Violet watched the blonde, laughing with her team. She leaned on the door frame. Mind wandering the time she wasn't like this happened before. It was a grievance she never spoke, and will never plan to. It was worse than her time in the nobility, back then she still continued to smile most often than not. That entire year was something much worst. Especially since, news of their guild disbanded, and it left with a once sunny girl to a broken one. She could still remember the memory etched deep her mind, never leaving.

A flash

She trekked down the cobblestone path. It was clearly raining, but she didn't mind the water dropped on her hair. She loves the rain, it washes away all grievances, and gives you a relief that only it could accomplish. Her footsteps came to a halt, a surging power she only knew of one who could accomplish. Her mind whirling questions wished to be asked. She trudge herself forward, a tear slipped down her cheeks that was covered by a raindrop. She could feel the emotions swirled at her chest when she saw the blonde, hunch over and upset. Her head buried in her arms, her hair cascade down and wet by the rain.

She crouched. The edge of her dress muddy was left ignored as the relief was the only thing she carried. The last she saw her was during a party, packed her bags and a promise of silence. That was a decade ago. She whispered a name she often asks in the night, "Lucy?"

The blonde lifted her head. Eyes were bright red with tears. Her heart broke back then, no matter how times the blonde cried, it was never this, heartbroken expression. Crying was the only way Lucy could tell her feelings without opening her mouth. The cruelty of her status was thought this way.

The blonde whimpered her name, a color that means so many that matched the woman well. She cradled the blonde's head to her bosom, her own tears dripping.

She could feel her lost, she could understand her lost, and she knows the cure.

It wasn't long before she asked the question, the cure for those who have and are lost, "Why don't you come with me?" She let go off her for a moment. Violet stood up and extended a hand. Both girls were messy, wet in the rain, but it didn't hinder them. Lucy grabbed her hand, and both girls with each of each other's support trekked the cobblestone path. It was a familiar start for healing.

Violet smiled, it was a start of a renewed friendship. In that one year, Lucy has achieved plenty. She watched it all over again, just like when the Celestial mage was little, all before Layla's death. She tried her damndest to make sure her soul healed, and no one, not even her trusted teammates are going to ruin her hard work.

She begrudgingly glared at the pinkette, she knows him well enough. A blood bond couldn't be easily broken unless they were disowned, but no matter what she cares about the blonde that suffers too much. She let the guilt consume her, let it whispered low words of sufferings. At the same time, he suffered something he shouldn't had, it was their responsibilities— his. She grumbled underneath her breath, though news spreads fast, his death affected her more than she thought. It wasn't his fault either. Life just took a toll on them all, and he just wants to fix what was lost.

Her eyes shifted to the Sky Sorceress. The very same dragon slayer she thought she would never meet. She could still feel her anger bubbling on the surface, felt the sadness that came with it. The lies that were spread created a bubble she dared venture, the boiling anger at the dragons. They made her lost her only string of sanity, and her salvation was the child the woman left. Lucy told her that Anna was alive, teaching children. She planned to visit her later, and a good tongue lashing to go along with it. She was never the type to forgive.

She cocked her head to the side at the last two remaining members. Well, the Exceeds were the most baffling of the team. Their kind was never found in Earthland, their race belonged to another world called Edolas. The same as certain machines can be only found in another world. She often wonders why each world that starts with an E is often similar to their own. Though, it is expected of them to take a liking to dragon slayers, anything with Arial magic as a core will attract the winged-beast.

The devil slayer was someone she knew via parent. His mother, Mika, was excellent company then she knew him as Ur's student. She knew wherever that ice maker was she would have been proud. He excelled what Ur never could, and progressed what she never done. He found a path worthy for the ice maker's, though she duly noted about the slayer's magic, she need to see it later with his permission.

Then there was the red-head. The bloody resemblance is causing a headache. She would strangle Her Majesty, and no one is going to stop her. Her eyes, though, the other one artificial, resembled that blasted bastard and mix to her dark chocolate ones. She resembled her from appearance to personality. A terror went through her spine at that thought. They were some secrets that need to be throated out of the two women.

Lost in her own musings, she never noticed her favorite mage stumbling beside her. "Are you alright?" She asked with a grin.

Violet shrugged, "Lost in my own world, I guess." Her own eyes, a tinge of violet, shifted to the familiar black. "What do you like for dinner? Sin must have finished his lessons with Erza."

"Why did you give him to her of all people?" the blonde couldn't help but asked, she means well, but Erza can be too much.

Violet shook her head. Erza requires discipline in her lessons, something Sin has, and he is intelligent in his own way. He isn't human after all. He is safe, if he played his cards right. Instead of venturing it further, she glanced at the blonde. Her own lips tugged to a smile, "Mi Lumina stellar," she called out her old nickname to the young mage. "I see you are happy."

Lucy turned to and grinned, her own lips tugged, "Isn't it obvious?"

She wanted to ask the question she desperately craved. The one with the largest crack on her soul, it was the most heart wrenching scene for Lucy to break down like that. The yells of a lost mage, spouting words of giving up her keys, her sadness and insecurities swelled up with the loss of her guild, her family, her closest keepsake of her mother gone. Violet mended it with actual promises of her duty as a Celestial Wizard, something Lucy took a pride of and etched deep to her soul. Her spirits came out after that begging to never let them go, it was a silver lining as it made their bond strong enough to do Star Dress. Her stability improved, and the cracks of her soul mended until it was gone, no longer hollow. Violet threw a party together with her spirits, the healing process completed.

It was just disappointing she never got to see her reunite with her teammates. Matters at hand called her attention, and she couldn't leave with an odd babe in her arms. She was shackled by an accident in training, and couldn't leave until Sin could master his own magic. It was fine. The stars and the boy kept her company. She often messaged to Lucy so the girl wouldn't feel so lonely, and that the situation wouldn't repeat itself, and because she loves her.

"How's your search for Aquarius?" So that very question was hard to spit out, especially when it causes such gloom in her face

Her smile tilted upside down. Her expression crestfallen, but the most Lucy thing she did was put on the very light in her face, "I'm searching for her now, I've gotten a lead, and I think she would somewhere here in the country. We met during the war, Aquarius told me this."

Her hopeful expression was enough. Violet happily motioned to the entire house, "You know this place is full of magical books, search items and lacrimas, it's at your disposal."

Tears at the corner of her eyes, she clasped her hands together than bowed, "I can never thank you enough you have done so much."

Violet dismissively waved her hands, walked off like she owned the place, well it is her hallways, "Five hundred years alive can be lonely, your company is always appreciated, lumina stellar. Besides…" she trailed off, and eyes once again shifted to a luring violet. A roguish grin in her features, "Our contract is enough of a repayment."

She walked away, and disappeared to a corner, not scent or trace of her existent in the once brightly lit hallways. Lucy touched her chest, a tugged on her magic she has long grown used to. It was a part of her contract a promise, a repayment she didn't refuse from the powerful witch.

This is a one-shot or an excerpt of a story I wanted to do for FT. Taken place after the Alvarez and during the Century Quest. Violet is an OC of mine that is made to answer a lot of questions bubbling in my head.

Like what was Lucy like during the ten years in her father's grasp?

Where did the dragon slayers come from, before their dragons?

How is Lucy so forgiving and did not break during that single one year? Aside from being a forgiving sweetheart.

What did Zeref do during his inventions?

What truly happened 400 years ago?

What happened to Erza's dad, especially since that bastard deserve a tragic and horrible end.

And can Mashima-sama pretty, pretty please give us a good explanation on magic in total, especially Celestial Magic?

It is considered a rare and powerful magic, yet I don't understand why it is so rare?

An expert needs to check on Gray's devil slayer magic…

And how did Lucy survive on her own if she was an heiress, with servants as her hands and feet?

I also want your opinion, should I publish the book itself?