Friday night L.D. showed up to the house at exactly 5 pm. Jesse looked out the window when he heard the sound of an engine.

"Right on time." Jesse looked at Daisy and asked. "Where's the boys?"

"I don't know but they better get here soon."

"Supper's done now. I'm not holding it for them. They're old enough to get here on time if they want a warm meal." Daisy walked to the door when L.D. knocked.

"Come in L.D." Daisy smiled at him as she held the door open for him.

"I got these for you." He handed her a small bouquet of flowers.

"Thank you." Daisy smiled as she smelled the flowers. They ate a nice meal of fried chicken, corn bread, corn on the cob and fried potatoes. Around 8 pm L.D. said his goodbye and Daisy walked him to his car.

"I hope we can do this more often." Daisy told him as he reached for the car door handle.

"I would love that." He smiled as he leaned in for a kiss; to which Daisy obliged.

"See you tomorrow?" She asked.

"You bet." He got into his car and she watched him drive away before she went into the house.

At 9 pm Daisy and Jesse heard the engine of the General Lee.

"Did they wait until he left?" As Daisy and Jesse were talking, Luke got out of the General and went around to help Bo out.

"Now Daisy, I'm sure that they have a reasonable explanation." Daisy stormed out of the house and walked up to to them and demanded.

"Where were you two?" Bo looked at Luke than back to Daisy.

"At Doc's." Bo replied almost in a whisper as Luke held him up.

"I got to get him to bed." Daisy let them pass and she watched them walk into the house. Several minutes later Jesse walked into their room.

"What happened, Luke?"

"We were in the fields when Bo had an asthma attack."

"Did he have his inhaler with him?"

"Since he has a respiratory infection his inhaler didn't really help." Jesse glanced at Bo who had fallen asleep.

"I'll let ya rest. If he's not feeling well in the morning I'll help with the chores."