She saw someone jet into the air, and she couldn't make out any details about, and they spread their arms, and wings formed behind them.

She saw some sort of Lizardman walking out of the darkness with a grin on their face.

There was a small bird-like creature holding a little spear wand, it glowing lightly.

It hurt her, she was seeing more and more, visages of events that could happen; it was overwhelming her.

She saw the red hoodie teen curled up on the ground in pain, he looked pale and sick, and on the verge of death.

A flame lit the darkness as a red-haired woman stumbled out of it. Strangely she seemed to have horns.

There was an army of all sorts of people and creatures all that looked angry, lead by a girl in a white and blue outfit, she was wearing a helmet with wings on its side and holding out a silent bell.

A dark-haired woman was holding a baby with a tail before the woman stood a woman wearing armor, she had a bald head except for a long braided ponytail.

Garnet then saw gems she hadn't seen in ages standing together drawing their weapons. To Garnet's shook leading them was a Pearl, a Pink Pearl, the same Pink Pearl that she knew was on Home World except this one was undamaged.

The scene then shifted to a young woman with blond hair with a blue streak holding pair of scissors as she stood in front of a flaming forge.

Then she saw a girl with long blonde hair running down the halls as strange creatures chased her, all the creatures seemed to be made of black goo, one that consisted of a giant skull in goo reached out for her.

Then she saw three girls with glowing eyes and purple skin crawling on walls and the ceiling racing towards someone.

More and more possible futures filled her mind, then something became clear in the myriad of futures. Garnet saw something. Clearly, A city had been caught in a battle, buildings were in ruins and bodies where on the ground unmoving, there was one lone figure in the middle of it holding the unmoving red hoodie teen. They stood in the light of the burning, and Garnet saw who they were, it shook her to her very core.

Standing there with the body of the boy was Pink Diamond, and as she looked up, Garnet saw only rage in her eyes.

"Pink?!" Garnet gasped.

In a flash of light, Garnet vanished and was replaced by Ruby and a small blue gem.

"Sapphy?!" Ruby yelled out, she picked up the gem and cradled it.

"What happened?" Steven asked her.

"I- I don't know!" Ruby yelled, "We started seeing visions, like a lot of visions. We couldn't make heads or tails of it." Ruby shook her head, "Usually when we have visions is like trying to find the path in a river but this… it was like that, but some of the river went into the air or looped into slides and- ARGH! It was too much! It was too much for Sapphire to take, and she poof-ed."

Pearl placed a hand on Ruby's shoulder, "Don't worry, she will be fine. Just give her some time and-"

"That's the thing! We're running out time!" Ruby told them, "Something is happening, and it's happening soon, and we have to stop it!"

"What's going on?" Amethyst asked.

Ruby cringed, "We saw something…we saw someone holding this kid with a red hoodie… he looked…. he wasn't moving and-"

Bismuth asked, "Who was holding the kid?"

Ruby hesitated.

Peridot just looked at her, "Come on, spill it."

Ruby looked at Steven and then at the portrait of Rose that hung over the door, "We saw Pink Diamond."

The room grew quiet.

Connie was the first to find their voice, "But that's not possible, she's gone."

Connie turned to Steven, who could only say, "Stop joking, it's not funny."

There was a star on a door at the end of the room, there was a small pink gem that would lead to Rose's room since Steven was born it rarely activated. With a loud bang, the light glowed. The warp pad before door hummed to life and electricity crackled off it.

Bismuth grabbed Steven and Connie and pulled them away.

"That's not supposed to happen," Peridot noted.

"But it did," Lapis added as the electricity died down and the light shut down.

Lion, who thus far had just remained in the corner of the room, went over to the warp pad and looked at it as if waiting for something.

Steven found Connie's holding his hand to try to comfort him. Steven pulled up his shirt and saw the gem in his belly button, the one his mother gave him and felt a strange pull.

Pink Diamond had given up her role as a diamond and turned into Rose Quartz, and then Rose gave up her physical form so that Steven could live. Steven knew this, this was his life, but why wasn't he sure about it anymore.


There was a man in a dark cloak looming a dark and dead world, around him hovered several figures that she couldn't make out. At his command, they vanished to do what they had to.

The man reached down into the black goo below him but stopped.

He turned to her, his face was blank except for a sharp tooth filled mouth twisted into a heartless smile. He reached for her.

"Ah!" Star snapped awake, she blinked as she shook her head. "Ugh," Star found the photo and her chest and put it away.

"Dang, I fell asleep."

The ground began to shake, "What? Not again!" Star grunted, Earthquakes had become pretty frequent after the dimensions merged.

She ran outside to check on everyone, as she ran, she realizes that it wasn't stopping. She reached the throne room, where it felt strongest.

"Everyone behind me!"

Globgor stood between everyone as the floor was starting to tear itself apart.

Star arrived just in time to a staircase formed with a sign and everything.

"Reynaldo?" Star read it out loud.

"Who calls?"

Coming up the stairs was an upright giraffe wearing a toga and suffering from hair loss. Around his neck was a red watch and he seemed to be wearing a belt covered in watches and other objects.

"Reynaldo?" Eclipsa stood forwards, while Meteora waved at him.

"Eclipsa." He greeted her.

"I- what?" Eclipsa looked on, confused.

"Who's this guy?" Star questioned.

Eclipsa responded, "He's a member of the High Commission, or he was when I was Queen, the first time anyway. When I came back, the commission told me he retired."

Reynaldo rolled his eyes, "More like fired. Queen Rhina cursed me with an overly abundant like of riddles, so much so that I could only speak in them. Magic is gone, so is my curse."

"But how are you here?" Eclipsa tried to be careful, this could be a touchy subject. "We sort were the ones who ended magic. When we did the commission sort of-"

Reynaldo stopped her, "My father, my brothers, and my sister are dead. I know this and I- I will deal with when this over. When magic died I was on the river of time it bought me a few moments as it caught up to me, the curse was lifted, and I sensed them all vanish, and I was to be next. "He tapped the stopwatch on his neck, "Father Time arrived at the last moment and gave me this broken watch. It leaves me forever stuck in the same second. As the boatman for the river of time, I had the best chance to travel here."

"How?" Star looked at the stairs, "Magic is gone, no cheek marks, no wands, not even Glossaryck."

"I am the boatman for the river of time, time is not of magic making but a force that is part of the universe. On the river of time, I can reach any moment and any place if you know where to get off. Though the universe did change a fair bit, so it took me a bit longer to travel here. I was trying to get here earlier, but it seems events have begun."

"Okay," Eclipsa shrugged, "I'll ask what events?"

"For the hardest days, for you, for me, and for the universe as a whole and if we don't act, they will be the last days as well. When I was on the Commission, I was known as Reynaldo the Worthy and responsible for keeping order, and now someone seeks to plunge the universe into endless chaos, and I will not stand for it."

"Okay," Globgor raised his hand, "what was that about the last days of the Universe?"

"Oh," Reynaldo said, "yes the universe is about to be consumed in chaos. None of us will likely survive, so we should stop it."

The group around them paled at his response with many knights and peasants around them freaking out and yelling in panic.


It was nice to reconnect with Jackie; it was nice knowing they could still be friends. They rode the dragoncycles down the streets. They headed towards Britta's Tacos since the roads around there were the most empty. The area around there had been untouched by the dimension merge, Marco assumed it had to do with the remains of the Magic Well, but with all the black goo and the huge Earthquake that happened there, everyone avoided it. Most people had a strange feeling about the place, no sane person went near it.

"Hey, is that Janna." Jackie pointed down the street where Janna was standing in front of the taco place.

Marco and Jackie parked the dragoncycles, the dragons seemed a little unnerved.

"Hey Janna," Jackie greeted her as Marco gave the dragons some snacks.

"Hey," Janna greeted them.

"What are you up to?" Marco asked, "The cops are saying we should probably stay away from here, that the ground is unstable."

Janna scoffed, "Marco, a dimension collapsed and shot us out here where the hole was filled with black goo and then another dimension mixed with ours. I'm pretty sure nothing is stable. Case and point" Janna pointed to the black goo that had consumed Britta's Tacos and how it was bubbling.

Janna just said, "I came to dumpster dive and found this going all weird."

Marco's hoodie started to vibrate.

"You going to get that?" Jackie motioned to what she thought was his phone

"No, space Unicorn?" Janna wondered.

"It's not my phone!" Marco told them alarmed, he reached into his hoodie and pulled out his pair of scissors.

He had no real reason to carry them since magic was gone, but they served as a reminder. The scissors nearly bolted out of his hands, but Marco held them tightly. "Whoa!"

Janna and Jackie grabbed Marco holding him back as the point of the scissors pointed right at the goo which was now bubbling wildly.


The goo glowed brightly for s split second, and a rift opened up for a split second, and a pink bubble shot out. The scissors stopped shaking but Marco was unable to move in time, the bubble bounced right at the scissors and popped blasting the teens back.

"What happened?" Jackie was pretty confused.

"Did we just get rich?" Janna commented on the sight before her.

Marco was just as surprised as everyone else, and some weird gemstones popped out.

"That was weird," Marco picked up a pink gem,

"Yeah" Janna poked another gem, "Isn't magic gone? How did your scissors just summon a jewelry bubble."

Marco was sure magic was gone, how did this happen? Why were his scissors acting so strangely? For a moment, when he held them, he thought that maybe Hekapoo was out there somewhere?

Marco was so deep into his thoughts that he didn't realize the gemstone he held had started to glow. He realized something was off when he felt added mass and heat in his hand. He opened his hand to find the gem projecting light and it taking shape.

"Oomph!" Marco let out confused and a bit of pain.

"Uh, hello,"

Marco looked up to find a tall pink lady sitting on him. Marco blinked as he noticed the gem he had been holding was in her stomach.

"Uh, Hi," Marco replied things had just gotten weird.

Author's Notes: Okay so as some of you might remember I did a story that crossed star vs and steven universe before but I deleted it. In all honesty, Im not a fan of SU, it's okay I've watched the series but I'm not wild about it. I did that story because I did a joke about Marco going to SU universe and winning Pink over, I even had planned something for the twist which yes I saw coming. The reason I deleted it was cause I got super bored of the story and didn't want to deal with it. Now I think I have a story I might keep my interest. It will deal with the aftermath of both series. Yes I know there is more of SU is coming but it feels like an ending and I doubt there will be any more of SVTFOE. I will use some of the things I planned out in the last story and just please review and tell me what you think.