Gun fire rang throughout the facility. Dozens of soldiers equipped in the latest military equipment were defending this facility. But to be more specific they were protecting a certain someone inside the facility. This facility was currently the secret hideout for a very important government member. And all these soldiers were hired by her, to protect her from the latest terrorist group that was after her head! The woman was holed up inside a fortified metal bunker that wouldn't even dent from multiple missiles impacting on it. Inside with her were two powerful heroes from her country.

The first hero was named Captain Crass! Captain Crass is a hero that graduated from the best hero school in Canada. After graduating, he quickly made a name for himself with his powerful quirk and pleasant personality. Although he isn't ranked #1 on the hero charts, he's in the top 10! He is definitely a hero that shouldn't be looked down upon. Not to even say about his young age! Only 20 years old and he's this famous already! Some say his future potential could even compare to All Might's!

The second hero was called Steuern. Steuern is an underground hero due to the nature of his quirk. His quirk becoming public knowledge could reduce the effectiveness of it and possibly make his job as a hero much more troublesome. Few people even know of Steuern, but what is known of him is his overwhelming attachment to money. As long as you have enough cash, there is no job he's willing to turn down. No one knows exactly what he needs the money for, but due to his anti-social behavior, everyone just chalks it up to him being another hero who only cares about cash and not the actual act of helping and saving people.

"Madam? Are you sure all of this preparation was necessary?" Captain Crass asks.

"Captain Crass, I hired you to protect me, not question me. Those men up there won't be able to take that group out so easily. They are just being used to soften them up for you two. My life is in your hands, so please do not go easy on these terrorists." She said with a strange calmness.

Captain Crass rubbed his head, still not completely sure that all of this preparation was needed. It's just some villain group isn't it? Villains teaming up together is the recent craze going around the nations ever since the popularity of groups such as the League of Villains, Apex, and Survivors reached mainstream media. Captain Crass has tackled a few villain groups but all the ones he took down were just a bunch of amateurs or people that just got caught up in the craze. Nothing to be scared of really.

"Well alright. I'll make sure to protect you Ms. Piper." Crass said.

Steuern looked up to the ceiling. A large noise sounded out from above them with plenty of screaming, shouting, and shooting.

"Get ready men." Piper said while reaching into her vest and clutching onto her hidden weapon.

"KIKIKIKIKIKI!" A crazed man laughed while firing round after round into the soldiers with pin-point accuracy. The man had a tall and lanky build with a pudgy stomach poking out. His wild messy orange hair and receding hairline gave away the identity of this madman immediately. It was none other than Eisuke! The foul-mouthed villain with the quirk of prediction! He's an absolute nightmare in combat and he knows it! His current glossed over eyes that made him look like a blind person meant that his quirk was fully active!

Even though he was shooting his gun at irregular angles and holding it improperly, every single time he fired his bullets would find their way into one of the soldiers. It was as if his bullets had a mind of their own and each one of them wanted to find the closest person near them and hug them at the speed of 1,700 mph. Unfortunately, the soldiers were not very accepting of these little hug monsters. Their screams of pain and terror highlighted their reactions to the bullets.

"Would you shut up already?" A tall and beautiful woman asked in an annoyed manner. This woman was wearing a professional business suit and currently controlling 6 soldiers with her fingers. Her villain name is Madam Conglomerate and the public knows her for her devious quirk and large assets!

Madam Conglomerate used her quirk to control 6 of the soldiers to fire upon their own allies! The controlled soldiers had no way of retaking control of their bodies. They couldn't even move their own mouths! Some of the soldiers even had tears falling from their faces as they fired upon their teammates. Completely at the mercy of the villainess, the soldiers were nothing more than puppets to do her willing. Their thoughts, feelings, and morality were not given a single thought by Madam Conglomerate! And after taking out all the other soldiers in the room, she had the decency to put them out of their misery by having them shoot each other in the head.

"Alright then. Now where is this little rat hiding?" She asked.

"How the fuck am I supposed to know Hanako? If they ain't trying to attack me or intending to hurt me, I can't see shit!" Eisuke replied.

"It's Madam Conglomerate! And I wasn't asking you in the first place." Hanako replied.

"Hush." The third and final member on this squad commanded. This third member was one of the more prominent members of the Survivors and could even be said one of the figure heads based on the number of times she's appeared in the media.

It was Nikki! The second youngest member of the Survivors at age 15. But despite being only 15, she surely didn't look like it in the slightest! She wore a skin tight black and white outfit that matched with her dual black and white hair. It was all black on one side of her hair and all white on the other. She had one of the most dangerous and flexible quirks out of all the members of the Survivors. A quirk she named Portal. Portal was a quirk that allowed Nikki to create two different types of portals. A white one that can suck in anything and a black one that shoots out whatever fell into the white one.

"Oi! Go hush your mother you little cun-"

A small black portal materialized next to Eisuke's head and shot out a combat knife towards him. He didn't even need to use his quirk to dodge after seeing that familiar black portal appear right next to him. He quickly dove to the ground and avoided the high-speed projectile that would've surely imbedded itself into his brain.

"Could you not try and kill me while we're out on an assignment!? For fucks sake..." Eisuke asked with sweat dripping down his forehead after that close call.

"They are below us." Nikki said, ignoring Eisuke entirely.

"How did you find that out?" Hanako asked.

She looked at Hanako with her default emotionless face.

"You don't need to know. Just follow." She responded.

Hanako would normally get upset if anyone else talked to her in such a disrespectful manner, but this was Nikki of all people. She doesn't have the power nor position to reprimand her. Even if she wanted to give the little brat a smack upside the head sometimes. Hanako knows that it's just the way she was brought up and not just trying to be anti-social and a jerk.

Nikki created a white portal large enough to fit all 3 of them and they walked in. Seconds later they reappeared outside a black portal and in front of them stood 3 figures. One of them being on the kill list.

"MOVE!" Eisuke shouted as he fired in 4 completely different directions. The bullets bounced around the metal safe room without rhyme or reason.

It seems Captain Crass took the initiative to attack with his quirk, Acceleration. Nikki sucked herself into her portal to dodge the speedster. Madam Conglomerate wasn't as lucky, it seems Steuern used his quirk and manipulated the metal floor to ensnare her feet in metal, making her unable to move. She would've been punched directly in the face as she was falling if it wasn't for Eisuke's bullet reaching where Captain Crass would've been. Captain Crass quickly changed his target and focused on Eisuke while leaving Madam Conglomerate to his associate.

"Fucking fast heroes man.. First it was that little bitch in Japan, now it's this ugly fucker." Eisuke muttered before slowly laughing with crazed excitement.


Eisuke was forced to spit up saliva as he was slightly lifted off the ground from the punch. Captain Crass was about to punch Eisuke across the room but before he could finish his attack, he felt a sudden pain strike his body.


Eisuke fell to the ground laughing in pain.

"Hey, you piece of shit... I didn't even get to use it yet and you fell for trick #1?" He said to himself while laughing.

Captain Crass had 3 bullet holes over his body. One coming from his right torso, one in the middle of his abdomen, and the last one hit through his left hip. He tried to ignore the pain and finish the fallen villain off but the pain wracking his body was too much for him and he couldn't activate his quirk or it could aggravate his current injuries.


Eisuke unloaded onto the wounded hero while laughing with glee. The bullets easily penetrated through the hero's body.

"You dumb son of a bitch! Did you think I fired those first 4 shots out of fear!? I already knew exactly what you were going to do once we came in this room. You never stood a chance from the start. KIKIKIKIKI!"

After finishing off the hero without much trouble, Eisuke looked over to see Nikki holding Piper's throat from behind and Hanako controlling Steuern with her quirk. It seems the underground hero tried to encase Hanako in metal but before he could, she shot out one of her strings and made him trip. After making him fall, she started to whip his body around with her string before finally reaching his spine and completely controlling him.

"Watch out Jailbait! She has a-" Eisuke yelled as his quirk warned him of the weapon Piper had hidden beneath her vest.


The silence pistol went off and the bullet fired at Nikki's skull homed in to plow through her brains. Her unexpressive face stayed the same as it always does. A thin small portal appeared in front of her face and swallowed the bullet before it could reach her. She then created a black portal right above Piper and watched as the bullet dive bombed straight through Piper's dome and entire body, killing her immediately.

"There's no fucking way you could have reacted to that in time!" Eisuke cried out.

She looked over to Eisuke.

"You don't need to know how. But thanks. Now let's return." She said without a single change in her face nor her monotone voice.

'Thanks...? That fucking shitty brat hasn't thanked me once ever! My warning must have helped her in some way from avoiding that bullet.. But even with my warning, there's no way she had enough time to react to a bullet firing from that fucking close. She's hiding something about her quirk... I can feel it...' Eisuke thought as he entered through the white portal with Nikki and Hanako. They exited out of a black portal and appeared in front of the Survivor's HQ. They began walking into the building.

"Hey aren't we getting new recruits today?" Hanako asked.

"Oh yeah. There was that fucking recruitment test to get rid of the weaklings and spies. I wonder if it's there are any legal sexy chicks." Eisuke wondered.

Hanako looked at him with disgust.

"Like anyone would be interested in a man as disgusting as you."

"Even if your eyes were made of shit, you'd still be able to notice how charming I am! I'm only 18 you know?" Eisuke revealed.

Hanako's mouth dropped in shock and Nikki's eyes widened as well.

"What's so surprising?" He asked.


"What! Shut up you old bitch! I look like a perfectly heathy young man!" Eisuke replied, insulted.

"Liar..." Nikki responded, not believing him in the slightest.



The trio would find themselves in the assignment room together before taking notice of 3 new faces. The first one was in a tattered robe and wore a straw hat with a golden A etched onto the top. He had the appearance of a middle-aged man whose fallen down on some rough times and had to resort to begging for change to get by. He was sitting on the head of a large purple snake that curled itself in comfort. Underneath the butt of the bum, A golden letter A was sketched onto its head. The second one was a practioner of karate. He wore a white karate gi with the sleeves torn off, medium length hair, a long red headband, a black martial arts belt and walked bare feet. The third was an average looking woman. There was absolutely nothing special or unique about her. She had black hair and a modest figure.

"Ah what a fucking disappointment!" Eisuke cried out. "Are these the only ones that passed!?"

"Yes." Ienobu, the resident angel and warper, responded.

"I'm pissed."

"Don't be upset so soon Eisuke-kun. They still have to complete a few assignments before they can officially join us. So, if they can't prove themselves to be trustworthy, we'll reject them." Ienobu said.

"Whatever. I don't care anymore. I'm going to go talk to my niece." Eisuke shrugged as he pulled out his latest phone from Universal Crafts Emporium.

A mysterious figure could be seen in an abandoned shipping yard filled with locked or opened shipping containers. The figure was sitting in a wheel chair with their eyes shut. Half his hair was green and the other half was completely bald.

"Antoine Neil... I will find out what you did my sister... and when I do..."

All the large shipping containers suddenly rose into the air. The objects inside either fell to the ground or were hoisted in the air along with the containers. The mysterious figure suddenly closed his hand into his fist and all the levitating items smashed together. He then started kneading the air with his hands, forcing all the objects to get smushed and crushed before forming into a tiny cube that hovered above his palm.

"WELCOME, MY LOWLY INTERNS TO THE GREAT AGENCY OF THE ULTIMATE CRAFTSMAN!" Antoine dramatically announced as he sat in his seat in front of 3 figures.

"Tell me why we had to come intern under you Antoine..." Yuga asked with a groan.

"Because you can't get the experience you'll get here anywhere else my dear friend!"

"Why do I feel like you did this just so you can annoy us?" Yuga said mostly to himself.

"Hold your tongue fucko! What kind of hero do you think I am?! You really think I would abuse the relationship I have with those close to me just to fuck with them!?" Antoine asked outraged.


"Of course you would."

"It wouldn't be surprising if you did."

"KOMORI! DON'T AGREE WITH THESE FUCKS!" Antoine yelled in a shocked manner.

"Even your girlfriend knows how much of an ass you are!" Yuga laughed.

"Oh my god! She agreed with us!" Toru chimed in with some loud laughing as well.

"SHUT THE HELL UP! I DIDN'T INVITE YOU FUCKS HERE TO TALK SHIT ABOUT ME OKAY!?" Antoine shouted before calming himself down.

"You picking a fight with us Squiddy!?" Toru yelled.

"Don't think that just because you got your own hero agency that we won't beat you up!" Yuga added.


Toru and Yuga prepared themselves to face off against Antoine and charged towards him on their own. The duo was stopped as a mushroom wall appeared in front of them. They saw Komori walking over to Antoine's side and they grinned. (Not that anyone could see Toru grinning.)

"While I do think you're in the wrong here Antoine, I can't just let my boyfriend get beat one-sidedly." She said while preparing herself to fight too.

"Hey hey hey! It's starting to sound like you think I can't beat these dipshits on my own! Don't you know who I am?" Antoine asked with a voice of self-importance.

Komori rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Just shut up and make sure not to hold me back okay?"

Yuga blasted the mushroom wall apart.

"She's starting to sound like you already Antoine." Toru commented.

"Let's hope she doesn't take too much from him... I don't think I'd be able to handle two Antoines. One is just enough for the world I think." Yuga said.

"A second me would be fucking great! What are you assholes even spouting over there!? Think of the greatness I emit and multiply that times two! That's like having two perfect human beings!"

Komori giggled.

"You're not perfect what the heck. You can't even wash your own clothes." Komori said.

"That's what the robots are for! Why should I take the time to learn how to do such basic and tedious work when I can have others do it for me!? It should be enough that I'm a fucking hero and helping people."

"You're just lazy." Komori revealed.

"Nope. I can't believe you would even say something like that. I'm starting to not want you on my side anymore if all your gonna do is badmouth me."

"Is that so...?" She asked staring him in the eyes.

A single drop of sweat fell from Antoine's forehead.

'What the hell is that sexy look supposed to mean? Is she trying to seduce me in front of Toru and Yuga? No no no my thick mushroom girlfriend. I'm not into the type of play where other people can watch. I'm sorry!' He thought to himself.

Komori suddenly kicked Antoine away and Toru and Yuga took advantage of this betrayal. They charged the surprised Antoine and started going all out against him and his tentacles.

"BABE! WHAT THE FUCK!? I WAS KIDDING WHEN I SAID THAT!" Antoine yelled in distress as Toru and Yuga were managing to keep up with his tentacles.

"It didn't sound like you were kidding."


A faint smile appeared on Komori's face.

"You sure know how to use that mouth of yours for sweet talking... But I guess I'll forgive you. I'm not heartless after all.

Komori grew a giant mushroom in between Antoine, Toru, and Yuga. Separating the trio before controlling the mushroom to extend and slam Toru and Yuga outside the office. The two recovered mid-air and looked at Antoine's secretary glaring at them. Their bodies were paralyzed from her stare.

"Hey... Nozumi... We were just..." Yuga tried to explain but she cut him off before he could finish.

"I don't care. Whatever you break, you fix or pay for." She told him before returning back to typing on her computer.

"AHAHA HOW'D THAT FEEL YOU SONS OF BITCHES!? THIS DREAM TEAM IS UNSTOPPABLE!" Antoine shouted as he appeared from out his office with Komori on the side of him.

"THAT WAS ONLY ROUND 1! THIS AIN'T OVER YET!" Toru replied with equal excitement before charging towards Antoine.

"Don't hold back on me too much you two! I'm not that weak!" Komori told the duo as she grew mushrooms all around the waiting room.

"I'll try my best...!" Yuga replied weakly while blasting towards Komori.

The outcome of this battle would end with a single person coming out of top, a half destroyed newly built hero agency, numerous injuries to all those present in the battle, and a video of the battle reaching the #1 Trending on YouTube in multiple countries. The popularity of the four involved with the battle will rise from their interesting personalities and cool looking quirks. Except for Antoine's of course. The viewers mostly focused on his amazing equipment and tech he pulled out during the fight once he realized he couldn't win with just his tentacles.

After the battle, the four of them got themselves fixed up and started to do their jobs as heroes. Toru and Yuga would refuse to join Antoine's agency as sidekicks and tell him they will start their own hero agency in the future that'll beat his. Komori decided to join as his sidekick to be closer to Antoine after she's done with school.

"Are you still gonna build that hero school that's gonna top U.A?" Toru asked.

"Yeah. I'm looking all over the world for some good teachers to teach there. I already know where I want it built but there is a bunch of other stuff I still got to get together before I can go through with it publicly."

"You sound like you thought a lot about this." Komori said surprised.

"Yeah but its all such a pain in the ass! Who knew trying to build the greatest hero school in the entire world would take so much careful planning and effort?"

"I don't think I ever heard of someone complaining like that before..." Yuga said.

"Well you know. I'm not gonna be the #1 future pro hero for nothing you know. What's impossible for others is not impossible for a handsome genius like me." Antoine grinned.

"Handsome?" Toru, Yuga, and Komori asked at the same time.


The three of them laughed at Antoine's outburst as he continued to try and question them on their response to what he said.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Whew... It's been a journey everyone. I really didn't know where i was going to go when i first started this story. I just started writing when the idea came to me. Of course i realized many things after doing such a thing and learned alot while writing this story.

First thing is, the system sucked. I didn't even know how the hell my own system worked, not to mention the stats were graded by letters but i had number stats on the crafted items. There was no measurement system between the grades that made you understood exactly where Antoine laid. Like what the hell was an A-rank grade mean? So yeah, when working on future novels I will definitely get a working functional system that is easily understood by me and the readers.

Second thing is knowing the direction of my future novels. After catching up with the manga of this fanfic, i had absolutely no idea where to go whatsoever. I don't believe i even planned to write after that point. But after falling in love with Antoine asshole character, I felt like i couldn't just abandon him in an unfinished story. SO that's why i kept writing even after catching up with the manga. Strangely though a majority of readers hated Antoine even though i specifically said he was going to be an asshole in the story's summary. Just read the top comments of the first few chapters and you'll see how much he's hated! But that's okay. I wanted Antoine to be unlikeable. The negative comments on his personality just prove what a good job i did with him.

There is no third thing i think. I just want to thank you all for reading this to completion even with the long ass break I took in the middle of it. Your comments mean everything to me. Positive, negative, and constructive. While views are nice and all comments are what really motivate me to keep writing because the views are just numbers while comments are much more. Even if its something like this novel is shit or comment that says a, i'll enjoy it nonetheless.