'Get out of my way you fucking sheeple! Can't you see that a man is on his way to read some of god's best creations?! Don't you know that this is the most sacred of hobbies that a man could ever pursue?' A boy who would describe himself as a handsome young black teenager thought as he awkwardly tried to get past his fellow peers in the hallway.

Although he would wish they would all die for standing between him and his beloved manga, he couldn't exactly force them out of his way. So, he was forced to slowly squeeze himself past the other students while cursing at them and their families all the way. But at long last he finally made it to the school doors. The beautiful light giving sun shining down nothing but the sweet goodness of warmth and freedom hit Orlando's face.

"YES! YES!" He cried out in joy after finally leaving the doors.

The smile on his face was all too prevalent as he took his first steps outside the building only to feel a hard shove on his back, knocking him face first to the ground.

"Get out the way you ugly ass bitch." He heard a familiar voice say behind him as a group of voices began laughing behind him.

The rage bubbling up inside him wanted to throttle Malik's throat till he foamed at the mouth but he knew that as long as his gay ass friends were around, he stood no chance. He wiped the blood from his nose and slowly got back up, pushing down the rage inside him.

'A new issue of My Hero Academia came out… I don't have time for this…'

"What's wrong Orlando? Can't even give a hi to a classmate?" Malik smiled.

'God can be so unfair sometimes…. Why does a bastard like him get so be so popular…. So well off… and so fucking handsome….' Orlando cried tears of blood in his heart.

"Fuck you Malik!" Orlando shouted before taking off as fast as his nonathletic body could take him.

"Wha…" Is all Orlando heard as he left them on top of the school steps.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU GOOD-LOOKING ASSHOLE! I SHOWED YOU!" Orlando gleefully laughed to himself as he hopped on his bike and drove it all the way home.

The adrenaline wouldn't wear off until he safely made it into his sanctuary filled with multiple posters of various anime, comic books, and characters from those mediums. He closed the door behind him and started gulping in air to breath.

"I'm fucked on Monday…."

Orlando already knew what was waiting in store for him Monday after school but he decided to not think about something so depressing and to finally succumb himself to his greatest pleasures. Anime! Manga! Comic Books! Cartoons! All for him to take in as much as he wants this fantastic weekend. And to start off this great weekend, it's time to read about some Japanese teenagers training to become heroes in a world full of people with superpowers.

Orlando hopped onto his computer and quickly got onto the website that uploads free releases of all the latest manga that comes out. As he was about to begin reading the issue, his chest started feeling strange..

An uncomfortable pressure seemed to be squeezing his chest. He grabbed it in response and slowly started to take deep breaths to try and calm whatever the hell was happening to his body. But despite his response, the feeling didn't go away and he reached for his phone in his pocket while the deep breaths started to slowly speed up without Orlando being aware. He started dialing 911 on the emergency call dial and as the phone rung, he was suddenly getting lightheaded. He stumbled around his messy room while holding his chest and tumbled over a pile of anime DVDs. The pain that flared over his entire body seemed to aggravate the already painful feeling in his chest and his vision started fading..

'No… I'm too young to die.. At least please reincarnate me with a better face…' He prayed as everything went black.

"W….. Up…."

Orlando heard a strange heavenly voice saying something but he'd rather sleep some more. If he was in heaven he would need at the very least 7 heavenly beauties calling for him. God should know his preferences right? That pervert.

"Please…. Wa….. p….."

He heard the singular angelic woman calling for him again and started to get irritated.

'Come on you shitty god. I said seven not one! I've been a faithful follower all my life, I went to church every Sunday in my childhood, the least I could get in paradise is seven beauties to share it with right?'

"YOU DISGUSTING HUMAN! THIS BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET GODDESS SUMMONED YOU AND YOU WILL SHOW HER THE PROPER RESPECT!" The previous voice full of nothing but sweetness has transformed into the most ear wrenching noise Orlando has ever heard.

Orlando slowly got up and looked at the glowing yellow figure.

"This must be a nightmare.. No way would I have a bipolar shit-excuse for a tsundere ever be apart of my harem. I would rather suffer a beating from Malik and his butt buddies than suffer this."

The fury blasting off the goddess's figure could be felt even by the most ignorant of humans.

"Insulting… this goddess twice…. Is unforgivable… If I had my way I would send you to a world filled with nothing but ferocious creatures who love to eat rude and disgusting mortals."

Orlando inwardly smiled despite the untoward comment about his appearance. It seems this annoying brat of a goddess isn't in control and she's being sent by someone else. But what do they want with him? He doesn't have anything special about him. At least he doesn't think so…

"Farewell despicable pervert… I hope you choke on your way out!" She cursed as he was suddenly sucked into a portal beneath his feet.

As Orlando was sucked completely through the portal his vision faded to black.


[Host has been gifted the Craftsman System.]

[Host. Do you wish to start the tutorial?]

[Host. Do you wish to start the tutorial?]

[Host. Do you wish to start the tutorial?]

It was about this time after the system has repeated that phrase about a thousand times that Orlando finally stirred.

'Someone turn that fucking robot off!' He tried to move his hand to smash where the sound was coming from but suddenly came to the realization that his hand was fucking tiny!



[Host. Do you wish to start the tutorial for the Craftsman System?]


[Host has refused the tutorial. Good luck in your new life as Antoine Neil in the world of My Hero Academia with the Craftsman System. Birth will be happening soon.]

Antoine was unable to stop himself from crying. Although this was always one of his greatest dreams to be reincarnated into one of his favorite anime, it was an entirely different matter of leaving your entire life behind and suddenly jumping into a new start without warning.

After a half hour of sobbing, Antoine finally got control of his nerves.

'No use crying about it… I guess I should've said yes about that tutorial thing earlier…'

[To call up the system menu please say Menu.]

'Menu.' Antoine thought.








Antoine noticed that the only unavailable one was the Mix option. It was greyed out and he figured that it was locked for the time being. He was pretty impressed so far. It was an average system from what he could tell so far.

'Stats.' He thought as he received a memory of his current status.

[Name: Antoine Neil

[Lv1 0/100]

[Stamina: 100/100]

[Health: Perfectly About To Be Born Baby.]

[Title: None]

[Money: $0]

[Str: E-]

[Agl: E-]

[Vit: E-]

[Int: C]

[Cha: E-]

[Luc: C]

[SP: 0 ]

'Holy shit what kind of start is this!? There isn't any magic or mana in My Hero Academia! And why the fuck is my charisma so low!? I'm a cute fucking baby aren't I?!'

Antoine began touching his face and didn't feel anything wrong with it. Well he'd have to take a look once he's actually born in a couple of hours or so. He could hear muffled sounds outside of his new mom and started to think what he wanted in this world.

Of course, he was going to become a hero. Becoming a villain would be boring and he isn't planning on starting a legal business to conduct his villainy legally. Nor does he want to be constantly on the run or hiding away from society. But becoming a hero or the greatest hero or even the symbol for heroes isn't good enough for him.

'The type of hero I will be is the greatest asshole hero. The most toxic and aggravating hero there is. Bakugou and Endeavor won't even be able to stand in my shadow! That's how terrible I'll be. But at my core I will still remain a hero. A person who protects the weak and stands against the unjust. I also just love asshole characters in superhero shows.'

Antoine felt that his birth was coming relatively soon as it suddenly got brighter inside his mom and the muffled sounds became louder. But before Antoine faced this new world, he needed to set some goals. He already decided on becoming the most toxic hero but what else.

[Birth is imminent Host. Prepare yourself.]

'The system! I need to abuse this craftsman system as much as I can to get as strong as I can. The stronger I get, the safer I will be. And hell, if it's as good as I hope it is, I can even see myself building a freaking iron man suit or build an unstoppable robot army like Doctor Doom or Eggman! Fuck! Why not all three!?' Antoine excitedly hyped himself and the system up.

It was at this time he saw a bright light opening. He willingly let himself be taken out and finally saw the faces of his new parents. His father was black and his mother was A FREAKING SHARK WOMAN!?

Antoine's excitement was swiftly shut down as…


"WAH! WAH!" Antoine cried.

'You dirty doctor bitch. I will remember this transgression against me. Your fate is sealed now and everyone you ever loved will die a horrible death!' Antoine cursed as he was handed to his shark mom.

She smothered him in her blue shark-skinned chest and smiled at him with her terrifying sharp shark teeth.

'Seriously… If I was a normal baby I would be crying my lungs out just looking at you. Even if I think you look totally awesome.' He thought trying to wipe his tears away.

Antoine's dad soon came over to see his boy and also smiled lovingly at him.

"Isn't he beautiful….?" His mother said as Antoine was suddenly getting sleepy in her arms.

"The cutest baby in the whole wide world." Antoine's dad started tearing up and Antoine inwardly laughed at his sensitive dad before drifting off to dreamland.

[Host has been issued a mission!]

[Test your given skills! Use both skills given by the system!]

[Reward: Observe skill, 10 exp]