Several days later, Jesse and Daisy got in an argument about what she should do with her money.

"I'm thinking about taking the money out of the bank, that I got from Lulu and buy a small RV. So we would save money when we're on the road."

"Daisy, leave the money in the bank. If this marriage last 2 years, take the money out and use it as you see fit."

"So what you're saying is this. You don't trust me that I made the right decision. And this marriage won't work out."

"Daisy, that's alot of money you have. I'm just looking out for your best interest." Daisy just glared at Jesse and left the house.

"Now, Daisy! Hold up!" Luke yelled after her. Before she could get into her Jeep, Luke grabbed her arm and pulled her back. When he realized that Daisy was about to hit him, he grabbed her other wrist and slightly pushed her back.

"Enough, woman!" Luke yelled as he batted Daisy's foot away, when she tried to kick him between the legs. He backed away several feet so she could not try to kick him again.

"You have no call to treat Jesse that way! He has a good point, you only known him for 2 months. Just trust him on this, alright?" Daisy stood there with her arms crossed around her chest, glaring at Luke.

"Daisy, come on." Daisy sighed and nodded.

"Alright, I'll leave the money in the bank." She turned around, got into her Jeep and left as Bo was walking out of the barn. Luke gave him a strange look as Bo walked up to him covered in hay and holding his ribs.

"What the hell happened to you?"

"Maudean kicked me. Can you take me to Doc's? I think she broke my ribs."

"Yeah, come on." Luke helped Bo get into their red Dodge truck. "Hey, Jesse!" Luke yelled. Jesse walked outside when he heard his name yelled.

"What's going on?"

"Maudean kicked Bo, may have broke some ribs. I'm taking him to Doc's."

"Okay, I'll call and tell him to expect you." Jesse went inside to make the call as Luke drove Bo to Doc's.

"What was going on in the house?"

"Daisy got mad at Jesse for telling her what to do with her money. Stormed off and tried to hit me when I tried to reason with her."

"And you say my temper is bad."

"It seems the older you got, the better you can control your temper. It's the opposite with Daisy."

"Got that right." They drove the rest of the way in silence. When they got to town Daisy was walking down the sidewalk and saw them driving towards her.

"Those dirty rats are following me." She walked over to them to give the boys a piece of her mind, when they stopped out in front of Doc's clinic. She approached them as Luke opened the passenger's side door. Bo had one foot out when Daisy took ahold of the door frame and held it, so Luke couldn't open it any farther.

"Didn't trust me, so you had to follow me to town?" Daisy asked as she held onto the door frame.

"Daisy, we didn't follow you." Luke told her as he put his hand onto her shoulder to try to move her back, gentle like.

"Daisy, get out of our way!" Bo told her as he pushed the door hard so she would let go of it.

"What happened to you?" She said in a not so caring tone, as she stepped back.

"Got kicked by Maudean. Broke my ribs."


"Yeah. Luke, can you get me inside? I'm having a hard time breathing." Luke took ahold of Bo's forearm and helped him up.

"Excuse us, Daisy." Daisy stepped aside and let them pass. She watched them go into Doc's office/home, feeling alittle guilty on accusing them of following her. She looked at the bank and decided to leave the money in her account. She made her way back to the farm. Luke got Bo into the clinic and they went to the back room.

"Jackie will be helping you and I'll observe him."

"Bo, I need to get an x-ray of your ribs." Bo got up and stood in front of the x-ray machine. Jackie took several x-rays. As Bo made his way to the bed, he started to cough.

"You okay, Bo." Bo glanced at Luke and nodded. As Doc and Jackie were looking at the x-rays, Bo continued to cough. Both Jackie and Doc Petticord reviewed the x-rays. "You see what I see, Jackie?"

"Yeah, 3 cracked ribs." Jackie pointed to the ribs that were cracked and Doc nodded in argreement.

"Very good."

"Bo, you got 3 cracked ribs. You don't need surgury to fix them, I can just wrap them." Bo nodded his head in understanding as he started to cough again.

"I need you to sit up straight." Bo tried to sit up straight but he was having a hard time breathing.

"Jackie, I can't breath." Doc Petticord stepped in and listened to Bo's breathing.

"I think you may have pneumonia." Doc got out some antibiotics and continued. "I need you to lie down. I'm going to give you an IV of antibiotics and fluids, so you won't get dehydrated." Doc helped Bo to lie down and gave him some oxygen, while Jackie set up the IV's. "Jackie, we'll wrap his ribs later."

Bo was released the morning of Daisy's wedding. The wedding was a simple affair with Jesse walking Daisy down the aisle.

"You ready, girl?" Jesse asked as he found Daisy in the living room.

"Yeah." She took a deep breath and held out her hand. Jesse took her hand and they walked to the backyard. The yard had about two dozen chairs set up, with twelve on both sides of the aisle.

Daisy had three bridesmaids and Luke was the best man with Cooter and Bo as groomsmen. It was a simple service with Rosco doing the ceremony. Lulu was there with J.D. and most of their neighbors as well.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we gather here in the presence of God to unite this man and women in holy matrimony." After the ceremony ended, everyone went to the Boar's Nest for the reception. Several days later, Daisy and L.D. left Hazzard to go on the Rodeo circuit. Several months later Daisy went back to Hazzard for several days, because Bo and Luke were involved in a bad car accident.

The End for now.