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Delphox put down the vine basket chesnaught weaved for him, eyeing the various berries he harvested. He stretched a bit and let out a sigh of pleasure before glancing sideways to Greninja. He had a basket like his but Greninja's was full of flower petals instead. Chesnaught got out of the water and joined them.

"You think he would appreciate this?" Greninja asked a bit unsurely.

They were standing by one of the blond's bathing pools, closest to the ship.
Chesnaught weaved a bed of softest vines he could manage and added a blanket of grass on it as an extra measure. The grass type frowned.

"Umm… yes? Why wouldn't he?" Greninja thought for a bit then grinned.

"Yeah… and there is still the other thing if he doesn't."

The other thing was a sauna room… which was easier to do because the ship itself did almost everything. Floatzel suggested they ask the ship to do it and they weren't that surprised when it actually worked. Luke fashioned a bowl for steam, Zoroark brought wood to fuel the furnace and floatzel filled the water tank.

Living in an enchanted ship has its perks… even if it unnerves them sometimes.

"Yeah…" he repeated, more unsure than last time.

"Let's not do this? It will be fine." Delphox cut them off before they could delve further into their doubts. Chesnaught hummed excitedly.

"Yeah, it will work." He had to spend a considerable amount of willpower to not shout the words. Delphox snickered. Chesnaught, knowing the fox well enough to know what was coming, sent him a dry glance.

"I will deck you if you make that joke…"

"Well, this time it will be for real…" They both blinked at him.

"What do you mean?" Greninja was the one that asked the question. Delphox sent Chesnaught a glance that was somewhere between teasing and amused.

"I sometimes hear him whimper in his sleep… with his…"

"Alright!" Delphox never saw Chesnaught blush so hard as he does right now… or maybe he did, they go way back afterall. "I sometimes have wet dreams, okay?! It's normal!" He defended himself in embarrassment. The fox grinned at him.

"Yeah… and you are going to get deflowered for real now." He added hastily, before Chesnaught gave him the punch he promised, and blocked it with a barrier. Chesnaught blushed even more if such a thing was possible and growled at him. Delphox grinned back.

"Uhh… guys?" They glanced at the frog curiously. He was holding wrist and glancing to his left awkwardly with a blush.

"I-umm… I need to… come clean about something…" His gaze fell down in front of him and tapped his wrist with a finger.


"...I am sure you can make up to me if I don't." the amphibian swallowed and closed his eyes, bringing his head closer to the blond's…

"You missed." He blinked open his eyes to see he was about to kiss their 'bed'. The blond snickered a bit. "…well, unless you were going for the stone that is…" he started chuckling both because of nerves and he found it funny. He choked on it a little later as the blond grabbed his waist and made him straddle his body. He blushed beet red as he realized he was sitting on the blond's abs, his short tail touching the blond's…

"Greninja…" he met gentle eyes and an easy grin. "… try again." He swallowed again and tried once more.

He hit the bullseye this time.

It was everything he imagined… and more… so much more.

He knew he was going to taste wood ash and cinnamon, and it was going to be passionate… but not this much. He didn't think it would burn his core like this, nor feel like he was struck by thunder… make his heart skip a beat first and flutter in his chest after.

He didn't think the kiss would steal his breath the way it did… nor would make him curl his toes, make him forget the rest of the world…

They parted and it took him a few seconds to remember how to breathe… and notice his erection throbbing between their bodies. Another few seconds for him to feel embarrassed and think about getting off.

"Greninja…" he pretty much sighed his name and Greninja forgot what he was thinking, barely stopped himself from grinding against his chiseled abs but not stopping the shiver coursing through his body. His moist breath hit his face and clawed at his restraint.

"... I am yours. if you want me." His breath hitched.

'Oh Arceus, fuck yes.' He thought but couldn't put together any words to say so he didn't. He let his body do the talking instead and moved down slowly, his webbed fingers exploring the flawless curves once he could only appreciate from afar or with fleeting, casual touches. He hesitated for a split second then added his tongue, tasting the flesh and some mild sweat left between his muscles.

He felt like he was sinning, about to be smitten for doing something forbidden but when his wrist touched and his webbed fingers curled around the blond's half aroused shaft, it turned into an afterthought.

"Am I dreaming?" he couldn't help but mutter, watching his hand gently jerking the blond and feeling the blond's dick pulse and continue to swell slowly. The blond chuckled.

"Well… let me pinch you so we can know for sure." The pokemon yelped as the blond reached down and groped his asscheeks. A breathy laugh bubbled out of his chest.

"Master… I love you." How easily it came out surprised him a little, even if he didn't manage to look him in the eye while saying so. The blond's hands caressed his body up to his chest, then one of them lifted his chin up.

"I love you too, blueberry…" Another kiss and electricity once again coursing through him. The blond circled his arms around his waist when one of his webbed hands rested on his chest and other on his shoulder. This one was shorter because the blond's hands once again trailed down and lifted him by his thighs.

"Mast-ah!" His question cut short as the blond rested his back on the chaise he reshaped from bed and coiled his long tongue around his erection tightly. He squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his webbed fingers tightly on the backrest as his erection entered the blond's moist cavern. He panted deeply a few times to calm down a bit and stop his shaking legs threatening to give up.

"M-master… m-may I- Mmph!" The blond hummed an affirmative and vibrations traveled his whole body. He barely stopped ramming his hips on the blond's face, still bucked forward and his tip entered into an incredibly tight place. He hissed and pulled back, expecting the blond to push him but gently thrusted again when he waited for a second and the blond didn't do it.

"Nhah…" He moaned as he was once again in the blond's throat, the grip of his tongue was tight but not as much. He continued to softly hump the bond's face, breathing shakily and moaning. It didn't take long for him to reach the edge.

"Ma-ah… m-master… d-do you want me to p-mph! p-pull out?" He pulled him by the thighs and it was enough of an answer.

"A-ahhh… o-okay…" He thrusted a few more times and released with a keening moan. The blond held his thighs as his dick twitched and pumped ropes of semen down into the blond's throat. He suckled and pulled more moans from him as he increased the already generous amount of seed which he guessed came with being a water type. A minute later it was more intense than he could handle.

"Mhnn…! ma-ahnh…! p-plea-hhngh…!" His master took mercy on him and stopped, letting his thighs go and allowed him to pull out. He hissed as he still had to get out of the tongue's grip, his dick throbbed and shot one last rope into the blond's mouth before he was out. His knees shook and he almost fell down but the blond helped him back down. He pretty much slid down to his prior position on the blond and his arousal spiked again when he felt the blond's cock on his… back.

Even without seeing it, he could say it was at least as big as his forearm… the only problem was his legs felt like jelly.

"C-can we continue when uhm… w-when I can feel my legs again?" The blond chuckled and kissed him again. A second later he grunted in surprise as his tongue slid between his slack lips and… he was tasting his own cum.

He was so hard that he was lightheaded… how did he get so hard just after that world shaking release?

"Why wait?" He only had a moment to feel curious confusion before he gasped sharply as the blond's fingers caressed his virgin hole, smearing a warming cold liquid that wasn't water.

He croaked gently as one finger slipped inside and massaged his tight muscle ring, smearing his insides with the now-warm slippery liquid. He rested his head under the blond's chin with a soft keen as the latter added another finger and gently stretched his muscles. He jolted and almost headbutted the blond's chin with a surprised gasp as the fingers touched something inside and another current of electricity went through him. He panted a few times, moist breath hitting on the blond's grinning face and kissed him. He moaned from his nose as the fingers he pulled out of himself with the jerky movement slipped back in smoothly. He moaned sharply to the blond's mouth a minute later as a third finger joined to the two inside of him and continued to gently stretch him open, delving a little deeper every few times. He pulled back with a moan when they were knuckle deep inside of him.

"Mhh… please…" he begged softly with a rough tone, he was on fire in the best way possible but he wanted more. The blond hummed and kissed the place his neck and shoulder met. He shivered a bit at the gentle touch on the place he only felt his own tongue before.

"Okay." The blond said against his shoulder and pulled out his fingers, tongue licking and earning another shiver. He didn't think really, driven by his lust. He reached down and lined himself up, gasping sharply when the blond's head pressed against his prepared hole.

"It may hurt a bit because it is your first…"

"I don't care..." He cut the blond's warning with a hoarse whisper.

He hissed as the blond started to slip inside, feeling the pain the blond was talking about but he was feeling too good to stop or tell anything.

The blond's head pressed that place and he couldn't tell the difference between pain and pleasure anymore. He could barely muffle the scream of pleasure that threatened to escape. He jerked back and moaned at the more intense feeling as he was suddenly sitting on the blond's groin, feeling his balls on the base of his short tail. He panted deeply with a small, pained smile and caressed the bulge he could see on his belly.

"A-are you alright?" He heard the blond's rough tone and glanced at his face, seeing his eyes half lidded in pleasure and mouth slightly ajar. His smile widened a bit.

"Y-yeah… but I d-don't think my legs can… c-carry me anymore." He replied when he tried to raise himself a bit but failed. The blond huffed a laugh and embraced him. He moaned in pleasure as the blond changed their places, the cock deep in his bowels shifted most pleasantly with the movement.

Now he was on his back, holding the top of the chaise with his webbed hands. His legs were coiled lightly around the blond between them and one of his hands was above his head for balance, the other was holding him under his waist. Their foreheads pressed together and their breaths mixed in the small gap between their faces.

This must be the most vulnerable he had ever felt… but also the most intimate, a brilliant combination that reminded him how much he trusted and loved his master.

He keened in pleasure as the blond slowly pulled back and thrusted forward.

The pace was slow at first but gradually increased, neither too slowly nor too quickly. He closed his eyes as moans and croaks of pleasure spilled from his lips. He opened them again after a few minutes as the blond's lips met his own, swallowing the moans that he was reaping from him. A webbed hand left the stone backrest and curled around the blond's neck to pull him closer. A little later they separated to pant, their moist breaths once again mixing in the small gap between them. The blond increased the distance between their faces and his pace at the same time, making him moan louder, curl his toes and hold him tighter with his legs. Their flesh slapped together more loudly as the blond got even faster.

"Ma-a-ah! master… m-master… master…!" That was the only word he could whisper coarsely as he got closer… closer… closer…

...and he was seeing stars.

"Ma-Ahnn! ah… ah… AHHhnnnh!" He mumbled as he splattered their bellies and chests with the cum he didn't know he still had, each thrust from the blond answered with a squirt.

"C-can you hold a bit more or want me to s-stop?" The blond whispered with a tone dripping with pleasure and he couldn't say no even if he wanted to.

"Do-ghn!... d-don't stop u-until you-nngh... r-release in me…" Even as he was saying this he was getting more and more sensitive. The blond grunted and increased his pace and force even more, making him clench his teeth and tear up. Although he couldn't decide if it was from pain or pleasure.

Fire, ice, lightning, whiteblacklightdarkstarsvoidwaitdon'tstopICAN'TDON'TYOUDARE…

It was madness… the pleasure was torture… or torture was pleasure… or both… neither… he really couldn't decide, both about what it was and whether he wanted it to end or not.

Somewhere in the circle of madness - between a few seconds and several hours - he came again with a cry, his already shaking world blown to smithereens. He moaned weakly and writhed, for a moment - or a lifetime - wondered blearily if the blond will ever stop - or if he wanted it to for that matter, until...

A quiet moan… stillness… pulsing... warm… sticky… slimy… perfect.

He sighed in relief and caressed his belly with a content hum as the bulge inside of him throbbed and visibly increased. They both hissed as the blond pulled back, taking away half of the bulge as he did so. He tried to clench and hold the load inside but he couldn't, and the gravity did its job. Even so, the feeling of warm slimy wetness on his tail was a delight itself. The blond leaned down again and kissed him slowly, making him enjoy the afterglow even more. He squeezed between him and the stone wall after a moment, one arm under him to hold him close to his chest and prevent him from falling to the pool, and the other was caressing his chest lazily. One of his legs was trapped between the blond's and his spent cock was pressing on his thigh, smearing it with the leftover cum.

"Th-thank you, m-master." He thanked him after a while with a hoarse voice and slight stutter, when he could speak. The blond laughed a bit and kissed him on the lips.

"Thank you, blueberry…" At that moment, everything was so… perfect. He grinned lazily as the blond continued to pet him.

"Rest now. I promised Luke I will train with him but I will go after you sleep." Sleep. It sounded irresistible right now.

"O-okay…" the blond pecked him with a hum. He blacked out before long.


Greninja was covering his eyes with his webbed hands, blushing down to his chest.

"H-he was gone when I woke up… probably training with you." He glanced at Luke who joined them with zoroark and floatzel a little after he started his confession. "I am sorry I didn't tell you, didn't want to sound like I was gloating… am gloating." They gaped at him for a bit more, then Chesnaught swore an oath.

"...Giratina's cursed balls slapping on Arceus' radiant ass, frog! what the actual fuck?!" Zoroark snorted a laugh as Luke sighed and jumped down to the cold water with a loud splash. Bubbles came out as he stayed underwater until he ran out of breath.

"You are just jealous." Delphox replied but he shuffled his 'robes' while glaring at the amphibian, he wasn't alone at that. Greninja sighed and covered his eyes again.

"He is right… I jerked off twice after I woke up… I got addicted to his touch." Chesnaught barked an indignant laugh.

"Addicted, addicted! More like ad-dick-ted!" He sighed in exhausted frustration as zoroark burst to snickers.

"I could be the first, you know… to get in his pants. After the first time we battled against him, he pretty much told me he was... interested. I was sweaty and exhausted but had enough energy to… you know." He grimaced at the… 'trunk' between his legs and joined Luke in the pool. He sighed again as his head broke the surface.

"Then why didn't you?" He shook his head in annoyance to get the water out of his helmet before answering Luke's question.

"Because I am an idiot, in love and didn't want to rush. I just… couldn't take it anymore when he said he would only take blaziken with him and left us behind." Luke paused for a moment then got closer to the grass-type with a sigh from his nose.

"I don't think you are an idiot, I think you are romantic. None of us had put as much thought as you did, as he deserves…" He looked down to the water with an expression that was somewhere between sadness and shame. A second later he grinned at the grass-type. "I think he will really appreciate this." Chesnaught looked up to Luke's grin and mirrored it.

"Thanks." Zoroark crouched behind them with his signature mischievous grin in place.

"Yeah… and I just noticed that he screwed the light out of that guy..." he pointed at the amphibian with a claw, who looked away in embarrassment. "...this guy…" he put the clawed paw on Luke's head. "... and Valoria, back to back, then walked away like nothing happened." the two fighting-types stiffened and glanced at each other from the corner of their eyes. Zoroark's grin widened and he let out a long breath of unmasked arousal.

"If this goes as well as I think, and I know it will, we should forget about walking straight after tonight… for a week." He burst to laughter as both fighting-types groaned and dipped their heads again… and continued to groan underwater. Greninja and floatzel joined them with grunts of annoyance after a moment then his laughter turned to a startled yelp as chesnaught pulled him into the pool with his vines.

"Zoroark, you are such a…!" Delphox growled then jumped into the pool with a snarl.

He only shivered slightly in the pool of water warmed by the other five pokemon.

"M-may not be a good idea as i thought." he muttered with a quiver after some time. Chesnaught hummed.

"Let's get out." He was first to move and grunted in annoyance when the water got in his shell sloshed out.


Midnight lycanroc watched his new master staring blankly at nothing, anxious guilt eating him away. He responded when the others talked with him, but with the lingering sadness and it didn't really take long for him to continue staring. Others noticed and asked, of course, but he said it was a personal matter with an apology. It was a smooth enough rejection for it to not turn awkward but still dampened the others' mood a little. He clenched and unclenched his paws a bit and got closer to him when he decided enough is enough.

"Master…" He said as he put a paw on the blond's on his knee, making him blink with a small grin at him. "Can I… do something for you?" He asked before the blond could say anything. "I know you are sad because of me… h-how can I make you feel better?" Any words he may be going to say died on his mouth as the blond sighed instead. He put a hand on lycanroc's head.

"It is not because of you… not in a way you may be thinking at least." He added before lycanroc said anything and scratched the pokemon's ear as the latter looked up to the blond's soft gaze sadly. He took a sip of wine from his glass.

"I... need to make a tribute to feel better, a song. I will… explain after that, okay?" He nodded and took a step back as the blond straightened on his seat.

"Would you like to listen?"

"Yeah." The blond ruffled his fur a bit with a little grin. He didn't want it to but a grin of his own still bloomed on his face. He looked up to see the blond glancing at the others. No one objected.

"Is it like the others?" The blond hummed a negative at Sycamore's question.

"No, this one is different."

They watched the blond curiously as he clenched his fist. A puff of smoke later there was a book in his hands. Lycanroc opened his maw to say something, then closed. He tried again but did the same things. He glanced at others to see they were surprised too, save for Sycamore, his garchomp and blaziken.

"I admit I found it hard to believe..." The blond flipped through the pages a bit as Rowan muttered. He stopped on one and put it on the table.

"Umm… nice drawing?" Leon half asked, half commented. Sycamore recognized it though.

"What is in this one?" The blond pressed a finger on the seal as a response. A lyre, a guitar and a few more instruments appeared in a puff of smoke. He picked up the lyre and summoned shadow clones to play the others.

"Is this… tag team?" Cynthia asked unsurely. She blinked a few times as a clone picked up the guitar.

"Shadow clones. They are solid and smart." He replied as he scrawled something on a piece of paper with the help of his clones while the others watched them curiously. Diantha thought a bit then took her rotom phone out of her purse. She paused.

"Would you mind if I…?" They all looked at her.

"Alright, what?" She would expect Rowan, Sycamore or even Leon to ask the indignant question but it was Cynthia.

"Well, my fans have been curious about our meetings for a while now. A little treat won't hurt." She replied with a shrug.

"This isn't what we usually do though." The blonde champion replied dryly. Diantha waved her hand dismissively.

"The screen always warps things a bit to show the best, not the truth." She could feel Cynthia biting her tongue to not comment on the not-so-subtle praise. And in turn, she was sure the other champion was doing the same to the grin she was holding back. They glanced at the… group of blonds.

"That is, of course, if he accepts…" The group shared a glance

That was rather… cute.

"Okay… but keep the clones offscreen." He replied with a lingering sadness and for a moment she averted her eyes and pondered if she shouldn't, but the clones started to move away from the original and the latter moved his chair away from the table for a better view for the camera before she decided against it. He crossed one leg over the other and rested the lyre on the bottom one. Now that she had a comparison, she could say that the golden lyre was large, wider than his chest and he could rest his chin on one of the ends with a decidedly feminine figure with long curly hair. A more masculine and long spiky haired figure was resting on the other end. his fingers rested on the strings for a moment and she started the record.

(Hades - Lament of Orpheus)

They started to play in perfect unison and the original hummed with closed eyes, His lycanroc, blaziken and Sycamore's garchomp moved closer to him, the other pokemon joined them.

Hear, o gods, my desperate plea

To see my love beside me

She was expecting a lot of things, from one of the worst singing voices she ever heard to one of the best… but this? She silently gasped and watched as the pokemon gaped after the first word. She was sure their trainers were copying them because that was exactly what she was doing… she just couldn't pry her eyes away to check.

Sunk below the mortal sea

Her anchor weighs upon me

Fasten her tether unto me

That she may rise to sail free

Don't look back

His voice echoed in the room for an eternity… not exactly accurate maybe but Diantha could swear it did. She spared a quick glance at Sycamore and the pokemon that the blond didn't meet today to see that they weren't all that different from them, this must be new for them too.

Close enough that light we can see

My doubt betrays the better of me

A glance to the stern is all it would be

That anguished shade shall haunt me

Ever on



Winds a-lee

But now the squall's upon us

We're foundering


How could something be so sad and so beautiful at the same time? Diantha felt like something was coiled around her throat and squeezing with a vice grip as the echoes jumping between the walls haunted them.

Don't look back

Don't look back

Don't look back

Don't look back

Don't look back

(End Song)

Silence stretched for a few minutes. There was a sad but content grin with closed eyes on the Typhoon's face. He opened his eyes and gradually raised his gaze to Diantha. He glanced down to her phone then back at her. His grin widened as she snapped out of her daze and put the video on Poketube while he pulled his chair closer to the table.

"That... wasn't something I was expecting to be honest." Kukui broke the silence in the end. The blond snorted a laugh.

"A pleasant surprise, I hope?"

"Yeah. Very." The blond continued to grin for a bit before sighing in melancholy. He turned to lycanroc.

"I was… a bit like Icarus with his wax wings." They blinked in confusion. It was an expected reaction. He took a sip from his wine.

"He tried to fly over a sea with a pair of wax wings, or so the myth goes. He flew up too high and the sun's heat melted his wings off. He fell to the sea and drowned." He took another sip, his eyes full of grief.

"I flew up and up with my wax wings, tried to reach the sun… then fell and broke my legs when they melted." He sealed the lyre back to his book. Clones copied him and dispelled themselves afterwards. He pressed his hand on the book and reached for his glass after it disappeared.

"What… what does that mean?" He sighed and glanced at the hesitant eyes of Sceptile after that.

"I had a lover and child born from our love, a son…" He sipped from his wine. He glanced at his glass after that and finished the rest with a single gulp. "Now I don't… and will never again. Let's… leave it at that." He added before the pokemon could take another breath for more questions. Sceptile sighed instead. There was silence for a few minutes.

"I… see now, what you mean…" The blond put a hand on lycanroc's head, a bittersweet grin on his face.

"You have done nothing wrong, don't think otherwise." He bit his lip and clenched his paws.

"H-haven't I?" His paws shook. The blond glanced at him with soft eyes and caressed his head.

"No. I understand your dilemma but this is for the best." He clenched his teeth and eyes then nodded jerkily. The blond paused a second then scooted a bit and patted the spot for lycanroc to sit. He flustered but took the offer nonetheless.

"Did you write it, the song?" Sonia's inteleon asked after some time. The blond grinned; a sad, bittersweet but content grin.

"No, it was... written by Orpheus, one of my past lovers." He glanced at his glass then went to fetch himself another one. "He was… a legendary bard… and a tyrant wanted him. He enslaved him to be his court musician… but couldn't make him actually sing so he put his lover in jail instead. He did sing then, but all of the songs were about his missing lover and the unfairness of the king." He sipped from his wine. "Eventually the king made an offer; he would be escorted down to the dungeons blindfolded, chained to his lover with her behind him and had to leave the dungeons without looking back. He couldn't resist just as they almost got free and the guards saw them." He took another sip with a sigh. "He was kicked out and exiled from the kingdom while his lover was sent back to the dungeons." He leaned back on his chair with closed eyes and crossed one leg over the other.

"He wandered, his lamenting lyrics brought all that listened to tears… and that's how we met, with that song." he looked down at his glass once again and took a sip, bittersweet grin in place. "We made a deal then, I would help him get his lover back and he would teach me how to be a bard." He snickered a bit without meeting their eyes. "I must have been the worst one ever… my voice cracked, breath ran out… and broke my lyre many times in anger. He always got so terrified when I destroyed it… and always so fascinated when I repaired it back." he sighed with his eyes closed and a sad grin on his face.

It was a lie except for the first and last part.

He was the worst bard ever and Orpheus broke their deal… but the tyrant was petty as fuck…

He glanced back…

They could see the sunlight, they were almost free and what did he do?

He glanced back… and broke the deal.

and now…

and now they were going to pay for it, Eurydice too.

He glanced down to the ball chain that was as big as his chest shackled to her ankle, and the other one was to him.

He bit his tongue and clenched his fists, trying not to shout at the unfairness of this all.

"I am sorry Eurydice." He said over the sea wind but she didn't even glance at his side, not that he was expecting her to.

"I told you not to look back but you didn't listen." He glared hatefully at Aurius, the tyrant king. "You could have simply accepted to be my court musician but you refused." His glare fell down as the king shook his head and walked away "You brought this on yourselves." He wanted to shout 'Eurydice didn't do anything!' but he knew it was futile, he knew the king wanted them dead and, he frowned with soul-crushing guilt, he got what he wanted.

He always has… or someone dies.

Two this time.

"Throw them off." And they did, throwing them off the deck kicking and screaming. They fell to the sea with a loud splash almost immediately and the ball chain pulled Eurydice down with Orpheus in tow. They tried to lift it up for a chance of survival but it was too heavy under the water. Orpheus looked at Eurydice and let the iron ball go, embracing her instead. She let go too, with her eyes closed and it pulled them to the bottom of the sea.

Salty water burned his eyes and his breath ran out but he continued to look and think only one thing.

'I did this.' then he knew no more.


Spirits come and go, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, angry, dissatisfied, guilty… in many different moods. He didn't care, not anymore because everyone he cared about was gone. Shikamaru, Hinata, Sasuke, Gamabunta, Akaga, Gamakichi, Akari, Haru… all gone.

He sighed and rested his elbow on his throne's armrest and his chin on his knuckles.

His world was gone, he didn't stop Luna from using Mugen Tsukuyomi, not when they burned down their cottage and desecrated his son's and lover's graves, and over what? Superstition of all things. He let out a growl that wasn't entirely human. He remade the cottage in the afterlife with his memories and carried what he could there, not that it was much even with the help of fuinjutsu. He sighed deeply, he wasn't angry anymore, just tired… and mournful. Haru's guilt left a gaping hole in his heart, more so his… their inability to convince him otherwise.

Nowadays he just wanted to join them, in oblivion.

He sighed and changed hands, that wasn't an option… but he knew time would turn the wound into a scar, he'd been there and done that.

'Might as well do something to distract myself…' He straightened and a mirror appeared before him.

The first spirit that caught his eye was a merchant, an angry merchant. He was killed by brigands on a business trip and furious because the bodyguard he hired got him killed instead of doing his job, regardless of the fact that he was outnumbered by 1 to 5. He rolled his eyes and his eyes found the bodyguard. He had some lingering confusion, he never saw his end coming when the blade of a rusty war axe found the back of his head. He caught on quickly though and felt satisfaction because he managed to take down one of them before being overwhelmed, and relief because he didn't have to put up with that fat pig of a merchant anymore. The blond grinned and his eyes trailed to the last one in the bunch, the brigand. He was indignant because they promised equal share before they ambushed the carriage and now his part was going to be nabbed by the rest of them. The blond snickered and shook his head. He moved on to more souls before long. He skimmed through many of them, his eyes jumping through them without any real interest until he stopped on a bard.

The first emotion he saw was despair on the injustice of the world, followed closely by a crushing guilt.

He already knew he shouldn't, but also he knew he would.


Orpheus woke with a gasp and tried to cough out the salt water that wasn't actually there, but in his mind. He looked around and found out that he was… in a cave.

"Eurydice… Eurydice!" He shouted and continued to inspect his surroundings even before he could rewind properly. His eyes found a golden lyre instead, 'his' lyre. It was given to him by Aurius, to doll him up for his court. He growled and thought about smashing it into pieces but ignored it and started to look for Eurydice in the cave instead.

He searched for a long time, days, weeks, maybe more… there was no way to tell in the dimly lit cave. He just gave up and fell down to his knees in the end, silent tears trailing down his eyes. He didn't want to accept that she was gone for good but he just didn't know what else he could do.

He sobbed once and wiped his tears but didn't do it again when more followed, prepared to do what he had been doing for years instead… put his sorrow into songs.

"Hear, o gods, my desperate plea…"


He could only continue to stare at the bard for a moment, to Orpheus, as the song ended. He was interested - too interested, he knew. He already learned about Eurydice, Aurius, the deal… he knew he was going to get hurt in the end if he pursued, he figured he was going to get hurt in the end with Akari too… he sighed and changed the hand he was resting his cheek on and surprised at the wetness he could feel on his hand.

He knew… he knew he was going to regret it but his eyes still found the lyre he left behind. The next moment he was picking it up without really being aware of what he was doing and he was by his side after that. Orpheus gasped when he saw him.

There was silence for a few moments.

"W-who are you?" Orpheus asked even if he had a guess. The blond was silent for another minute.

"My name is Naruto, but the name died a long time ago. I guess you can call me the king of the afterlife." Orpheus gasped again.

"H-Hades?" The blond tilted his head in confusion.

"Is that what you call me nowadays?" There was another silence that stretched for a few minutes.

"C-can you… can you let me see her?"

"You mean Eurydice." It was a statement, not a question. He paused for a moment and handed the lyre to the bard. He could see him clench his teeth.

"On one condition, teach me your trade."

Orpheus wrinkled his face in disgust but accepted the lyre after a moment nonetheless, it was a lead to her - possibly the only lead.

"I accept."

'Oh Orpheus, my sorrowful hummingbird… how the eons passed in a blink…' He shook his head once.

"He got his lover back eventually and I… tagged along with them for a while. She didn't appreciate his 'betrayal' but in the end her disappointment died off. They were happy after that." he wanted to say 'lived happily after' but that would be another lie. He once again shook his head.

"He taught me more than how to sing and play… he taught me a lot…" He shook his head and checked his poketch. He grunted in surprise.

"I should go." Sighs and groans arose from the crowd that had been listening to him intently.

"Holy…!" Diantha exclaimed as she checked her rottom phone. She glanced up to Typhoon under their curious gazes.

"You- umm… you are going viral." He blinked at her slowly and glanced at the others.

"How many?" Leon asked. She glanced down to check again.

"50K viewers, 40K likes and around 800 reviews in ni-ten minutes." She continued to roll down. "'I can't stop my tears' 'It is so beautiful and I swear I am not crying just cutting onions' 'another please'..."

"'Is he single? asking for a friend'..." She flinched as Leon read a review she carefully skipped over with a grin towards her. "'em eyes tho… can't look away' 'are you gonna cli-uh go on a date wi'-"

"Okay that's it! I am challenging you to a pokemon battle!" Leon got up with a snicker.

"You are on!"

"I was wondering when it was going to come up." Typhoon commented with an amused tone.

"Well, it did now. Wanna join?" Kukui asked, trying not to sound as hopeful as he felt. The blond sighed in indecision.

"I will." Sycamore replied as he got up, he was more relaxed now… probably with the help of the alcohol. "Should be good for garchomp." He knew the professor actually meant himself and he was right, doing something normal would help.

"Join us. I suppose it will be a while before we can do something like that." 'if ever.' He added the last part in his mind. He sighed deeply from his nose and finished his wine.

"Fine… but we will do it outside. I don't want to be responsible for the damage and possibly the entire destruction of the manor." Kukui huffed a laugh, veiling the relief he felt.

"Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way with twelve pokemon either." He grinned in response and started his way out. Sycamore and Kukui followed a little behind.

"Shall we?" He asked when they were close enough to others.

"We were putting together teams but… would you like to do a league?" He glanced at Sonia.

"It is fine, if that one won out."

"There is one with Birch, Cynthia, Juniper, Sonia and me. Feisty, Kukui, Sycamore, Rowan and Elm making the other." Diantha rolled her eyes dryly at Leon's remark.

"Which one would you like to be in?" The blond looked away in thought and continued outside.

"Neither. I'll be alone." They shared a glance before following him.

"A three way fight? But can your lycanroc and blaziken keep up…?" Kukui asked as he captured lycanroc with his pokedex.

"Lycanroc seems to be recently evolved and blaziken…" He gaped for a moment, eyes lingering on the 'level 96' and showed the scan to the others. The blond snickered at their expressions.

"S-still it should be too much, you will be against both sides. Possibly at the same time."

"There will be two sides, you and me." They shared another glance as they left the mansion.

"Blaziken may be strong but even with lycanroc's help, you will be against all of us. You… sure about this?" Cynthia asked doubtfully. Typhoon laughed a little.

"You will be against me, blaziken will be with you too." They gaped at him for a moment then Leon snickered.

"I mean the clone trick was neat and all but you can't be actually-"

"Mega evolution?" Sycamore cut him. Now it was his turn to be gawked at.

"Yes, I don't want to die thank you…" Sycamore's garchomp stared at blaziken dryly.

"Must you be so dramatic?" Blaziken glanced back at her then shrugged casually.

"If you don't want mega evolution, be my guest. I will be sad to see you in pain after your tail handed to you… oh wait, that was a lie I won't be sad at all." The blond shook his head with a grin at their antics.


"I am still waiting for you to say 'you fell for it suckers'..." Leon said in bewilderment even while the blond continued to the other side.

(Song Sug: Naruto UNS 4 - Five Kage Summit Venue)

He tied his hair, two bangs covering sides of his face and blaziken visibly tensed. Sycamore mega evolved his garchomp after a glance from her. The blond copied him after going to the other end of the clearing. No one moved for a while.

"You can start." Again, there were a few beats of stillness. Blaziken leered at the pokemon by his side and trainers behind them.

"We will have to sacrifice it." He knew what garchomp meant, Typhoon hadn't made a move yet so it meant he was waiting for them to make the opening. Their eyes met and he nodded. He turned to the blond and dug his talons to the ground.

'Flamethrower!' He inhaled deeply and breathed out a huge inferno towards the blond. Recoil pushed him back as his talons made deep gouges on ground and the flames engulfed the blond along with a few trees unlucky enough to be behind him. Others gaped at the power he displayed.

He stopped a few seconds later… and a figure covered in flames came running out of them. He ran towards them blindly then stumbled over something halfway and fell down.

Juniper and Sonia screeched in unison and the others were no less stunned, Sycamore and Garchomp's eyes widened, blaziken didn't give a reaction.

"Inteleon douse him!" It never occurred to him that it was Cynthia that gave the order and not Sonia.

"You just killed your trainer, you sick fuck!" Charizard shouted before he could stop himself - not that he wanted. Blaziken never lost his composure as inteleon did as told in panic.

The flames were doused and… there was nothing left.

"W-what?" Elm yelped and looked around for the blond.

"I half expected you to give a similar reaction to be honest." Blaziken grinned as they all turned around and saw the blond on a tree. He was long-sitting on a trunk with one leg bent and his arm was resting on his knee.

"I got fooled enough times by zoroark and considering he learned everything from you…" He took a drag from the cigarette between his fingers. Sycamore raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't know you were smoking." He puffed out the smoke.

"I don't. Unless things don't go the way I want them to... and you know that is not true, he was already a prankster when we first met. I only helped him to refine his imagination." Sycamore waited for the blond to elaborate on the former part but he didn't. He threw a pecha berry to the avian with a grin. He catched it with a blink first, then shot the blond a dry glance.

"Seriously?" The blond chuckled.

"You didn't fall for it and lit my cigarette..." He took a drag with a grin and blew the smoke towards the avian. It didn't reach him. " a gentleman." He continued to grin as the avian popped the berry into his mouth with the dry glance still on.

"There. Can we start now?" The blond snickered.

"We never stopped? That was the actual reward. You wasted the opening move but for the right reasons. So, I am giving you another chance." He pointed to the clearing with the fingers he was holding the cigarette with and he was already there when they turned to look. He took a drag and breathed it out.

"Unless you want me to…"

"No, nope, not happening." The blond shrugged with a grin.

"Then you can start when you are ready." Blaziken clenched and unclenched his fists.

"Gardevoir, tell them that I don't have a chance against him even with garchomp's help. They need to make some plans and do it quickly." She nodded and passed the knowledge.

"Is he really serious? I mean… his speed would be a problem but..." Rowan couldn't help but ask. Sycamore glanced at him then returned his gaze to the battlefield.

"Garchomp, use stone edge to make an opening for blaziken. After that try to cover his blind spots but don't get too close." Garchomp nodded without taking her eyes away from the blond. Diantha sent the professor a lingering glance then her eyes too trailed to the battlefield, much more focused than a few seconds ago.

"I guess we can play along. Gardevoir, use reflect. Let's see what we are working with before going offensive." Gardevoir nodded and everyone felt the psychic spike.

"If you actually use it I will count that as the opening move." Typhoon said and blew out the rest of the smoke. Gardevoir paused and glanced back to Diantha. She thought for a moment and shook her head. Gardevoir dispersed the gathered energy.

"That looked like extreme speed… Garchomp, use dragon claw and team up with blaziken. Perhaps we can go somewhere with quicker attacks." She nodded without turning to Cynthia. Leon thought for a bit.

"Charizard, fly above and use flamethrower if you see an opportunity to support them."

"Roger." He took flight.

Typhoon watched as his opponents continued to put together their plans. He took a drag and blew out the smoke, feeling… not giddy exactly but somewhat excited. He glanced at lycanroc approaching him.

"Are you sure you will be fine?" He hummed an affirmative.

"Are you going to join?" He could see that the pokemon wanted that, his eyes were glowing and he was almost vibrating on where he stood… but he was hesitant, probably not even his lineage as a lycanroc pressed down the intimidation of being around so many pokemon way above his level. Or maybe it was because he would be against him, the one for him.

"... or you can watch. Go to the trainers' side though, I am going to erect a barrier around them."

"Uhh… why?" The blond glanced at the pokemon preparing to start.

"With this many pokemon - and me, they may get hurt from the crossfire… no, they would get hurt from the crossfire." If anything, lycanroc's eyes glowed even more and he scratched the ground with his toenails. Typhoon grinned a tiny bit, it seems it was the latter.

"Master, we are ready." He nodded to blaziken.

"Time is up. Make your choice." Lycanroc turned around and his eyes jumped between the group of pokemon and their trainers a few times. The blond crouched behind him.

"I will be fine." He whispered. Lycanroc clenched his paws and quickly joined the pokemon side.

"Wait, no. Go join our trainers, you can get seriously hurt." Inteleon's words didn't do the effect he wanted - quite the opposite actually as lycanroc almost got feral. Midday lycanroc risked a glance at the lizard.

"You are not helping. He is a midnight lycanroc, that variant of us is infamous for being reckless fighters. I half expected him to join on Mr. Typhoon's side, but I knew he couldn't resist joining the battle." Blaziken grunted a negative without looking away from the blond.

"Master can be a beast if it suits him but he is not a monster. He won't hurt him more than he can heal." Sceptile's eyes flickered to blaziken's back briefly then returned to the blond.

"And us?" Blaziken shrugged.

"We will see. I hope he won't break my leg again, that hurts like a bitch." Sceptile swallowed dryly.

"G-good thing I don't have legs?" Juniper's serperior chuckled nervously. Blaziken hummed.

"You can still get burned pretty heavily. That flamethrower I used has nothing compared to his flames. Last time we fought, he overpowered four Hydro Pumps simultaneously used by water types on our side." All of them except Sycamore's garchomp gulped.

"Shit." Infernape summarized their thoughts shortly.

The blond threw four kunai with seal tags around the trainers in rectangular formation. The seals glowed and four walls of energy flickered on around them. The trainers looked curiously at the walls trapping them inside.

"It is a security measure." Sycamore explained before the others can demand an explanation. Typhoon nodded a thanks then took a drag and breathed out smoke with a grin.

"Ready?" Blaziken copied the grin as flames of blaze kick covered his legs just as arm fins of Cynthia's garchomp lit up.

"Gardevoir, use reflect!" Diantha shook off the surprise and started the fight with a command.

XX (End Song) XX

"'ur cheatin'! dunno ho' bu' yu do!" Suffice to say, Dan wasn't in one of his best moods, or most dignified in that matter as he tried to lift his head - which must have weighed a ton or something - from the table. He said something like 'admit it' but it was muffled by his arms and the table.

"Take the loss like a man you blue piece of shit, he won fair and square!" Lily pitched in. She didn't get smashed like the guild master but by no means she was sober.

"Yes Dan, I have been cheating. I didn't tell you I could hold my liquor when you asked for a contest." He replied with an amused tone and drained the rest of his mead as the lucario moaned something vaguely resembling 'I knew it'.

'It is not wine but I can see myself coming here every once in a while.' He thought as he licked his lips, savoring the bittersweet taste of spiced mead. He heard the door groan and watched a decidueye enter the tavern. He closed the door with a shiver from the chilly night and he gave the room a once over. His eyes briefly lingered on him in curiosity then found Dan.

"Guild master." He said with a serious tone and closed the distance quickly but grimaced when he saw the lucario's state. The blond glanced at Dan to see he was out cold.

"Is there something wrong, Lee?" Lily asked, reading his mood and using a tone for business… even if it couldn't quite hide her tipsy state.

"You need to see this, we think a mystery dungeon has emerged." She took a moment to process the sentence, then got up.

"Where? Is it close to the-" She would have fallen face first if Lee didn't catch her. "Shit… must have drunk more than I thought." She said with a grimace of her own. 'Had to be tonight of all times...' She thought sourly.

"Is it close to the town?" He repeated what was going to be her question. Lee's eyes bounced on them a few times before staying on him. He was hesitant and the blond didn't blame him, he was a foreigner afterall and it would be understandable if the decidueye thought he had ulterior motives. He gave in in the end though.

"It's… in the cape across the town." The blond hummed after a few seconds.

"We should check it out I suppose…" He glanced at the lucario to see he was out cold. "Can we leave him here?" Lily did the same and shrugged.

"Yeah. And the bill too." He snickered.

"I think he will be miserable enough when he wakes up." He walked to the banette bartender and gave her a gold nugget. "Will this be enough?" She blinked at the piece of gold.

"More… more than enough." It was enough for several kegs actually. He sent her a small grin and returned to the duo.

"Oh and… theirs too." He pointed Finn and Stan watching them with his head. "Take him back to the guild after you are done, will you?" He requested on the way out.

"Another round!" They heard Stan shout jovially as they left the tavern.


"Well, shit…" Because it was a castle, which they could see from just outside of the tavern. Combined with fresh air, it sobered Lily considerably.

"Shall we begin the evacuation of town?" Lee asked grimly.

"No, and it is not a mystery dungeon… whatever that is." They looked at him for an explanation but he kept his eyes on the tall crenellations.

"Your majesty!" Crow sprinted a bit and caught up with them. "I was coming to announce that it is done." He glanced dryly at the crowd gathered at the pier then at Crow.

"A-are you saying that… you did this?" They turned to the duo gaping at them.

"I suppose Crow had been a bit… excessive… when I asked him to build a place for me." The blond explained with a suffering sigh. His agent looked regretful.

"My apologies. I tried to make a place that would cover his majesty's needs." The blond turned to Lily. She bit her lip in thought while staring at the castle.


"It is fine. I… wasn't expecting something this… grand and quick but you did ask for permission and it is technically outside of the town." He grinned at her in response.

"Great. I would like you and Dan to come see it from inside sometime… and sorry for the misunderstanding." He nodded at his agent and they started their way to the castle. He turned around a few meters later.

"Good night Ms. Lily, Lee." She grinned a little while Lee just watched them go.

"Do you think he can be trusted?" She leered at him.

"He didn't give us a reason not to… for now." Unknown to them, the leaving duo heard them.

"It is expectable, if unfound." The blond hummed an agreement.

(Song Suggestion: House of cards OST - Mr President)

"I thought I gave you a more important mission." He sent his agent a cold, sharp glance. Crow didn't return it and continued to walk silently for a bit.

"I sent Swirl instead." The blond stiffened but his gaze softened nevertheless. Softer but still cold.

"You should have told me." His eyes trailed forward.

"Yes, your majesty, I know. My apologies. I didn't want to sour your mood." Swirl chose that moment to wear the ring.

"You continue to the castle. I will be back." He vanished in a yellow flash before the agent could say anything.

He was in a plane, on air… and there were blood splatters on the windows. He looked around and saw Swirl on command. The pilot was one of the dead bodies lying on the ground.

"Swirl." He greeted him shortly. The other man tilted his head a bit in his direction, put the plane on autopilot just to keep it on air and got up.

"Your majesty." He did the same after facing him, bowing a bit. The blond watched outside, the fighter planes standing still just as they were. He could imagine there was a cloud of confusion around them, awaiting orders from the main command of three people in this ship.

Cyrus, Ghetsis and Giovanni himself. They must be as confused as they were and coming to the command room for an explanation.

"What is ha-!" Giovanni took in the scene and cut his demanding shout short.

"Giovanni, what is…" Cyrus followed him, Ghetsis close behind.

"Who are you?" The question came from Ghetsis who glared at the blood splatters in worry briefly before returning his gaze to the duo across them.

"I must say, the old me would be impressed with the ambition you have shown." He used the haughty tone that crumbled other people's confidence like a piece of dry bread. He fixed an icy glare at them.

"Planning to abduct the creation trio and share them among yourselves after laying the biggest siege of modern history on Alola… The old me may even be amused, intrigued." Ghetsis swallowed dryly and let out his hydreigon. Cyrus and Giovanni followed him with honchkrow and rhyperior respectively. The blond laughed haughtily in response.

"As for your question, I am the one who turned N away from you… I am the one who sent Dialga, Palkia and Giratina to Alola…" He walked a bit closer as he counted, making Cyrus and Ghetsis clench their teeth.

"... I am the one who stole the last mewtwo you cloned… and destroyed the cloning facility." He grinned as Giovanni seethed and gnashed his teeth. "Indirectly." He admitted in the end.

"You…" Giovanni pretty much spat between his teeth. "It is also you who killed Arianna, isn't it? And the one who destroyed the Johto outpost." The blond chuckled.

"Again, indirectly."

"Who do you think you are?!" Giovanni finally exploded. "Do you have any idea about who you are messing with?!" Only response he got was an unimpressed stare.

"Yes, someone who lost." He crossed his arms in front of his chest. "So you will not be writing history, because it is written by the victors." He walked to his agent. He put a finger on Swirl's ring and the black jewel on it started to glow red.

"... and yet, losing the right to write history is not the worst fate for the losers, it is when the victor decides not to write the history. Because then the losers are doomed to be forgotten, cease to exist… lost in the sands of time. Just a blank spot in the book of history." He made the explanation slowly. He shook his head and clicked his teeth.

"To think that even if I saw this coming, I expected you to disappear and gave you time for it… the old me would have killed you so swiftly and brutally that you wouldn't notice it until you already died, then slaughtered the rest of your kind instead of walking on eggshells with the media and the authorities… I showed mercy in a way." He laughed incredulously. "This place really changed me…" He paused a moment before turning to his agent.

"I am giving you clearance to use the Radiant Holocaust. I want pokemon to be safely escorted to N's Headquarters. Also send Ghetsis and Giovanni into the Kamui dimension instead of killing them." Swirl rubbed the ring on his finger a bit.

"Yes, your majesty."With that, he left in a yellow flash just as he arrived. Swirl walked to them, the trio of trainers was his destination. Their pokemon tried to stop him but he simply phased through them. He grabbed the two men in the confusion and sucked them into the Kamui dimension. He walked back to the window and turned around to face the last trainer and three pokemon.

What happened next burned forever to Cyrus' mind. Nothing for a couple of seconds as he got a closer look at the man's face dimly illuminated by the moon, the left side was flawlessly smooth but there was a spiral shaped scar on the right side. Glowing purple eyes with ripples stared at him calmly…

Then a red light covered everything and he knew nothing more.