This idea took a big part of my imagination and didn't left me alone for weeks. I g̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶u̶p̶ decided to give it a chance as you can see.

This story is a sequel of a dystopian end of my other story; Uzumaki's Way. You don't need to read that one but I recommend you do. There are some key features from that story however:

Naruto is a summoner for the dead, and he fulfilled the deal completely. Which means he is outside of the entropy circle and can open the gates of death to get back even if he died somehow,

All life in Naruto's world is purged by Juubi. This means all life except summoning realm for it is in a different dimension,

Naruto spent millennia on workings of chakra, so you can say he is the closest thing to a master of chakra,

He has rinnegan but a powerful genjutsu seal is disguising it.

And other things. If you think "XXX skill/knowledge/power/etc. comes from Naruto's past so that's how he knows / can do it." On some things he thinks/does/etc. you wouldn't have much problem with keeping up.

A blond 'young' man stared at the rocky terrain with a deep scowl. His look was that of a young man barely out of his teenage years but physically, he was older than the soil he sat on. His slit sapphire eyes were full of unimaginable boredom as he swiped a lock of long, unkempt hair away from his face, dust and grime masking vibrant blond to an earthly brown. He had a pair of tattered black shorts and deep red t-shirt, a pair which should had been dissolved long ago if they weren't actually made by blond's chakra. He was doing this for millennia now, – maybe even eons, he stopped counting or caring long time ago – just staring the dust play around the world once living beings existed. Nearly everyone he knew already dripped down to the ethereal lake and reborn in different dimensions. He could go to one, the summoning realm, but he figured it would cause mass panic, perhaps they even attack him. He shrugged; he had no patience for something like that… he might end up purging that dimension. He shuddered. He kind of deserved this anyway.

He refused to remember more of that incident chain, no reason to dig that can of worms. Still, He was bored beyond belief.

Perhaps he would go to another dimension but not summoning dimension. He racked his brain for any other dimension with life… none came to mind. Perhaps not in this dimensional tree. His eyes lit up.

Why not changing the tree he is in altogether then? Surely, there is something in a different one.

He clapped his hands together.

"Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei"

He summoned his project squad, which had been sleeping for a long, long time.

He came back to awake world.

The last thing he remember was his old team helped him to open a dimensional portal to another dimension tree, he stepped and blacked out. He groaned as he felt himself regenerating his chakra, he guessed the portal took a huge chunk of it as a toll.

There was a gasp. He froze, he may be hard to kill but he much preferred if no one tried… yet at the very least. He collected a little more chakra and finally managed to open his eyes to see… A fox and a jackal? But they were a little different.

For one the jackal was bipedal with metal plates on its paws and he felt an illusion around them cast by the fox. It was weak, he could see through it even with his worn-down condition but it would probably fool a low-rank ninja.

Up to chuunin perhaps.

Still he was amused at the effort and showed it didn't work by looking directly at them. The jackal was the first one to realize his slit eyes were following their attempt at sneaking around the edge of the forest. The same animal waved at him to check if he was right, he grinned back. Their intelligence impressed him.

However, that was nothing until the jackal clearly whispered something to its companion and the latter responded with same. His ears caught some syllables but no meaning as far as he knew.

Perhaps – no, most likely – they were talking in a language foreign to him. His sharpened gaze caught jackal's as he probed the animal's mind. A moment in real life later the syllables had meaning. The fox, zorua was shaking the dazed jackal, riolu.

"Riolu? Riolu, we must go before the scrafty-"

"Where are you, little bastards?!" they both whimpered as they went as silent as they can. Another bipedal lizard-like ani- pokemon got out from bushes. Its eyes scanned the area.

If the power difference wasn't so high, zorua wouldn't have to hide them with its illusions and riolu wouldn't have any problem with smacking it around. The riolu thought as it gritted its teeth in frustration.

"I know you are here." It said smugly, but Naruto figured it can't see the duo. The illusion must be working on it.

By now, he managed to recover enough to get up and start kicking. Movement made the scaly pokemon focus on the blond.

"A human? You are their master?" it asked rhetorically "the bastards left you here, eh? No matter, you are first to go!" it bellowed and rushed to him. He blocked the high kick and grabbed the pokemon's ankle. He swung it around and threw it to a tree.

"Ghack!" it slammed harshly and slid down. There were swirls in its eyes. He blinked at the ridiculous sight. He turned and he was face to face with two pairs of bewildered eyes. He thought about taking them with him, the reason he performed the dimensional leap was to not be alone anymore and gaze at something other than a wasteland. He gave a mental shrug and moved closer to them. When he was a few feet away, zorua hid behind riolu and the latter took a defensive stance. He ignored their shift and knelt down at an arm's length. The riolu closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, expecting a blow, a throw, anything.

Anything but a hand caressing his head softly. He grimaced a little then soft red slit eyes met sharper blue ones. Naruto opened his mouth to ask for them to come with him but he decided against it when he thought they might not understand the language he speaks. And he didn't think he can use their language directly. Solution: genjutsu.

'hey' he used genjutsu to replicate the sounds made by riolu. They were confused and looked around for another riolu.

"did you hear that?" zorua asked to riolu who nodded.

"Yes, but I can't see any other pokemon." A chuckle drew their focus back to the blond.

'It was me. I can use illusions like you zorua, and mine can trick any or all senses.'

"you can fool more than sight? How?" the zorua asked. Naruto hummed.

'I use a special energy for that. It doesn't matter. What I wanted to ask you is, do you want to come with me?' the pokemon duo was saddened by the question. Naruto was confused and replayed the question in his mind to find anything wrong with it. They were silent for some time.


"I accept." The pokemon decided with grim resolve. "I accept, because…" he sent a glance at the scrafty still out cold. "…because I know we will be safer with you. Zorua will be safer with you. He is…" the pokemon's voice cracked. "he is all I have after… after I lost my pack, my family. So…" the pokemon took a shaky breath to calm himself a little. "I will do anything to make sure he is safe. I am ready, throw your capture stone!" Riolu puffed his chest a little to brace himself. Naruto blinked at the pokemon.

'I don't know what you are talking about. Even if I did, I would not force you to come with me if you don't want to. I already take something from you riolu, I will not take your freedom too.' Riolu let the breath he was holding out.

"take something… what did you took from me?" there wasn't anything came to the riolu's mind. He was not angry, just curious.

'knowledge. Important ones like your language. Another trick I can do is taking knowledge I need from others. I left anything personal alone.'

"you… you are not from around here, are you? And not an ordinary human for that matter."

'yes, you can say I am a foreigner. As for what I am… let's not get into that.'

There was another silence.


The duo spotted the fainted zorua. He had been exhausted by keeping the illusion for so long and got knocked out when adrenaline worn off.

Naruto didn't say anything, just took the fox into his arms and got up.

'let's find a place for rest. Do you know one?' the blond asked. Riolu nodded and led him to their 'home'. It was base of a tree, there was a bush for some concealment. He saw leaves collected together as a make-shift cot. He gently placed the fox in his hands on them as a drop of water fell on his head. He stared at the heavens.

'It is going to rain.' His gaze fell on the jackal. 'how are you avoiding it? Do you?' the bipedal pokemon sighed.

"we, uh… take shelter under the bush. Its better than nothing." The blond clicked his tongue.

'that won't do…' he went a little away from the tree and clapped his hands together. His hair arose a little from chakra usage.

Riolu sucked a breath between his teeth from the sensation and fell down to his paws and knees. He could feel it; the power caressing him, hugging him, coiling around him as the ground bend under the blond's will. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. It felt too soon when the blond was finished. He almost whined. Almost.

'let's get- are you alright?' Naruto cut himself after he saw the pokemon on ground. Riolu took a shaky breath.

"Y-Yeah, j-just give me a m-moment" he tried to stand up but fell down again. Naruto stared at the pokemon for a moment then went to fetch the fox. He frowned; he brought the fox to the cave he shaped but riolu was yet to come in. he went back to get the jackal. He was still trying to get up. Naruto sighed and carried the riolu with him to the cave.

'what happened?'

"my kind is sensitive to aura, the life energy. What you just used wasn't aura but…" the jackal was at loss for words.

'does it make you feel uncomfortable?'

"No! I mean, no. it was just… intense. I-I'll get used to it." Naruto hummed as he put the pokemon next to zorua.

'I will go get some firewood.' Riolu was alone with zorua in a few seconds.

He let his mind wander to the feeling again. The strong presence, the phantom tendrils caressing him, rubbing against him… his adolescent mind was working against him, the presence took form as the blond, tendrils replaced with hands… he was hugging him and his hands were everywhere. He panted without realizing it. Zorua shifted in his sleep and the soft noise snapped him back to himself. He groaned when he realized he had an erection and he was grinding it to ground. He heard footsteps and gasped, trapping his length under himself to hide it. It made him uncomfortable but he would be much more uncomfortable if the blond's eyes met with 'it'.

Naruto was back with firewood… a thick tree divided to three pieces. He dropped the wood down and his power seeped to ground once more. Riolu gasped shakily and his shaft throbbed. There was a circle of stone on ground now, a pit for fire the blond was about to ignite.

The 'young' man hummed to himself, he hovered his hand over the wood and wind chakra sliced the pile to smaller pieces. He heard the jackal gasp again. He put some wood into the pit and sat down next to the pokemon duo. He flicked a finger to the ready-to-light campfire and a small fireball jumped from his finger. It connected with the wood and flames climbed to the ceiling, chakra fueling it unleashed upon impact. Mere seconds later dried wood was burning normally. He leered at the jackal to see the little pokemon panting. He knew, from smell, why the pokemon laying like that but didn't wanted to distress him and lied down behind them. He gently caressed riolu's head, causing the pokemon to lean into his touch.

"Thank you Master, thank you for taking us in." the blond flinched. 'master' was another can of worms.

'Why did you call me that?' he didn't mean it to be harsh. it panicked the pokemon.

"I-I'm sorry ma-sir! I will not say it again if you…" 'Shhh' Naruto pulled the pokemon closer to his chest with conscious effort to not touch his hardness. He let the pokemon have his back to him.

'I'm sorry. You may call me whatever you wish but my name is…'







"Master" the pokemon called Naruto away from the memory to realize he was hyperventilating – odd, he didn't even need to breathe anymore... A far part of his mind commented – and he was crushing the pokemon. He let go like he got burned then hugged him much more gently. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

'Sorry, my name is… Typhoon.' he finished. He continued to caress the pokemon's soft fur and had a conclusion.

'this must be heaven' he continued caressing until he did something he didn't for a long while, simply not seeing any reason to do… he slept.

He was still a war-veteran however and snapped to consciousness when he felt riolu got up. He opened his eyes a little to see the jackal walk close to the cave entrance and deal with his 'problem'. He closed his eyes again; he could give the pokemon that much privacy. Sometime later he felt the pokemon return to his side and pulled him to his chest again.

He was in a familiar void, his mindscape. He didn't saw the point to imagine anything to exist here after-

He slapped himself, harshly.

Then he realized he have a guest, an equine with a golden wheel on its body and an impressable presence. It was nowhere close to himself but he had a feeling it was perhaps the strongest pokemon. He let his eyes sharpen on the pokemon's eyes before it can even take a breath to talk. He let his mind filled with the vast knowledge the pokemon has. He was right; it was the strongest pokemon, the god,


'Interesting. It is usually me doing astral visits on others, not vice versa…' he conjured himself a glass of wine, both to test if he was in control of the dream and wanted to taste the drink again. The god blinked. Both at what the blond said and the fact he used words of a riolu. The pokemon waited the 'human' to say anything else but he just drunk a little from the sanguine liquid. The pokemon shook it off and got back to business.

"You are no mere human; I felt the power ripples you caused from a different dimension. Who are you? What are you?" If the pokemon were to say it was intimidated a little, it wouldn't be lying… but of course it won't admit it. Not even to itself. The blond raised a hand and two more 'arceus' materialized. The pokemon shot an odd look at the human. The blond pointed one on left.

It was in a submissive pose, front legs kneeling and head bowed down.

'that will be you if you understand what exactly I am.' He pointed to the other one. That one's legs were buckled and its eyes had a faraway look. Like it wasn't itself anymore.

'and this one is if I let you look into my mind for answers.' He waved his hand away, causing the doppelgangers to dissolve into black smoke.

'Neither is what I want, so I will do neither. Let's just say that… I'm a human but at the same time I am not. A demon, but not. A god, but not… I'm just me.' Arceus still tried to read the 'human's' mind but all it saw was void. Like it was a psychic and the blond was a dark type.

'perhaps one day you will understand, see me in person and not through invading my dreams. I plan on exploring the world. See the sights I can't see in my world anymore.'

"what is it like, your world?" Arceus was interested but its voice was calm. Typhoon took a slow sip from the glass.

'a wasteland. Full of dust… and rocks.' He sighed 'yet it was not always so.' The pokemon stiffened and reached the worst conclusion.

"Is it like that because of… you?" the pokemon flinched from the withering death-glare.

'my 'pet'.'


'yes. Humans tried to take my power for themselves. They wouldn't be successful but my pet took offense on my behalf.' He sighed and let the glass slip from his hand. 'in a moment… all life had been purged from earth.'


Arceus stared.

'it does not matter now. It was past and will not be future.'

"What happened to your pet?" it asked calmly.

'I ripped her apart. Soul and body. Her soul was already… long story. Perhaps I will tell you later.' His eyes flicked to sky to see dawn was arriving. 'it's morning already.'

Riolu woke up to see he was alone with zorua.

"master?" he got up and hurried to the cave entrance.

"Master?!" his call woke up zorua.

"riolu, What's wrong?!"

"Master is gone!" Zorua blinked and followed the jackal outside.

"Master! Master! Mast-!"


Riolu tripped over a protrusion on ground. It was actually a line on ground. He noticed that when he looked closer.

"Zorua!" he called the fox and they followed it.

Five minutes later they found something wasn't there before.

There was a split steam of water from river and it was flowing to a pool. then the water continued by overflowing the pool back to the river over a track. They could see steam rising from the fork, then it mixed with the old and colder water in the pool.

The blond emerged from water, not even a spec of dirt left on his hair or skin. He raked his fingers between his hair to loosen the knots to straightness. He waited the pokemon to announce their presence while doing that.

Zorua was mesmerized by the blond's hair after it got cleaned. It was sublime, the way sunlight danced between the long, yellow locks and reflected at him… making a breathtaking sight.

Riolu, however was tracking the hair down and down and down… he flustered and had to consciously raise his eyes up. Then blond let his power flow to ground through his feet. He managed to strangle down the gasp back but his knees buckled. The steam rising from water turned down a little.

'would you like to join me or will you continue watching?' blond asked after he decided they ogled him enough. He heard them yelp behind him and snickered to himself. He looked over his shoulder at them, both flustered at getting caught at staring. He turned towards them, causing them to turn their heads away to not look at… y'know. The blond leaned on the pool's edge. 'you can look now.' they hesitantly did so. 'well?' riolu was first to step forward; a tiny, shy step but others followed. Zorua followed less than an arms length away. All the while the blond's slit blue eyes watched the pokemon like a predator, he chuckled.

'I find it flattering...' He leaned more to the jackal. '…that you find me so distracting.' His hot breath danced on the pokemon's muzzle, his lips was less than an inch away and his breath faintly smelling ash and cinnamons filled the pokemon's nose, darkening the fluster to a blush. Meanwhile Zorua was stumped on spot, watching all this with a blush of his own. Their fur only partially covered the redness on their faces. 'however,' the blond leaned even more, aiming for 'ears' on top of the pokemon's head. 'if you are not careful…' his breath caressed the quivering appendages as riolu closed his eyes and took a shaky breath.

'You may end up dead!' he barked as he yanked the unsuspecting Zorua by his long neck fur…


…Pulling him with only a hair's margin away from horn of a heracross. It would be a lethal, for its horn was going for the fox' neck. The effect was instant, riolu's survival instincts kicked in as his eyes shot open and he only took a moment to got a defensive stance in front of the blond and fox. He grinned a little at the pokemon's instincts. The bug-type turned around after several feet of charging straight.

'always be aware of your surroundings and be calm when fighting. If you trip over a root in middle dodging, it will spell doom for you.' The blond advised calmly behind riolu, making the pokemon look at him oddly.

'never take your eyes off your opponent!' the blond barked again as riolu's head snapped back to the bug-type pokemon with a flinch. The bug was getting ready to attack again but stopped by the jerky motion. It was suspicious and decided to wait for the riolu to make the first move. The jackal was clearly ordered something but he didn't hear anything or saw blond's lips move. It decided to let the jackal take the initiative. The blond was calm once more.

'read your opponent closely; observe its moves, body shape, emotions, anything that may hint you to do what you should to win the fight. Your opponent is bigger than you, this means it is stronger, tougher, slower and has less stamina than you. It has a carapace, which makes it even tougher but also slower and makes it spend more stamina for moving. Your best shot is tire it out and finish it when it is exhausted.' Riolu nodded, his eyes never left the bug as the blond said.

'Zorua, help riolu with ranged support. A direct hit will be dangerous so distract it with your illusions and long-range attacks If you know any. Don't stop at one place for long, use your illusions to conceal yourself or your opponent will attack you.' Zorua was a little crestfallen for he didn't knew any long-range attack but he still nodded with determination. He still could use leer to help riolu from afar while using illusions to stay out of sight.

'that's all I can say for now. Be careful.' Riolu grinned at the last note and dashed with quick attack, Zorua's eyes focused on the bug type, leering to make an opening in the pokemon's defense for later. Blond grinned to himself.

'Looks like I will break my promise…'


Heracross fell down, utterly spent and an accidental headbutt to a tree knocked it out. A little back behind it, riolu wasn't faring much better. He was on his knees and panting like he ran a dozen of marathons. On the blond's side, Zorua fell down, his knees couldn't carry him anymore. The blond hummed in approval.

'good, you won.' the pokemon was too spent up to respond. He smiled and brought them to the pool with him. He leaned their heads to his chest so they will stay above water while rest of their them is submerged in warmth.

"H-haaaah" riolu sighed in pleasure, the warm water soothing his sore muscles. Zorua hummed, he his muscles weren't sore but the warm water calmed him nonetheless. The blond started massaging the pokemon softly and it helped even more.


Hunger showed itself. Riolu got flustered and Zorua giggled.


Typhoon chuckled at their expressions.

'I believe its time to find something to eat.' He coaxed them away from his chest and got up from the pool, reminding pokemon he is still naked. They yelped and squeezed their eyes shut. Typhoon materialized his outfit again and a strong gust of hot air dried his hair. Riolu twitched.

'I'm decent.' He took a moment to digest that there are peo… well, beings he has to be decent for. He bit his lip until it bled to not tear up. It didn't get missed by the pokemon.

"Master? Are you alright?" Typhoon didn't say anything, just knelt down and hugged them. They looked at each other over the blonde's back but didn't said anything. He let go.

"Master, Is there something wrong?" Zorua tried this time.

'No. Nothing is wrong, Zorua. Quite opposite actually, I… I feel better than I have for a long, long time. Let's go.' He let them lead him to a berry tree they usually eat from.

"We are here" Zorua announced. Typhoon hummed as he stared at some pink fruits on a tree.

'these fruits are… pecha berries, right?'

"Yep." Riolu responded as he popped one into his mouth. Typhoon hummed again and sat down base of a tree nearby.

"aren't you doing to eat?" Zorua asked when he saw the blonde on ground.

'maybe later. Go ahead, I'll watch around.' The fox frowned but did as told.

He watched the pokemon eat for a moment then his gaze swept the scene. There were several pecha trees with various pokemon helping themselves. He could smell rich and sweet aroma of the fruit as he closed his eyes and let his other senses keep track of around. He heard rustling of a bush as an avian type of pokemon arrived. Their eyes met and It glared at him. The blond got the name blaziken from pile of knowledge he got from arceus and riolu.

"A human, perfect…" he heard the pokemon mutter. He frowned a little but stayed silent. He guessed from pokemon's deep tone; it was a male. His eyes caught riolu coming towards him and he wiped the frown from his face.

"Master!" he presented a berry to him. "Would like to try one?" he asked innocently and Typhoon couldn't find it in himself to say he doesn't eat. He reached over to take the fruit but Zorua sneaked behind the jackal and licked one of riolu's aura sensors, causing him to gasp and accidently crush the berry in his paw from sensation. Typhoon flinched as its juices splashed to his face and hand. Zorua burst out laughing. He saw the avian pokemon crack a smirk as he saw the blond's face.

'Sorry zorua, but I don't intent to let you have the last laugh.' Typhoon thought as he smirked. He grabbed riolu's juicy arm before the pokemon tackle the mischievous fox. They both feared they overdone it and might be in trouble. Avian got ready to intervene if the blond decided to punish the pokemon duo.

"I-I'm sorry ma-master pl-" the blond's eyes took a predatory glint and the pokemon froze as a long and forked tongue came out of the blond's mouth. It wiped his face then his fingers clean of juice and brought it to his mouth. He proceeded to lick off the juice from riolu's arm next. He licked it clean and continued with his body. He flicked it over the pokemon's face for a few drops here and there and carried the juice back to his mouth again. He lastly took the crushed berry from the pokemon's paw with his tongue and chewed it several times and swallowed. The blond's actions making both pokemon blush a nice beet red. Again, fur only partially covered it. He grinned at them.

'Thank you riolu. You are very sweet.' he commented as his grin turned to smug at the avian's flustered face. His sapphire orbs rested on the pokemon's lighter blue ones as the pokemon flustered a little more, making the blonds grin wider. He growled and jumped to wipe that smug grin off the 'human's face. Typhoon laughed as he ducked under the flying kick.

'Back away and don't interfere. I will deal with this.' The duo was happy with the order for the avian pokemon was much more than they could handle.

Typhoon flowed around the avian pokemon's strafe with unnatural grace – he was outside of the entropy circle so it wasn't a wonder he was in pristine condition after eons. It angered the pokemon even more, also sparked a different emotion but blaziken refused to acknowledge it. They 'danced' around for several more minutes – the blond started to hum to their rhythm at some point, much to the pokemon's unending annoyance – until the avian couldn't take it anymore.

"Stay still damn it!" the blond did as the avian told and a kick crashed on his face. The avian grinned and other two pokemon gasped. Then the avian frowned and withdrew his leg down, to see the blond was in pristine condition. At least he wasn't grinning now.

'you are kind of slow and kind of weak' the blond commented with a frown. The avian growled and threw a punch this time but the blond grabbed the fist. 'Still, I guess it is good for a pokemon. How about toughness?' he landed a 'light' kick to the avian's chest.

"Ghurk" the pokemon's feet left ground and crashed to a tree, almost breaking it in two. He slid down from the tree and gripped his chest in pain. Typhoon walked close to the pokemon, who tried to get back on his feet to continue fighting. He groaned and stood down after several tries and just stared at the blond's eyes with defiance. Typhoon knelt down to get eye level with the sitting pokemon.

'do you still wish to battle?' the avian shook his head, hoping the blond wouldn't continue anyway. The blond grabbed the pokemon's arms and pulled them away from his chest with one hand. It made the avian groan again, but he didn't do anything to stop the blond. Typhoon gently checked the pokemon's chest for any broken ribs with his other hand and he was happy to found none. He let the pokemon go.

'no broken ribs. Again, kind of frail but good for a pokemon I suppose.' He commented again. The pokemon would snort if he didn't know the action would hurt him. So, he just stayed silent.

'guys!' Typhoon shouted to the duo watching them. They snapped to attention with the call. 'do you know anything to soothe pain around here?' they looked to each other.

"There are oran berries but why don't we just leave him alone?" Zorua asked. Typhoon shrugged.

'he is like this because of me. I was supposed to lighten my kick more but I guess I was a little too… excited.'

"you didn't have any problems with leaving that scrafty alone after you knocked him out."

'But blaziken wasn't hunting you. And I spot genuine worry when I…' he grinned at riolu '…pinned riolu to enjoy his treat. You all thought I was going to hit him or something.' All pokemon flustered a little, even blaziken. 'now…' the avian pokemon grunted a little as he found himself sitting on the blond's shoulders. He was red from embarrassment… well, redder. 'let's get some of those berries.'

Oran berry is a dark-blue and circular fruit.

Typhoon gently placed the avian on his shoulders down to a tree close by and foraged a small pile of them.

'Here' he placed the pile on the avian's lap and watched him eat. He winced for first few berries then downed the rest normally.

"you understand our tongue and even talk?" the blaziken asked the question on his mind after they 'fought' but couldn't ask because of pain. The blond explained semantics.

"I see, you are not an ordinary human. What are you then?" Typhoon shrugged.

'I am me, that's all you need to know and would like to know.' blaziken frowned but decided not to pursue it further. There was an awkward silence for a few beats.

'well, I guess you are good to go now.'

"Yes I am. Thanks."

'let's go boys.' He pocketed a berry and turned to leave.

"Wait."!" Typhoon looked over his shoulder to the avian pokemon. Blaziken couldn't believe himself for what he is about to ask.

"I… uh… wha-what are you planning to do?" he asked, no longer able to keep eye contact and a pink hue of embarrassment dusting his cheeks. The blond hummed.

'I want to explore the world, get to know the…' he wanted to smack himself for his near slip up. It would raise too many uncomfortable questions up and may lead to them learning exactly what he is. And they may end up doing something he hate, look at him in a perspective he doesn't want to be looked at.

'… pokemon in the world. perhaps settle down and watch over young ones running around with their life.'

"you sounded like an old man right now." Zorua piped in, blaziken cracked a grin and riolu slapped the fox' head. Typhoon chuckled at the irony.

'Oww my youthful pride…' He smiled. 'perhaps help where I can.'

"help?" the avian asked. Typhoon shrugged.

'Time will show… you are free to tag along.' He answered the question avian couldn't ask. His eyes lit up and he braced himself the same way riolu did yesterday. He just waited the avian with a grin.


'I don't use capture stones?' he turned to riolu uncertainly and got a nod. 'yeah, I don't use them.'

"humans call them pokeballs." Blaziken enlightened him. Typhoon hummed.

'perhaps I should visit a human settlement first. There is a lot of thing I can learn from a human… how did you know about pokeballs anyway?'

"I was with a trainer once. But managed to escape from him. He was kind of bad;. He didn't really treat us bad but he didn't saw us as friends either. He saw us a way for fame and cash instead."

'do you hate humans now?'

"Not hate but certainly dislike. Professor was a kind guy so I know not all humans are bad."

'fair point, humans vary a lot. Let's go then, lead the way.'

The avian and blond walked on the front while other two decided to follow from behind.

"you have a crush on master" Zorua observed. Riolu tripped on his own feet.

"I uh… yes, yes I do. But I know I'm not the only one." He elbowed the fox. He blushed. They also see the avian pokemon chatting with the blond and laugh with a faint pink dust on his cheeks. They all seemed to be smitten with the blond.

"maybe…" a short silence. "you don't have to thank me for what I did."


"Lick on your sensor. For a moment, I thought you were gonna pop a boner and die from emba-" riolu tackled him. The leading duo heard growling and checked back to see other two was wrestling on ground. Typhoon chuckled.

"shall I them set them straight?" the avian asked. He was still a pokemon trained with disciple, it was kind of a reflex at this point.

'nah, let them do what they want. The day is young and I know why they are doing this.' The avian blinked at him.


'payback. For the prank earlier.' The avian averted his gaze.

'Not even an hour and I can tell he is much better than… him.' The avian thought as he watched the pokemon rolling around.

'Also, I am not as obvious as you may think. I am well aware of their crushes and your blooming one. Let's see who will confess first.' He snickered a little and his eyes returned to the wrestling pokemon. 'their rivalry is going to be so fun'

"Oh, hello there! I believe you came for… eh? You seem to have a group of pokemon already. How can I help you?"Professor Sycamore started cheerfully and finished calmly. Blue slit eyes met green human eyes and professor stiffened a little from the sight. Typhoon cut the contact with a close-eyed grin and talked with his mouth for the first time since his arrival to the dimension.

"I would like to get a pokedex and start my journey as a trainer."



'honey-like' blaziken, riolu and zorua thought respectively. Zorua shivered a little. The professor swallowed as their eyes met again, blue gaze mesmerizing the 'older' man. The blond chuckled as the professor took a little more time than he should to respond. The sound snapped him back.

"O-of course. I must have one left. This way." He led them to the garden behind the lab. The blond let his gaze rake the lab and fell to the garden behind, eyes fell on another fox-like pokemon, a fire type this time… fennekin.

'I have a lot of soft spots in this world' he thought. The professor handed him a red device. Sight of the device triggered knowledge he got from Sycamore as he took it with a thanks.

"there you go. I also give new trainers a starter pokemon. You already have three pokemon but would you still like to have one?" Typhoon thought a little.

"Can I see them?" he asked politely. The professor got used to blond a little by now, his face spotted an easy grin.

"Sure, this way." They got out to the garden. A black pokemon ran to them, shouting some excited words on the way. It jumped on the professor, being mindful to not crush the man.

"Morning master!" the dragon… garchomp greeted Sycamore. Typhoon watched a little back, a grin on his face. A trio of pokemon joined, fennekin he saw before, a… froakie and a …chespin.

"These are fennekin…"




"…and chespin."

"hey there!"

"Choose one of them." There was nothing to choose from, the blond was already sold.

"Fennekin." The pokemon's face lit up at its name. others were a little disappointed at not being chosen but they shook it up quickly.

"I guess this is it for us guys." The pokemon said sadly after reality slammed home and it realized what that meant, a goodbye. "I'll miss you."

"Fennekin" froakie called. It hugged the fox when the pokemon turned to him. Chespin watched a moment the it too joined the hug. Froakie had tears in its eyes. "we will miss you too." Chespin said but it managed to hold back its tears.

"Actually…" Typhoon decided to try his luck. All eyes were on him. "…Can I take all of them?" Professor sighed.

"That is against rules." The reply was stern.

"It isn't about having extra fire-power if that is what you are talking about, I prefer if I don't ruin their friendship. I know I can take none of them but one of them at least, all of them at most will go eventually and they will be separated. Do this for them, please." The pokemon was staring at the professor hopefully. He was cracking but one last push needed for him to give in. He had something in mind but...

'will I risk it for a pokemon?' he asked to himself. He took one look at the wide eyes of the fox and his eyes dilated a little. The answer was yes.

"Please Professor?" his voice was velvet, his eyes were captivating, a soft breeze passed around his perfect long blond hair and they reflected the sunlight like there was diamonds in it, his tattered outfit gave him an animalistic charm…

He was absolutely breathtaking.

Sycamore realized his lungs was burning as he realized he wasn't breathing for a long time. Other pokemon wasn't faring much better… not that he can see them; his eyes decided the blond was the most important sight in the universe and weren't listening to him anymore. Garchomp and blaziken knew he was using some form of charm but it was a far, far away fact for both of them right now. Other pokemon instinctively knew there was something wrong, especially riolu and zorua; former for his sensitivity to the blond's powers and latter for his illusionary attunement. Last three was vulnerable but not more than the professor. They all were in the blond's hands now.

"V-very well. I-it is, as you said, for them."

"thank you, professor, you have a heart of gold." He let the illusion go, letting the man and pokemon take an easy breath. Garchomp growled at him, angry at the blond for deceiving her master. His pokemon instinctively arose to fight.

"No guys. No matter what the reason, I shouldn't do it. I deserve it."

"But master-!"

"Riolu, I manipulated him. I knew it was wrong and I knew I shouldn't have done that. I did it anyway, even if it was for fennekin."

"No. master, you didn't do anything wrong. You didn't harm him and you didn't do it for a selfish reason. I refuse to watch you get hurt without a good reason." He was touched by the avian pokemon's words and their strong desire to protect him.

"You defended us when we met from that scrafty, you didn't even know why he was chasing us. So, let us return the favor." Zorua shared his piece.

"Why he was chasing you?" It arose the blond's curiosity and momentarily dissolved the tense atmosphere. Riolu glared at zorua, who chuckled sheepishly.

"I uh… may have make him face-plant on a pile of mud." Riolu smacked his paw on the fox's head.

"OW! You were laughing too!" The fox indignantly shouted. Typhoon shook his head with a grin. Then he refocused on the dragon-type pokemon. She was looking at him oddly.

"Umm…" he felt a little awkward under her gaze.

"You can… understand them? How about me? Can you understand me?"

"yes, I can understand you? is it not… normal?" he asked. He gained wide-eyed stares from garchomp and the professor.

"I have… never met anyone with ability to hold a conversation with a pokemon, at least accurately." The blond blinked.


"Yes, also whatever you just did isn't something a human can do, is it? Who and what are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

"My name is Typhoon and I am me, not a human but something else. I can only say that much." If he was disappointed, Sycamore didn't show it.

"Can I still have them?" he asked once more. He got an affirmative from the man but he still didn't want it to be a manipulated one.

"I said yes once. I shouldn't change my mind, even if it's with your 'help'." the blond rubbed his head bashfully.

'a war-veteran to this… eons must have softened me more than I think.' He thought to himself. The professor handed him three pokeballs.

"these are their pokeballs." The blond hummed.

"Let's go guys, I am sure you want to explore the world as much as I do." They spared one last look to the place they born and knew for a while then they nodded with smiles.

"Wait." Garchomp stopped them. "Before you go, can you tell master I love him?" Typhoon chuckled and rubbed her head.

"I am sure he is sure of that but alright. Garchomp says she loves you." The professor chuckled. Garchomp nuzzled him in thanks.

Then she took in his scent.

Soon the dragon's nose was poking his everywhere, causing the blond to chuckle and his first three pokemon to glare at her incredulously. The blonds chuckle turned to laughter when he saw their faces. When she started to move to his crotch, he had to push her away.

"I believe I can say that there is no hard feeling between us anymore." He said with laughter. She flushed and nodded. Soon professor and garchomp was out of sight. Typhoon stopped on the way out of the city. He took out the new trio's pokeballs and released them. They were stunned.

"Master! Why?" Fennekin had misty eyes when he said that.

"I am not abandoning you, just the idea of 'store pokemon in pokeballs until you need them' is clashing with my beliefs. I very much prefer if you choose to follow me, not because of a ball forcing you." He explained himself. It calmed them down and smile at him.

"We will follow you of course! After what you did for us… we would be willing even if we had to be captured in a pokeball." Others nodded to show they were thinking same. He grinned back then paused after a few steps.

"You continue, I just remembered I forgot something." He went back to the lab, his pokemon decided to wait for him instead. He was back before long.

"You could send one of us back, master." Blaziken reminded casually.

"It's alright. I just wanted to thank professor one last time."

In the lab, professor stared with wide eyes at the fist-sized diamond in his hands with disbelief.

'a little something to underline your heart of gold, even if it is unworthy of you.' The words, said by the blond, repeating in his mind.

They were outside of the city.

Typhoon let them fight with any pokemon they saw in the wild while he 'battled' with blaziken. Battle was a strong word for he was dancing around blaziken's attacks. He also slapped him lightly when he spotted any openings in his defense. If grunts were any indication, he was hurting him a little. However, was it his pride or body getting hurt he didn't know.

He grunted as a slap landed on his chest. He was going to have bruises from those slaps, not really damaging but frustrating him to no end. He decided to have some conversation while getting 'beaten'… so to speak.

"so… you charmed us." The avian reminded nonchalantly. He then grunted as another slap landed on his chest. The blond snorted in amusement.

"yes, shocking isn't it?" he ducked under a high kick and slapped the avian's thigh when he decided he pulled back too slowly. The avian grunted again.

"well, aren't you weirded out?" he asked as he threw a punch. The blond leaned a little to right instinctively but he was too confused to counter.

"Why should I?" he jumped over a sweep-kick.

"We are same gender. All of us. I thought same-sex relationships bugged humans."

"Ah." It all made sense now. "where I… come from…" he blocked coming high kick this time and grabbed the leg. "do you think others are curious about it too?" he received a shrug.

"Gu-" he saw them all watching their fight. He sent them a dry look but didn't do anything else.

"Master, where did you learn how to fight like that?" Froakie asked. Typhoon hummed, what he had in mind covered it too. He waved his hand to beckon them closer. They obeyed.

"In my… homeland" it was close and far enough. "our countries were at a constant fight with each other. We have… no, had a special power and because of that special power, our fights were… much more deadly than yours. So much that if I were to say we didn't have any guarantee of survival for the next second it would be too far from being literal. For this reason, we took any pleasure for granted… which more often than not included sex. Same-sex relationships were common, for we grew to not be picky, and relationships as a whole were short-lived because of low average of life-span." His eyes swept over the pokemon to gauge their reactions. They were mostly horrified, he spotted fragments of pity and was that hope? Zorua caught a detail.

"You used past tense, what happened?" he internally applauded the dar fox' perception.

"I am the lone survivor of my homeland… as far as I know." They saw that coming, not surprising with the chaotic life they had. Still, guessing and actually hearing it was two different things.

"what I did back at the lab was a trick I can do; I use illusions to enhance my natural charm to enrapture others. It is a dirty trick, but it is one of the good things I can do." 'as for bad ones…'

Naruto was facing a village that destroyed his ancestral clan. He decided to leave the Iwa-Kiri-Kumo trio alone but he drew the line when Iwa took it too far and he sent a platoon of ANBU to brain-wash him to join them. He shrugged, they got it on themselves.

Time to remind them why he was someone not to be angered. His rippled purple eyes glowed with power.

"Tengai Shinsei (Shattered Heavens)."

Mere seconds later the once great village was buried under a meteor. He watched the dust in air with cold eyes for a moment then he left without a second glance.

"Anyway… Let's continue, but please do your own fighting instead of watching our fight this time."

"Master!" riolu stopped him.

"Yes riolu?"

"Master, I want to say something to you." He took a deep breath and let it out. Typhoon understood what he was going to say but still let the pokemon to say it.

"Master I… I…" he stopped with a blush. He couldn't continue. "I…" The pokemon tried again as Typhoon fell to one knee in front of the jackal, who couldn't look at the blond's face. He rubbed the pokemon's head softly.

"Don't force yourself if you are not ready to say what you want to say, riolu. I will be here to hear it when you are ready." The pokemon hesitated a moment then hugged the blond. he felt the blond's arms coil around him, rubbing his back. Zorua was wrong, he didn't crush on their master…

He loved him.

'Master, I love you.' He said it in his mind as a blinding light covered him, he felt himself getting taller and stronger.

"I think you are poking me…" Typhoon thought he should have put it to words differently as riolu, now lucario, jumped away from him with a startled yelp.

"Congratulations riolu, you are a lucario now." The blond exclaimed with a grin. He calmed down after he checked himself to see he was poking him with his new spike and not with his 'spike'… if it was latter, he may have pled arceus to make ground swallow him. He checked his body fully after realizing the incident was innocent.

"I am a lucario!" he said with an excited smile and gasped at his deeper voice. Typhoon snickered at the aura-pokemon's wonder-filled voice.

"That's right. Also, now you can train with blaziken, I am sure he will appreciate less bruises."

"Hey! I am perfectly fine!"

"oh really? Then there should be no problems if I do this." He poked the avian's chest a little roughly, on a place he slapped several times, causing him to moan a little in pain. He looked away with a huff. Typhoon was apologetic for a moment then he had an idea. He wasn't sure of its success but there was no reason not to try.

"blaziken, can you lie down for a moment? I want to try something." The avian did as told and watched the blond with a curious gaze. The blond's hands started to glow soft green as lucario's knees buckled. He was much more sensitive to the blond's energy now that he evolved. It was both a blessing and a curse for him right now. The blond put his hands on the avian's chest. The pokemon grimaced a little then the pain was numbed.

"Does it feel better?" he tested it on a little surface, the mystical palm.

"yes" the avian was shocked to learn this ability of the blond. He figured it was all about fighting and killing, not healing and repairing. It was a pleasant surprise. The blond grinned at that and resumed with more confidence. Chest, abdomen, arms, legs… the avian had to bite his tongue to not moan for an entirely different reason as the blond's touch sent all these pleasant sparks through his body. The blond's hands withdrew after they passed over every part of his once-aching body.

"How are you fe-" he didn't know what urged him to do it but he did it anyway, his lips were pressing on the blond's. they were mismatched but it didn't prevent the sparks flying. He felt guilty as soon as he withdrew – though, the pleasure of it didn't let him feel remorse no matter how much he wanted to right now – and he was expecting the punch on his face but not who it came from, lucario. He had tears in his eyes and was baring his teeth at him, a perfect view of sorrowful anger. He didn't attack him anymore, instead he ran to the forest.

"Lucario!" the blond called after him and got up. He hesitated for a moment and sent him a sad look. Then he ran after lucario.

If only the blond punched him instead of sending him that look.

Then guilt wouldn't be gnawing on him.

"what have you done!" zorua yelled at him.

"I uh…" the fox cut him off.

"I hope you are happy!" he ran after them, leaving him with three bewildered pokemon.

'I am sorry' he finished the sentence in his head.

"Lucario! Lucario!" he heard his master call at him but he was angry, too angry and sad. He wiped tears from his eyes, the reason he didn't saw what was in front of him as he slammed into a houndoom. She growled at him and flames swirled in her mouth. He got up from ground and leapt away but he wasn't fast enough, the flames missed his vitals but not his legs. He cried as his new vulnerability made it especially effective. He fell down and moaned as his own weight made the landing agonizing. He needed a rawst berry, his mind supplied… of course if he managed to survive, his more pessimistic part added. He crossed his arms over his body as the fire and dark type pokemon shot another round of flames at him. He closed his eyes and awaited the pain but none came. He opened his eyes to see there was a stone wall in front of him, between him and the hound. Then the wall crumbled down.

"Get lost." He heard his master order calmly but with overwhelming power and dominance, he was far from his usual easy-going self.

The hound growled lowly but slowly backed away and out of sight. Typhoon reburied Uzumaki Naruto, the god of death in him and sighed in relief. He was on lucario's side in a blink and checking on his burnt legs. He pressed his once again glowing hands on the pokemon's legs.

Lucario hissed a little in pain then it gone numb. He continued to cry in silence, fat drops of tears slid down his cheeks as the blond healed his legs. he lunged at the blond when he was done – remembering the spike at the last moment and shifted a little to not pierce him with it – and hugged him desperately, trying to wash away the frustration and sadness he was feeling through the embrace. He started sobbing quietly as the blond rubbed soothing circles on his back.

"Master! Lucario! Mast-oh" Zorua caught up to them.

"Can you leave us alone a bit, Zorua?" his voice was soft and gentle, the tone he used on the houndoom was a thing in past.

"S-sure" the pokemon was out of sight.

"lucario, are you al-" he couldn't stop himself anymore.

The kiss was different from the one avian stole from him; both were with mismatched lips and inexperienced but it wasn't shy, hopeful and guilty in the end; it was sad, desperate, angry and was full of desire to please. Their kiss continued as the pokemon worked; his body shivering, soft paws massaging as he begged for a response without words, a sign to show he was pleasing him. The blond sighed form his nose as he gave in, he pulled the pokemon closer and started to respond. Typhoon hummed a little as lucario changed their places and pressed him on ground, pinning him with his smaller body. He let the pokemon do whatever he wishes with him, soft paws rubbing his chest and his own hands rubbing his back. His hands continued to roam down and down… then he caught himself.

'not until he is ready and he wishes' he let his hands return to 'safer' area. Few minutes later the pokemon was panting on him, his lungs burning from lack of oxygen. The pokemon lied sideways to not punch a hole on his chest with the spike.

"are you alright?" he tried again, without interruption this time. The pokemon took a few more moments to rewind, then he responded.

"I am angry. Very angry at blaziken but…"

"But you can't blame him for having the same feelings you have for me." He felt more than saw the pokemon nod. He hummed.

"I can't really tell you what you should about this but I suggest you to think about sharing." The pokemon was equally indignant, embarrassed and shocked.

"What! But-"

"look at this way; you have feelings towards me, blaziken has and I suspect zorua has too. Am I right zorua?" the dark pokemon came out of the bushes he was hiding in; his face was pink from being caught eavesdropping and walked closer slowly. He nodded without looking at him, his eyes were glued to ground. "and there is only one me. It is either you fight for my affection or you share me. The other trio is a wild card, so in the end you may have to fight a combination of them too if you choose the first option."

'When put it like that, he has a point.' Lucario thought grumpily.

"I will leave the choice to you." He paused a bit to let the aura-pokemon digest his words. "Are you ready to go?"

"Can we stay like that a little more?" the blond grinned softly.


"Excellent! Congratulations on evolving, braixen!"

A week had passed since the blond took the trio under his wing.

The blond forgave blaziken, not that he was angry at him. He even apologized for leaving him to go after lucario.

Suffice to say the avian was back on track.

First to evolve was frogardier, the next one was quiladin and now the braixen. Lucario huffed, the blond was right… unfortunately.

Six pokemon, vying for one 'human'.

The stress alone forced zoroark to evolve. To keep up with the others.

They all tried not to be too obvious in their jealous gazes at the fire fox as the blond caressed his head. He hugged the blond's waist – for it was the 'highest' he can reach – and sent the other five a smug look.

Not too obvious.

Not too obvious.

Not too-

He huffed again and looked elsewhere before he started a six-way brawl… again. The urge to kick him away from the blond and hug him while shouting "mine!" was getting too intense.

But they – in a non-violent discussion – decided not to make their rivalry too obvious to the blond.

No need to risk making him sad.

He loved all of them.

The blond tapped fire fox' head to sign he wanted to go. Small favors…

"let's get going." The blond decided to act before other five teamed on braixen... Though perhaps it would be fun to watch five pokemon chasing one… he chuckled.

He was well aware of their rivalry over his affection.

And he himself would admit he had too much pleasure from watching them trip over themselves to make sure he is oblivious to it while trying to get some treats from him. Treats he had no problem in giving away generously.

Still, he wanted to get to the seaside.

Soft winds, smell of sea, sounds of waves washing the shore…

It was something he missed… a lot.

They pressed on, passing through forest of the houndoom incident.

Lucario instinctively moved closer to the blond, eyes scanning around with extra care. Typhoon noticed the pokemon's unease and put his hand on lucario's shoulder. Lucario grinned at the blond and put his paw on his hand.

They reached the coast, the first thing the blond do was take a deep breath to absorb sea air, his eyes closed to let the scent take him away. His soft strands flew around with wind. He checked behind him to see two of his pokemon was frowning and looking a little uncomfortable; blaziken and braixen.

"guys, is there something wrong?"

"No, just…"

"Sea or big bodies of water makes fire-types uncomfortable." Braixen finished blaziken's explanation. The avian nodded with a sigh. The blond let out a sad 'oh'.

"then maybe it is best if we go."

"it- eh… it's not so bad, we will survive a few minutes…" blaziken said with a weak smile, borderline grimace. He did grimace when a drop of water landed on his face.

"Yes… even if it's… water." Braixen used his powers to make his fur hotter, steam arose from him. He smiled in satisfaction for a few seconds then he frowned again. He grimaced when a drop landed on his head. The avian shivered. Typhoon hummed.

"is it cold or texture of it?"

"Cold… I suppose" blaziken replied.

"Both." Braixen shared his piece.

"you are right, ice isn't that much of a problem" Typhoon hummed.

"both, eh?" he muttered. Lucario took in a sharp breath and let it out slowly. The blond's hair got much longer and levitated higher. Then they could see steam rising from long strands.

"get in my hair but try not to yank." He instructed. The fire-types shared a look for a moment then did as told.

It was closest thing to heaven for a fire type; warmth. All embracing warmth. It was like having flash fire and leaping inside fire, a skill neither of them have. As a big bonus it also had the blond's scent; wood ash and cinnamon.

"is it better?"

"You can't imagine…" the fox took a deep whiff. "Thank you very much master."

Others wanted to get in too but heat proved to be too much.

The blond sat down and beckoned them closer with his hands. To his left sat lucario and quiladin next to him. Right, zoroark and frogardier. He leaned on the dark fox and pulled the jackal as a side effect. The fox rested his head on his when he noticed the blond's hair isn't burning him. Then he frowned. He checked the blond out.

Blond hair.

Blue eyes with slits for pupils.

Sun-kissed skin.

Torn clothes…

He shrugged at the last one.

Then looked over his shoulder to the intoxicated fire-types. Then down to the blond strands. He touched the hair then whipped his paw back and blew on the burn.

He grabbed a fistful of grass and threw them on it. They first browned then combusted in seconds.

Strange powers.

The blond took his paw and let a little green light cover his hand. Seconds later it wasn't stinging. His naturally sharp eyes softened a bit.

Compassion. Their eyes met and the blond eye-smiled at him. He blushed faintly.


What wasn't there to love. He sighed and his gaze flickered over other pokemon.

Companions and friends,

Opponents and peers.

One prize…

He sighed and glared at nothing.

"Ahh… I got lost again."

"Master?" his voice was much deeper than it was, when he was a zorua.

"I got lost in thoughts. I do it sometimes, no matter how much I hate it." He elaborated. The fox turned at him fully.

"What were you thinking?" the blond laughed.

"let's not get into that, you would be traumatized…" he said so cheerfully, like talking about his favorite food… sometimes he forgot he came from such a different and hostile place, he thought anyone coming from such a place would be cold-blooded killer but his master went out of his way to heal even not mention-worthy damages on them and wild pokemon. He noticed the blond's softer gaze on him and other pokemon's attention.

"… and I very much prefer if I don't corrupt my cute companions with my past…" he muttered it but it got echoed in his head, perhaps everyone's head.

"the important part is; sometimes the thoughts will do more harm than good. Sometimes they will drag you back, sometimes they will stall you and you miss opportunities, sometimes you will shy away from things you want to do because of your doubts." He sighed.

"Sometimes it is best to act without thinking." he was starting to get used to it.

Was he charming them? He didn't think so but there was little else to explain his attractiveness. It was like he was reading his thoughts, knowing what to say so that his words batter away his common sense. How to look so he is hot under his dark fur. What to do so he has this swam of butterflies fly chaotically in his guts. How to beat bullies and save them from death or getting maimed.

How to be so damn attractive, driving them to himself like bees to honey, at the same time able to be so terrifying that he could just order their foes with words alone and actually make them obey.

How could he managed to resist for so long? And why?

He poured all his emotions into the kiss; his hesitation, his fascination, his gratefulness, his love… and acceptance of any response. The blond didn't disappoint.

He pulled the fox closer, raking his fingers on the pokemon's long mane. He closed his eyes and for a moment he imagined his hands were not caressing a long and red high-lighted ebony mane but fiery-orange one. Nine long and bush tails swishing a little far, about to envelope him in a soft and warm embrace. He silently sobbed once, it was barely noticed by the fox, then he deepened the kiss even more, letting the dam on his emotions weaken a bit. Happiness, longing and excitement washed through, his passion overwhelming the fox for a moment then a pair of all too wrong paws circled his waist. He let his eyes open with a shine of disappointment. It lasted just one moment.

"Sometimes your thoughts will do more harm than good."

His own advice echoed in his head as he started responding anew. No longer he was imagining with his eyes closed; he was sticking to the reality, his fox was with the summons, in a different dimension – dimension tree – and most importantly: safe. His eyes still had that far-stare of longing; he still missed him… very much. Zoroark noticed them and withdrew. He panted a bit to rewind.

"Master, I am sorry if I-" this time Typhoon cut him.

It wouldn't be fair if he looked for his Kyuubi in them, not to them or him. He should let Tsukimaru go. He let his passion rekindle as he pulled the dark fox close again. They made out until he felt the fox reached his limit and had to take a breath.

"Please don't finish that sentence, zoroark. I dislike it when any of you think what you do, what you are, isn't enough." His sternness snapping his pokemon away from their glaring at the dark fox to him.

"Master?" quiladin asked, he figured their confusion was blond sighed and his hair returned to normal, causing the good distraction for his fire-types give its place to bad one. He got up and let the vastness of the sea calm a bit.

"You just reminded me of…" he paused. Was he going to tell them? Would that turn to the topic of what he is? Would it give a hint about it?

Was he going to risk it?

"It's alright, master. As you once said, you can say it when you are ready to say it." Lucario decided to share his thoughts after Typhoon hesitated for a few moments.

"and if you prefer not to say, we will understand… even if we would be sad you decide so." Frogardier finished. Typhoon sighed shakily.

Tell them and risk changing their perspective on him.

Or not and make them sad… also probably make them think he doesn't trust them.

He was already placed quite high in their eyes. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to share another piece of his past with them… he hoped.

He sneaked a peek at them to see they stared down to ground in sadness after he was silent for some time, it was the last bit to tip the scale.

A leap of faith it seemed. He took in a shaky breath.

"I used to have… someone, someone I loved more than anything." Another peek, they were focusing on him again. His throat was full of knots… he turned back to sea.

"we did not like each other very much at start but we were kind of… bound together so in time we warmed to each other." A bottle of sake and a hookah set wouldn't be bad right now…

"at first, he was like my parent. Both my mother and father died when I was a baby so I grew to see him as one. As I grew up, he turned from my parent to my best friend and to my lover." He closed his eyes and suppressed the emotions bubbling up.

"He was with me nearly all the way…" the longing in his voice could be tangible. 'then I had to send him and others to another dimension.' "…then he died. He was killed." He sagged. He felt arms around him, zoroark was embracing him. Then lucario did the same and they all was around him before long. Quiladin was the last one trying to embrace him.

Keyword: trying.

He overbalanced them all and they started to fall down to the sea, rocky sea bellow. He heard a gasp from bellow and those with him.




"URK!" Typhoon made a platform to cut their fall but he was crushed under their weight. He groaned "I don't think a human would be three dimensional anymore…" he rasped. He changed the stone under him to mud and slid down through it. His eyes caught an orange otter-like pokemon, a… buziel as fell down and balanced on a rock jutting out of the water. He dug his fingers to the cliff by his side. The platform slowly elevated up. He heard sniffing behind him. He checked to see it was the buziel. He decided not to say anything and let the platform rise.

"I-I'm sorry." Her high-pitched voice indicated it was a she.

"For what?" She looked at him oddly, not that he can see.

"I-I heard your story… and also for eavesdropping."

"It's alright. I got over it long time ago. Some scars are left, of course, but I guess it is only natural." They were silent for a bit.

"I never seen a human understanding our talk. Or do that." He shrugged. He let the platform stay at top and withdrew his hands from stone.

"Master, would it be stupid if I ask 'are you alright'?!" Typhoon chuckled at the avian's question.

"I don't know, why don't you try it?" he got a snicker as a response.

"Are you alright, master?!"

"it was a little stupid, I admit." He chuckled again.

"Hah, hear that? master said you are stupid." He heard quiladin twist his words… then a 'smack' and an 'oof'. He guessed the avian rewarded the mammal for his troubles. He grinned with a shake of head, they were a lively bunch alright.

"right, I have to go." 'before they start that six-way fist-fighting again…' He turned to the bewildered orange pokemon. "see you, maybe." He started to walk vertically up to the edge of cliff. The otter was shocked naturally. She found her voice however.

"Please wait…"

He got up with the otter in his arms to see quiladin rubbing his head with a grin and blaziken frowning angrily at him. They all shook it off when they saw him with the orange pokemon. The blond put her down and walked to duo.

"I guess I kind of called you stupid…" the blond remarked sheepishly. He ignored the joyful 'hah!' quiladin let out. Blaziken laughed nervously and smacked the mammal without looking away from the blond.

"eh-eheheh it uh… it's al-" he pecked the avian on lips. He still felt bad for leaving the avian for lucario that day but no opportunities showed itself until now.

He didn't want to look like he was having favorites, and he doesn't have one.

even if he had a soft spot for foxes.

"I am sorry for calling you that." He said it against the avian's mouth. Buziel blushed at what she was seeing and others first glared at blaziken then at quiladin for being the catalyst.

"Let's go guys… and girl, I am sure blaziken and braixen would be happier if we get going." He pretended not to hear the profanity quiladin muttered as he get into the forest with a grin.

End of Chapter

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