Hello and welcome to a fanmade season 5 story! This is collab between me and StarryEyedButterfly, and we're taking you to the beautiful post-Cleaved world!

Our New World

At first, it had been a normal day in Echo Creek. The blistering hot sun baked the sidewalks and the roadways until they buckled and oozed in some places. Cars clogged the roads, carrying people fleeing the heat for the ocean. Those who were left behind tried to endure the best they could by staying inside or crowding public pools or by lounging outside on patios. It was summer; there was no need to rush around after all. The season of relaxation after a long year of school. Or so the townspeople thought. At roughly, one o'clock, a force like an earthquake split the ground around Britta's Tacos—a local favorite eating place—and buried the building and cracked parking lot in thick black sludge. The news claimed it was a gas leak caused by an earthquake, which seemed like a likely explanation. Earthquakes were a part of life in southern California. They rattled plates and hanging picture frames on almost a weekly basis. As long as the buildings weren't destroyed, all was well.

But was it this time? Just when the citizens of Echo Creek were lulled into complacency, a bright explosion rocked the city. Screams filled the air. Women clutched babies, spouses held each other, friends held hands. It was a nuclear bomb or something—the end of the world. And it was in a way. As the light faded, Echo Creek was reborn into a magical world no one had ever seen before. Magenta and turquoise aurora floated lazily in a sky full of exotic moons and stars that shimmered in exotic constellations. Strange buildings jutted out of random places all over the city. Some were simple thatch-roofed huts, while others were proud castles that stood taller and grander than the skyscrapers downtown. The biggest of them was rundown and abandoned, but the pink mushroom roofs jutted into the sky. Buildings were not the only new things in Echo Creek. The population increased by several million people, who were dressed like peasants from a Renaissance fair. They spoke in broken, hillbilly accents but seemed decent. Then they came—the monsters.

The world was suddenly populated with severed flying unicorn heads, giant beasts, sentient pigeons, mermaids, and other weird creatures. They stepped on houses, covered trees in webbing, chased around people, picked up cars, and tried to fight helicopters. With the world turned upside down, panic set in. Hysteria flooded 911 operators with calls, sent for the US Army, and called in news reporters from around the city. No one knew quite what to do. First responders and the army were trained to deal with natural disasters and foreign threats—this was neither. Bullets bounced right off of the larger monsters like rubber pellets and crazy barbarian people riding eagles knocked the guns away like nothing. Soon, even trained military scattered in fear, and the pandemonium caused the citizens of the city to go crazy. They screamed into microphones and news cameras that they were all going to die. They tried to flee in their cars but got stuck in random bogs and by monsters. Echo Creek was in chaos.

Yet in the middle of it all, on the outskirts of town where the Stop N Slurp met a vast cornfield, two teenagers were locked in a tight embrace. Star Butterfly refused to let go of her boyfriend, Marco Diaz, for a second in fear that he would slip away again. This had to be a dream. Just had to be. One minute, they were stuck in the dying Realm of Magic as it crumbled and died, and the next she was running towards a collapsing portal. There was no way she made it on time—it was too far away. But the pair of familiar and comforting arms around her told Star otherwise. She buried her nose into Marco's hoodie and savored its sweet scent. It reminded her of long nights eating nachos together, of tiring adventures around Earth and Mewni, of pig-goat barns. It reminded her of home. Marco…she held him tighter. His gentle hand rubbed her back, and she could feel his chest heave a bit as he let out relieved tears.

"Don't cry," she wiped them away and choked back her own. "I'm here, Marco." Where I belong, she nestled her head under his chin. This time, she remembered to mind her devil's horn headband to prevent the tips from poking him.

"I thought we'd never see each other again…" he breathed. "For real this time." The universe had conspired against them many times, yet it failed to keep them apart forever. Star brought down an entire castle to free Marco from Toffee, and Marco searched all over Mewni for her when the rats invaded. No matter what, they always found each other like a compass trained on finding north. They were Star and Marco—a force that could never be separated, even by cleaving dimensions.

"I know," she replied simply. Her mind could not comprehend a future without her Marco in it. If the portal had separated them, then she would have spent a thousand lifetimes finding a way through even without magic. I'd crawl through the fabric of space just to be by your side. That wasn't an empty threat either.

Marco buried his face in her shoulder for a second, taking in her scent. "We belong together," his voice was muffled against her blond hair. "I mean it—it's why I stayed in the Realm of Magic."

"That was incredibly stupid of you," she giggled. His bravery impressed her, especially since Marco started out as a rule-bound Safe Kid when they first met.

He playfully frowned, "I wasn't about to never see my girlfriend again."

"Girlfriend, huh?" She said teasingly. Hearing the word from his lips made her spine tingle. How long had she waited for this moment? How long had she suffered their extraordinary bad timing? While being Marco's best friend was great and all, being able to love him fully felt much better.

Her response made the bashful teen realize what he had said and blushed, "Too soon?"

"Nope," she smiled. "It's perfectly fine." Although they confessed their love a mere few days ago, they already felt more like a long-married couple. "I love you too, Marco." Enough to create this new world with you, she ran her fingers through his hair.

Marco gently guided her to his lips, and they melted together in a passionate kiss. Through touch, they communicated fully their fears of being separated again and their joy at being together. This is the best kiss ever, she wrapped her arms around him. Of course, they had shared a couple before, but the passion of this one was over the moon. Marco let his hands drop a bit lower on his waist, showing that his days of being a shy guy were over. I like the new bold Diaz, she almost giggled.

"Ew, get a pig-goat barn!" A familiar voice heckled at them.

Star and Marco, still in mid-kiss, opened their eyes and saw that they were surrounded by a hundred people, including many of their friends and family. For the most part, they cooed at the two lovers, especially the Diazes. Eclipsa and Globgor shared a knowing glance, and River stared at the boy wrapped around his daughter with protective blue eyes. I can explain… Star pulled away from the kiss. Marco pulled his hood over his burning cheeks but still held her hand. Could this get any more embarrassing? The blonde thought with a deep sense of embarrassment. Suddenly, she noticed a team of news reporters with an army of camera lens trained on her and Marco. Oh, corn… She could envision the headlines now: two teenagers makeout while Echo Creek is practically destroyed. If Star wasn't so mortified and love-drunk, she would have dragged Marco away in a hasty retreat.

"Well, there you have it, folks," a newswoman spoke eagerly into a microphone. "What a day it has been in Echo Creek California: earthquakes, monster attacks, and blossoming teenage love." Star and Marco shared a mortified glance as the camera zoomed in on their faces to broadcast around the world. "I love a great love story in the midst of crisis," the woman chuckled. "How cute. What are your names."

"Uh…," Marco recovered from both the kiss and embarrassment. "I'm Marco Diaz and this is Star Butterfly."

"I like that," the woman replied. "Hey, Chuck, put up a banner that says 'Starco wins' or something."

I think I'd rather be stuck in the Realm of Magic, the blonde girl huffed. Her eyes swept the crowd and the combined dimension before her. The sight was incredible. All of Mewni and Echo Creek had become one—just like her and Marco. Perfectly cleaved together. Kinda reminds me of that wand adventure with Glossaryck, the thought of her old mentor made her sad. He disappeared along with the magic she destroyed. He said he was proud of me. But Star knew the real work was ahead. Now, Mewmans, monsters, and humans had to learn to share the new world together, and it would be no easy feat. "You can do it, kid," she could have sworn she heard Glossaryck's voice in her mind. "You both can."

Feeling a rush of responsibility, she gently took the microphone from the reporter, "Citizens of Earth and Mewni…er, Earth-ni. I know things have gotten a little weird today but let me explain. My name is Star Butterfly, my family used to rule a magical dimension of monsters and Mewmans. A lot happened and, well…I had to destroy the magic and the era of queens." She sighed and placed a hand on her smooth, unmarked cheek. Her decision was the right one to stop Mina from killing all of the monsters, but it still hurt. Seeing her distress, Marco wrapped an arm around her and smiled. You still look beautiful to me, his eyes said, giving her courage.

Thanks, she mouthed to him, then continued to address the people, "I don't know how this happened, but the magic brought the dimensions together—" Because it wanted Marco to be with me, she left out that part. "—We have a lot to figure out, but I believe we can build a great world together."

A round of applause sounded from the gathering crowd, and Star handed the microphone back. I sounded like a queen, she marveled at the maturity and strength in her voice. Hopefully, her words would start everyone on a peaceful path. The old Butterfly monarchs ruined Mewni with their hatred and fear of monsters; Star was going to make sure that never happened again. This was a new start.

The reporter thought for a second, "A new world, a new people, a new love. We're going to take a quick break on our special coverage of the Echo Creek incident on ENN. Stay tuned." Thankfully, the crews moved off to interview other people, taking the wandering crowd with them. Only Star, Marco, and their closest families and friends remained.

"But the Merge raises a lot of questions," she turned to see Moon approach. Star couldn't read the emotion swirling in her mother's icy-blue eyes and flat voice. Was she happy? Upset? Angry? Their relationship was still rocky after Star discovered her own mother was working with Mina to dethrone Eclipsa and her monster husband, Globgor. How could the girl trust Moon anymore? Her hatred nearly killed all of the monsters in Mewni and Star's friends.

Star skeptically looked at her mother, expecting the worst since Moon used to criticize her all the time when she was a princess. Nothing was ever good enough for the famed Undaunted Queen. However, Moon gently placed her hand on Star's shoulder, "I think we'll talk about the ramifications later. You and Marco have had a rough few days. Why don't you two take the afternoon off."

"Really?!" Star squealed with joy and gave her mother a crushing hug. "Thanks, Mom!"

Surprised by the gesture, Moon froze for a second then rubbed Star's back, "You're welcome, sweetie. Don't have too much fun."

"If you do, use protection!" Eclipsa shouted with a mischievous smile.

Marco's face turned redder and he reached for Star's hand, "Let's just go…"

Star and Marco walked down the street; their fingers intertwined as they took in the alien sights around them. Dragon cycles flew overhead, causing quite the fright for a group of humans below. Marco's daydream came to an abrupt stop when his eyes caught a familiar beanie-wearing girl, who was sitting up on a stretcher and playing what looked like a game on her phone.

"Janna, you're alive," Marco exclaimed as he rushed forward with a wide smile. Janna looked up from her game and gave a smirk.

"Of course, I am, Marco," she chuckled. "Sixty seconds like I said. No big deal. By the way, what happened while I was out cold?"

Marco tried to think of a response. It wasn't exactly same-old-same-old, and things for the entirety of Echo Creek and Mewni were pretty weird, to say the least. "Well, you see, it's a long story."

"Let me guess," the beanie-wearing girl interjected. "You and Star are so in love with each other that you combined Earth and Mewni together."

The boy felt his heart leap into his throat, completely caught off guard that she knew. At the same time, he wasn't surprised. "What? How did you-"

"It's Janna," Star said, cutting Marco off. "Of course, she knows."

Janna looked back down at her phone. "Get a portal you two. Well, I guess ya already did. Figures."

Star and Marco looked at each other and smiled. Grasping one another's hands tighter. Marco looked away from his girlfriend and looked at Janna with sincere gratitude as he spoke. "As weird as you may be, I gotta say, I owe you one, Janna."

The girl looked up from her phone and gave a smile to the boy. "No problem. I could always tell how much you two mean to each other. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to convince the doctors that I am literally part-demon."

"And that's our cue to leave," Star said, dragging her boyfriend forward slightly. "Bye Janna Banana, see you soon!"

Star and Marco walk away, waving to their friend as her figure grows smaller and smaller in their peripheral.

As the couple continued their journey through Earth-ni, as they dubbed it, they walked past their old high school, Echo Creek Academy. A few kids and teachers stood outside on the courtyard, talking amongst themselves about the stream of events that had occurred not even an hour ago. Star and Marco didn't bother to stop and say hello, as Star's old nemesis, Brittney Wong, was front in center. However, the blonde almost got the wind knocked out of her when she was embraced into a bone-crushing hug that came out of seemingly nowhere.

"Starrrrr, I am so glad you're alive! You won't believe what just happened," a raspy voice exclaimed. Star looked down to see Starfan13 hugging her tightly.

All of a sudden, over the horizon of the pavement came Jackie Lynn Thomas and her girlfriend Chloe, and Oskar Greason. They stopped in front of the three teens, trying desperately to catch their breath after stopping.

"Woah, you saw it too," Jackie huffed, overhearing Starfan13 moments before. "It was totally bizarre! Chloe and I were just sitting on a bench when Marco asked to borrow my skateboard. Next thing you know, there was a loud bang and a flash of light, and the sky turned all weird and shimmery."

"I got it all on camera," Starfan13 giggled. "This is so going on my blog."

"Yeah guys, it was pretty strange," Marco interjected as he looked at Star. "I'm not entirely sure what happened either."

Jackie smiled at Starfan's remark, but her look turned into one of concern as her eyes panned over to Star. Something seemed… off. "Woah dude, what's up with your face? You alright?"

"My face," Star inquired, tilting her head slightly. She was caught off guard as the fangirl grabbed her cheeks roughly and examined them, squinting as she inspected both of her cheeks carefully.

"Yep, something is up! Star doesn't have her adorable hearts anymore!"

The blonde gently put her hand to her pale cheek and rubbed it before speaking. "Yeah… I uh, well, to put it simply, I had to destroy the magic in my home dimension to stop the era of queens. A lot was happening and it was our only choice. The cost of doing that is well… my magic and hearts. And apparently, the dimensions cleaved together as well… for some… odd… reason."

The teens looked at Star with concerned as they took in her explanation, looking amongst themselves. Oskar finally piped up after a few seconds of silence.

"Sounds like the two of you have been through a lot the past few days since I let you guys borrow my car."

"A whole lot," Jackie added, "I'm glad you both are safe." Chloe nodded in agreement, and Star and Marco both smiled at both of them.

"A whole whole lot", Starfan13 also added, giggling as her eyes caught sight of Star and Marco's tightly intertwined fingers. "Star has a boyfriend!"

Star and Marco stood there like deer in headlights, looking at each other and blushing. "I guess she does," Star said softly, looking at the brown-haired boy whom she loved so much.

"Awww," Jackie cooed. "That is so sweet! I knew the two of you would get together sooner or later!" the skater girl beamed brightly as she punched Marco's shoulder playfully, causing Marco to grasp his arm in slight shooting pain.

"Ow! Hey!"

"Classic Mango," Oskar said briefly.

Starfan13 giggled maniacally as she ran around the couple eagerly. "STARCO IS CANON! AHAHAHAHAHA! I totally need to put this on my blog!" She got out her phone and snapped a few pictures of them.

"Starco," Star said, shooting a half smile as she rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder, "I kinda like it."

"Hehehe," Marco said, his face turning red. He quickly grabbed Star's hand and began to pull her away. "Uhhh, I really think Star and I should be on our way. We have a lot to take care of."

"Alright," Jackie said, waving at the both of them. Catch you dudes later! Stay safe, if you know what I mean."

Starfan13 giggled, "Star and Marco sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-"

Marco blushed more intensely as he tried to drag Star away from the scene.

"Say, Star," Oskar began. "Do you still have my car?"

"Uhh," Star said, laughing nervously. "Well, you see, it kinda got deleted when I destroyed the magic."

"...Well, that's okay. I'll just by another with my weekly paycheck."

"Alright," Marco interjected. "See you guys later."

And with that, Star and Marco continued their stroll through their new world.

Their rooms were about four blocks away now, and the thought of laying down and relaxing plagued their minds more than ever, especially with what they had been through. However, they were stopped again by a certain demon of sorts.

"Oh, hi Tom-" Marco said before he got cut off.

"You guys, you gotta help me," the demon cried. His mascara was streaky and running down his face as tears filled his eyes.

"What's wr-" Star said before she got cut off.

"I can't get back to the Underworld! My fire powers stopped working after everything got all weird! There was a flash of light, then boom! All of a sudden, my fire stopped… being all fiery. To put things simply, I can't get back to the underworld to see my family!" Tom sobbed and put his head into Marco's chest, causing the boy to lightly pat his hair.

Marco and Star look at each other nervously, and the boy continued to stroke the demon's hair as he tried to comfort him despite not knowing what to say.

"Oh man… Yikes, that's rough, buddy." Marco rubbed his hoodie as black dots started to speckle it. "Ugh, this was clean too."

Tom sniffled and wiped the runny mascara under his eyes as he stood up straight. "Is there anything you guys could do? My mom is probably worried sick."

"Uhhh," Star trailed off, rubbing the back of her head. "Maybe ask Janna? She's an expert with that kind of stuff."

"Okay. Thanks anyways, guys." The demon turned to walk away but stopped as he remembered something. He turned his head to look at his friends. "By the way, are you guys… you know…"

"Yep," Star said quickly.

"Yessss," Tom said clenching his fist, "I knew it! This is awesome!"

Star wrapped her arm around Marco's waist as they watched Tom walk away before continuing the walk to their rooms.

Their rooms were about two blocks away now and were in plain sight. Just up the hill and they could turn in for the night and relax, and wash this crazy day away. They needed time to take it all in, and the thought made them want it even more. Star's legs were going to give out any minute now, considering the fact that earlier that day she ran across the entirety of Mewni just for the chance to see the love of her life again. She stopped and doubled over, putting her hands on her knees as she huffed and puffed, the breath nearly gone from her lungs.

"Why does everything need to be so far awayyyy," Star groaned.

"It will be okay, Star," Marco reassured, not too far behind her, "after we get home and freshen up, we can grab a bite to eat. Whatever you want."

"Food does sound good right about now," Star said, her stomach growling audibly. She gently patted her tummy as she stood up and looked at Marco with determination. "And I know just the thing that can get us there even faster."

"What's that?" Marco watched as Star waved her hands.

"Summoning Cloudy Charm!" Nothing happened. "I said… SUMMONING CLOUDY CHARM!"

"Uhhh, Star? You don't have ma-"

Star let out a frustrated growl as she continued to wave her hands around. "Summoning. Cloudy. Charm." Nothing. Her denial was fading, and the reality started to pour in. Star Butterfly, the magical princess was no more. She was a regular human like everybody else, and the thought was jarring to her. Star growled and held her head, shutting her eyes. "Ugh, why isn't it working?"

Marco heard soft whimpers come from the girl, and he walked up behind her and patted her back. "Are you okay?"

The girl sobbed and grabbed him tightly before crying into his chest. Marco frowned and gently patted her head as she cried. Star looked up at him her eyes welling with tears.

"M-Marco? I'm glad I destroyed the magic, and I'm glad to be here with you… but… why does everything need to be so difficult without it? I can't even use Cloudy to get to places quickly. No more Narwhal Blasts or Warnicorn Stampedes. No more hearts… Who even am I anymore?"

Marco pulled her close and hugged her, which she returned. He then grabbed her shoulders and wiped her tears, tilting her head up to meet his gaze. "You are Star Butterfly, an amazing girl with an even more amazing personality."

"But…" Star sniffled, "I have no magic."

"Who cares?" Marco gently grasped her shoulders. "You think I fell in love with you because of magic? No. I fell in love with you because you're… you. With or without magic, you're still you, Star. You don't need magic to be yourself."

The girl smiled, wiping a tear rolling out of her eye. "Thanks, Marco…"

"You're amazing," Marco whispered.

Star smirked. "You're pretty amazing yourself, Diaz."

A light blush appeared on the boy's face, and he gently pushed his finger into her cheek where her hearts once were, causing a giggle to escape from Star. His other hand went down and gently squeezed her hand. "Now, let's go home. How about I make you some nachos later?"

Star sighed as they walked, hand-in-hand. "That sounds great."

Star felt relief wash over her as she walked to her room, opening the door and taking in the feeling. She smiled as her eyes scanned her room, seeing everything still intact. "Finally, home sweet home," she sighed.

All of a sudden, Star heard the barking and zapping of… laser puppies? The puppies ran to the girl, knocking her down and licking her face, their tails wagging happily as their eyes zapped everything in sight. Star giggled, and picked up a puppy and placed it in her lap. As she looked at the puppy, she grew more confused. "Laser puppies? I thought I destroyed the magic?"

Marco walked to the doorway but was surprised to see the three puppies surrounding his girlfriend. "Star, I'm almost ready to… Wait, laser puppies?"

Star looked at him firmly. "Marco? Does… magic still exist?"

Night fell on Earth-ni, dimming the sparkling sky to a muted dark navy that was just a hair lighter than black. Although the last of the sun had disappeared under the waves of the ocean, the moons of Mewni and the aurorae provided a nice glow to light the sky. It was just enough to cast faint shadows but not too much that the stars were obscured. For the most part, the inhabitants of the cleaved world were getting used to their surroundings by taking long strolls in the mild evening. So far, the drama of the event had simmered down. Monsters were learning to mind their large steps, Johansens stopped terrorizing people with axes, and airplanes learned to dodge Pony Heads and giant eagles. All in all, the Cleaving—as some started to call it—seemed to be transpiring peacefully. For now, a stern pair of icy-blue eyes narrowed.

Moon stood on top of the Monster Temple alone to watch the sunset over the new dimension and reflect. She had to admit, Earth-ni was a beautiful sight to behold. Mewni and Echo Creek fit so well together that it was already hard to imagine the two worlds apart. Castles perched on hills and in large empty expanses. Earth houses and Mewman huts blended together around them. Cornfields and forests and parkland merged into one. Even the trade roads fit the layout of highways. A perfectly cleaved world. Just like Star and Marco, the thought put a smile on Moon's stone face. It was amazing to think they created this world out of the last remaining magic in the Realm of Magic.

A cool breeze ruffled her steel-grey hair, which was tied into a neat, long braid. The warm feelings subsided in an instant. She desperately wanted to indulge in the fantastical idea of a budding utopia. It was easy to let such naivety creep in. A new world meant a new start. Naturally, the old order and its evils were gone. But what would take its place? Moon went through the options in her head as she paced around the stone hilltop. The first option was that Earth-ni would flourish due to the exchange of idea. Earth infrastructure and technology should help ease the issues that had long-plagued her kingdom. Childbirth, famine, and disease claimed more Mewman lives than old age and war. And the humans stood to benefit from Mewni's technology since pollution was a big issue for them. The second option bothered Moon. After the honeymoon period, glaring flaws would start to destroy the peace and harmony building. If monsters and Mewmans could not get along, how were they supposed to deal with humans?

The human world was much more fragile and small. According to Star, they bruised easily, knew nothing about dimensional travel or magic, and still believed that they are alone in the universe. I guess today gave them a shock, Moon giggled to herself slightly. But the misgivings still plagued her mind, especially once it moved to the other deeper political issues. Mina survived the Realm of Magic and could be recruiting Mewmans for a resistance army at this very moment. Eventually, Earth-ni needed a leader and protector who could balance the weight of carrying a cleaved world forward as one. Someone with practical knowledge and experience. Someone people naturally looked up to for problem-solving. Definitely not Eclipsa, Moon decided.

She was too flighty and focused on her own happiness to even be a decent queen of Mewni. In fact, she shouldn't be allowed to lead a pile of ground corn. Eclipsa spent much of her second reign trying to free her monster husband, Globgor, and making the monsters happy while leaving innocent Mewmans homeless. That was why many of them fled to Moon's yurt camp by the Mewni River. What kind of queen could be so careless? If Eclipsa was too unfit to rule, then it left Earth-ni with only one possibility…

"Moon? Moon where are you?"

The silver-haired queen stifled a rising groan. She wanted to spend the night alone and thinking about the Cleaving, not indulging in a frivolous adventure with Eclipsa Butterfly! Yet Moon knew she had to play nice. They were only on night one of the new world. Better to be peaceful now than cause a war. "Yes?" She tried to sound less annoyed while still facing the kingdom.

"There you are!" The dark queen said in a chipper voice. "I've been looking for you everywhere. The humans are having a festival at the park, and there are going to be fireworks to commemorate the Cleaving. You must come—everyone will be there."

Everyone but me, Moon thought to herself before declining the offer, "I have more important things to do. Now that the dimensions are together, we need governance and treaties."

"Pfft," Eclipsa scoffed. "Worry about that later and stop being a stick-in-the-mud. Everything is great right now. Mina and her evil Solarian warriors are gone and the monsters are safe. You know that old saying—it's time to eat, drink, and be merry."

"'For tomorrow, we die,'" Moon quoted the second part, which everyone skipped.

"We all gotta die sometime," Eclipsa shrugged nonchalantly. "Oh, and Moon, you should just see your daughter. She's so happy and in love and it's adorable! Reminds me of a certain queen and her monster husband."

You mean the husband you abandoned Mewni for? The retort was on the tip of her tongue, but Moon said nothing. Eclipsa might remember the event differently, but her actions nearly destroyed the kingdom and split the Butterfly dynasty in two.

Moon sighed, "I am glad that Star found a way to be with Marco." Even if it created a million logistical problems to grapple with. "But I still have a job to do."

"Oh?" The dark queen stood next to her. "Gimme your list then. Two heads are better than one."

We'll see about that, Moon turned to Eclipsa, "First, I think we need to think about leaders. We need someone experienced, flexible, mature, and knowledgeable."

Eclipsa tapped her chin for a second, "Easy. Star should lead us."

"Star?" Moon blurted. Her eyes grew round in the moonlight like an owl's. "Why her?"

"Isn't it obvious? She's the most balanced of the two of us. Mature like you and forward thinking like me. She's lived in both dimensions and knows more about Earth than most of us. And she has Marco, who was born here. Wait, she's going to choose him to be her king...Aww!"

Eclipsa started to gush over the possibility of Star and Marco establishing a peaceful reign, but Moon remained skeptical. While her daughter certainly had matured, she was still reckless, young, and inexperienced. "I don't think she's ready," Moon simply replied.

"What do you mean?" Purple eyes blazed with subtle fury—like the anger of a mother protecting her child. "She helped me run Mewni and did a much better job than I did. I'll admit, I was rather careless, but Star did everything a queen should do and more. Why can't you trust her?"

"She never finished her training."

"Magic is gone, so it doesn't matter. Honestly, I think we need the younger generation to take the reins. Us older people are too mired in the past and the sins of our mothers to do anything. Plus, Marco would make a great ruler by her side. He's a smart and dignified young fellow."

Moon was about to open her mouth and speak when a golden explosion of light popped in the sky. Eclipsa grabbed her wrist and dragged her down the temple. "We can squabble about this later, let's go! We can make it before the finale!"

Despite losing her magic abilities, Eclipsa was still strong and fast, and they made it to the gathering hill with plenty of time to spare for the finale. The citizens of Earth-ni watched the spectacle with awe on their faces. In the brief flashes of colorful light, Moon spied Star and Marco snuggling close on a nearby hill face. They were off to themselves, and their heads touched together in love. They are rather cute, she smiled to herself.

"Excuse me," someone tugged on her sleeve when the finale had ended in a marvelous bang. Moon turned to see the monsters and humans dispersing to head home or to other parties. In their place, a vast crowd of Mewmans gathered on the hill around Moon. When their former queen looked at them, they bowed. "Oh, Moon," the same Mewman from earlier spoke. "We're quite afraid of this new world, and we look to preserve our ways. How do we do so?"

Instinctively, Moon's eyes gazed upon the ruins of Butterfly castle and hatched a plan. It was time to fix up the old fortress—that would rally the people in support of making her queen. It'll take centuries if we rely on Mewmans alone, the queen sighed until she saw Eclipsa and Meteora sitting on the giant shoulders of Globgor. There's an idea, "Eclipsa!" She called to her. "I need you for a second."

Her husband set her down. "Yes?"

Now, how to frame it...Moon thought for a second. "I was thinking about rebuilding the Butterfly castle. It would be such a shame to have a great building be in shambles. We need to make Earth-ni beautiful."

The dark queen nodded, "I agree, and if we use monsters to help, then it'll be a great unity project!"

Oh yes, Moon watched Eclipsa fall into her plan smoothly, "We start tomorrow."

The era of the queens would rise again.