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His body lay there on the street, arm flung out to the side, palm streaked with blood. It seeped beneath him, soaking the sheet that someone had been decent enough to drape over him.

Tony's instincts told him to pull it away, that Peter couldn't breathe with it on his face like that, but he knew it wasn't true. Peter wasn't breathing. Peter was dead.

He'd been killed and in battle trying to protect civilians as they escaped the wave of aliens that had been attacking.

Peter had fought until his very last breath, holding the monsters off on his own until everyone was out safe. But he'd been overrun and couldn't take them on all by himself.

The Avengers get their too late. Tony got there too late.

His feet stumbled forward, past the police tape and crowds of reporters. "Tony you shouldn't-"

He'd been crying, his eyes were puffy and red, tear tracks clear on his face.

"You don't need to see it."

Steve grabbed his arm, pulling him back and his eyes were so pained beneath the dirt streaked over his face. His words came as a shaky whisper but Tony didn't want to hear them.

"I don't want you seeing it."

Steve had been the one to find the kid. His broken cry for help had spiked up Tony's heart rate into dangerous levels and Friday had had to talk him down from a panic attack.

"Oh god. No, please- shit, Bruce I need you! Spider-mans down-Peters...Pete's down and he's not...fuck he's not breathing. I can't get a pulse. I think he's-"

Tony had thrown up and by the time his shaky feet had managed to get him to the scene the boy had been covered and his fate sealed. He'd heard Bruce's voice through the coms, hollow and rough with tears. "Time of death, seven fifteen pm."

Tony's legs had given out on him again and he hadn't been able to get up without his suits help. It didn't matter, there was nothing he could do.

He threw off Steve's hands where they held his arms now and pushed past him, trembling all over.

"I'm not leaving him."

Steve tried again. "Tony stop! I'm serious you don't want to see what they did to him. You won't get it out of your head. I won't let you do that to yourself."

Tony smacked his hands away, voice rising until he was shouting in the street. "I'm not leaving him alone! He's just a kid he shouldn't be-" his voice cracked and he choked back a sob, words returning quiet and heavy. "He shouldn't be by himself. I don't want him to be scared."

Steve watched him for a long moment, tear-filled eyes watching Tony's own tears dripping down his face and he nodded, letting go.

Tony pushed his weak legs on, faltering as he got closer. So much blood, a twisted arm, broken fingers, his spider suit torn up his side where claws had carved into his chest from his hip to his shoulder.

Steve was right he didn't want to see. But he had to.

He knelt next to him, the horrible sight blurred with tears and he reached down to the ki-to the body. He brushed his hand over the boys head, not strong enough to remove the sheet just yet. He brushed his fingers back over Peters forehead and hair like he used to do to calm him down.

"I'm here Pete. I'm not leaving you. I promise. I won't ever leave you kiddo."

He sniffed, the weight of his grief threatening to crush him and he leaned down, sobs pouring from him as he rested his forehead against Peters. "I'm so sorry, Peter. I was supposed to protect you, I was supposed to take care of you and now- I'm sorry kiddo, I'm so sorry."

He sucked in a breath and pressed a hand to the boy's chest, ignoring the blood seeping through the sheet. "I love you, Petey. I should have told you before but- I love...loved you more than anything."

He wished he could ask for forgiveness but he didn't deserve it. He didn't deserve something so kind after failing to protect the brightest thing there was.

And that word killed him. Was. Peter was such a kind boy. He had such a bright future. He was alive. Was. Not anymore.

Tony sobbed against him, loud agonising things that made his chest ache and the tips of his fingers buzz with pins and needles.

But then-

"Heartbeat detected."

Tony froze, sucking in a breath and holding it because he must have heard wrong.

"Fri? Repeat last."

"Heartbeat detected. Spider-Man is in need of medical attention. Requesting medevac now."

"What? No, Friday he's-"

"His heart rate has lowered to three beats per minute but it is beating. I believe he's entered into a sort of stasis to keep himself alive."

Tony couldn't beleive it, he could barely move until he looked back up to Peters face where the sheet was draped over him. Peter was alive. Peter was ALIVE. Tony snapped into action and ripped the sheet away, revealing the broken boy underneath and his shout burst from his mouth before he'd made the conscious decision to speak.


The crowd of reporters and onlookers started yelling as Steve and Bruce ran back over but Tony turned away from them all and lent back down to smooth those damp curls away from Peters face.

"I got you, kid. You'll be okay. Just keep fighting."

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