Stars, Gems, and Consequences

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Chapter 02: Broken Universe

Hekapoo sat at the tavern, she sent the queens into the Magic Realm and waited.

"It's not long now," She mused to herself. It wouldn't be much longer until she was gone. Did she have anything else she wanted to do? She looked at the bartender, "Hey, I'll be right back. Make me another of my usual; I want it waiting when I'm back."

Hekapoo cut open a portal and went into her forge,

She quickly rounds up Cinnabar and Nachos and their things with a few things she was sure Marco would want. She opened another portal into Marco's backyard and left the dragons there with a note.

"I guess it's Marco's turn to watch you guys," Hekapoo told the dragon that turned to her, she petted them, "You've been great mounts, listen to Marco." She opened another portal to the Tavern, where the drink waited for her.

She started to sip on her drink; she wasn't sure what else to do. She wasn't all that close to people. She might have wanted to say something to the commission; they'd known each other for a long time maybe say goodbye. She decided against that as Omni and Rhombulus would try and stop it. They would spend their last moments panicking. Reynaldo? Maybe give him a warning. Nah, it wouldn't change anything; it would probably just scare him in his final moments, let him be in blissful ignorance.

She did think of one person she'd miss. She was a little upset that Marco didn't argue much about her death, but it didn't matter, he was with Star, he'd be happy.

"Hey Bartender, I wanna pay off my tab, and you know what," she opened; another portal and gold started to pile out. "Clear my tab and buy everyone here around of drinks. Heck gets yourselves some snacks too."

The crowded cheered.

Hekapoo took a handful of gold coins and handed them to the bartender, "And for you. You've always been good to me, and thanks for having my drink ready."

Hekapoo chugged her drink down, and people started to drink up.

She looked at the black wall that was the end of the Universe. She wondered if the death of magic would hurt, and it wasn't like there was anything left for her.

"Sure, why not? Might as well go out on my own terms." Hekapoo smiled, "Into the great unknown and one last adventure."

She pulled out two pairs of scissors, a golden set she made during Marco's trial that she used for battle and her everyday scissors and an old pair whose handle looked like a broken heart, the scissors that lead her to Marco. She took a breath and charged forwards and right into Oblivion.

The people all gasped, no one knows where that leads or what would lie on the other side. They raised their glasses to Hekapoo, the first to find out, well on purpose anyway.


Peridot, Pearl, and Bismuth were studying the warp gate. They had come equipment they managed to salvage, and they hooked it up to the warp pad.

"She can't be…" Steven asked Connie.

"No, I mean, she can't," Connie reassured him.

"But the door- Mom's door lit up right after Ruby-"

"Steven, maybe she got it wrong. It's Sapphire's vision, Ruby probably just saw something else and got mixed up. Or it could be any things, I've read loads of books where there are prophecies or something, and it's turned on its side at the last moment."

"Yeah, yeah," Steven tried to agree.

Meanwhile, Peridot showed a screen to the other two.

"Wait?! That warp pad?" Pearl yelled out.

"But that's not possible."

Lapis was nearby watching Ruby bundle Sapphire into a blanket but turned her attention to them, "Okay, I'll bite what's got you all freaked."

Pearl projected a hologram from her gem, one of the Earth, and focused on the other side of the world where a vast continent had a massive lake in the middle of it.

"It says that there is activity there."

"Okay," Lapis shrugged, "still not getting the big deal."

Bismuth shook her head, "You don't understand during the war there was a freak accident. The best we could figure was the Diamonds sent a warp star into the network to try and shut down the warp pad system."

"Yes," Pearl agreed, "it would have limited our mobility while they had ships so they'd be able to corner us."

"Well, it didn't work. The warp star must have gone off too soon. It exploded and tore up the place, and all that was left was a lake."

"A lake and an abnormality," Pearl added in helpfully, "thank goodness that area was so frozen with snow and filled with iron few humans were living there."

"Abnormality?" Peridot couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, from what we could detect," Pearl began to explanation turning off the hologram, "the explosion during the warp ruptured space-time. It caused some sort of weakness in reality. "

"Okay, that sounds bad," Lapis nodded.

"Not really," Pearl waved her hands, "it's like a black hole, just deeper but far more stable."

Bismuth looking over Peridot's shoulder, "And it looks like the warp pad has connected to the abnormality. Which should be impossible, the explosion vaporized the warp pad there."

"Not sure how, but every warp pad on the planet it not being lead to that one spot." Peridot told them, "It must have survived, and now that warp pad is back in the network and overriding all fo them. If I don't fix it, all the warp pads will always lead back to this one. Whatever is happening is twisting the network!"

None of them thought that was especially reassuring.


Reynold, the last of the Magical High Commission, stood before them and warned them of something terrible.

"I don't want to repeat myself, but can you give any more details?" Eclipsa asked him.

Reynaldo sighs, "I thought I made it quite clear that this universe is coming to it's darkest day and very well it's last."

"Yes!" Eclipsa yelled, "That! Explain that!" Eclipsa did her best to cuddle Meteora and tried to keep her from panicking.

"I just told you."

"Okay, I see why the commission fired you." Star rubbed her temples, " What is doing it?!"

"You are," Reynaldo said as it were apparent,

"Uh? What?" Star asked,

"You destroyed magic; the consequences of destroying a facet of the universe have consequences. The universe will not stand still to it; there will be blowback. I'm here to give you the warning to prepare. Armies, powers, and all manner of chaos are coming to you and be prepared."

The family and what little of the court that remained all looked on in horror.

Reynaldo paused, "For what it is worth, I am sorry for my part in the capture and separating you from your daughter." He turned his back on them, but he was sincere, "We were under orders, and Shastacan was a vile man, but he was persuasive when he wanted to be. He made us believe in his words, and by the time the other shoe fell, it was too late to go back. I wish you the best in what is to come, and I hope I can stop the worse to come."

Reynaldo didn't wait for another reply as something in his robe started to vibrate, he quickly rushed towards the stairs, and it began to collapse.

"No! Wait!" Star rushed after him to get some more answers, and she jumped towards the collapsing stairs and vanished with them.

Eclipsa did reach for her but didn't reach her in time.

Star was gone, and she knew all she could do was to prepare for something.


Marco was confused; confused might not have been the best way to describe it; there were some other emotions mixed in there. Anger was in there also a little fear and pain, mostly from the fact that someone was sitting on him and making it hard for him to breath.

Marco running out of breath, waved his arms around to get their attention; they did seem somewhat dazed.

"Get off him!" Jackie yelled out, snapping the woman out of her stupor.

The Pink Lady blinked before she noticed where she was sitting.

"Oops!" She jumped up and quickly offered a hand to Marco.

Marco took a deep breath and looked up at the pink lady. She was noticeably not human, she was pink head to toe and was almost three times as tall as he was.

She had a strange outfit on, it consisted of a long white skirt with a floral pattern in it, and a bright pink top with puffy sleeves. Her top seemed to be designed to show her gem off in a star-shaped pattern. Her big puffy hair seemed almost to be made out of cotton candy, and the scent of flowers seem to surround her.

Marco took her hand in these elegant long white-pink gloves, and she effortlessly picked him up.

"Sorry about that," She apologized, "I think I got poofed there, that doesn't usually happen to me, so it's a little-" she blinked, "Uh, how did I get poofed? I'm tough to poof."

The three teens looked up at the woman craning their necks as they did.

The mysterious woman noticed them and said, "Oh, sorry," Her entire body glowed, and she started to shrink. She was still taller than them but more in the normal human range, even on the tall side. "That better? I forget I tend to come out on the bigger side."

"Ah, who are you?" Janna asked,

"Oh! I'm Pink Diamond." She looked at them a little surprised; she studied them for a moment. She noticed their clothes, the buildings around them, and the two dragons; something seemed wrong.

Before Pink could say anything else, there was a shining light behind her as some more gems began to glow.


The Sun Incinerator flew through the open sky. Lars was on the captain's chair as his crew operated the controls. The Crystal Gems were ridding along with them all headed to a frozen land.

"Thanks for the ride, Lars," Steven told the captain.

"Sure, no problem," Lars told him, "I've missed flying this old girl."

The ship flew high above an icy lake, there were no warps near this place, and Peridot was worried about having Lion open a portal to it, so having a space ship was handy.

As they moved towards the center of the lake, they found a massive thunderstorm rage.

It was nothing like an ordinary storm as thunder and lightning cracked at every instance wildly.

The ship jostled as it tried to get to the center of the storm.

"We are picking up some strange readings in the center of this storm," Rhodonite told them.

One of the Rutile Twins told them, "We're coming up to the source."

As they broke through the storm, they came to an eerily calm. The warp pad was floating in the middle of the air, it was a shattered mess, but it remained held together glowing with a hum.

It shouldn't be working, but they saw it looked primed and ready to go.


In a particular tavern, the same descending stairs popped out, and Reynaldo walked up. Usually, something like this would have taken a ride on the boat, but he wasn't going across time just space so he could redirect the stairs.

He searched his robes for something when Star plopped out behind him.

"Hey, we-" Star started but stopped when she saw where she was. "The Tavern?"

The tavern was abandoned, the place was a mess with chairs and tables

Reynaldo pulled out a pair of scissors with angelic like wings. The scissors almost shot out of his hand, but he managed to hold them on as they started to drag him towards the dark wall of nothingness.

Reynaldo barely managed to pull back as the scissors were about to touch the wall. The wall started to pulse.


Nine gemstones began to glow behind them.

"What's going on?" Janna asked.

"Those are my friends," Pink asserted, "when our bodies are damaged, we get poofed and withdraw into our gems to heal. It felt like it took a longer time."

Seven gems glowed and took on human-like shapes.

After a moment, these women turned to Pink and bowed.

"My court," Pink said softly as her lips tugged upwards.

They looked to her and, all at once, bowed "My diamond."

Janna looked over at Pink, "I'm guessing you're important."

A green one looked at him, studying him carefully.

She was thin and relatively tall, she had on black and green bodysuit that opened up around her shoulders and lacked sleeves. Marco pulled away little, realizing she had a nice figure. Peridot had on a large vizor that wrapped around the gem at the side of her head. Her hair was black with a slight green tint, the left side of her head with the gem was hairless, and the other half of her hair was swept over to the right side of her head in a stylish angular cut.

Honestly, Marco felt she might have looked like a model with her cute, if odd look.

"Uh," The green one let out, "Uh, humans, correct? Your clothes seem a bit strange."

The teens ended up looking at their clothes, expecting to find something off.

"Who are you?" Peridot added.

"Peridot," Pink began, "don't be rude."

"Don't worry about it." Marco shrugged it off. "I'm Marco."

"I'm Jackie." The blonde gave a half-wave.

"And that's Janna." Marco introduced the third of their group.

Janna just gave, "Yo!"

"Well, I'm Pink Diamond, and this is Peridot."

Peridot gave a half a huff, "I can introduce myself. As she said, I'm Peridot the Technology Expert of the Pink Court."

A pinkish and thin young woman walked over to Marco, she wore a pink bathing suit like outfit with a long transparent skirt around her hips. She had a round pink pearl gem on her stomach in the same position as Pink's gem. Her hair was soft-looking cotton candy looking locks swept around her face revealing a pair of sky blue eyes."I am Pearl; it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Yes, everyone, we should introduce ourselves," Pink said with a bright smile.

Pink walked over to a gem with a slim figure with a pinkish hue. She almost looked like she was wearing a business suit with padded shoulders. She had a transparent pink monocle. She had on an ascot that held her gem.

"This Zircon, hm, my legal counsel and teacher,"

Zircon adjusted her eyewear, "Please don't say it like that; it sounds like your some troublesome gem who ends up in court every other day."

Hessonite smiled proudly; she wore an orange-pink one-piece outfit and a pair of white gloves. Her gem was on the back of her hand. Her hair was big yellow and puffy. She wore a long yellow-orange cape with a collar that sparkled as it wafted behind her.

"Nice cape." Marco offered up.

"Thank you." She held up her head, "Finally, someone with some taste, I think we will get along."

The other gems rolled their eyes, and Jackie and Janna shared an aside glance.

Pink shook her head, and she pointed to another gem. "This is Lapis Lazuli. If you need to deal with water, she's the one to call."

"You are far too kind, My diamond." She gave her a tired smile.

She had long dark waving hair and wore a gothic style black dress with purple highlights. Her gem rested at the top of her torso, almost like a water drop like a necklace.

"Hello" She greeted him with half-open eyes.

"Next up is Pink Agate," Pink motioned over to another tall young woman.

She had a pink completion, she was a bit taller than Marco probably the same height he had with his buff body, but that might have been the tall boots she wore. She was wearing a pink top with a high collar, a pink shaw that was close with the pink diamond star symbol. She had Dark pink pants and white boots that went up to her thighs. She had two hair buns on the back of her head; her hair was pale, almost white-pink. Her kite-shaped gem rested where her heart should be. Her plump lips curled into a warm smile, "I am truly grateful that you seem to get along with our diamond. I hope we can get along as well."

Pink smiled as pushed along the shortest of the group, a small, almost childlike gem, "Hello."

Her voice was soft and gentle. She wore an elegant pink dress, and her hair was swirling pink mess that covered most of her face, so much so Marco couldn't make out her eyes. As she waved her gloved hand at Marco, he saw her gem laid in the palm of her hand.

"This is Pink Sapphire, my advisor."

"Nice to meet you." Marco returned her greeting.

Pink smiled and motioned to a small gem wearing a skirt and a top that looked like a vest and tie. She looked like a young child in a uniform, all in shades of pink an purple. A pair of water like fairy wings popped out of her back, and she hovered into the air.

"That's Beryl; she's a very rare type of aquamarine." Pink informed the group, "She's the best when it comes to scouting, finding information, and infiltration."

"You are you kind," She fained a blush; the tear-shaped gem on her forehead seems to sparkle. "But do go on."

"Well, it's nice to meet-" Jackie started but was stopped as two arms stretched around them, and kept stretching impossibly so.

Soon the three of them were pulled together as the rubber-like appendages shrunk around them, drawing them into a hug.

"Helloooooo!" A pink girl wrapped them in an excited hug.

She had a heart-shaped gem on her chest; it reminded Marco of Star's old cheek marks. She had long pink twin tails that looked like distorted hearts. She wore a beret on the top of her head. She grinned happily, "Nice to meet you, new friends!"

"That's Spinel," pink smiled, "She's my oldest friend and can get a bit touchy."

The trio gasped for breath.

Peridot sighed, "Spinel humans need air. Remember?"


A hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed the scissors.

Reynaldo let out a yell as did Star, both of them tried to pull back.

With one great pull toppled out a body, the familiar form of Hekapoo.

"Hekapoo?" Star let out, shocked.

Hekapoo let out a cry that was a mix of a shrill and a scream. Hekapoo's body began to hiss and start to fade away.

"Here!" Reynaldo pulled out another broken watch and placed it around Hekapoo's neck.

They both took a deep breath as Hekapoo seemed to be staying solid if she wasn't moving. Reynaldo looked her over, making sure she was still alive; she was unconscious but alive. Reynaldo and Hekapoo hadn't been the closest of people, but since they both lost their family, it meant a great deal that he had anyone left.

Star petted her hair; she was trying not to shake, the cry Hekapoo let out sounded like she was in agony. Was that what all magical creatures went through?

Reynaldo took a deep breath, "Got here just in time. Father Time didn't give me many details but told me she would return. "

"Is she going to be okay?" Star questioned.

"I don't know," Renaldo sighed, "the farther into the future, the less clears things became for both me and Father Time. There might be someone that might help my sister's condition."


"What's going on?!" Peridot let out,

The warp pad started shooting off sparks and shaking.

"I don't think we can get any closer." Lars informed them, "whatever energy it is throwing off are messing up our systems."

"Sorry to say the shuttle is still broken," Rutile informed them.

"Fine," Peridot urged, "We can't let this thing go. Just get a hunk metal. I'll get us over there. The faster we shut this down, the better. It's going to screw up the whole system." Peridot rubbed her cheeks, "or it could just build up energy and blow up!"

The room grew quiet.

"So, what else do you need?" Lars was eager to help.


The stairway manifested, and Reynaldo walked out, carrying Hekapoo with Star close behind.

They were met by a lone young-looking man with glasses holding up a futuristic laser gun.

He looked at the pair as they froze, "…Reynaldo? You're alive?"

"It's good to see you too."

He lowered the weapon, "But magic! It's gone! All of it! You are magic!"

Reynaldo motioned to the watch he hand around his neck, "Courtesy of Father Time,"

The stranger had messy hair, bags under his eyes, his clothes had a few stains and tears and were consisting of a blue shirt and a pair of cargo pants.

He sighed and tugged at his messy hair and broke a small smile, "I'm glad your still around,"

"I could use your help,"

"Yeah, I was wondering why you had an unconscious redhead and a teen girl."

Star was looking around; it looked like a hall in some fancy building.

Reynaldo just said, "This Hekapoo, I don't think you've met."

The guy blinked, "Okay, what? How is she around?" He quickly noticed the watch, "Okay, so did Father Time-"

Reynaldo gave him a quick explanation of how they barely got to Hekapoo, "So do you think you can help?"

"You are asking for a lot; I can try, though." He motioned for them to follow them, " My lab might be a mess, but I might manage."

As they walked along, the stranger pushed down another hall, and through some open doors, Star gasped. There were hundreds of display cases holding all sorts of things. There were statues, chests, devices, dials, gems, bones, and just about everything she could imagine. Many of the displays had little robots scanning the items within.

"What is this place? Who are you?" Star asked.

Reynaldo answered, "He's the Curator of Secrets, a champion of time and a confidant for Omni and me."

"Pffft!" The Curator let out, "Not sure the Curator title works for me anymore. Half my things are broken and died on me when magic did. But I guess, yeah, I'm one of the time guys."

"Time guys?" Star repeated.

Reynaldo cringed, "Such an unbefitting title for what we do."

"Glad to see you not doing those dumb riddles," The Curator smirked, though a bit forced.

Reynaldo sighed, "We are amongst the many who seek out to protect the structure of time."

"Yeah, us, Omni, Time Baby, Father Time, Clockwork, Paradox, Moses, there are loads of us dealing with time not that it's gotten any easier. We all sensed Omni vanishing, " He paused, "I'm sorry."

Reynaldo just lowered his head.

"Well," he tried to continue, " Time is complicated and ever-shifting and ever the same, and it takes a load of people to keep it from collapsing. I do my part, but with the merger and everything, time and space have gotten all weird, and that just problem one of a long list of issues."

They pushed through another pair of doors and entered a huge lab filled with equipment and stuff.

Star couldn't help but shudder; six women were lying in beds, and none of them moving. On another table, a sword and a blue coat laid as more of the robots scanned them.

Nearby screens flashes imagine from all over.

"Boss! It's getting worse."

A black ball it a red glowing Hal-like eye hovered near the screens.

"I know, I know," The curator grumbled, "We got a living subject, let's see if we can do anything."

Reynaldo placed Hekapoo on a free bed, and the ball moved over to her and scanned her.

"What do you have, Vox?" The Curator asked.

"That's interesting; Entropic decay has halted, there is a lot of strange reading coming off her body. Lepton radiation and void stuff, neutrino are all out of wack." Vox projected all sorts of graphs and displays.

"She was outside of the universe," He scratched his head, "I guess that would explain why you had a chance to get the watch on her. When magic went dead, it created a power vacuum and sucked out all the magic, and she must have missed the drain. Getting hit afterward would have been a lot slower."

"Can you do anything?" Reynaldo asked tension in entering his voice.

"Maybe, Hekapoo is scanning as a magical being, and she's on empty if you didn't get her when you did, she would have been gone. She's on empty in a road with no gas stations. Let's hope she's a hybrid."

Star asked, "Okay, what are you talking about?"

"Hekapoo is a being tied with dimensional forces, and I might be able to jump-start her battery if I can hook her up with some dimensional energy."

He walked over to his desk and started to go through the various items and tools.

He pulled out a remote control and a pair of golden rods. He fiddled with the remote.

Star and Reynaldo took a step back.

"Okay, first, we need a pair of portals."

"How are we going to get that?" Star asked, "No more magic, no more scissors."

"Yeah, dimensional scissors are gone, but who cares."

Reynaldo grinned a little, "That's why I came to you. You've never been reliant one thing or another. You weaved your technology with magic and your magic with technology. If one were to fail, you'd have a support system."

"Jack of all trades and a master of none." The Curator smalled back. "Not that it's super easy, with Earth and Mewni merged the dimensional coordinates across the whole multiverse are wrecked. It's easy enough to open a portal in the same dimension, more or less."

Reynaldo knew all about that; quick jumps were easy, but jumping from dimension to dimension was a rough ride.

"The trick to it is knowing that magic isn't impossible or reality breaking, you can do anything with either. You can cast a spell to throw a fireball or get some lighters and burn a dirty rag and toss it." He pushed the buttons on the remote and with a flash, zap a blue portal into existence. "It also helps knowing quantum mechanics and having access to some really impressive batteries." With another zap, another portal came to life. Hekapoo was nestled between two portal, and the Curator put the rods in her hands.

"Hope for the best." The Curator whispered.

Vox hovered away from him and moved behind Reynaldo, "Expect the worse."

"What do you mean by worse?" Star asked.

The Curator plunged the rods still wrapped by Hekapoo fingers into the portals. The rods glowed, and energy ripped out of the portal and into Hekapoo, and her body glowed.

"Is it working?" The Curator asked.

Hekapoo punched him in the face falling back, and she yelled, and the portals closed.

"I think it worked." The Curator held his nose.

"Hekapoo!" Reynaldo yelled as he raced to her side,

"Reynaldo?" Hekapoo sighed before passing out.

Vox scanned her, "She's alive, exhausted, and I think it worked, but time will tell. Sort of, that watch is messing a lot with it."

The Curator rubbed his nose happy that it wasn't broken, "If her body can adjust to the energy it might work. But still, I think I managed to save someone." He chuckled at it.

He turned back to the screens.

Star walked up to him, "What this?"

"A broken universe." The Curator sighed. "Magic died, I don't rely on magic for everything, but there were a lot of people and things that did. That used to be known as Giant's Causeway."

Star looked at the broken stone structure around the beach; a giant one-eyed monster attacked the military shooting energy of its eye.

"That's Balor of the Evil Eye, a titan with merged with necrotic energies. It was sealed away centuries ago with a powerful spell, but when magic failed, it escaped. It's been terrorizing Ireland since it happened. I got people trying to evacuate the area."

Star looked at another screen, it showed a lake now blood red, " There was a spell that kept the water beautifully clean after a volcano leaked some nasty stuff into it. Now without the spell, people are getting sick, and animals are dying."

More screens showed more disasters, "In Japan, the merger has created all sorts of nasty rifts and energy leaks it's causing storms."

Star cringed as she saw a city on fire.

"That's London, riots have started with suddenly new species showing up in such a crowded area." He shrugged, "Then other dimensions, my scanners are picking up stuff." And the image of Woolandia flashed, "Civilizations that used magic are falling apart. Woolandia is in the middle of a civil war, all the residents are in a panic fighting each other, and without the magic, they used to heal everyone, casualties are getting worse. Pixitopia is in riots; without their mirrors systems, all their business is down, and people are trying to overthrow the empress over and ripping everything apart."

Star gasped as she saw more screens of more worlds all in sort of disaster.

"And those are the worlds I could find," The Curator continued, "when the dimensions merged, the dimensional structure of the universe shifted, pathways collapsed, and dimensions shifted. Some dimensions I haven't found, I'm not sure if they are all still out somewhere. And it's going to get worse," The Curator lamented his words, he hung his head, and his bangs fell over his eyes. "The walls between dimensions and worlds are cracking, and without Omni, I don't know what might slip through."

"No, no, no," Star repeated tumbling backward, "No destroying magic was supposed to fix everything."

The Curator raised an eye, brow, "What?"

Reynaldo, who was standing next to Hekapoo, moved to Star to try and stop her.

"I destroyed magic, and that was supposed to stop end all the troubles."

The Curator turned to her, "You what?" His eyes went wide, " You're Star Butterfly!"


Reynaldo smacked his face.

The Curator chuckled, frustration bubbling out. "I tried to at least keep in the pulse of the things happening on Mewni, but I never saw your picture. Then the lack of cheek marks!" He hissed, "I should have figured something."

His whole demeanor changed, and it sent a shiver down Star's spine.

"What?" Star squeaked,

"Why?" His voice was low and strained.

"Magic needed to be stopped; it caused nothing but trouble."

The Curator laughed an uneasy and loud laugh, "Oh, did it?

"You're saying magic caused everything that was happening on Mewni? All the troubles?"

"Yeah," Star started to explain, "Mina had an army of super-powered soldiers."

He ground his teeth, "Right, I do think I remembered hearing something about that."

"Right, and destroying magic was the only one-stop them."

"Yeah, okay, I'll admit that Mina was an insane loon, and leaving her in charge of a kingdom as important as Mewni would have been disastrous."

Reynaldo cringed he could tell that the Curator was setting her up.

"You see, it had to be done."

"The problem with that is that magic wasn't at fault!"


"The spell that changed Mina did screw with her head, but the spell wouldn't have been made if it wasn't for Solaria. Mina was still racist; magic had nothing to do with that."

"I guess," Star had to concede.

"Now, tell me. Did magic give her an army, or was it your mother?"

"… my mom."

"Yeah, she betrayed you and Eclipsa, right? The whole army thing was her idea; it's not like magic gave her the idea."

Star flinched at his words. "…No."

"But I'm sure magic was at fault, right? Did magic cause humans and monsters to hate each other?"


"No, but the magic must have done that? It Cursed the monsters?"

"Yeah!" Star remembered the curse that hit Globgor.

"Oh, right, that was another spell crafted by the warmonger Solaria. How about your grandmother?"


"She had some tragedy; I remember her trying to do something. Make peace with the monsters, but then she was killed. Magic must have done something terrible. No, wait, that was a lizard who wanted to stop her. The same lizard that fritzed magic."

"Toffe," Star whispered.

"Magic is magic; it's neither good or bad. It's how people use it. There are healing spells, there are killing curses, just like how a knife can be used to prepare food or stab someone. The problem is who gets their hands on it and what they want to use it for." He waved back to the screen behind it, "You decided one bad spell was worth taking out all the good."

"But, it was the only way to save Mewni!" Star argued with him, "The only other way was Eclipsa's spell, but that destroyed everything! Mewni would have have been destroyed!"

"Hah! So you're telling me that as long as your world was safe, then no other world mattered! You took it upon yourself to change the very structure of the universe and didn't even bother to ask anybody about it! You didn't care if it ruined every other world! And then you merged your world with this one!"

Star stepped back, she had been around people who were angry before, but he was something else she could feel the rage wafting off him. She could feel it coming off him; she could practically taste it. "You didn't even think of what would happen to Earth!"


"Yeah, since the universe is turmoil, people will want someone to blame, i.e., you. And what do you think will happen when people find out that the cause of all these problems is here? And they will come, Hekapoo's portal network is down, but like me, other people know how to travel the universe. It's all a matter of time before they find their way to you."

He leaned in, "And you deserve what's coming." He scoffed, letting his head jolt back, " Because when it comes down to it, you did all this because it was easy not because it was right. It was easier to deal with one big thing that you knew how to deal with it than a million little problems you didn't know how to solve."

"But!" Star shot back with her last argument, "Glossaryck told me it was the right thing."

"That guy! Why would you believe him? No one, not even his own family trusts him. He works on a weird blue and orange morality. What we think is right is not necessarily the same thing he believes is right."

He motioned to the women lying in the beds, "They were my friends, they are homunculus created by an alchemist, and he asked me when he died to look after his daughters. When magic died, they collapsed and haven't moved since. My godmother is a fairy that lives in another dimension, a magical being in a magical dimension. I haven't found her or her dimension, and I don't know if either are still around." He motioned to the screens, "My story isn't unique. Now tell me that this was the right thing to do. That to save your kingdom, this had to happen. That so you could be with your new boyfriend, you had to bring this chaos to this world."

Star opened her mouth, but she could make any words come out.

He clenched his fist tight. "I should!"

"Boss!" The black orb got between them, and Reynaldo pulled Star away. "Don't do something you will regret."

The Curator took a deep breath, "Get out of my home."

"Star, let's go." Reynaldo coaxed her; she was on the verge of tears.

The Curator pulled out a small communicator and tossed it to Reynaldo. "Take it; it should still work. I'll watch over Hekapoo, and I can talk to you through it, and you can call me too."

Reynaldo nodded, "Thank you."

"Butterfly," The Curator spoke up without turning to look at her, "There this thing, I don't usually notice it except for certain situations, and when it happens, I don't bring it up. But, know that destiny has plans for you. When I look at you, I can feel it, the web of time is wrapping around you. I don't know what's coming, but it's big and know you can't escape it."

Reynaldo walked her back to the stairs, and they were silent.

Finally, Star broke the silence and asked, "The thing he said with the web of time, what did he mean?"

Reynaldo sighed, "Those who deal with time often develope gifts or skills. With him, he can sense the flow of time and perceive things that might happen. He can sometimes foretell the future or likely events, especially if they are of importance. I hate to say it, but if he sees you tangled in the events to come, then, I doubt you can escape it."


After getting a good lung full of air, Marco asked something, "Okay, so how did you guys get here? Portals don't work anymore, how did you here?"

The Gems looked around each other confused.

Peridot just said, "Yeah, none of us know what you're talking about."

Marco blinked, confused, "Okay, I mean, the portals are done for. How did you pop out of nowhere like that?"

Marco had a weird feeling and pulled out his scissors and looked at the for a moment. He used them to slash through the air, and nothing happened.

"Hopeful thinking," Marco mumbled to himself.

"So, how did you get here?" Janna tried to get some answers, "Cause it's pretty clear your not from here."

"Homeworld?" Lapis let out unsure.

"Yeah, that's where we're from?" Zircon agreed, she didn't seem all that sure herself.

"Yeah, what is your homeworld?" Jackie asked them.

"That is where we are from," Hessonite told them.

"What? So you called your homeworld, homeworld?" Janna suppressed and urge to groan, " Not much for creativity."

Jackie ignore the comment, "But how did you guys get here?"

None of the Pink court seemed sure.

"I was thinking a warp pad or something?" The Peridot looked around but found nothing she recognized. No warp pad and this seemed strange; the buildings were very odd, nothing she saw humans build before.

"I don't remember," Pink finally admitted, "And I take it none of you do either."

The other gems had to agree.

Marco was the first to come up with an idea, "Maybe you guys were traveling through a portal when magic was destroyed and didn't get sent home. Maybe since the dimensions got merged, you were caught in between them and just barely slipped out. Maybe my scissors reacted to that and poked you out."

Marco was doing his best to guess what was happening; he did have some knowledge he picked up while on his trial.

"I have the feeling that we were already on Earth," Beryl scratched her chin.

"Okay, none of this is making sense," Jackie was forced to admit.

Marco couldn't help but feel bad for them, they were lost, and they had some memory issues. Worse, they might not have a way home.

"You guys don't have any place to go then? I think I know someone that might be able to help."


Lapis used her powers to lift a block of water into the air and make it solid so the Crystal Gem could walk on it. Then she moved it closer towards the floating warp pad. Lars and the Off Colors stayed on the ship with Ruby, who was still holding Sapphire.

As they got closer, Peridot ordered: "Okay, Steven make a huge bubble around us quick."

Steven nodded, and a huge pink bubble formed around them.

"Good, now I don't have to worry about lightning hitting us. The rest of us will work on fixing the warp pad."

Connie and Pearl started setting up equipment.

Bismuth looked over a screen with Peridot, "Okay, so what are we looking at?"

Peridot shook her head, "I'm not sure, I've never seen readings like this. The warp pad is drawing power from somewhere and a lot of it."

"And you can't figure out from where?"

"I tried that; my equipment says it's coming from right here."

"Well, if you can't figure out what's wrong, how can we fix it?"

Lars sat in his chair a little unsure about this whole mess; they couldn't get any closer anyway the ship started to get out of control if they did. He could only watch as Peridot, and the others connected some stuff to the warp pad.

There was a beep, "Ah, captain, someone is hailing us."

Lars raised an eyebrow, "Ah, okay? Answer it."

The screen flickered to life, " Hello, Lars."

The Off Colors froze at the voice, and Lars mustered, "Emerald?"

"Captain, she's close." Rhodonite alerted.

"That I am!" Emerald taunted, "This is my last warning, this is your last chance. Give me back my ship, or I will just take it."

Lars tried to call her off, "But the Diamonds let us go! There is a truce!"

"So, I better make sure that my Diamonds never find out."

The one gem shuttle appeared ahead of them, and its guns fired.

"Are you crazy?!" Lars shouted, "Raise the shields!"

The shields were up before he even finished saying the order, and then a wave pulse struck the ship.

Lars thought they were safe, but all of the gems around him started to glitch and flicker.

"What just happened?" Lars asked.

Emerald chuckled, "It's a prototype long-range destabilizer. Unfortunately, going for long-range means it's not as strong though it can still stun a gem when hit."

Lars looked around to the gems around him, barely able to stay up.

"Sorry, guys," Lars pushed the Rutile twins out of the seat and started to pilot the ship. He wasn't the best pilot, but he knew enough of the basics to move it.

The Ship came to life and started to move even as straight as Lars would have liked. They had to get Emerald away; she didn't seem to care about Steven or the others, so she should follow them.

"Lars, don't think I didn't notice them." Emerald continued, " There is no running away this time, give me back my ship, or I'll turn my weapon on them. I'll give you until the count of three."

"You can't. He's supposed to be Pink diamond!"

"1, 2, 3,"

She fired.

The blast shot straight to the crystal gems, but Lars managed to move his ship in front of them, taking the blow.

Lars sighed; everyone in the ship beside him was twitching on the floor but still holding it. "Sorry, guys. Just hold on a little longer." Lars his the communicator, "Guys, you need to get out of there now!"

Peridot responded, "We see that!"

Pearl took over, " Hold her off, Lars; we are already connected to the warp pad if we take out the equipment incorrectly; it could just make matters worse."

"Yeah, like an immediate explosion!" Bismuth emphasized.

Connie, in the background, was busy trying to take everyone out as quickly as she could.

Emerald fired again, and Lars systems started to get a wire, Steven's bubble started to falter.

"Oh, great! She turned up the power. " Pearl, let out, "It's going through the ship."

"Why didn't she do that in the first place?!" Amethyst let out.

"It probably takes a lot more power. " Connie guessed," If the batteries run out, then she doesn't have her weapon."

Connie remembered her lessons with Pearl, wasting your stamina was a stupid idea she had to know how to use it and when to use it.

Lapis told them, "I'll knock her out of the sky, just get out of the way when you can in case I miss."

Lapis flew off their platform and around the ships. She held out her hand, and a large hand formed out of the water and reached out for the ship.

"I don't think so." Emerald growled, "It might take a while for the batteries to recharge, but I don't need that long."

She pressed the weapon to full power and blasted it. The pulse way penetrated through the ship and hit the Crystal Gems.

Steven looked at the gems who'd ceased up, and even being half-human, he felt something wrong with him; his powers were faltering.

Steven barely caught a glimpse of Lapis falling out of the sky and down into the water.

"Steven!" Connie called.

Steven formed himself to turn himself around to see why she panicked, the water platform was falling, but that wasn't what she was worried about. The warp pad was glowing far brighter than before.

The light from the warp pad blinded them and stretched out, and soon the whole lake was filled with light.


Sean was busy scouring for food; he knew Glossaryck and Rhombulous had a habit hiding food all around. It was fine when he was having his fill of pizza, but now he was out of food.

He was looking behind some shelves, so he didn't even notice the skull that once belonged to Omnitraxus faintly glow and start to hover.


The orb known as Vox flew over Hekapoo, scanning her with a red light.

The Curator looked at the screens taking studying the data. "Her health is way weird; cross-reference it on all the files we have on magical ailments."

"Boss?" Vox turned to him, "You have an idea?"

"Maybe? Something is up here, I've come across into other universe and stalled in the void, the effects weren't anything like this. I've got plenty of samples of magical beings without magic. I've used all sorts of energy to recharge entities before. I got samples of stalled time. No, something is up with her and-" One of the screens beeped, he paled, "Welp, it's started. Breaches are starting up,"

Vox's voice was steady, "How bad should we expect?"

"I don't know; we will have to see and hope we can ride it out."

"Hope and wait."

"Please don't quote Monte Cristo to me. That book is so depressing."

Neither one noticed that Hekapoo twitched at that moment.


Reynaldo and Star were on his boat as he moved to take her back to the monster Temple. They had to use the boat this time; it was getting harder to move around with just the stairs.

The water they rode on was rough, rougher than what Reynaldo had expected. Star sat down quietly, trying to come up with a solution. She couldn't believe things were as bad as that guy said. Things were supposed to be better; everything was supposed to be fixed.

She wanted to see someone.

The water grew wild and started to splash against the boat, tossing them around, "What's going on?" Star called out, holding to the edge of the boat.

"Something bad had happened!" Reynaldo managed to yell out as a wave washed over them.


Brittney, Chantel, and Sabrina arrived at the remains of Britta's Tacos, just missing Marco and his group.

"I told you it was gone," Chantel let Brittney know.

Brittney just huffed, Sabrina fidgeted her arm was in a sling again. Chantel looked around; everything around was closed down since the merge. That massive sinkhole filled with dark goop made everyone uneasy.

Sparks of lightning shot out of the goop, and before they could act, the goop rose and covered the girls. The goop and drowned out their screams before it resided back into the pit, leaving no signs of the girls.


A creature without a face stood in a blank void, the black robe it wore wafted around them. Its sharp tooth-filled mouth spread into a wide grin.

A shimmering wall of light formed before them, showing them the black pit as a bright light shone through it and a warp pad formed.


In an island filled living watermelon, in a temple hidden under the sea, in the mountains, near a barn, in the base of a sky spire, in a kindergarten, in a garden, and in the home of one Steven Universe, all the warp pad began to glow.

Author's Notes: Okay there is another chapter. Please no one ask me when the next chapter is coming. I'm not a fan of SU and the ending soured me on Star vs and I'm writing this for a bet I lost. I'm going to take time because I have very little motivation to do it. I'm just trying to get through it.

I'm going to try to write a compelling story, with themes and the heroes will have to fight to overcome terrible odds. There will be dealing with issues both that the characters have and things the shows messed up on. But you guys have to let me go on this one and work on my own pace. i have what I think is a compelling ending but let me tell it.

Okay, notes, the Curator is my character I'm using for other stories and I put him here just to help explain some stuff, he's not going to play a big role because well he busy with other stuff. Everyone is going to be on their own quests and stuff dealing with issues that span multiple universes but they will eventually come together.